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Hatoful Boyfriend manga, chapter six

Chapter six. New chapter raws are out every month here.

Page one:
Bird form
Pseudo-human appearance

Iwamine Shuu
Saint PigeoNation Academy
Doctor/Chukar partridge
A suspicious doctor who appears in unexpected places

Page two:
Strip one:
The Bloody Wednesday Incident

Panel one:
There are terrifying rumors
about the infirmary at this school.

Panel two:
They say that the the students who are sent to the infirmary disappear one by one
and are used in bird experiments!!

Panel three:
Hearing that kind of ghost story about our peaceful school,

Recruiting health committee members
Due to an unforeseen accident, we have a vacancy.

It makes my hunter blood boil!!

Panel four:
This is promising!!
What’s wrong with you?
It’s a sudden tragedy!!

Strip two:
Not listening

Panel one:
Dr. Iwamine, I’m Tosaka Hiyoko of year 2, class 3!
I know.
That’s because you are the only human here.

Panel two:
Starting today, I’m a member of the health committee!
So that I can defeat you!

Panel three:
We don’t have enough birds, so you’ll be a great help.

Panel four:
First take down that curtain.
Next is the sheets.
Then dispose of them both.

Page three:
Strip three:
The bloodshed incident

Panel one:
Salut ☆ Hiyoko.
You joined the health committee?

Panel two:
Something terrible has happened in the infirmary!
It’s like a B horror movie!

Panel three:
It’s a suspicious situation no matter how you look at it, but
It’s just left over from a nosebleed.
…is what the doctor said…

Panel four:
Oh, it’s all right.
It must’ve been Mr. Nanaki’s blood from when he fell down.
This time at least.
“This time”?

Strip four:
Game bird

Panel one:
Chukar partridges are
[smaller] Golden pheasants and quails are also
[smaller] part of the Phasianidae family.
a bird of the Phasianidae family, with a characteristic facial pattern like that of a thief’s mask.

Panel two:
They are the national bird of Iraq,
(countries) Russia, India, Arabian Peninsula
but they are widely distributed across the Eurasian continent.

Panel three:
They were also brought to North America.
There, they became popular as birds to hunt for sport.
*It seems it was not common to eat them.

Panel four:
If it were me, I would hunt before being hunted.

Page four
Strip five:
Pandora’s drawer

Panel one:
Please do not touch my desk when I am not here.
Yes, Doctor!

Panel two:

If you say something like that, instead it makes me not want to listen…

Panel three:
Just a peek…

Panel four:
Didn’t I say not to touch it?

Strip six:
New member training

Panel one:
As the health committee chairman, I’ll give you, the new member, some advice!

Panel two:
Obey the doctor’s orders.
Don’t ask too many questions.
Don’t pry into his business.
And of course, you absolutely must not drink any of the liquids on the medicine shelves in the refrigerator.

Panel three:
Those are the keys to long life as a member of the health committee.
Be careful.
It’s a matter of life or death!!

Panel four:
Being a heatlh committee member meant leading a survival lifestyle, right?
All of a sudden I’m really excited!
Can’t you be a little quieter, Tosaka?

Page five:
Strip seven:
Chukar partridge discussion

Panel one:
Dr. Iwamine is too ominous a character, and he isn’t really popular even at school.
What do you think, Ryouta?

Panel two:
My stomach often hurts, so I cause him a lot of trouble.
But sometimes I’ve been worried that he’ll get distracted by the confusion and give me poison.

Panel three:
Coo! (He’s done the unthinkable and made Okosan drink bad protein!)
Coo coo coo! (Dr. Iwamine is a bad partridge!)

Panel four:
Why you, don’t speak poorly of Dr. Iwamine!
A believer appeared at an unexpected time!

Strip eight:
Lies or truth

Panel one:
It seems you peasants are not aware.
Dr. Iwamine is the authority on pathology!
He’s an internationally renowned scholar!

Panel two:
In the first place, do not treat him like a suspicious character based solely on his appearance and speculation!
T-that’s true, but…

Panel three:
The newspaper club said that this year alone, three health committee members have gone missing…

Panel four:
What… did you say…?

Weren’t those disappearances just a rumor!?
I think you should hurry and resign, Hiyoko…!

Page six
Pseudo-human appearance manga act.06

Panel one:
The birdie feared as the number one most suspicious character in the school, Doctor Iwamine Shuu.
He repeats terrifying experiments, and the shelves of the infirmary are full of lethal poisons.
A health consultation?
I’ll do it if you give me one of your kidneys.
--he’s a dangerous bird who would say such hardcore things

Panel two:
Like that, the infirmary of Saint PigeoNation Academy is no longer a facility for healing!
Thanks to that, that bothersome bird won’t show up, fortunately.

Panel three: no text

Page eight:
Panel one:

I’m lacking my usual skill.

Panel two:
I shouldn’t overestimate my right hand.
My valuable research subject has been ruined…

Panel three:
It feels like a bit of a waste.
If I store it, it will be bothersome to deal with later.
I’ll get rid of it in the incinerator.

Panel four:
All right, where will I get a test subject from next…

Panel five:
Dr. Iwamine?

Page nine:
Panel one:
You look busy~
What are you doing~?

2-3 homeroom teacher
Nanaki Kazuaki

You too, what are you doing?
(small) It’s already time for class.

Panel two:
Oh no~
I became sleepy without meaning to~

Panel three:
Didn’t I tell you not to use the infirmary as a replacement nap spot?
Please leave immediately.

Panel four:
What are you doing, Dr. Iwamine~?
I’m cooking.
Won’t you let me have a taste of it too~?
You can’t.
Also, don’t take that pillow back with you.

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