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Motto Gakuensai no Oujisama: Yukimura translations

Combined walkthrough and scene translations for Yukimura's route. His works a bit differently from all the others because he's the hidden character, so there's a lot fewer scenes. To unlock in the DS version, beat any other Rikkai character's route and start with Rikkai again.

Character name is Mizuno Rise; I know this conflicts with the general Rikkai scenes but I like having different names in my playthroughs, boo. Character name in parentheses means the name is said onscreen but not voiced.

8/19, Friday


8/20, Saturday

Choose first option (U-um... Yukimura-buchou?) to unlock Yukimura route. You receive the conversation topic "About Yukimura's illness".

8/22, Monday

Rikkai scene.
This is the earliest opportunity to speak to Sanada (located in the main building) and use the conversation topic "About Yukimura's illness".

Rikkai scene.

Rikkai scene.

You: (Fuu... for some reason, I was pretty tense today. Tomorrow I'll try being a little more relaxed.)

8/23, Tuesday

You: (This afternoon, there's a meeting about the attractions.)

Rikkai scene.
A Yukimura scene follows. You receive the conversation topic "About Yukimura-buchou".


You: (I think I was able to do kind of well today.)

8/24, Wednesday

You: (This afternoon, we'll be making the sweets place...)
This is the earliest opportunity to speak to Kirihara (located at the stage) and use the conversation topic "About Yukimura-buchou". You have until 8/26 to do this.

Rikkai scene.

No scene

You: (The sweets place is doing well...)

8/25, Thursday

You: (This afternoon, we're making the Smash DE Bingo booth...)

Rikkai scene.

No scene

Phone call from Yukimura.

8/26, Friday

You: (This afternoon, we'll decide on the menu of the sweets place.)

Rikkai scene.
A Yukimura scene follows.

You: (Today was tough... I'll work hard tomorrow too.)

8/27, Saturday

You: (This afternoon, there's the meeting about the prizes for the bingo game...)

Rikkai scene.

No scene

Phone call from Yukimura.

8/28, Sunday

You: We have today off... I'll spend the day relaxing.

8/29, Monday

You: (First thing in the morning today, we have the meeting about the bingo prizes. I wonder what everyone will bring?)
Rikkai scene.
A Yukimura scene follows.

Rikkai scene.

No scene

You: (Yeah, everyone is doing well. I'm glad...)

8/30, Tuesday

You: (This afternoon, we'll be practicing cooking for the sweets place... with the way things are, it seems like it will go without any trouble.)

Rikkai scene.

No scene

Date invitation.

8/31, Wednesday


You: (That was fun... but... I wonder... how he feels...)

9/1, Thursday




You: (Today was tough... I'm tired, I should go to sleep soon...)

9/2, Friday

You: (The good work party at the pool...? What in the world are they going to do?)

You: The good work party is in the afternoon, so I'll go see how everyone is doing.



You: (Tomorrow is the school festival at last...)

9/3, Saturday

A Yukimura scene follows.



You: (The first day of the school festival ended without incident... It'll be good if as many customers come tomorrow too...)

9/4, Sunday







Scene translations

8/23, Tuesday, Noon
You: Then are we done? I'll report to the steering committee.
[Yukimura with sparkles!]

