Thursday, October 31, 2013

Hatoful Boyfriend web novel preview

ughhh hato fandom why haven't you translated this yet :( I know I'm not the only person who pretends to know Japanese. whatever, I gave in.  I'd really prefer not to translate the web series; I'm pretty busy and have other commitments, and I'm pretty sure a ton of references and puns would just go over my head.  is anyone working on that?  any word?

anyway, here you go, a last offering before nano. the trailer can be found here.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Hariyama-san, Center of the World, volume 1: Axe Man Comedy

And suddenly all is explained. Two main things to note with this chapter: the perspective switches are Narita's, and due to the way Japanese is structured, there's one scene where it's unclear where it goes from first- to third-person. The other is that I really don't know how to translate yakuza slang and speech styles. Oh well. ._.;

I'll be doing NaNoWriMo again this year, so I'll be banning myself from translating in November. I considered being extremely productive and trying to get a chapter of Persona x Detective out before the end of October, but it turns out I no longer have the time (between work and class) or dedication (between Pokemon and also Pokemon) to manage that. Expect December updates for that, GakuPuri, and probably Hariyama-san again.

Hariyama-san, Center of the World 1
Urban Legend (Genre "urban legend")
B Side: "Axe Man Comedy"

Monday, October 7, 2013

Motto Gakuensai no Oujisama: Jirou walkthrough

Walkthrough/scene ordering for Jirou's GakuPuri route. Note that this only covers the scenes that occur at set times; things like morning greetings and conversations walking home, since they vary by playthrough, are in his scenes index but are not linked to here.

8/19, Friday
8/20, Saturday

8/22, Monday
8/23, Tuesday
8/24, Wednesday
8/25, Thursday
8/26, Friday
8/27, Saturday

8/28, Sunday
8/29, Monday
8/30, Tuesday
8/31, Wednesday
9/1, Thursday
9/2, Friday
9/3, Saturday

9/4, Sunday

Motto Gakuensai no Oujisama: Jirou scenes

Translation of Jirou's conversation topics and special scenes in Motto Gakuensai no Oujisama. Character name is Taniguchi Miyu. Of note: if the character’s name is in parentheses, it means it’s said in the text on-screen but not voiced.

oh right, and since I noticed some really sad HTML errors and typos while going through previous routes -- if there are mistakes anywhere, of any kind, please let me know so I can fix them! this always holds. HTML errors especially tend to propagate. ;;

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Motto Gakuensai no Oujisama: Hyoutei scenes

Translation of all the Hyoutei-specific scenes in Motto Gakuensai no Oujisama. Note that the way you refer to each character may differ depending on your affection levels with them. Character name for this playthrough was Taniguchi Miyu.

I'll try to actually be productive with my life and have Jirou's route done by tomorrow ww. You might notice Oshitari's being updated here and there, as I translated a few of the parts I initially skipped for him.

8/20, Saturday

8/22, Monday, Morning
8/22, Monday, Noon
8/22, Monday, Evening
8/23, Tuesday, Noon
8/24, Wednesday, Noon
8/25, Thursday, Noon
8/26, Friday, Noon
8/27, Saturday, Noon

8/29, Monday, Noon
9/1, Thursday, Morning
9/1, Thursday, Evening
9/3, Saturday, Morning
9/4, Sunday, Noon