anything you need to know about contact, usage, etc., or where you should ask if it's not covered.

Q. Who are you?
A. azurillturtle, most commonly called azurill, azu, DG, or Rise, whatever works for you. if you've seen someone with that username, it's probably me. you can reach me at azayakana[dot]yume[at]gmail[dot]com. I also do read comments and I'll answer if you have a question or anything.

Q. Why a new blog?
A. first off, I'm the same DG as on gaia. moving everything here for better organization and because gaia is not the best platform for these things. also, as I translated the next part of persona x detective, I realized it probably warrants a rating higher than I'm supposed to use there.

Q. Why are you doing this?
A. because I'm bored, have stuff in Japanese that I would never read properly otherwise, and figure I might as well share. translation is a hobby/distraction from work, so please don't be too pushy about updates.

Q. What's your policy on scanlations/video use/etc.?
A. go ahead. you don't need to ask permission, but I do require that you give credit. I am likely to get snappy about uncredited work, due to plagiarism issues in the past. azurillturtle is fine to credit to.

Q. What's your policy on republishing?
A. if it's longer than a few lines' quotation, please don't. may vary depending on usage, so contact if unclear (ie, this is a solid no on novels, not so much on song translations). a link back would be appreciated.

Q. What's your policy on editing?
A. if it's more than fixing a couple typos or other minor errors, please ask me. this especially applies to things like rephrasing or rewriting. this is in part because I'm a huge grammar nut and in part because I really don't like people making huge changes without asking.

Q. What's your policy on using these to translate into other languages?
A. go ahead. you don't really need permission, though I'd prefer a heads-up if you do re-translate. do link back to the English translation, though.

Q. You made a mistake/missed something.
A. please point it out to me and I'll go over it again! I'm not fluent and any help will be appreciated. ;; also I've now gotten super lazy, so any novel translations posted after 9/15/2013 have been proofread but not checked against the original Japanese unless otherwise noted. most game translations aren't proofread or checked either. it takes a while and it's my least favorite part of the whole translation business, so if anyone's willing to take a look and tell me if I missed anything, go right ahead!

Q. Can you translate ____?
A. depends on fandom, my interest, if it's already being worked on, and if I have access to raws. if it's available on the Internet and relatively short and interesting, I might give it a shot. if it's, say, a video game that I don't already own, probably not. ask if you'd like to see something, though if it's longer than a song or a short story with available text, I'll probably say no.

Q. When will you update ____?
A. your guess is as good as mine. I'll update whenever it's translated and edited.

Q. Why are you doing an FAQ when no one has even asked questions yet?
A. preemptive measure.


  1. I haven't seen any of the pushy "DO THIS! UPDATE NOW! OMG WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS PROJECT? IT SUCKS" people on here yet :)
    Everyone seems pretty nice and patient(lol but I suspect that all your readers are girls though)

    Most people find translating a chore. It's great that you think it's a hobby ^_^

  2. Is your translating hobby fairly recent or have you been doing it for a relatively long time now?
    I'm fairly curious.
    Also will this blog be around for long? (I sure hope so)

    1. Umm... a few years? I think I started a bit over four years ago. I distinctly remember sitting in core physics classes working on PoT songs, which would put that at about the second term of Japanese I took... That miiight be why some older stuff is of questionable quality, though I think I edited most of it recently before putting it up here.

      It will be! My New Year's resolution was actually to do more translation work, which I have been. ...when not totally distracted by video games and real work. 8D;

    2. Wow, over 4 years ago. (Also holy shit tertiary level physics is extremely hard where I live. You must be very smart). I just assumed you were in university.

      Lol seems like you haven't broken it yet :D
      Yay. I like this blog so I'd be a real shame if you were to suddenly abandon it haha ^_^

    3. It was a required class. ^_^; (Also, me and physics do not get along, as could be seen from how I spent my time during lecture...) I'm not actually that far out of university.

      Fire Emblem Awakening is killing my resolve pretty hard right now. 8D Maybe I should set the not-so-unreasonable goal of finishing the next chapter of Persona x Detective by the end of the month, though I'd have to give up on error-checking in that case... but I haven't been looking forward to going through this ninety-page chapter again anyway.

      Don't think I will~ I'm not taking formal Japanese classes anymore, so it's both a way to study and a way to entertain myself. I guess my fandoms of interest are sort of all over the place, though. Haha.

