Monday, May 27, 2013

Prince of Tennis: PairPuri Jitaku 17: Little Sister Love

Translation of Chitose's short bonus manga from PairPuri 9.

Page one
First panel:
Jitaku 17: Little Sister Love

Private no Oujisama

Second panel:
Miyuki: Onii-chan…
Miyuki: I wonder if Thief-Bro’s doing well?

Third panel:
Chitose: So I’ve come to take pictures of Tezuka.

Page two
First panel: no text

Second panel:
Phone: Piroriiiin
Phone: Kasha

Third panel:
Chitose: All right.  I was able to take a sexy shot.

Fourth panel:
Small text: Mission complete

Fifth panel:
Chitose: Ah!?
Chitose: I didn’t get the photo!?  He moved out of the frame at that moment!?
Chitose, small text: It’s Tezuka Phantom!

Page three
First panel: no text

Second panel:
Tezuka: You came here from Kyuushuu to do this sort of thing, Chitose?
Chitose: Y-yo, Tezuka…

Third panel:
Chitose: Please let me take a picture for my cute sister, Thief-Br-
Tezuka: I refuse!!
Chitose: Hey, please become my little brother…
Tezuka: I refuse!!


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