Sunday, May 19, 2013

Doki Doki Survival: Fuji route

Only his confession is translated.

Character name Yukimura Seiko like a winner.

You: (Calm down, calm down...)
Fuji: Hey, you wanted to talk to me?
You: Ah... Fuji-san, um...
Fuji: What is it? You seem nervious.
You: U, ummm, that's...
Fuji: Ah, I see...
You: Eh?
Fuji: For this sort of thing, it's better if I say it.
You:, what do you...
Fuji: I like you. So I want you to go out with me.
You: Eh?
Fuji: How about it? Is it okay?
You: Of... of course! I... I'm happy...
Fuji: I'm glad... I was wondering what I would do if you refused. My heart was racing.
You: Eh? You were, Fuji-san?
Fuji: Of course. Even if I have the courage to confess to the girl I like, I'm also nervous.
You: But... Fuji-san is always composed, and I've never seen you like that...
Fuji: I'm not lying. Even now, see...
Fuji: heart rate is so fast.
Fuji: you get it?
You: Ah... no, that's... t-the sound of my heart is too loud....
Fuji: ...thank you.
You: Eh?
Fuji: Your heart... is also racing.
You: O-of course.
Fuji: I'm glad... it's not just a one-sided thing...
You: U-um...
Fuji: Thank you, Seiko-chan. Will you stay by my side from now on?
You: Yes, of course.
Fuji: I like you, Seiko-chan.
You: I... like you too.


  1. Awww~ Even Fuji get's nervous when he's confessing even though he's such a sadist to girls he likes lol ^_^

    Also is it possible to do Sanada's endings or some of his scenes? He's so darn precious. I'm, like, in love with Sanada >w<
    (Sorry Fuji even though this is your page).

    1. I've already finished Sanada's route, but there is a source for all the DokiSaba endings and epilogues I could try to dig up again. I also had some snippets translated, but since they weren't full scenes, I didn't put them here. I can try to see if I can dig them up again. /o/

    2. If you happen to dig them up I will make you my new god. Lol jks but I'd love to see Sanada's route; he's so amazing x3
      Pleaseeeeeeeee upload them if you find them <3