Rikkai Dai Fuzoku Chuu tennis club, third-year, captain
Yukimura Seiichi

Yukimura: Hey, everyone. It seems like you're working hard.
You: !
Sanada: Seiichi!
Yanagi: Heh... you're as sudden as always.
Akaya: Buchou! Uwah, it's the real thing!
Yukimura: Fufu... everyone, it's been a while.
Niou: Yeah.'s been a while since we've seen you in the school uniform.
Yagyuu: Yes, it has. You really surprised us.
Marui: That's right. You knew we were here, huh?
Jackal: We'd have gone to meet you if you told us.
Yukimura: Well, everyone seemed busy. Besides, I wanted to surprise you. Who's this girl?
You: Ah, um... I'm the committee representative for the school festival.
Renji: This girl is helping out our tennis club.
You: I'm a second year, Mizuno Rise. It's nice to meet you.
Yukimura: Is that so? I'm Yukimura Seiichi. It's nice to meet you too, (Mizuno-san).
Sanada: Seiichi, how is your health?
Yukimura: Yes, I would like to quickly become accustomed to my normal life from before.
Yukimura: My physical strength is returning, for the most part, but when I go out for a while, I get kind of tired. It's kind of pitiful, isn't it?
Renji: Isn't it because you're with a group of people you haven't seen for a while? Especially because there are seven students gathered here.
Renji: You may be unconsciously becoming tense, right?
Yukimura: That's true. ...that's right, what are you doing for the festival? Have you already decided?
Niou: Yeah, we've decided. The detailed report...
You: U-um... if you read this, you'll understand. It's the report I put together for the committee members' meeting.
Jackal: Heeh. You're prepared, (Mizuno).
Yukimura: Thanks. ...heeh, both things seem interesting.
Marui: Are you going to do something too, Yukimura? Hey, even if you don't go all out, maybe like doing some of the easier work?
Yagyuu: That's true. So that you become accustomed to being around people, how about you help out with some of the lighter work?
Yukimura: That's true... (Mizuno-san.)
You: Y-yes!
Yukimura: If I only help out for a short time, do you think the committee won't care?
You: I think it'll be fine. Yukimura-senpai is the tennis club's captain... for your sake, I'll talk with the chairman of the steering committee.
Yukimura: Who's the chairman?
You: Hyoutei tennis club's captain, Atobe-san.
Yukimura: Him, huh... it seems like he'll be flexible. Okay, please talk to him for me.
You: Yes, I will.
Yukimura: So that's how it is, everyone. It's still not decided, but I might be helping out too. I'm counting on you.
Renji: Buchou saying "I'm counting on you" is a bit strange, huh.
Akaya: Buchou's first challenge when he returns is the school festival, isn't that funny?
Sanada: To be sure.
Jackal: Well, don't push yourself. It makes me think of the atmosphere back at school.
Yukimura: Yeah, that's true.
You: (Somehow, everyone seems happy. They were all waiting for Yukimura-senpai, weren't they...)
Yukimura: That's right, (Mizuno-san). You're involved in the preparations for the booths, don't you?
You: Yes.
Yukimura: Then, you'll hear and know about how things are progressing. I wonder if you can give me your phone number?
Yukimura: There are things I want to hear from you.
You: Ah, yes.
Akaya: Saying "things you want to hear," what are you asking her about?
Yukimura: Well, won't Akaya be ditching, won't Niou be taking a nap, that sort of thing.
Yukimura: There are also things that Gen'ichirou and Renji won't be aware of, aren't there?
Sanada: Mm, that's true.
Renji: Good judgment, Seiichi. Mizuno, if you can, convey that information to him.
You: Yes, I understand.
Niou: Geh...
Akaya: Ooh... are you serious...
Marui: We're getting distracted, huh...
Jackal: W-we have to be serious...
You: Um... what's wrong?
Yagyuu: At Buchou's appearance, everyone became tense, that's all.
Renji: Performance efficiency drastically increased. We're counting on you, too.
You: Yes!
Yukimura: I'm counting on you, (Mizuno-san). Fufu...
[Conversation topic: About Yukimura-buchou GET!!]

8/23, Tuesday, Evening
You: That's right. I should talk to Committee Chairman Atobe about Yukimura-san's request.
You: Excuse me. Chairman, is now a good time?
Atobe: N? What, it's Rikkai's committee representative.
You: Um, I have something to discuss with you concerning the number of participating people from Rikkai's tennis club.
You: There's someone who's part of the club who can't participate, but the number of people increased by one, so I came to consult with you about it.
Atobe: Someone in the club who can't participate? Who is it?
You: The captain, Yukimura Seiichi-senpai.
Atobe: ...hou. Him, huh. He's coming here?
You: Yes, he was saying he'll come by sometimes to let everyone see him.
Atobe: Really... it's finally his comeback? Hehe, it seems like things will become interesting.
You: Eh?
Atobe: All right, I approve his participation.
You: Ah, yes. Thank you very much.
Atobe: Tell Yukimura... well, whatever. I'll see him sooner or later anyway.
You: ? Well then, excuse me.
Atobe: Yeah.

