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Motto Gakuensai no Oujisama: Yanagi scenes

Translation of Yanagi's conversation topics and special scenes in Motto Gakuensai no Oujisama. Character name is Suirou Naoya. Of note: if the character’s name is in parentheses, it means it’s said in the text on-screen but not voiced.

Yanagi uses a lot of idioms and quotes. My kneejerk reaction is to stick them into Google and find if there's an accepted English translation for them. 8|b There's a source given if it tends more toward "translation" than "commonly used idiom". Also, note that I did my best for all the finance talk, but economics was questionably my least favorite class and I can't for the life of me tell you the difference between the terms they use.

Affection table

Each bar consists of five hearts. Full affection is fifty hearts.

School festival












Affection 0-5


Affection 5-15

1 1 0.5 0 0.5 1 0.5 -0.5 -1 0 0 -1

Affection 15-35

1 1 0.5 0.5 0.5 1 1 0 0 0.5 0.5 0

Affection 35-50

1.5 1.5 0.5 1.5 1 1 1.5 0.5 0 1 1.5 2

Special conversation topics
About calligraphy
About Japanese drumming

Character-specific scene index

8/22, Monday, Noon (Speak)
8/23, Tuesday, Evening (Speak)
8/24, Wednesday, Evening (Speak)
8/25, Thursday, Noon (Speak)
8/26, Friday, Evening (Speak)
8/27, Saturday, Morning (See)
8/27, Saturday, Night (Automatic)
8/28, Sunday, Date
8/30, Tuesday, Morning (See)
8/30, Tuesday, Night (Automatic)
8/31, Wednesday, Date
9/2, Friday, Morning (Speak)
9/2, Friday, Noon (Automatic)
9/3, Saturday, Noon (Automatic)
9/3, Saturday, Noon (Speak)
9/3, Saturday, Evening (Automatic)
9/4, Sunday, Noon (Automatic)
9/4, Sunday, Noon (Speak)
9/4, Sunday, Evening (Automatic)
9/4, Sunday, Confession

Morning greeting
Phone number request
When invited to talk
Walking home
Minigame conversations

Conversation starters

Affection 0-5
You: Yanagi-senpai.
Yanagi: Suirou? You: Yes. Um...

Affection 5-15
You: Yanagi-senpai.
Yanagi: Suirou?
You: Yes. Um...
Yanagi: Ah. The preparations are going smoothly.
You: R-really...
Yanagi: And, did you want to ask me something?
You: ...yes, um.

Affection 15-35
You: Ah, Yanagi-senpai.
Yanagi: Ah, Suirou?
You: Are the preparations going well? Is there anything I can help with?
Yanagi: Hm, you said it before me...
You: Yes!
Yanagi: Ha. But I still can't say what you've come here for.
You: Ah... that's right.

Affection 35-50
You: Yanagi-senpai.
Yanagi: Hm, close to the right time.
You: Eh? Time for what?
Yanagi: Time for you to come. My prediction was about seven seconds off.
You: R-really...
Yanagi: Then, your business is most likely...
You: I-I'll say it myself!!

Normal conversation topics

Affection 0-5

This conversation is also used if, at a later affection level, you choose a topic you've spoken to him about before.
Yanagi: I apologize, but I'm busy right now. Can it wait until next time?
You: Yes, all right. I'll do that.
Yanagi: Sorry, even though you came to talk to me. Next time I'll listen.
Yanagi: Then, excuse me.
[+0.5 hearts] (if affection 0-5); [+0 hearts] (if affection greater than 5)

Affection 5-15

About the school festival
You: Yanagi-senpai, have you made warabi mochi or mitsumame before?
Yanagi: No, I haven't. Bunta may have, but Yagyuu also hasn't.
You: I've made them sometimes, so should I write it down?
Yanagi: Yes. Also include pictures if you can.
[+1 heart]
You: Yes, got it.

About homework
You: Um, the summer...
Yanagi: If you mean the homework, I finished it in July.
[+1 heart]
You: R-really...

About the weather
You: Um, today's...
Yanagi: Ah, the weather really is nice. Was that all?
[+0.5 hearts]
You: ...yes, please excuse me.

About friends
You: You get along well with Sanada-senpai. Have you been friends since elementary school?
Yanagi: No, I met Gen'ichirou in first year, when we were in the same class.
You: Really? I thought maybe you were childhood friends.
Yanagi: We hear that a lot. The two of us seem to be alike. That may be why people misunderstand.
Yanagi: Though Gen'ichirou and I aren't aware of it ourselves.
You: (It's true... they are alike.)

About dreams
You: Senpai, what's your dream?
Yanagi: Rikkai's victory at the national tournament.
You: Ah, so that really is it. Um, and is there anything you want?
Yanagi: Is this for some kind of survey?
You: Ah... sorry, that's right.
Yanagi: I thought so. The way you asked was unnatural. Your friends in the steering committee asked for your help... is that it?
You: I was that obvious?
Yanagi: Unfortunately, I cannot answer that survey.
Yanagi: I can't ignore the possibility that they include spies from other schools.
You: Eh!? Spies... I don't think there are any.
Yanagi: Even if they themselves aren't aware, there's the possibility that they may leak data. You need to be on the lookout.
You: I'm sorry... I was careless.
Yanagi: No, I went a little too far. Just be careful.
You: Yes.
[+0.5 hearts]

About tennis
You: Senpai, you're one of the tennis club officers, aren't you? I heard you specialize in collecting data.
Yanagi: Yes. You cannot win if you don't know your opponent.
You: How do you collect data on opponents?
Yanagi: You can get a good idea from watching their matches, but for the details of their behavior, you have to investigate in depth.
You: In depth... like how?
Yanagi: Hah, do you want to know?
[+1 heart]
You: Ah, um, no, it's fine!

About books
You: Um, Senpai...
Yanagi: I don't think you need an answer to that immediately?
[+0.5 hearts] You: Ah, no...

About music
You: Um, Senpai...
Yanagi: I don't think you need an answer to that immediately?
[-0.5 hearts] You: Ah, no...

About games
You: Um, Senpai...
Yanagi: I don't have any interest in those things.
[-1 heart] You: Ah, yes...

About fashion
You: Um, Senpai...
Yanagi: I don't have any interest in those things.
You: Ah, yes...

About food
You: Um, Senpai...
Yanagi: I don't think you need an answer to that immediately?
You: Ah, no...

About love
You: Um, Senpai...
Yanagi: I don't have any interest in those things.
[-1 heart]
You: Ah, yes...

Affection 15-35

About the school festival
You: We're doing a sweet booth, so in the end we really are only serving sweets.
Yanagi: Hmm. I kind of want to include different flavors.
You: That's right. Then how about something like isobemaki or shiratama dango with soy sauce flavor?
Yanagi: Can those be made easily?
You: It's simple enough if we make the dango beforehand. The isobemaki is easier.
Yanagi: Really? It would be a great help if you could tell me the details of their preparation.
[+1 heart]
You: Yes. Got it.

About homework
You: Um, the summer...
Yanagi: You've got one subject and a little more left on your homework. You're about 87% done?
You: T-that's right...
Yanagi: I think you'll have finished 100% before the opening ceremony, but... something unexpected may come up, so I'll need to incorporate a margin of error.
You: S-something unexpected? Like... what?
Yanagi: Hm. There's a possibility that you may lose the handouts.
You: Eh!?
Yanagi: However, you can avoid that, due to what I said just now.
You: T-thank you very much.
Yanagi: You don't need to thank me.
[+1 heart]

About the weather
You: Um, the weather is nice today.
Yagyuu: Right. The probability of precipitation is less than 1%. However, the probability that there will be clouds is a little less than 70%. It's not cloudless weather, but the normal type of clear weather.
You: R-really? Without clouds, it would be hot all day and really tough, so I think it might be for the better.
Yanagi: There is a decrease in number of people who come down with heatstroke on days with a bit of cloud cover, compared to cloudless days.
You: Those days aren't really easier on us.
Yanagi: That's how it is.
[+0.5 hearts]

About friends
You: Yanagi-senpai, you're a private person, but do you get along with everyone from the tennis club?
Yanagi: That's right, I get along well with Seiichi and Gen'ichirou.
You: Ah, aren't you called Rikkai's Big Three?
Yanagi: You know that name, even though you're not in the tennis club. I'm a bit embarrassed.
You: Do the three of you go out together?
Yanagi: Ah, now that you mention it, the three of us went shopping the other day.
You: That's great. What did you buy?
Yanagi: We meant to buy Western-style clothes... but Gen'ichirou really took to samue.
You: Ah, it seems like it would suit him. You too, Yanagi-senpai.
Yanagi: Seiichi said so too. But he also said it's strange for samue to suit middle-schoolers.
You: Because you're mature, Senpai. I think it's a good thing.
Yanagi: Really? To tell the truth, I already have a few samue.
You: Ah, really? I want to see you in a samue, Senpai.
Yanagi: Right. If we have the chance, I'll show it to you.
You: Yes, I'll look forward to it.
[+0.5 hearts]

