Sunday, May 19, 2013

Madoka Magica Portable: Gag route snippet

A short part of the scene where Kyousuke finds out Sayaka is a magical girl in the bonus/joke route of the Puella Magi Madoka Magica PSP game. 8|

Kyousuke: EHHHHH?
Sayaka: That's right, there's no way you wouldn't be surprised. I'll also understand if you don't believe me. But I...
Kyousuke: T-that's amazing! Sayaka, you're a magical girl! How? What happened?
Sayaka: W-what? Um, you... believe... me?
Kyousuke: Of course, there's no way I wouldn't believe in you, Sayaka!! No matter what you told me I would believe!!
Kyousuke: Amazing!! It's wonderful!! My girlfriend is a magical girl!! It sounds so cool...
Kyousuke: Hey, what kind of magic can you use? What's your goal? Hey, Sayaka!!
Sayaka: W-wait, Kyousuke, calm down. Then, I'll transform, so...
Kyousuke: Transform!! You can transform too!? Amazing!!!
[insert transformation sequence]
Sayaka: It's a bit embarrassing...... b-but how is it?
Kyousuke: Better than I imagined!! It's perfect!! Sayaka, you're so cute!! You're beautiful!!
Sayaka: Ah, really... t-thanks.
Kyousuke: Hey, when you transform, what can you do?
Sayaka: Um, for now, our mission is that we have to defeat the evil Witches...
Kyousuke: Evil witches!! Then Sayaka is a magical girl of justice!
Sayaka: T-that's how it turned out... right.
Kyousuke: Then how did you become a magical girl? Were you recruited? Sayaka, are you from another world?
Sayaka: Not really...... you know, in exchange for having one wish granted, you become a magical girl who fights Witches.
Kyousuke: Wish? On top of having a wish granted, you become able to use magic... wow. Sayaka, what kind of wish did you have granted?
Sayaka: ...that's, do you really want to know?
Kyousuke: Yeah... should I not ask?

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