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Hatoful Boyfriend manga, chapter nine

Chapter nine. New chapter raws are out every month here.

There is one Anghel-named strip this time around, so once again, the title is the furigana/English title/how it should be read and the stuff in parentheses is the translation of the kanji/how it's written.

Hatoful Boyfriend

Page one:
title page (no text)

Page two:
Hatomame Sweet Blend (Before)

Panel one:
When humanity was still thriving--
On February 4, there was an event called Bean-Throwing Night.
(person) Good luck in
(person) Pigeons out
It is said that it was a violent ritual in which pigeons were hit with soybeans.

Panel two:
On February 14, there was also Valentine’s Day, which started in the west...
The day of the revival of the Dark Sorcerer Wallenstein!!
(Wallenstein) Hohoho
It wasn’t.

Panel two:
These two were combined and the result is Legumentine’s, on February 4.
(near Ryouta’s head) Heeeh.
That’s fascinating...
Coo! (It is!)

Page three:
Panel one:
Why are you asking about this all of a sudden?
An assignment on cultural history?

Panel two:
that’s not it.
The truth is...

Panel three:
A Hatoful Boyfriend drama CD with Legumentine’s as the theme
is being released!
(in Ryouta’s hand) cue card
(banner) The miraculous fourth part
(Nageki) Wow, straightforward.

Drama CD Hatoful Boyfriend
Hatomame Sweet Blend
Release date: February 14, 2013
Price: 3,150 yen (tax included)
Sales agency: Frontier Works

Page four:
Panel one:
Hold it right there, Kawara!

Panel two:
Why, you!
*Have you forgotten that we held class attorney to judge the blatant advertising!?

*See chapter 4.

Panel three:
You too are taking advantage of this!
[Chapter 3]
Coo coo coo! (Okosan is opposed to commercialism going too far!)
--You were the one who said that!

Panel four:
The editor says it’s fine to do what we like.
(box) Just do whatever you want.
Editor T-ta

Panel five:
I am saying you’re so obvious it’s unsightly!
(Oko) Coo!
(Ryouta) Ehh.
In any case, this time it’s a Legumentine’s story.

Page five:
Strip one:
A story of February 3

Panel one:
Golden Editing Office

Panel two:
...what is this? That large number of packages. They’re in the way.
(Tohri) Ugh.

Panel three:
They’re Legumentine’s presents from the readers.
They’re addressed to manga characters.

Panel four:
To characters that aren’t real!? Even though I haven’t received any!!!
It’s because the editor-in-chief isn’t really popular~

Strip two:
The heroine’s task

Panel one:
Tomorrow is Legumentine’s!
I think I’ll go buy the best beans today!

Panel two:
Coo coo coo!? (Hiyoko is going to buy beans!?)
Coo coo!! (Then Okosan recommends the High Society Seagull Department Store!)

Panel three:
And so Okosan brought me here, but...
Coo...!? (Something is strange...!?)

Panel four:
What should I do!?
(banner) Legumentine ♥ Fair
(signs) Sold Out, Sold Out, Sold Out, Sold Out, Sold Out, Closed.
Each and every kind of bean is out of stock!!

Page six
Strip three:
A businessbird’s assets

Panel one:
You’re one step behind!
Mr. Nishikikouji!?

Panel two:
Coo coo! (You monopolizer!)
Is buying all of these for self-presents really something an adult would do!?

Panel three:
Giving Legumentine’s presents to myself?
Do you really think I would do such a vulgar thing?

Panel four:
I am only!!
Getting in the way of those who enjoy their real lives!
That’s immature!

Strip four:
Please accept this

Panel one:
Mr. Nishikikouji! Please stop this deplorable behavior!
It’s useless trying to persuade me!

Panel two:
That’s right! A day when only I am miserable...
Mr. Nishikikouji!

Panel three:

Panel four:
T-this is
for me?
So stop doing this!
(Okosan) His heart is moved!

Page seven
Strip five:
Comfort? Dissatisfaction?

Panel one:
Today is Legumentine’s.
I wonder who Hiyoko will give beans to...

Panel two:
Here you go, sir!
Thank you~

Panel three:
You too, Sakuya!
And for you, Okosan!
Coo coo coo!!

Panel four:
This one’s for you, Ryouta!
Thank you, Hiyoko!
Are they friendship beans...

Strip six:
Bitter and adult (Jet-black bluff)

Panel one:
I bought simple millet for you, Nageki.

Panel two:
You said you like bitter black beans, right, Anghel?
How adultlike!

Panel three:
Bitter black beans? But Higure was saying he doesn’t like bitter things.

Panel four:
T-t-that’s not cough true!! Cough
He's overdoing it.
He’s overdoing it.

Page eight
Hatomame Sweet Blend (After)

Panel one:
You got some too, Dr. Iwamine?

Panels two and three:
no text

Panel four:
I don’t care about your reasons, but you shouldn’t do that, you know!?

Panel five:
It’s because I have many enemies.
I won’t put gifts of unknown origin into my mouth.

Panel six:
Even so, you--
(Yuuya) If you do that, they’ll fall out of love with you.
How naive.

Panel seven:
You’re too careless.
Even if I gave you something every day, you wouldn’t notice.

Panel eight:
What did he say!?

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