About dreams
You: Is it weird to talk about your dreams for the future?
Yanagi: No, it's not. I see, is that what your friend said?
You: Ah, yes. She said it's lame and not cool at all.
Yanagi: Don't worry about it. It's obvious enough, but having dreams isn't bad. Your friend may have been embarrassed.
You: Ah... now that you mention it, it did kind of seem like that.
Yanagi: Everyone, big or small, has their dreams.
Yanagi: However, there aren't many people with the courage to talk about them to other people.
Yanagi: For example, I'd like you to tell me about your dreams for the future.
You: Eh? T-that's... a secret.
Yanagi: I see, your reaction just now has narrowed the options.
You: S-Senpai! That didn't mean anything!
Yanagi: I see... there's no point if it will make you hate me. Understood, I'll stop.
You: Oh...
[+0.5 hearts]

About tennis
You: You're called the Master, aren't you, Senpai?
Yanagi: Well, there are those who call me that.
You: It means you're an expert. But saying it as Master...
Yanagi: There are those who think of the master of a bar.
You: Uh, yes... b-but Senpai, those clothes would really suit you!
Yanagi: Ha. I'll take that as a compliment.
[+1 heart]

About books
You: Senpai, do you read manga?
Yanagi: I don't buy it myself, but I have read series that people have recommended.
You: What did you think?
Yanagi: It's a mixture of wheat and chaff.
You: Um... in other words... there are good ones and bad ones?
Yanagi: Yes, that's right. They are creative works, and so there are those that are interesting.
Yanagi: However, probabilistically there aren't that many, so I don't buy them myself.
You: Then next time, should I bring you a manga I recommend?
Yanagi: Hm... that's interesting. Please do.
[+1 heart]
You: Yes.

About music
You: What kind of music do you listen to, Senpai?
Yanagi: I don't listen to it that much. If I do, I like listening to quiet things.
You: Like relaxing classical music?
Yanagi: Well, yes.
You: I see. That's just like you.

About games
You: Yanagi-senpai, have you gone to the arcade before?
Yanagi: I went once and was disgusted by it. I couldn't stand the chaotic atmosphere.
You: Haha. That's like you, Senpai.
Yanagi: Akaya and Bunta were kicking up a fuss. Ah, I tried playing a quiz game once.
You: How was it?
Yanagi: There were many simple questions and I didn't enjoy it very much, but... the miscellaneous knowledge was nice.
You: Hahaha. That really is just like you.

About fashion
You: Senpai, you don't really get sunburned.
Yanagi: I don't burn easily. Most likely that's not the case for you?
You: Yes. I turn red right away. But I really like the sunlight.
Yanagi: Really. I'm bad with strong sunlight. Sometimes it's difficult during practice.
You: How about wearing a hat, like Sanada-senpai?
Yanagi: I would also be bad with that. If I'm worried, sometimes I keep it off with a parasol.
You: Really? But a parasol is kind of...
Yanagi: Is it strange?
You: No. It suits you too well.
Yanagi: I see.
[+0.5 hearts]

About food
You: I've heard tennis club practice is hard, and it seems like you're really hungry after club activities.
Yanagi: That's right. So I buy bread and onigiri from the school store during the day.
You: Really? It would be bad if you forgot.
Yanagi: Yes.
You: I don't really go to the school store during lunch, but there's really a huge crowd.
Yanagi: That's right. When I was a first-year, I pushed through the crowd, but even so, there were times I couldn't buy anything. It's because I was short.
You: That's not the case now.
Yanagi: Yeah. I've been able to buy the things I want quickly and accurately.
[+0.5 hearts]
You: (If I imagine it... it's kind of funny.)

About love
You: Um, Senpai...
Yanagi: I don't much feel like talking about that.
You: I'm sorry...

Affection 35-50

About the school festival
You: Senpai, are you and the others going to be waiters the day of?
Yanagi: That's right. Is there something bothering you?
You: Um, what will you do for the clothes?
Yanagi: For a sweets booth, kimono should be fine.
You: That's fine, but they're hard to wear. I was thinking your school uniforms should be fine.
Yanagi: Then let's go with that.
You: Yes. It's a bit disappointing, though.
Yanagi: What is?
You: I was thinking a kimono would really suit you, Yanagi-senpai.
Yanagi: ...really.
You: I'm sure you'd look cool! Ah, I think it would suit Yagyuu-senpai too.
Yanagi: ............
You: The two of you together would look amazing~
Yanagi: ...what about Gen'ichirou?
You: Sanada-senpai would be too dignified and it would be kind of scary. But that's a secret...
Yanagi: Haha... really.
[+1.5 hearts]

About homework
You: Senpai...
Yanagi: Ah, math is my specialty. What part don't you understand?
You: I didn't say anything and you figured it out?
Yanagi: It's about the summer homework, right? I have data that says you're bad at math, so guessing was simple.
You: R-really...
Yanagi: So, do you not want me to teach you?
[+1.5 hearts]
You: No! Please do!

About the weather
You: Every day is hot. At times like this...
Yanagi: It's fine to eat cool food, but spicy food is also good for your health.
You: ...n-no! I was thinking I wanted to go to the beach!
Yanagi: Hooh. But it'll be jellyfish season soon?
You: Ooh... fine, I was thinking I wanted to eat ice cream.
Yanagi: There was an 86% chance you would say that.
You: I'm pretty simple... but saying that, now I want to eat it. Maybe I'll invite Marui-senpai.
Yanagi: ...why did you bring up Bunta like that?
You: Marui-senpai likes sweet things and I thought he might know a good place.
Yanagi: ...well, I can't deny that.
You: Senpai, there's a crease in your brow.
Yanagi: ...don't worry about it. Ah, tell me when you go. I haven't eaten it in a while and now I want to.
[+0.5 hearts]
You: Yes. Understood!

About friends
You: Senpai, do you have childhood friends you still get along with?
Yanagi: Yes, I do. But he's at a different school now.
You: Did he transfer?
Yanagi: I did.
You: Ah, so you transferred and came here, Yanagi-senpai? I didn't know.
Yanagi: It was in fifth-year elementary school. I was in Tokyo before.
You: Did you still keep in contact even after you transferred?
Yanagi: No, we didn't. But we knew each other quite thoroughly.
You: Eh?
Yanagi: We were always collecting data on each other. Even though we did not meet and speak to each other, we knew everything.
You: So in other words... this childhood friend is someone who collects data like you, Yanagi-senpai.
Yanagi: Correct. Furthermore, he's in the tennis club and is participating in this school festival.
You: Ah, could it be the person I met before, Inui-san?
Yanagi: Exactly.
You: Heeh, really.
Yanagi: Ah, you may meet him soon.
You: I don't really get it, but... you understood each other even though you didn't talk. That's really nice.
Yanagi: That's right... Someday, you too...
You: Eh? Did you say something, Yanagi-senpai?
Yanagi: No, don't worry about it. I'm talking to myself.
[+1.5 hearts]

About dreams
You: I wanted to ask you about something...
Yanagi: Ah, I don't mind. What is it?
You: To tell the truth, my dreams have been strange lately... I haven't been sleeping well.
Yanagi: Dreams?
You: Yes. I've been having a lot of bad dreams.
Yanagi: What kind of dreams, exactly?
You: They're... sorry. I can't tell you.
You: (Dreams where Yanagi-senpai treats me coldly... I can't talk about them...)
Yanagi: I see... in that case, it's hard to resolve the problem at its core.
Yanagi: I can only provide a makeshift solution. Would that be all right?
You: Yes, please do.
Yanagi: First, set aside your anxiety. Is there anything worrying you?
You: Yes... there is.
Yanagi: Can you do something about it yourself?
You: N-no... it involves someone else, so...
Yanagi: Someone else...
You: Um, what is it?
Yanagi: Ah, no, don't worry about it. In any case, relax before you go to sleep.
Yanagi: Burning something with a calming aroma may help.
You: Ah, an aroma? Now that you mention it, I have a number of those. I'll try them.
Yanagi: In any case, don't worry too much.
Yanagi: If my prediction is correct, it won't take much time to resolve.
You: Eh? Y-you know that much?
Yanagi: It's not that I know, but... right, let's call it wishful thinking.
Yanagi: ...though I am also troubled by similar symptoms...
You: Eh? Did you say something just now?
Yanagi: No, it's nothing. I hope you have good dreams tonight.
You: Yes, thank you very much.
[+1 heart]

About tennis
You: Who's the strongest between you, Sanada-senpai, and Yukimura-senpai?
Yanagi: Well, at present, that may be Gen'ichirou.
You: Really?
Yanagi: When Seiichi makes his comeback and his physical condition returns, I want to have a serious match against him.
You: Wow, I want to see that too!
Yanagi: Mm, I want it to happen as well.
You: ? Why?
Yanagi: I'm thinking in terms of mental state.
You: Ha, haa.
Yanagi: I'll call you when that time arrives, so please come.
[+1 heart]
You: Yes!

