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Index of translations of Prince of Tennis games.

Motto Gakuensai no Oujisama


Scenes common to Hyoutei routes
Akutagawa Jirou: walkthrough and scenes
Hiyoshi Wakashi: walkthrough and scenes
Oshitari Yuushi: walkthrough and scenes
Shishido Ryou: walkthrough and scenes

Scenes common to Rikkai routes
Marui Bunta: walkthrough and scenes
Sanada Gen'ichirou: walkthrough and scenes
Yanagi Renji: walkthrough and scenes
Yukimura Seiichi: walkthrough and scenes

Shiraishi Kuranosuke: walkthrough and scenes

Scenes common to Yamabuki routes

Gyutto! Doki Doki Survival

Fuji route (partial)
Marui route (partial)
Sanada route (partial)
Yukimura route (partial)


  1. I have just discovered this blog and you have no idea how happy I am to see these PoT translations. There's like no one who does them anymore and I've just gotten into PoY (late bloomer I know).
    It would be great if you could do Eiji as well (no one ever does him, he doesn't get enough love).

    1. PoT feels like an old fandom that will never die. I got into it about four years ago and even then I was late to the party. |D;

      Eiji is one of my favorites too, so he was the first or second character I did in GakuPuri, before I started translating anything. That means I probably won't get back to him until I've played a lot more characters/am a lot closer to beating the game; same for Kirihara and Chitose too actually. OTL Sorry! If there's anyone other than those three you'd like to see, let me know. :)

    2. I know right, he's so cute. Ahaha that's fine, I can wait a lifetime for Eiji >.<
      Wow, it's so nice of you to take requests. Hmmm then maybe Mizuki or Yanagi? (Lol Seigaku is too mainstream)

    3. Mm, Yanagi then. I want to do Jirou next since I have holes in my Hyoutei translations, but it'll be easier to do another Rikkai character so I don't have to translate as much. (Not because I have a Rikkai bias. Definitely not.) Most things are being put on hold for July Camp NaNo, though, so maybe around August~

    4. Yay. Rikkai bias~
      Haha then I'll be waiting with eager ^_^

  2. hello, just wondering but are you planning on doing anymore Doki Doki Survival translations or only Gakuensai?

    i'd love to see some more of the survival one. if you are willing and don't mind that is :)

    1. I play DokiSaba more casually than GakuPuri, in that I translate everything I see in GakuPuri. DokiSaba I play for fun and without the intention of translating, so it takes me a lot less time to go through. It's structured a bit differently too, in that I've played through entire routes before and still missed seeing one or two conversations. I think in most cases the one you see is randomly chosen out of a pool of them. I'd also have to translate the really long intro scenes, which is what initially put me off from starting.

      Basically, it's kind of hard to do a full character translation of DokiSaba, including all optional and missable conversations. I might do pieces of it here and there, for interesting scenes and character confessions/endings, but I probably won't do full route translations. Maybe if I ever finish GakuPuri, but at the rate I'm going, that might take another ten years. ^^;

    2. Oh ok well that's fair enough. It is a fairly lengthy and tedious game after all.
      Then maybe just a summary of the routes? :D
      I'm actually a lot more interested in DokiSaba than Gakuensai (I don't know how many people here agree with me haha)

    3. If I summarize, I feel I might as well translate, and just summaries feel lacking anyway. ^_^; DokiSaba is actually tons more fun than GakuPuri, but that's because I have an enjoyment for the ridiculous. (We're on a raft at sea and sharks are circling around us!!!) I'll probably just do what I have been and translate any scenes that particularly catch my interest; I actually have a few more snippets that aren't posted here but weren't included for organization. OTL

    4. Oh ok, darn lol I just wanted to know briefly what happens in a few routes that's all.
      Haha well anything is better than nothing, thanks.

    5. Oooooh! I wanna see what happens in DokiSaba too <3
      I wanna see the endings~ The endings~
      LOL! I'm being a selfish brat aren't I? >.<"

  3. Thank you so much for doing these translations ^^ They were a great help since I just started playing GakuPuri and had no clue what was going on in Sanada's route T_T

  4. *sitting and waiting for Kaidoh's and Hiyoshi's*
    (Almost) no one like's these two so i'll probs be waiting forever lol

    thanks for the other translations though. it really helps a lot.

    1. I can do Hiyoshi's after Yanagi's, I think. |D; I have the Seigaku scenes done and I'll have the Hyoutei scenes finished after I do Jirou, so they'd be significantly less effort than starting a completely different school. We'll see if the Kaidou request wins out over my Rikkai bias. :P

      With the exception of the monthly HB manga chapter, I've basically banned myself from translating this month, though, so it will take a while.

    2. Gee, thanks man *shakes hand*
      None of my favourite characters ever get translations lol
      It's perfectly fine if it takes a while. At least I know that it's coming ahaha.

  5. Just wanted to say that these translations are great. I'm so glad there are still TeniPuri fans out there who are alive and active. Prince of Tennis forever! <3

    This was a nice breath of fresh air (since everything else I've found was pretty much broken English)

  6. How long does it actually take to play through and translate each route? Cause there's a girl on youtube named jjjewel2010 who did a few translations of the Seigaku guys really quickly.
    She's taking a break now but I don't think she's doing any other schools

    1. I'm... not really sure. It's been a while since I worked on GakuPuri and I usually do it in several sittings. I want to say mmmaybe 5-8 hours? It depends how thorough you're being, too; I translate every dialogue branch and conversation topic, which takes a lot longer than just the cutscenes.

    2. Hehee then I can count on Yanagi coming out soon >w<
      Can't wait~
      (But you have like a billion other projects, work etc so I'll try my best to be patient)

  7. Omg. How has no one requested Atobe? Wut. I mean it's the freaking 'ore-sama, holier-than-thou, king of everything, buhjillionaire with maids' character! Everyone loves that! D:
    Well I'll sort this comment section straight. PLEASE PUT ATOBE IN YOUR QUEUE

    1. Well, I think he technically already has been translated... |D; But I'll do it again? There is added content in the DS version and, well, personally I find the existing translation that I know of a bit hard to read. /roll

    2. Well that's true but you're right, I have a really hard time understanding the translations I've found. You can put the pieces together but it's just not the same.
      (You do much better ones anyway)

  8. Thank you very much for doing this, this is the best translation of the game i've seen ^_^

    Could i request Yagyu - The Gentleman ? Or maybe Niou..
    Anyway, thank you very much for this =)

    1. Or both? I can do both. 8D (not because Rikkai is my favorite and I can't let Hyoutei have the most translations, of course not). It'll be a little while, though! And you're welcome. :3

  9. That'd be awesome (i'm bias to Rikkai too =3)
    I don't mind waiting, i'm learning japanese to play games like these but it's a difficult language x)

    Thank you for doing it!

  10. Hey!! Your translations are extremely appreciative, like seriously!!!!! I was wondering if I could get permission to use your translations for a fanfic I'm writing based on the Gakuensai games. I'll credit you of course :) Thanks in advanced!