Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Prince of Tennis Perfect Edition: Ojii's Decision

Translation of the bonus manga in season 1, volume 11 of the TeniPuri kanzenban series.

Page one
Panel one:
--Chiba Prefecture, Rokkaku Chuu

The Princes of That Time
Rokkaku Side 1
Ojii's Decision

Panel two:
(Unknown): So then, we'll have Ojii choose next year's captain for us!

Panel three:
(Unknown): Everyone, turn around!
(Unknown): Close your eyes!

Page two
Panel one:
Itsuki: (small text) I don't want to~
Kisarazu: (small text) Why did Atsushi transfer schools...
Saeki: (small text) Captain, huh? That would be good.

Panel two:
Shudou: (small text) Somehow, my time has come...
Kurobane: (small text) Come to me, come to me.
David: (small text) Doki, doki.*

*David is holding two clay things in his hands; one is a vase and I can't figure out what the other is. What he's saying, 土器, literally means "earthenware," but it's read "doki," and "doki doki" is the sound of an excited heartbeat.

Panel three:
Ojii: ............The captain is......

Page three:
Panel one:
Ojii: Sae--
sfx: *thunk*

Panel two:
no text

Panel three:
Aoi: Ehhh, I'm the captain?

Panel four:
(Unknown; possibly the elementary-schoolers?): An elementary-schooler who's matriculating next year is the captain? Well, if it's Kentarou, he's actually pretty strong too, so it's fine!
(Unknown): As expected of Ojii!
(Unknown): No, no, Ojii said "Sae"...

Panel five:
box (David's pun): Saeki, who wasn't able to become captain, has a sour look on his face...*
(Unknown): Hey, David, that sucks!

*"buchou ni narezu bucchouzura no Saeki de atsu..." It's a play on "buchou," for captain, and "bucchouzura," for sour-faced. I can't translate puns, the end.

to be continued

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