About books
You: Senpai, what genre of books do you like?
Yanagi: I like reading pure literature.
You: Wow, that sounds hard.
Yanagi: It isn't. You only hold the preconceived notion that it's difficult.
You: Really?
Yanagi: You should try reading it sometime. I'll bring something easy to read from home.
[+1.5 hearts]
You: T-thank you very much!

About music
You: Senpai, will you listen to this?
Yanagi: Piano pieces?
You: Yes. Sometimes they become more intense, but there are a number of pretty melodies as well.
Yanagi: Are you saying that it's to your taste?
You: Yes! I wondered what you would think.
Yanagi: Really? Thanks, I'll give it a listen.
You: Let me know what you think.
Yanagi: Yes, I will.
[+0.5 hearts]

About games
You: Senpai, you don't play video games, huh.
Yanagi: That's right. I'm not interested. But watching Akaya, I think they may be good for cultivating fighting spirit.
You: It's true that Kirihara-kun likes fighting games...
Yanagi: That's right. His personality is such that he hates losing and only wants to win. Fighting games foster that.
You: I-I think it's fine for Kirihara-kun, but it doesn't really suit you, Senpai...
Yanagi: Hm. Everyone says that.
You: I think it's true...

About fashion
You: Your hair's really smooth, Senpai.
Yanagi: ...sometimes you say the most astounding things. Are you praising me?
You: Yes, of course! It's pretty. I'm jealous.
Yanagi: A man is troubled by being called pretty.
You: Ah, sorry.
Yanagi: And I also think your hair is prettier.
You: Eh?
Yanagi: I'll see you later.
[+1 heart]
You: I feel like he just said something amazing without hesitating.

About food
You: Senpai, do you like sweet things?
Yanagi: I don't mind them. But I prefer a refreshing sweet taste over extremely sweet things.
You: What about the things we're making with the ingredients?
Yanagi: I like those too. You're asking rather a lot of questions. Are you collecting data on me?
You: Um, I'm better at making sweets than normal side dishes. I was wondering which you liked better.
Yanagi: My data also says that making sweets is your hobby. So, will you make some for me?
You: Um, if you want, sure...
Yanagi: Really? I would be happy.
You: I'll do my best making them!
Yanagi: Ah, I'll look forward to it.
[+1.5 hearts]

About love
You: Senpai, your girlfriend must be a really smart person.
Yanagi: You really say the most unpredictable things. Why do you think that?
You: Well, Senpai, you're a really quick thinker, so unless she's the same, she can't keep up with you.
Yanagi: That's not it. Why do you assume I have a girlfriend?
You: Eh? Ah, sorry. I thought for sure you do, because you're you.
Yanagi: Hm. That's unexpected.
You: Really? Ah, then what type of girl do you like, Senpai?
Yanagi: Being asked that is also unexpected.
You: Uwah, somehow it feels like I beat you, Yanagi-senpai.
Yanagi: You always win at things like these.
You: ?? What do you mean, things like these?
Yanagi: No, ignore me. As for your previous question, I give no comment at present.
You: Uwah, I'm kind of disappointed.
Yanagi: Haha, you'll know sooner or later.
You: Definitely.
Yanagi: Yes.
[+2 hearts]

Special conversation topics

About calligraphy
You: You said before that calligraphy is good for settling your spirit.
Yanagi: Yes, I did.
You: So when I got home, I pulled out my old penmanship set.
Yanagi: Hm... you put it into practice immediately?
[+3.5 hearts]
You: Yes. And I didn't use India ink, I ground it myself.
Yanagi: Yes, you prepare yourself well that way.
You: The smell of the ink is sort of calming.
Yanagi: That's right.
You: And... well, I thought I would just write something, but I couldn't think what to write.
Yanagi: At times like those, you should write traditional phrases or your favorite motto.
You: But those thoughts didn't cross my mind back then.
You: I thought I had to write something, and suddenly I was rushing myself...
Yanagi: That's not good. And just when you had finally calmed yourself, too.
You: Yes, I'm still pretty inexperienced. And so, what I wrote without thinking was...
Yanagi: What?
You: "The first sunrise".
Yanagi: ...that's a New Year's resolution.
You: That's true... I guess I first have to prepare myself a bit more in normal life.

About Japanese drumming
You: Senpai, you're taking part in the Japanese drumming attraction, aren't you?
Yanagi: Yes, that's right.
You: I saw you holding a meeting before.
Yanagi: Really.
You: How was it?
Yanagi: Right... well, we're doing all right.
You; Is Japanese drumming hard?
Yanagi: It isn't. The most important part is the rhythm.
You: I want to see you playing a Japanese drum soon.
Yanagi: Oh, why?
You; I think it'll really suit you.
Yanagi: Really.
You: I'm looking forward to the attraction.
[+3 hearts]

Day-specific scenes

8/22, Monday, Noon (Speak)
You: Yanagi-senpai... are you practicing penmanship?
Yanagi: ...I'd rather you call it calligraphy.
You: Ah, I'm sorry.'re really good.
Yanagi: I still have a lot to learn.
You: Really? Somehow it looks like you wrote the words very carefully. They're pretty.
Yanagi: If you asked Gen'ichirou, he would say that I pay too much attention to the shape and they're too stiff.
You: Sanada-senpai would?
Yanagi: Yes, Gen'ichirou is my calligraphy teacher.
You: Ah, Sanada-senpai also does calligraphy... somehow it suits the two of you really well.
Yanagi: It suits us? Really?
You: Yes. How do I say it... the two of you are very mature.
Yanagi: Ha... it's the first time someone has put it like that. But it doesn't sound bad.
You: Ah, really... I'm glad.
Yanagi: Calligraphy is good practice for settling your spirit. You should try it too.
You: Right, if I have the chance.
[+3 hearts]
[Conversation topic: About calligraphy GET!!]

8/23, Tuesday, Evening (Speak)
You: Yanagi-senpai, are you reading?
Yanagi: Ah, it's you. That's right. We've finished the first stage of our work.
You: What book is that?
Yanagi: It's "The Book of Five Rings".
You: "The Book of Five Rings"... um.

A book about the Olympics?
Miyamoto Musashi's book... was it?

You: A book about the Olympics?
Yanagi: Hah... no. It's a book on strategy written by Miyamoto Musashi.
[+1.5 hearts]

You: Miyamoto Musashi's book... was it?
Yanagi: That's right. You're well-informed.
[+3 hearts]
You: O-only a little.
Yanagi: To be more precise, it's a book on strategy written by Miyamoto Musashi.

You: Strategy?
Yanagi: In this case, it's a book detailing the essentials of swordsmanship.
You: Senpai, do you also do kendo?
Yanagi: No, I don't. I'm reading it because the way it teaches swordsmanship is also good reference for tennis.
You: Really?
Yanagi: Yes, Gen'ichirou actually uses iai techniques in tennis.
You: Heeh... that's amazing.
Yanagi: "The Book of Five Rings" also has many lessons on how to conduct one's daily life. This, for example.
You: Um... practicing a thousand days is said to be discipline, practicing ten thousand days is said to be refining...
Yanagi: Do you understand?
You: Kind of... it means you should make an effort to practice?
Yanagi: That's right. Everything is about practice, and that accumulation is important.
You: I see...
Yanagi: It's all right to specialize in one thing, but it's also important to learn about many things and use that knowledge.
You: I'll study hard.
[+2.5 hearts]

8/24, Wednesday, Evening (Speak)
You: Yanagi-senpai, do you have a moment?
Yanagi: What is it?
You: It's about the anticipated proceeds from the sweets place...
Yanagi: Ah, about how much do you predict?
You: Um... the menu hasn't been decided yet, so as an estimate, I was thinking it would be about this much...

Yanagi: Hm... your calculations seem accurate.
You: If we're aiming for first place, we can either increase the unit price or lower the cost...
Yanagi: Mm, and then there's the turnover rate... we can't hope for much from the sweets place.
You: We can't set the cost, so in that case, it's a question of if we can set the unit price.
Yanagi: However, we can't allow the quality to suffer.
You: Yes, so then negotiating a discount... is what I was thinking.
Yanagi: Haha... you've given it a lot of thought.
[+3.5 hearts]
You: R-really? It's because I'm the steering committee representative... but you're good at finances, Senpai.
Yanagi: Yes, because my father is an accountant. The sparrows near the school sing the primer.
You: Ah, I see...

