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Hatoful Boyfriend manga, chapter ten

Chapter ten. New chapter raws are out every month here.

The “turnover” in the last 4koma and the short manga is referring to job turnover.

Anghel refers to Nageki and Okosan by their fantasy world titles/names rather than the usual ones. Okosan’s is technically “Sacred Beast Great Pigeon”, but Moa has previously translated that full title as just “Great Pigeon”, so that’s what it is here.

Page one:

Hatoful Boyfriend

Page two:

Strip one:
Revolving lantern

Panel one:
This happened in March at Saint PigeoNation Academy.

Panel two:
We’re only going to be in year 2 class 3 a little bit longer...
It’s a bit sad.

Panel three:
The sports festival, when everyone worked hard.
The school festival, when we grew closer.
(banner: Fight!)
The fun field trip.

Panel four:
They’re all precious memories.
Haven’t some of those things not happened!?

Strip two:
The problem of space-time

Panel one:
Let us begin an urgent Class Attorney trial!!
(board) Class Attorney
(board) The problem of space-time in an everyday life manga

Panel two:
We will soon become third-years.
Coo coo!! (That’s horrible! Okosan wanted to go on a trip!)

Panel three:
And what about Sakazaki-senpai!?
Is he going to graduate from this school and this manga!?

Panel four:
It’s fine if we just bend space-time like Saza*-san~
I see, then everything is fixed!

[reference to “Sazae-san”, censored. Means having many years pass without the characters ever getting older. Incidentally, Norio Wakamoto (voice of Okosan) apparently plays a lot of characters in that show.]

Page three:

Strip three:
About the near and far future

Panel one:
Okay, right now you’re in your third term of second-year, so let’s talk about your career plans~

Panel two:
Last week, I had everyone... write down... their career... aspi...

Panel three:
If you are to discuss our career plans, do it seriously!!
The season for hibernation has already ended!!

Panel four:
But we’re actually just going to continue as second-years.
It doesn’t feel like we have to think about it that seriously...

Strip four:
It’s strength and spirit

Panel one:
Coo coo coo! (You’re slacking off!)

Panel two:
Coo coo! (Get ahold of yourself!)

Panel three:
Coo coo coo coo!! (You’re going running with Okosan now!!)

Panel four:
That’s right, be like the wind!
Eh, me too!?
You fools, we’re in the middle of homeroom!!

Page four:

Strip five:
Abnormal blade (Paranormal variation)

Panel one:
Hopes for the future,
(paper) Career plan survey
(paper) Year 2 Class 1 Higure Anghel
(paper) Future plans
(paper) Career aspirations

Panel two:
Why are you asking me?
(Nageki) You want to be a manga author, right?
I thought you’d already decided.
No, there lies another barrier in my path.

Panel three:
The strokes of my crimson breast cannot yet face the time of judgment...!
Translation: He won’t tell this to his homeroom teacher in his own writing.

Panel four:
You mean you want to dictate it to me? It’s fine if you just do it normally.
“Normal” is already unforgivable for my sinful self...!

Strip six:
Transform alpha (Turnover that cuts through black clouds)

Panel one:
Golden Weekly HQ

Panel two:
True, your manga shines with your individuality.

Panel three:
You are currently lacking the deciding factor.
An adult feel!

Panel four:
Adult feel!!

Page five:

Transform beta (Turnover clad in jet black)

Panel one:
Ah, don’t get me wrong.
I’m not talking about ero manga.
I’m referring to the adult feel of using reality as a basis!!
Adult feel...!!

Panel two:
Adult feel!!
(Anghel) Ohhhhh!!
Why is he screaming in the library of all places?

Page six:

Panel one:
Caller of Stars!

Panel two:
Do you think I am lacking?
In that.
Adult feel?

Panel three:
You are.

Panel four:
In the end, the bitter black beans were too much for you.
And bleeding-heart luzons have small, round bodies.

Panel five:
The power I long for
is to possess a large body of steel!
I feel like you’re missing the point a little.
Well, your inner self will follow along later.

Page seven:

Panel one:
Coo coo coo!! (Now it’s Okosan’s turn!!)

Panel two:
Great Pigeon.
You have come to brave the great winds of this trial together with me!!
Coo! (Ryouta and Hiyoko will come too!)

Panel three:
All right.

Panel four:
I wonder how much it costs to always repair that.

Page eight:

Bird history
Enlargement of the brain

Panel one:
Okaaaay, everyone, take your seats~
(board) Bird history
(board) Virus evolution theory
(board) -> Enlargement of the brain
It’s time for bird history~

Panel two:
Many birds fell victim to the lethal bird virus that humans had engineered.
Meanwhile, the surviving birds...

Panel three:
Adapted to the virus and began to evolve.
In particular, the brain underwent a large change.
They became the ancestors of us present-day birds and intelligent birds came to be.

Panel four:
Thus, the virus that humans had created lost most of its lethality.
What a relief~

Panel five:
The next bird history class is the last~
Don’t forget to prepare~

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