    4. I try to attend my lectures but I never pay full attention in them (what's the point then? lol)

      Omg I've played that. It's fun but I always over grind and my character ends up being a God...then that just kinda spoils the fun =.="
      Ahahah that sounds like a real pain.

      I wanted to take a Japanese unit but I figured I'd never make it so went with all the boring science stuff :T
      Yeah! Keep this blog going until the very end :D

  3. Replies
    1. I mentioned I was doing NaNo through November, so I wouldn't be doing much translating. Now I'm trying to focus on Persona x Detective, but the chapter is... long again.

  4. Thank you so much for doing these translations!! I've been trying to find translations for the fire emblem drama cds (esp bc I'm a beginner in Japanese orz)

  5. Hello, DG, my name is Aiko and I'm a spanish translator. I want to ask you permission for translate to my language the LN of Naoto from Persona 4. I saw your FAQ and I understand that I don't have to ask you but I'm the tipe of person that don't like use a translation without talking properly with the translator. Thank you so much for all your hard work and I sorry for bother you. I'll be waiting for your answer~

    1. Yeah, go ahead~ o/ Just make sure to link back. I've been meaning to go back and fix the earlier chapters for errors and phrasing but so lazy and so much effort x_x

  6. Hi, I know you said you weren't interested in DokiSaba at the moment but the girls at http://dokipuri-guide.blogspot.com.au/ would appreciate a little help as they are want to get a patch up and running. They wanted to get translations out of the way before finding a programmer first.
    Just a suggestion if you ever needed help or wanted to help in regards to DokiSaba then they're the ones to go to :)

    Thanks for all the Gakupuri ones before the actual patch was released; they helped it out a lot.

    1. Hmm, well, the other two projects I was thinking of picking up both got licensed, so I do have a bit of room to do DokiSaba. on the other hand, it's not something I super want to get into right now. ^^;; I've got enough games to finish as it is.

      there are partial scripts for dokisaba available, though, or at least the endings. I used this site for a few of the scripts; that page in particular links to the harem endings, and if you poke around a bit, the endings from the original game are also transcribed. hope that helps a bit!

    2. Maybe watching one of the tenipuri funny filler episodes will trigger your interest again haha always works for me. Jokes aside it'd be great to get other people working on DokiSaba but it is your decision in the end :)

      Thanks a lot of the information though! I'll be sure to tell them about the website; it seems quite useful.

  7. Have you stopped translating all together? I'm just wondering because you've been gone for long (and I'm always checking your blog like a stalker everyday lol)

    1. I'm so lazy about replying I'm sorry ;; (I didn't realize this was posted so long ago! ugu)

      no, I haven't! I've been a bit busy but mostly lazy, and the chapter I'm working on is pretty long. I might just split it into three different sections and post the first one in the next few days, since I'm pretty behind schedule anyway. :D;

  8. thank you for translation hariyama san novel , i wont to know from where you get the raw ?

    1. The site I got the raws from is now down and can't be accessed, sorry!

  9. Hi Azurill,

    I am just wondering, if I may ask to have permission to use some of your translation works for some random project I want to make. The idea is basically to make a visual version of some parts of the Drama CD. For example, I have here a small mock up here of the 1st track of vol1.


    I will not be making a full transcribe of all the chapters or tracks. I just want to make a visual interpretation of my favourite chapters just for fun or for a random fan personal project. I would really appreciate it if you can allow me to use your translation as I will give full credit to you. I will not be making any profits or sales doing this and will not upload the entire drama cd audio or all of the volumes at all.

    Currently I'm considering doing FE Awakening, Drama CD 1: Track 3 and 4 if possible.

    If there is something you're concerned about let me know. I can provide you a sample vid

    1. this is nearly a year late but I just realized I never answered, orz. if you're still interested, go ahead! have fun with it. :'D

  10. This comment has been removed by the author.

  11. Hi! Do you have any plans to translate more Megaten or just Persona related novels? Most of them, like the Soul Hackers one, Raidou Kuzunoha or Innocent Sin are just one volume long, I think P2's novels even have furigana.

    1. so the problem is that I tend to start games and don't finish half of them, which is the case for Soul Hackers and P2, ahaha. I think the only games I've played to completion are P3/4/5 and the first Devil Survivor. :'D in any case, even just one novel tends to be a pretty big undertaking. if there's a good later Persona one I might be interested, but I haven't really looked into it. :o