8/25, Thursday, Night
You: Ah, my cell is ringing... I wonder who it is?
You: Yes, this is Mizuno.
Yukimura: Good evening. It's Yukimura.
You: Eh, Yukimura-senpai! G-good evening!
Yukimura: Fufu. Don't be so nervous. Is now a good time?
You: Yes, what is it?
Yukimura: Because I didn't go see how everything was today. I thought I'd like to hear how everyone is.
You: Ah, yes! Well, then I'll give you a detailed report on how everyone was today, okay?
Yukimura: Ah, I'm counting on you.

You: That's all for the work. The bingo game's booth thing is about 80% complete.
You: The bingo frame and space are almost done.
Yukimura: ...okay, I understand. Thanks for explaining it in an easy-to-understand way.
You: No, it's nothing...
Yukimura: You take note of each day's events properly, don't you? Because you need to report it to the steering committee?
You: No, because I think it's necessary to understand what everyone's working on, and it's something I should do myself.
Yukimura: Is that so? looks like you've become a good committee representative for them, huh?
You: Eh, u-um...
Yukimura: Fufu... other than that, there wasn't anything different from usual about everyone?
You: No one was hurt... ah, Kirihara-kun...
Yukimura: Akaya?
You: Ah, um, I don't think he was hurt, but... I asked Kirahara-kun about you.
You: "He's coming back and I'm happy. I want him to be one of our team," he said, and looked like he was having fun.
Yukimura: Is that so... fufu, Akaya is as cute as ever, isn't he?
You: C-cute?
Yukimura: Aa, he's like a little brother at the height of mischievousness.
Yukimura: Ever since he joined the club, his competitive spirit has been strong. He's mischievous and overconfident.
You: ...a-are you praising him, I wonder.
Yukimura: He is also burdened with being the next Rikkai captain. That's right, I wonder if I should have my comeback practice match with Akaya.
You: Kirihara-kun will be delighted, I think.
Yukimura: That's true. ...ah, this turned into a long conversation.
You: Ah, no, I enjoyed it. Yukimura-senpai, you must be getting tired.
Yukimura: Fufu, not really. Thanks for worrying about me. I want to hear more from you later.
You: Yes, gladly.
Yukimura: Thanks. Well then, good night.
You: Good night.
You: I'm a bit tired, but... Yukimura-senpai's voice was kind, wasn't it...

8/26, Friday, Noon
Yukimura: Huh, you're having a conference here?
You: Ah... Yukimura-senpai.
Marui: Yukimura!
Yagyuu: Yukimura-kun, you came?
Renji: Hm. You're coming back from seeing Sanada and the others?
Yukimura: Something like that. I came to help out a bit.
Renji: Is that so? We're only discussing some things. Well, sit down, Seiichi.
Yukimura: Thanks. Then, what are you talking about?
You: Yes. This is the tentative menu, and these are the preparations that still need to be taken care of.
Yukimura: Heeh... this looks like it only has things that would make Marui happy.
Marui: That's because I'm the one who suggested it.
Yagyuu: The things Marui-kun wants to eat are on the menu.
Marui: What's that? Weren't you happy when we put tokoroten on?
Yagyuu: Of course.
Yukimura: Fufu... But can you make these things?
Renji: We plan to learn how to make them from this girl, and prepare by practicing.
You: I looked for recipes that are easy to make, so I think it will be fine.
Yukimura: Is that so? (Mizuno-san), these guys rarely cook, so please teach them with a lot of patience.
Marui: Wah, what a mean thing to say~
Yagyuu: But that's because it's the truth, isn't it? Let's do our best.
Renji: That's true. We're counting on you, Mizuno.
You: Yes.

8/27, Saturday, Night
You: Ah, my phone... is it...
You: Yes, it's Mizuno.
Yukimura: Good evening. It's Yukimura.
You: Good evening, Yukimura-senpai. You didn't come today, huh.
Yukimura: Right. So I thought I'd hear about how everyone is doing. Is now a good time?
You: Yes! So, you would like to know about the progress that's being made on the booths, right? Well...

