Monday, May 27, 2013

Prince of Tennis: PairPuri Jitaku 16: The Tragedy of Rikkai Dai Fuzoku

Translation of the short bonus manga in PairPuri volume nine.

Page one
Panel one:
Yanagi: It seems it’s finally complete, Hakase.
Inui: Yes, Kyouju…

Panel two: no text

Panel three:
Inui: All right.  Tomorrow we must let the men of Rikkai have a taste.

Panel four:
Inui: Inui Sadaharu and Yanagi Renji’s joint project “Ginger Ail.”*

*The actual name of it is “Shinjaeeru,” which is one voiced sound and a shorter... vowelish away from “jinjaaeeru” (“ginger ale”) and one additional kana away from “shinjaeru” (“you could die”).

Prince of Tennis: Private no Ouji-sama
Jitaku 16: The Tragedy of Rikkai Dai Fuzoku

Page two:
Panel one: no text

Panel two:
Sign below all the stacked glasses of suspicious liquid:
Feel free to ta

Panel three:
Marui: Ohhh!  Isn’t that nice!!

Panel four:
Kirihara: It’s the best, isn’t it?  Thanks for the driiinks!!

Page three:
Panel one:
Yukimura: Everyone!  Are you enjoying te-
Yukimura: Huh?  I wonder why everyone is sleeping on the courts?

Panel two:
Yukimura: Sanada!

Panel three:
Sanada: It’s unbearable squash…*

*"tamara sukasshu". Pun on his saying "tamaran sumashu", an unbearable smash.


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