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Prince of Tennis Perfect Edition: Three People's Views on a Certain Morning

Translation of one of the bonus manga in season 1, volume 5 of the Prince of Tennis kanzenban series. This particular manga was also originally printed in fanbook 10.5.

Page one
Panel one:
Three People’s Views on a Certain Morning

Shinji: Only for this book! A specially-written story!*
Momo puppet: Yay! (sign: Momo)
Shinji: Of course, this is never-before-seen material!
Eiji puppet: All right! (sign: Kiku)
Shinji: (Pon) This can only be read here, sorry. (Pon)

*This was written for Jump Comics Prince of Tennis Official Fanbook 10.5.

Panel two, three, and four: no text

Page two
Panel one:
Tezuka: Good morning.
Kunikazu: Morning.

Tezuka Kunikazu (72)
Tezuka’s grandfather

Panel two:
Ayana: Fuaaah~ Good morning. You two are up as early, as usual.

Tezuka Ayana (45)
Tezuka’s mother

Ayana: I’ll be making breakfast soon.
Tezuka: Thank you.

Panel three:
Kuniharu: Good morning.

Tezuka Kuniharu (48)
Tezuka’s father

Kunikazu: You’re late! Be more spirited!

Panel four:
Kuniharu: Dad, you and the others are up too early.
Kunikazu: What!?

Page three
Panel one:
Kuniharu: Ah.

Panel two: no text

Panel three:
Kunikazu: You’re slacking off, Kuniharu. At this rate an enemy will attack you from behind.
Kuniharu: Who would that be? I’m a normal businessman.
Kuniharu: Because unlike you, I don’t teach judo to the police.

Panel four:
Tezuka: I’m taking some.
Tezuka: Would you like some too, Mother?
Kunikazu: Oh.
Ayana: Yes.
Ayana: By the way, Kunimitsu……

Page four
Panel one:
Ayana: You seem to be having fun lately.
Ayana: You’ve been smiling a lot.

Panel two: no text

Panel three:
Tezuka: Really?
Kuniharu/Kunikazu: Really?
Ayana: Yes.

Panel four:
Fuji: Good morning.

Page five
Panel one:
Fuji: I overslept a little.

Panel two:
Yoshiko: Do you want waffles? Or do you want campagne?
Fuji: I think I’ll have campagne.

Fuji Yoshiko (49)
Fuji’s mother

Panel three:
Fuji: I have to eat before nee-san occupies the bathroom.
Fuji: She’s just disguising herself, but it takes an hour.
Yumiko: Geez, it’s putting on makeup!

Fuji Yumiko (24)
Fuji’s older sister

Panel four:
Yoshiko: Oh, it’s about time for Dad to come home.
Yoshiko: Let’s call out and welcome him home.
Fuji: ………

Page six:
Panel one:
Fuji: I wonder if I should give Yuuta a morning call too, since he’s bad with mornings.
Small text: He’s definitely still sleeping.
Yumiko: Shouldn’t you stop? He gets mad because you do those kinds of things.

Panel two, three: no text

Panel four:
Kaidou: Please pass the shichimi.

Page seven:
Panel one:
Box: Shichimi
Shibuki: Don’t use too much. It’s bad for you.

Kaidou Shibuki (37)
Kaidou’s father

Panel two:
Hazue: It’s hot.
Hazue: Be careful not to burn yourself when you drink it.

Kaidou Hazue (11)
Kaidou’s little brother

Panel three:
Hozumi: ………

Kaidou Hozumi (40)
Kaidou’s mother

Panel four:
Hozumi: No matter how you look at them, my family is picture-perfect.
Homemade yogurt
Homemade udon
Homemade vegetable sticks
Mother vision

Three People’s Views on a Certain Morning (End)

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