8/25, Thursday, Noon (Speak)
You: Yanagi-senpai, do you have a moment?
Yanagi: Ah, it's fine.
You: Um...
Yanagi: If we estimate the costs as 40 percent, will our profit ratio increase... is it?
You: Eh? W-why...
Yanagi: Hm... it seems I was correct.
You: That's right. You're amazing, Senpai.
Yanagi: Because your data is fairly interesting. I've consulted you on a number of things.
You: R-really... then, what we were talking about before...
Yanagi: It's not a bad idea, but it's still too early to decide.
You: Ah, really, I thought so.
Yanagi: However, it's not bad to set our goals beforehand. The problem is...
You: The cost of materials, right?
Yanagi: Exactly.
You: If we think about the customers, we should just do the best we can, huh?
Yanagi: Mm, if we base it on that idea, we shouldn't have any problems in particular. Prioritizing profits would be putting the cart before the horse.
You: Yes. I guess I'll just think of a way to collect the best ingredients I can.
Yanagi: Yes, the ingredients are the life of the sweets served at a sweets place. We cannot afford to cut corners there.
You: Understood. I'll look for a shop that sells the best ingredients we can manage.
Yanagi: Yes. We're counting on you.
you: Yes! I'll do my best!
[+3.5 hearts]

8/26, Friday, Evening (Speak)
You: Yanagi-senpai. Yanagi: Ah, it's you. You've come at a good time.
You: Yes, what is it?
Yanagi: I'm about to purchase ingredients for the sweets booth. Will you come along?

Ah... I'm sorry, I have an errand.
Yes, I'll go.

You: Ah... I'm sorry, I have an errand.
Yanagi: I see, then it can't be helped. I'll go alone.
[-2.5 hearts]

You: Yes, I'll go.
Yanagi: Thank you. Then let's go.

You: So, what ingredients do we need?
Yanagi: We need kudzu to use in the kudzukiri and kudzu manjuu.
You: Ah, in that case, I know a good one.
Yanagi: Oh... could it be Yoshino kudzu?
You: Ah, you know it?
Yanagi: I know it's the highest grade of kudzu. But I don't know where they sell it.
You: There's a wholesaler near here. Should we go?
Yanagi: Yes, let's take a look.

Yanagi: We were able to purchase it more cheaply than I expected.
You: That's right. They gave us a discount when we told them it was for the school festival.
Yanagi: Because there are a lot of expensive ingredients in Japanese sweets... we want to keep the prices lower, even if it's only by a little.
You: I'm glad.
Yanagi: Yes, the kudzu manjuu we make with this will be our highlight.
You: Yes, and we'll be able to serve authentic kudzukiri too.
Yanagi: That's right. There are a lot of normal shops that sell kudzukiri without real kudzu.
You: I hope the things I looked up before are useful now.
Yanagi: Right.'ve really helped us with a lot of things. I'm grateful.
You: What? I'm the steering committee representative; it's only natural. I want to be helpful.
Yanagi: Really? We'll be counting on you from now on too.
You: Yes!
[+3.5 hearts]

8/27, Saturday, Morning (See)
You: (Ah, it's Yanagi-senpai. I wonder who the short person next to him is...)
Yanagi: ...So, you wanted to ask me my methods of collecting data?
Taichi: Yes! I've been collecting information until now, but it's nowhere near as much as you and Seigaku's Inui-san have!
Yanagi: Hm. I cannot tell you my data, but if it's the methods, it should be fine.
Taichi: Really? Thank you very much!
Yanagi: First... well, I suppose you already do this, but never let go of your notebook.
Yanagi: No matter what happens.
Taichi: Y-yes!
Yanagi: During other schools' games, observe the behavior of each of the other players without overlooking anything.
Yanagi: And you mustn't miss the casual comments of the audience around you.
Taichi: The audience too?
Yanagi: Of course. There is a good chance that acquaintances of the players are watching. You can learn their habits and preferences.
Taichi: I-I see!
Yanagi: If you act nonchalant and listen to the information, you should be able to pick up something.
Yanagi: Ifit's someone outside of the tennis club, they're more likely to speak.
Yanagi: If you practice these things, you can collect relatively useful data.
Taichi: Useful?
Yanagi: That's right. ...then, this is the next step, but can you multiply five-digit numbers in your head?
Taichi: Eh.
Yanagi: Ah, that was a foolish question. Of course you can. Try to measure distance, angles, and velocity by eye and calculate percentages.
Yanagi: In every situation. It's easy if you get used to it.
Taichi: U-um...
Yanagi: Next is to master lip-reading. If you do, you can follow even faraway conversations.
Yanagi: Well, you're small, so there are many places you can hide.
Taichi: Um, places to hide?
Yanagi: Like when going to other schools to collect data. For times like that, the methods are...
You: (...l-let's pretend I didn't hear anything...)

8/27, Saturday, Night (Automatic)
You: Ah, my phone... I wonder who it is?
You: Yes, this is Suirou.
Yanagi: Good evening. This is Yanagi.
You: Eh? Yanagi-senpai... g-good evening.
Yanagi: There was something I wanted to confirm with you.
You: Ah, yes. What is it?
Yanagi: Do you have plans tomorrow?

No, nothing in particular.
Ah, yes. I have plans...

You: No, nothing in particular.
Yanagi: Mm, as expected.
You: Eh?
Yanagi: No, it's nothing. If you don't have plans, do you want to go to the art museum tomorrow?
You: Art museum?
Yanagi: Ah, I heard there's a calligraphy exhibit at the art museum, and I thought we could go see.
You: Got it. That's fine.
Yanagi: Really. Then let's meet in front of the station at ten tomorrow. Is that all right?
You: Yes.
Yanagi: Mm. Then I'll see you tomorrow. Good night.
You: Yes, good night.
You: (The art museum with Yanagi-senpai... it's kind of like a date...)

You: Ah yes. I have plans...
Yanagi: ...really.
You: Um... what is it?
Yanagi: No, it's not a big deal. Then, good night.
You: Ah, yes... good night.
You: (Yanagi-senpai... I wonder what he wanted?)
[-2.5 hearts]

8/28, Sunday, Date
You: (Ah... it's about the time we agreed on. I should hurry so I won't be late.)

You: Good morning, Yanagi-senpai.
Yanagi: Good morning. Were you waiting?
You: No, I just got here.
Yanagi: Hm... just as the data said.
You: Eh?
Yanagi: There was an 87% chance that you would come fifteen minutes before the meeting time.
You: R-really...
Yanagi: Mm, then shall we go?
You: Yes.

(sign: Calligraphy Exhibit)
Yanagi: How was the calligraphy exhibit?
You: I don't know much about calligraphy... is it all right if I just give you an amateur's opinion?
Yanagi: Yes, of course.
You: The writing of the person in the first exhibit left a strong impression on me.
Yanagi: Mm.
You: I couldn't really read what was written, but... the shapes were interesting and I liked them.
Yanagi: Ah, that was an example of Ten'imuhou.
You: Ten'imuhou?
Yanagi: It means free and uncontrolled. That's one of the calligraphers I like too.
You: Ah, you like him too, Senpai? That writing was a bit weird... no, a bit unusual.
Yanagi: Ha... I don't really mind if you call it weird, that particularly exaggerated writing.
You: I'm sorry, it just slipped out.
Yanagi: No, don't worry about it. It's an honest impression. By the way, do you want to have lunch now?
You: Ah, yes.

Yanagi: What will you order?
You: Umm...

Miso katsu stew set
Kyoto emperor's meal
Pork shogayaki set

You: I'll have the miso katsu stew set.
Yanagi: Really... I'll have the Kyoto emperor's meal.

Yanagi: it good?
You: Yes, it's rich and delicious.
Yanagi: Really...
[-0.5 hearts]
You: Yours is lightly flavored, huh, Senpai.
Yanagi: Mm, I like something like this.

You: I'll have the Kyoto emperor's meal.
Yanagi: Oh... then I'll have that too.

Yanagi: Mm, it has a nice taste.
You: The flavorings are refined. It's delicious.
Yanagi: It seems you and I have similar tastes.
[+2.5 hearts]

You: I'll have the pork shogayaki set.
Yanagi: Really... I'll have the Kyoto emperor's meal.

Yanagi: is it?
You: It's delicious. The ginger works well.
Yanagi: Pork is full of vitamins. It may be good for you during summer.
[+1 heart]

You: What kind of food do you like, Senpai?
Yanagi: I'm not particularly picky, but I prefer weak flavors in everything.
You: Really? Then which do you prefer, Western food or Japanese food?
Yanagi: Right. There are a lot of rich flavors in Western food, so I don't like it that much.
You: Ah, that's why you got the Kyoto emperor's meal, huh.
Yanagi: Yes. ...haha, it seems you're collecting data on me.
You: Ah, no... I didn't mean to.
Yanagi: No. We're always collecting data. Experiences like this are interesting. Is there anything else you wanted to ask?
You: G-geez... please don't tease me.
Yanagi: Hahaha...

Yanagi: Well then, do you still have time?

Ah, sorry... not much.
Yes, it's fine.

You: Ah, sorry... not much.
Yanagi: Really. Then let's part here.
You: Today was fun.
Yanagi: Yes, I'll see you tomorrow.

You: Yes, it's fine.
Yanagi: In that case, will you accompany me for a bit?
You: Where are we going?
Yanagi: The bookstore. There's a book I want to buy.
You: Ah, I see.
Yanagi: Then, shall we go?

