Prince of Tennis :: Print

Index of all translations of printed TeniPuri media, that is to say, anything published in a volume, fanbook, or PairPuri.  Mostly manga, with some short stories, concept notes, and supplemental information.

Perfect Edition (kanzenban) extras

Usually bonus manga, sometimes concept notes, and in one case, an included short story.

Three People's Views on a Certain Morning: Fanbook 10.5 bonus manga, reprinted in Perfect Edition season 1, volume 5

Urayama Shiita: season 1, volume 7

The Military Record of Kabriel: season 1, volume 9

Ojii's Decision: season 1, volume 11

Ice Cream Rhapsody: season 2, volume 1

The Princes of That Time concept note: season 2, volume 2. Yukimura's section only.

Lucky ♥ Sengoku: season 2, volume 3

Tachibana Kippei: season 2, volume 5

Shiraishi Kuranosuke: season 2, volume 7

The Female Spy of Ice: season 3, volume 1

Passionate Love Radar!?: season 3, volume 3

Go Forth, Fishing Buddies: season 3, volume 7

Last Message: season 3, volume 11

Face Graduation and Shoot: season 3, volume 12 short story



Prince of Swim Trunks: translation and scanlation

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