You: What book did you buy, Senpai?
Yanagi: A book on social psychology.
You: Social psychology?
Yanagi: It's a field of psychological research on the actions of people in society.
You: It sounds difficult...
Yanagi: It isn't. There are many concrete examples, so it's surprisingly easy to understand.
You: R-really...
Yanagi: You bought a mystery novel, right?
You: Right. How did you know?
Yanagi: You like mystery novels, don't you? Then I could easily guess.
You: (Did... I say I like mystery novels...?)
You: Um, this is interesting. The girl who helps the protagonist is really cool.
Yanagi: The girl is cool? That's an unusual depiction.
You: Really? "Cool" and "handsome" are used to compliment girls a lot.
You: Ah, it's not the same as with boys, but talking about their speech and actions and whole atmosphere.
Yanagi: Hm. It's the first time I've heard this. Have you been told such a thing in that context?
You: No. I'm the one who says it. Having a really cool friend... I kind of want that.
Yanagi: I see. Interesting.
You: Really?
Yanagi: Yes. I discover new things when I'm with you... it's fascinating.
You: Eh, um... what do you mean?
Yanagi: I mean I'm able to collect good data.
You: Ha, haa...

Yanagi: We ended up spending the whole day together.
You: It was fun.
Yanagi: Really? I'm glad to hear you say that.
You: Did you have fun, Senpai?
Yanagi: Mm... I see.
You: Eh?
Yanagi: Ah, no. I was surprised by your reaction, but at the same time, I understood.
You: Umm...
Yanagi: Of course I had fun.
You: Really? Good.
[+2 hearts (or more)]
Yanagi: Hm, it seems the train is here. Then that's all for today. I'll see you tomorrow.
You: Yes, see you tomorrow.

8/30, Tuesday, Morning (See)
You: (Ah, Yanagi-senpai. ...I wonder who he's talking to, they seem to be pretty close.)
Yanagi: ...according to the data I've recently begun to collect.
Inui: That's fascinating, Renji. That you've begun collecting such data.
Yanagi: That's true. I myself was surprised.
Inui: haven't realized?
Yanagi: Realized what, Sadaharu?
Inui: Your feelings for the person your data concerns.
Yanagi: My feelings?
Inui: When you are with that person; no, when you are collecting data on that person, you should feel something, Renji.
Yanagi: It's true that there are some differences from the normal targets. However, the distinctiveness of this target is...
Inui: Hmph... the feelings that you denied just now. You should know that that is the correct answer.
Yanagi: ...that's, right. It's just as you say, Sadaharu.
Inui: So, what will you do? That being said, you cannot take action immediately.
Yanagi: That's true. This much is enough.
Inui: Well, I wish you luck. Then I'll be going.
Yanagi: Yes. Thanks, Sadaharu.
Inui: Don't worry about it. I'll see you.
You: (Ah, he left... I missed my chance to talk to him. But I wonder what they were talking about?)
You: (...wah, Yanagi-senpai's coming this way!!)
Yanagi: From your expression, you didn't understand our conversation.
You: ! Ah, um... I'm sorry, I ended up eavesdropping.
Yanagi: No. You didn't have the chance to interrupt. Don't worry about it.
You: Really? Um... what were you talking about with that person before?
Yanagi: Ah, that was Seigaku tennis club's Inui, my childhood friend. We were talking about...
Yanagi: I'm sorry, I can't tell you.
You: Ah, no, I heard something I shouldn't have...
Yanagi: ............
You: Um, Yanagi-senpai? What is it? You don't look well.
Yanagi: Hm? Ah... don't worry about it.
You: But...
Yanagi: More importantly, let's return to the preparations.
You: Y-yes.
You: (Really, what happened... Yanagi-senpai.)

8/30, Tuesday, Night (Automatic)
You: Ah, my phone... could it be...
You: Yes, this is Suirou.
Yanagi: Good evening. It's Yanagi.
You: Good evening, Yanagi-senpai.
Yanagi: I'd just like to confirm, but do you have any plans for tomorrow?

No, nothing in particular..
Ah, yes. I have plans...

You: No, nothing in particular.
Yanagi: Mm, I thought so. Then do you want to go to the library together tomorrow?
You: The library?
Yanagi: To tell the truth, there is something I'd like to research at the library. I'd be grateful if you could lend me a hand.
You: That's fine, I'll help.
Yanagi: All right. Then let's meet at ten tomorrow at the library. Is that all right?
You: Okay.
Yanagi: Then I'll see you tomorrow. Good night.
You: Yes, good night.
You: (The library... I wonder what Senpai wants to look up?)

You: Ah, yes. I have plans...
Yanagi: ...really.
You: Um... what?
Yanagi: No, it's not important. Then, good night.
You: Ah, yes... good night.
You: (Yanagi-senpai... I'm sorry.)
[-2.5 hearts]

8/31, Wednesday, Date
You: (Ah... it's about the time we agreed on. I should hurry so I won't be late.)

You: Good morning. Yanagi-senpai, you're early.
Yanagi: You're right on time.
You: Eh? But it's still only 9:45...
Yanagi: Taking into account the data from last time, the probability that you would be here fifteen minutes early rose to 94%.
You: R-really...
Yanagi: Then, shall we begin?
You: So what are we looking for?
Yanagi: Things to do with social psychology.
You: Ah, like the book you bought at the bookstore before.
Yanagi: Yes, there are a lot of references at this library. Here's the list.
You: Wow, this many?
Yanagi: What? We'll only skim them.
Yanagi: I apologize, but could you search the books on the second half of this list for the words that appear in the next list and mark them?
You: Ah, yes. Got it.

You: Senpai, is this okay?
Yanagi: Where... ah, thanks. You don't have to be this thorough. It's all right if you skim over it a bit more.
You: Yes, all right.
You: (Senpai looked over the page so fast... was he able to read it like that?)

Yanagi:, I see. I've got the gist of it.
You: Ah, did you figure something out?
Yanagi: Ah, that's right... I understood that I don't "understand".
You: Um... you mean... you didn't understand?
Yanagi: No. If you know that you don't know, there's no further need to investigate. Because it's pointless.
You: I don't really understand either.
Yanagi: To put it simply, there aren't enough examples in social psychology to make a decision.
Yanagi: Furthermore, to decide in a specific case based on a general example is dangerous and inaccurate.
You: I'm sorry, I really don't get it.
Yanagi: I didn't give you the specific case, so it's only natural. Although I cannot just explain it to you...
You: ?
Yanagi: You were a huge help today. Thanks.
You: Ah, no. I'm just happy to have been of use to you.
Yanagi: Lunch will be over soon. It's a bit late, but do you want to get something to eat?
You: Okay.

Yanagi: Though I have a question for you.
You: Yes, what is it?
Yanagi: Do girls like accessories like this?
You: Uwah! So cute... what's this for?
Yanagi: It's a netsuke. You: Netsuke?
Yanagi: It's an accessory popular in the Edo period. It was put on the string of a wallet or tobacco pouch and inserted into an obi so they wouldn't fall.
You: Heeh... it would be cute as a cell phone strap.
Yanagi: So... how about it? I don't mind if it's only a general opinion. Would girls like it?
You: I don't know about general opinion, but I like things like this.
Yanagi: Really, then in that case, the problem is solved. There's a store that sells things like this nearby. Do you want to take a look?
You: Yes, of course.
Yanagi: All right, let's go.

You: Waah... there are a lot of netsuke.
Yanagi: Yes, they have a good selection.
You: But... it's pretty expensive.
Yanagi: That's true. They're also selling things from the Edo period.
You: Ah, this...
Yanagi: Hm? What is it?
You: It's the same as the one you have, Senpai.
Yanagi: Which... hm, it does look similar. But take a look. There are subtle differences.
You: Ah... you're right.
Yanagi: It seems like they were made by the same artist. They may have originally been from the same set.
You:'s really nice.
Yanagi: Do you like it?
You: Yes. But it's a bit too pricy. What should I do...
Yanagi: Then I'll give it to you.
You: Eh? You can't do that. It's pretty expensive, and...
Yanagi: I don't care. You helped me out with my research today. It's thanks for that.
You: But...
Yanagi: Don't hold back. I'm grateful to you.
You: I-I'm sorry... thank you very much.

Yanagi: I can hear the cicadas' cries.
You: Yes.
Yanagi: It's easy to lose track of time when we take it easy like this.
You: Right...
Yanagi: Sorry for making you come with me today.
You: No, me too. You gave me such an expensive netsuke...
Yanagi: I just wanted you to have it. Don't worry about it.
You: But...
Yanagi: You...
You: Yes?
Yanagi: There's a lot about you that surprises me.
You: Eh? I do?
Yanagi: Yes. When I think I've calculated something accurately, occasionally you come up with something new.
You: R-really?
Yanagi: Yes. At the very least, I find it refreshing.
You: Y-yes.
Yanagi: That's why. I'm interested in you...
You: Ah... i-in me?
Yanagi: Yes. ...I'm asking something strange, but do you enjoy being with me?
You: Y-yes. When I'm talking to you, Yanagi-senpai, I feel like my worldview is growing...
You: U-um, I can't really put it into words...
Yanagi: I see... I'm happy.
You: Senpai...?
Yanagi: The wind has picked up a bit.
You: Ah, that's true. It's cooling down...
Yanagi: Should we... relax a bit longer?
You: Yes...
[+? hearts]

9/2, Friday, Morning (Speak)
You: Yanagi-senpai, are you doing a final check on the booth?
Yanagi: Ah, because we'll be using a flame. We cannot be too careful.
You: That's right. I'll help too.
Yanagi: Thanks, please do.
You: Yes.

Yanagi: Mm, the check is complete. How about over there?
You: I'm done here, too. There's no problem.
Yanagi: Good work... hm? There's soot on your cheek.
You: Eh? Where?
Yanagi: Hold still...
You: Ah...
Yanagi: There, it's gone.
You: Thank you very much. By the way, Senpai... isn't that a tissue?
Yanagi: This is called a kaishi.
You: Kaishi?
Yanagi: It's written as a paper that goes in your pocket, a kaishi. To put it simply, it was similar to a tissue in the past.
You: The past... Senpai, you're pretty traditional.

9/2, Friday, Noon (Automatic)
This continues from the "general" swim meet scene shared between all routes.
Aoi: The swim meet is finally on its last event, the underwater fighting art, water polo! The favorite is definitely Rokkaku!
Kabaji: The winner will be... Hyoutei.
Aoi: Whoa, it seems that the commentator Kabaji-san recommends Hyoutei. All right, let's begin the match!

Aoi: Heart, technique, body, in this game that requires all of them, which team is expected to achieve victory!
You: Yangi-senpaaai! Do your best!
Aoi: Whoa, we have some strong heartfelt cheering for Rikkai's Yanagi-san over here!
Kabaji: Usu.
Aoi: Amazing! Yanagi-san completely read his opponent's attack! A splendid interception!
Kabaji: Just... as the data said.

Aoi: With that, the final event is over. Who is expected to take home the overall victory?
Aoi: And who takes home the disgraceful last place?
Kabaji: Anyway... take a guess.
Aoi: Well, the announcement of the results. The winner is... Rikkai Dai Fuzoku, Yanagi Renji! Congratulations, Yanagi-san!
Kabaji: Congratulations.

You: Amazing! You won, you won!
Yanagi: Mm, losing isn't good, no matter what the contest.
Jackal: Guwaah!!!
You: Ah, just now...
Yanagi: Jackal, huh... the probability that he would be last place was 31%, but... he had bad luck.

9/3, Saturday, Noon (Automatic)
Aoi: Now the volunteers from the tennis clubs will start the attraction contest!
Aoi: The master of ceremonies is me, Rokkaku Chuu's first-year captain Aoi Kentarou.
You: Ah, it's starting, it's starting.

You: It's Yanagi-senpai's turn soon.

You: Yanagi-senpaaaai!

Yanagi: You came to watch. I heard you cheering.
You: Ah... r-really? That's a bit embarrassing.
Yanagi: No, I'm glad you cheered for me. It encouraged me.
You: Then, I'm glad.
Yanagi: Haha... there's still time before they announce the results. Until then, do you want to look around the school festival together?

Yes, that's true.
That's a bit...

You: Yes, that's true.
Yanagi: Mm, then let's go.
You: Yes.

You: That's a bit...
Yanagi: ...I see. Then I'll see you later.

9/3, Saturday, Noon (Speak)
If you speak to:

If you've been there before:
You: Ah, this is...

If you haven't been there before:
Yanagi: A cafe... this design taste is...
Mizuki: Nfu, welcome, Yanagi-kun.
Yanagi: As I thought... it was Rudolph's booth.
Mizuki: How about it? Will you enter?
Yanagi: What do you think?
Mizuki: Hmm... you won't enter. It's not to your liking.
Yanagi: Good deduction. You're right. Let's go, Suirou.
You: Ah, yes.

If you've been there before:
You: Ah, this is...
Yanagi: A haunted house, huh...

If you haven't been there before: Yanagi: A haunted house, huh...
You: I-it's appropriate for summer.

Kamio: Ah, you're...
Yanagi: Kamio? So this really is Fudomine's booth.
Kamio: ...yeah. You were... Rikkai's Yanagi-san, right?
Yanagi: That's right.
Kamio: What happened at the Kantou Tournament... we'll pay it back at Nationals.
Yanagi: Hm... really? I look forward to it.
Kamio: So, are you coming in?
Yanagi: No, we won't. My data says she isn't good with haunted houses.
You: Eh? You know that, too?
Yanagi: Yes, of course.
You: Ooh...

If you've been there before:
You: Ah, this is...
Yanagi: A cotton candy shop...
Oishi: Oh, you're... Yanagi?
Yanagi: Ah, Oishi. So this is Seigaku's booth. The one who suggested it... was Kikumaru, huh.
Oishi: Amazing, that's right. So are you going to buy some?
Yanagi: Suirou, do you want cotton candy?
You: Ah, yes. But...
Yanagi: ? But?
You: If you're not careful, the cotton candy here will fly away.
Yanagi: Fly... oh, helium?
Oishi: Right. The bag is full of it.
Yanagi: That's unexpected. It's an interesting twist. Let's get two.
Oishi: Thanks.

If you haven't been there before:
Yanagi: A cotton candy shop...
You: It's standard at school festivals.
Oishi: Oh, you're... Yanagi?
Yanagi: Ah, Oishi. So this is Seigaku's booth. The one who suggested it... was Kikumaru, huh.
Oishi: Amazing, that's right. So are you going to buy some?
Yanagi: Suirou, do you want cotton candy?
You: Ah, yes.
Yanagi: Then let's get two.
Oishi: Coming right up. Ah, be careful.
Yanagi: Be careful?
Oishi: That cotton candy flies.
Yanagi: Flies... oh, helium?
Oishi: Right. The bag is full of it.
Yanagi: That's unexpected. It's an interesting twist.
Oishi: Thanks.

If you've been there before:
You: Ah, this is...
Yanagi: A beach house... the ones who would make this booth are most likely...
Itsuki: Welcome~
Yanagi: As I thought. This is Rokkaku's booth.
Itsuki: Ah, it's Rikkai's Yanagi. You've come to buy something.
Yanagi: That's right... can we get two grilled corn?
Itsuki: Coming right up!
Yanagi: I'd just like to make sure, but... Suirou, you've already eaten strawberry shaved ice here, right?
You: Senpai... you even know that.
Yanagi: Yes, because I collected that data.

If you haven't been there before:
Yanagi: A beach house... the ones who would make this booth are most likely...
Itsuki: Welcome~
Yanagi: As I thought. This is Rokkaku's booth.
Itsuki: Ah, it's Rikkai's Yanagi. You've come to buy something.
Yanagi: That's right... can we get two strawberry shaved ices?
Itsuki: Coming right up!
Yanagi: I'd just like to make sure, but... Suirou, you have no problem with strawberry shaved ice?
You: No. Senpai, you knew I would just leave it to you, huh.
Yanagi: Yes, because I collected that data.

9/3, Saturday, Evening (Automatic)
You: It's about time to announce the results.
Yanagi: Yes, that's right.

Atobe: Then, now we'll announce the results of the attraction contest!
Atobe: The overall winners will be awarded tickets and an all-expenses paid trip to next year's Wimbledon!
Atobe: The winning team is...

Atobe: Japanese drumming!

You: You did it! Congratulations on winning!
Yanagi: Mm, thanks.
You: Everyone was in perfect sync. It was a wonderful performance.
Yanagi: Yes, it was the result of practice. By the way, do you have time after this?
You: Yes, I'm free for a while.
Yanagi: Mm, then do you want to look around the school festival together?
You: Yes.

You: Somehow it seems like there are more people again.
Yanagi: Mm. It's good.
You: Yes, the festival is a huge success.
Yanagi: However, I personally do not like crowds.
You: Ah... that's true.
Yanagi: Then where should we look around... do you have a preference?
You: No, not in particular.
Yanagi: Hm... then there's a place I'd like to go. Do you mind?
You: Not at all.

Inui: You've come, Renji.
Yanagi: Yes, just as predicted, right?
Inui: Of course.
You: (Ah... he's... right, Seigaku's Inui-san...)
Yanagi: Sadaharu, I'd like to talk to you a bit.
Inui: Understood. Come in. Ah, along with that girl.
Yanagi: Thanks.

Inui: Well then...
Yanagi: Thank you for treating us like this.
Inui: Hmph... as you've predicted. Then two orange juices should be fine.
You: Eh? How do you know what even I'll order?
Inui: Simple process of elimination. The only normal drinks at our cafe are orange juice and black tea.
Inui: After that, it's a question of probability.
You: By normal, you mean...
Inui: The other one is my special drink. Though it has an excellent effect...
Yanagi: Ah, as you've predicted, I'd like you to refrain from giving us your special drink.
Inui: Too bad. Then, please wait a bit.
You: Um, special drink?
Yanagi: It's better if you don't know. It's too strong for normal people.
You: Ha, haa...
Inui: Thanks for waiting. Two orange juices.
Yanagi: Thanks.
You: Thank you.
Inui: All right, Renji. It's going well.
Yanagi:'s still unsettled.
Inui: Oh... how surprising.
Yanagi: The calculations up until now have worked well. However, there is a problem with the final variable.
Inui: The final variable?
Yanagi: Yes, everything changes depending on whether that variable is 0 or 1.
Inui: I see... so the final step is multiplication. It's all or nothing.
Yanagi: Exactly. Therefore, I have been taking precautionary measures.
Inui: That's rare. For you to be so careful, Professor.
Yanagi: Haha... that name is rather nostalgic, Doctor.
Inui: Remember that time. At the very least, you had more of an adventurous spirit.
Yanagi: However, there was little to lose.
Inui: Really... that's all I can say.
Yanagi: Right. I must take full responsibility for the decision myself.
Inui: All I can do... is wish you the best...
Yanagi: That's enough. Thanks, Sadaharu.
Inui: Do your best, Renji.

You: Um... what were you talking about? I was completely...
Yanagi: Sorry. I've known Sadaharu for a long time, so we don't have to share the details to communicate.
You: Really... I'm kind of jealous.
Yanagi: Jealous?
You: Yes. Being able to understand you so deeply, Senpai...
Yanagi: ...really?
You: Yes.
Yanagi: I think... it would be nice if we could be like that too.
You: Eh?
Yanagi: I...
You: Yes?
Yanagi: N-no... let's stop there.
You: Ah... yes.
Yanagi: Shall we go somewhere else?
You: Yes.

9/4, Sunday, Noon (Automatic)
You: How's it going?
Marui: Hm? It's all right.
You: All right...?
Yanagi: It's not bad, but... if we're aiming to win, it may be difficult.
Yagyuu: That's right. It would be nice if we had a good move...
You: A good move...
You: Ah, speaking of which, how is the matcha?
Yanagi: It's not really selling.
Yagyuu: It's because they're not really understanding it. Normal people think that it's rather hard to order.
You: In that case, how about using the bench at the back and having a tea ceremony?
Yagyuu: Hou... making it into a bit of a performance.
You: If they can drink tea we make along with eating the sweets, I think they'll understand the compatibility between matcha and sweets.
Yagyuu: I see... then they'll become a little less reluctant.
Marui: It's like performance sales, huh.
Yanagi: The customers' reactions will trigger to call over even more customers. It's a rather good idea.
Yagyuu: That's good. Let's try it.

You: It's looking good, the profits from the matcha.
Yanagi: Yes, matcha really does go well with Japanese sweets.
You: I'm glad it's going well.
Yagyuu: You two, we have everything under control here, so please take a break.
Yanagi: Really? Then we'll do that. Shall we go, Suirou?
You: Ah, yes.

9/4, Sunday, Noon (Speak)
If you go somewhere you've been with Yanagi before:
You: Ah, this is...
Yanagi: Hm, we've already been here. It would be better if we go elsewhere.

9/4, Sunday, Evening (Automatic)
You: Soon they'll announce the results of the booth contest.
Yanagi: That's right.
You: The probability that we'll win... about how high is it?
Yanagi: By my estimate, it's 100%.
You: Eh? R-really?
Yanagi: Yes, unmistakably.

Atobe: Now we'll announce the results of the attraction booth contest!
Atobe: In the attraction booth contest, the group who acquired the most proceeds overall was...

Atobe: Rikkai Dai Fuzoku's sweets place!

Marui: All right!
You: We did it! Our sweets place was the top in sales and survey rankings!
Yanagi: Ha... as predicted.
Yagyuu: We were rewarded for our trouble.
Kirihara: You did it, Senpai.
Jackal: Pretty big deal.
Niou: Well done.
Sanada: Good work. Thanks to you, our Rikkai became the top overall.
You: Everyone, really, thank you very much.
Yanagi: This is also thanks to you, Suirou.
You: That's... I only helped out a little...
Yanagi: No, it's thanks to your ideas. Thank you.
You: No, that's... thank you very much.
Yanagi: With this... the school festival is over.
You: ...that's right. After this there's just the campfire and social dance...
Yanagi: A lot happened during these two weeks, but I made many fun memories.
You: Yes, me too.

9/4, Sunday, Confession
Aoi: Well, this is the final part of the fun school festival.
Aoi: Last we'll close with the social dance for all the volunteers.
You: The social dance...? I remember the steps, but... what should I do?
Yanagi: Suirou, so this is where you were?
You: Ah, Yanagi-senpai.
Yanagi: If you mean to ask "What is it?", the answer is that I was looking for you.
You: For me?
Yanagi: Yes, I want to talk to you for a bit. Is now all right?
You: Yes. ...Senpai, you knew that I would answer "Yes" because you're you, didn't you?
Yanagi: No. Unfortunately, I was not able to predict that.
You: Eh?
Yanagi: ...shall we move away from here?
You: Ah, yes.

Yanagi: Around here should be fine.
You: Yes. Um, what did you want to talk about?
Yanagi: This may be a bit long. Is that all right?
You: Yes.
Yanagi: Sorry. ...I collected data on someone at this school festival. Someone who is unrelated to tennis.
You: Yes...
Yanagi: That person discovered the things I didn't realize and the things I could not find out, one after another.
Yanagi: On top of that, they supported me.
Yanagi: ...I started wanting to know why that person could do so much.
You: ............
Yanagi: As I collected data on that person's behavior, habits, and expressions...
Yanagi: I realized that a certain emotion was being born within me. I didn't realize what that emotion was.
Yanagi: Even when my childhood friend pointed it out...
You: (A certain emotion...?)
Yanagi: When I realized, I suffered for a time... and then, I soon thought of a way to free myself from that suffering.
Yanagi: However, I was not able to take those actions.
Yanagi: If I were to be refused, seeing that person would also become painful.
Yanagi: We go to the same school, and I might see them laughing by someone else's side.
Yanagi: I would not be able to stand that.
You: Senpai... um, do you mean... there's someone you like?
Yanagi: ...yes.
You: I... see...
You: (If there's someone he likes... Senpai won't look at me...)
Yanagi: What is it?
You: N-no! It's nothing...
You: (There's no point in being upset about it here. I'll only worry him...)
You: (More importantly, I want Senpai to come right out and tell that person that he likes them...)
You: Senpai. Have you still not said anything to the person you like?
You: Then you have to... you can't not tell them you like them. It's true that being rejected is painful.
You: But the way it is now is painful too. I've also, um, liked someone who didn't like me back...
You: But I didn't confess, and now I think it would have been better to be brave.
Yanagi: Suirou... really...
You: That's why... Senpai, do your best.
Yanagi: be honest, I had intended to tell them today, but now I'm become afraid.
Yanagi: But I've made up my mind, thanks to your words.
You: Good... I'm sure you'll be fine, Senpai!
Yanagi: Really...
You: ? Senpai?
Yanagi: Suirou.
You: Yes.
Yanagi: I... like you.
You: Eh...
Yanagi: It seems like I'm taking advantage of your unrequited love, but I couldn't not say it.
You: Then... the person you were talking about... is me?
Yanagi: Yes, that's right.
You: Are you... lying...
Yanagi: It's certainly the truth. I thought it would only trouble you, but...
You: Not at all!
Yanagi: Eh?
You: I like you, Yanagi-senpai.
Yanagi: ...I'm surprised.
You: I thought I would confess, but I didn't have the courage... when you told me before that there's someone you like,
You: I thought it was hopeless... at the very least, I wanted you to confess to the person you like.
You: Because you're you, it would definitely turn out all right...
Yanagi: I see. really did turn out all right.
You: Yes.
Yanagi: Will you say it again? What you think of me...
You: Yes. ...I love you, Yanagi-senpai.
Yanagi: Yes. too.

You: There are so many people! Wah, there are a lot of night stalls too.
Yanagi: Be careful not to get lost, Suirou.
You: I'm fine. ...after all, you're holding my hand like this, Renji-senpai.
Yanagi: Then it's fine, but don't get carried away and let go.
You: Okaaaay. ...hahaha.
Yanagi: What is it?
You: I was thinking, I'm glad I went and asked you to wear a yukata.
You: Senpai, you really do look good in a yukata.
Yanagi: Ha... really?
You: Yes. ...I thought again, my boyfriend really is cool.
Yanagi: You look good in a yukata too.
You: R-really?
Yanagi: Yes. I thought again, my girlfriend really is cute.
You: G-geez... you're teasing me...
Yanagi: I'm not teasing.
You: ...t-thank you very much...
Yanagi: Come, the fireworks will start soon. We should hurry.
You: Yes!

Miscellaneous scenes

Morning greeting
If you see him first:
You: (Ah, it's Yanagi-senpai... I wonder if I should call out to him...)

Yanagi-senpai, good morning!
Yanagi-senpai, good morning.

You: Yanagi-senpai, good morning!
Yanagi: Good morning.
[+1 heart]

You: Yanagi-senpai, good morning.
Yanagi: Good morning.
[+0.5 hearts]

You: ............

If he sees you first:
Yanagi: Good morning.
You: Ah, Yanagi-senpai, good morning.
[+1.5 hearts]

Phone number request
Yanagi: Oh, that's right. There was something I wanted to check with you.
You: Yes, what is it?
Yanagi: You have a cell phone, correct?
You: Yes, I do.
Yanagi: Will give you me your number? It seems there will be an increase in the number of things I need to contact you about.
Yes, that's fine.
That's... sorry.

You: Yes, that's fine. Umm...

Yanagi: Registration complete. If something happens, I'll contact you.

You: That's... sorry. My parents told me I shouldn't give it to that many people...
Yanagi: I see... if that's how it is, it can't be helped.
You: I'm sorry.
Yanagi: No, don't worry about it. My predictions were flawed.
[-1.5 hearts]

When invited to talk
This may show up if his affection is high around the middle of the game (near the first date). In this case, he might talk to you immediately when you enter the area he’s in.

Conversation one:
Yanagi: If you continue walking like that, the probability that you'll trip and fall over the materials in front of you is 95%.
You: Eh, wah, Yanagi-senpai! You scared me.
Yanagi: Ah, sorry. I thought you wouldn't notice unless I pointed it out to you.
You: I'm sorry. I was lost in thought.
Yanagi: Mm. you have time right now?


Yanagi: In any case, you shouldn't be lost in thought while walking.
You: Y-yes...
Yanagi: So, is there anything serious troubling you?
You: No, um, nothing...
Yanagi: Hm... something you can't tell me...
You: No, that's not it!
Yanagi: Then it's something you can tell me.
You: Ah... geez, you're mean, Senpai.
Yanagi: Whatever you say. So, what is it?
You: U-um... we'll be done with the preparations soon, so, I was thinking it could get lonely...
Yanagi: Oh...
You: I'm sorry. I really shouldn't be thinking about these things as a steering committee representative.
You: I need to think about how to make the school festival a success.
Yanagi: You don't need to berate yourself so much. So, why do you think you'll be lonely?
You: Why... I-I'm just worried about it.
Yanagi: I see.
You: Um... Yanagi-senpai?
Yanagi: Right now, I'm worried too.
You: Eh?
Yanagi: No matter how much data I collect and how much I investigate, I don't reach an answer. It's a dead end.
You: That's... Senpai, what in the world are you so worried about...
Yanagi: I apologize, but I can't say any more.
You: Ah, yes. That's true...
Yanagi: I hope your worries and mine are resolved quickly.
You: Yes. That's right.
Yanagi: (If possible... it would be nice if the solution to those worries is the same...)
You: Eh? Um, did you say something?
Yanagi: No, it's nothing. Let's return to work.
You: Ah, yes!

You: Ah, there's a committee meeting soon...
Yanagi: Now that you mention it, there is. Oh well. Next time, then.
You: Um...
Yanagi: Don't worry about it. I simply wanted to talk to you. Well, you'll be late.
You: Y-yes.

Walking home

If you invite him:
You: Yanagi-senpai. Are you going home now?
Yanagi: Oh, it's you. That is what I intended.

Do you want to go to the station together?
Goodbye, Yanagi-senpai.

If he accepts:
You: U-um... if it's all right, do you want to go back to the station together?
Yanagi: Hm, that's all right. Let's go.
Conversations:1 2

If turned down:
You: Um, if it's all right, do you want to go back to the station together?
Yanagi: I'm sorry, there's something I have to do. I'll see you later.

You: Goodbye, Yanagi-senpai.
Yanagi: Yes, later.

If you are invited:
Yanagi: Suirou. Are you going home now?
You: Ah, Yanagi-senpai. Yeah.
Yanagi: Then I'll take you to the station.

Yes, of course.
I'm sorry... I have an errand.

You: Yes, of course.
Yanagi: Mm. Then let's go.
You: Thank you very much. Conversations:1 2

You: I'm sorry... I have an errand.
Yanagi: Really? Then I'll see you later.
[-1 heart]

If you accept someone else’s invitation to walk home:
Yanagi: Suirou. Are you going home...!
You: Ah, Yanagi-senpai...
Yanagi: No, it's nothing. I'll see you later.
[-2.5 hearts]

You: It's gotten a bit colder in the mornings and evenings.
Yanagi: That's true. Summer vacation will be over soon and the national tournament will begin.
You: That's right. Do your best, Senpai.
Yanagi: Yes.
You: ............
Yanagi: ............
You: (...what should I do. The conversation isn't continuing.)


(If you touch his face)
(If you touch his body)

You: Your hair's pretty, Senpai. I'm jealous.
Yanagi: Really... thank you for the compliment.
[+0.5 hearts]

Yanagi: What is it?
You: Ah... it's nothing. I was thinking... you look cool in the school uniform.
Yanagi: Ha... I hadn't thought anyone would say that to me. But it isn't unpleasant.
[+0.5 hearts]

Yanagi: The preparations for the school festival are going smoothly. We're about 84% done.
You: Just a little more to go.
Yanagi: Mm. If we proceed at the same pace tomorrow, it should be fine. Though that's if Akaya doesn't skip out.
You: Haha. That's true. We have to keep an eye on him.
Yanagi: you get along well with Akaya?
You: Well enough, I think. But I think Kirihara-kun will do what you want if you ask.
Yanagi: Akaya will work with Gen'ichirou tomorrow. I want you to help me out.
You: Yes, Yanagi-senpai.
Yanagi: And...
You: Yes?
Yanagi: No, it's nothing. ...I know the probability is high, but even then I can't say it.
You: ? What is it?
Yanagi: I'm talking to myself.
You: Haah.

You: Ah, the station already...
Yanagi: Hm... that was faster than I thought.
You: That's right, it went by in the blink of an eye.
Yanagi: Then, later.
You: Yes, goodbye.
[+1 heart]

Minigame conversations
If you play a minigame with someone else and then choose “see” with him:
You: (Huh? It seems like he was doing something but... I wonder if it's already over?)

You: Huh? I wonder what Yanagi-senpai is doing?
Yanagi: Ah, it's you. What is it?

You: Huh? Are you going somewhere?
Yanagi: To the plaza. I'm going to practice racketing.
You: Racketing?
Yanagi: It's practice hitting the ball with the racket's sweet spot.
You: Heeh...
Yanagi: Well? Will you try too?


You: Yes! I'll try it.
Yanagi: All right, let's go.

Yanagi: Let's go.
Yanagi: The goal is close.
Yanagi: Goal. Good job.
Yanagi: This is the last one.

If you get all three:
Yanagi: You did an impressive job.
Yanagi: You're pretty talented.

If you miss all three:
Yanagi: This result was outside my calculations.


Hitting cans:
You: What are you doing?
Yanagi: Hitting cans.
You: Hitting cans?
Yanagi: It's practice hitting empty cans with serves.
You: Heeh...
Yanagi: Well? Will you try too?


You: Yes! I'll try it.
Yanagi: All right, let's go.

Yanagi: Let's go.
Yanagi: Nice hit.

If you get the smallest:
Yanagi: You're pretty talented.


Yanagi: All right, let's end here for today.
You: Thank you very much.
Yanagi: Yeah, I'll see you.

You: Now is a bit...
Yanagi: I see.


  1. Yes! Renji is out! Been waiting for this day haha
    Wow his conversations with MC are so long (I like that)
    But it's nice to see he realized his feelings early on. It's really funny how he treats his love affair like it's some sort of math problem hahaa
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    1. tbh every time one of his lines filled up the entire dialogue box I raged, because it probably meant he was talking about something I didn't understand again. 8|

      I was shaking my head at the conversations between him and Inui. Talking about the girl you like... right in front of her. Well, he probably figured she wouldn't notice, but still... and yeah, the parasol bit kind of threw me off. At least MC had the same reaction I did. Still... O_o; I guess part of it is a culture difference, but even so, that's usually just... women...

  2. Thank god for this translation. I had no idea what Yanagi was talking about half the time, his dialogue is so complicated (but I love his character so much). This really made things easier for me. Thanks :D

  3. Does Yanagi not have that event where he starts calling you by your first name? D:

    1. Usually it's the second walking-home conversation. In this case Yanagi (much like Sanada) fails to have the nerve to ask. That's what he's talking about when he says there's a good probability (that you'll agree) but he can't actually bring himself to say anything.

    2. Damn it,Rikkaidai! Get your game together!
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