You:, the sweets place will be put together next week, along with doing the cooking practice, and the menu and everything else was finished this week.
You: Similarly, for the bingo game, we started discussion concerning the prizes.
Yukimura: Yeah, it seems like everything's going well, huh? Thanks, just like last time you explained everything in a way that's easy to understand.
You: Thank you.
Yukimura: I've also been hearing from Gen'ichirou and Renji. It seems like you're doing your best to help us. They were saying that you're being very helpful.
You: That's... I'm not really doing that much.
Yukimura: You don't have to be so modest. There's no need to think so little of yourself. But don't think too much of yourself, okay?
You: Fufu... okay, in that case I'm sure that I'm being a little useful.
Yukimura: That's still not enough. ...but in any case, that's the first time I've heard you laugh.
You: Eh?
Yukimura: When you're talking to me, you always seem a little nervous, so I wonder if you kind of got used to it?
You: U-um... I'm sorry, I've definitely been a little nervous.
You: I've been hearing from everyone that you're an amazing person...
Yukimura: Fufu... I'm not really that amazing. Because I'm just a middle-schooler.
You: T-that's true.
Yukimura: It's better if you aren't nervous. I just wanted to tell you that you don't need to be so tense.
Yukimura: Because that would make me happy too.
You: ...yes, from now on I'll be try not to be.
Yukimura: Yes, I'm counting on it. ...Well then, good night.
You: Good night.
You: (I wonder if I really was nervous...)

8/29, Monday, Morning
Yukimura: Hey, have you decided on the prizes?
You: Ah, Yukimura-senpai!
Sanada: Seiichi, you came?
Akaya: You always have perfect timing, huh?
Jackal: Deciding on the gifts, why do you know about that?
Yukimura: I've been hearing from our excellent committee representative. And this morning, I received a mail from Niou.
Sanada: Niou?
Niou: Yup, I wanted Buchou's permission on the prizes.
Sanada: I didn't hear about this.
Niou: Then, won't Buchou give his permission? So, Yukimura. Are you giving it?
Yukimura: Yes, it's fine. It seems interesting.
Niou: Yes!
Yukimura: Have you had luck in getting everything that you wanted?
Niou: Even if I didn't, I would suggest it.
Yukimura: As expected, Niou. I have high hopes for this.
Niou: Leave it to me.
You: Um, Niou-senpai. Did you bring other prizes?
You: You put on the list that you have something you hope to bring, so would you please tell us what it is?
Niou: Ah, sorry, but I can't tell you. But it's not a weird thing, so don't worry. Right, Yukimura?
Yukimura: Right. I guarantee it, so it's fine.
You: Is that so? I understand.
Kirihara: Niou-senpai, can't you tell us what it is?
Niou: Ah, it's a secret.
Jackal: That's worrying.
Sanada: Well, if Seiichi gave his permission, then it shouldn't matter.
Yukimura: In any case... it looks like we gathered a variety of things.
Yukimura: If there are a lot of extra things in my house too, should I bring them?, these cookies are...?
You: Ah, those are mine. I've been making a few as experiments... that's right, would you like to try them?
You: In a short time, I chose things that we would be able to make, but there were a variety of cookies that I haven't made before, so I don't have much confidence in them...
Yukimura: Is that so? Then maybe I'll try one.
You: is it?
Yukimura: Yes, it's delicious. It isn't too sweet. (Mizuno-san,) is your strong point making sweets?
You: I wouldn't really call it a strong point. Sometimes I make them for a change of pace.
Yukimura: Is that so? But at any rate, you were able to make this delicious.
You: Thank you very much. Then, I can make lots of only that kind of cookie, right?
You: Is it fine if we use it as a prize for the children?
Sanada: Ah, we're counting on you.
Niou: We're pretty much decided on what the prizes are, huh?
Jackal: Yeah. I'm glad the work's almost over.
Akaya: We should spend our free time practicing.
Niou: Akaya, before that, have you finished your summer homework?
Akaya: Geh.
Sanada: Akaya... still haven't...
Akaya: Ah~~~ T-that's... that's right! (Mizuno,) have you finished your homework?
You: Ehh, um, yes. I finished it all.
Akaya: I'm begging you. Let me copy it..., help do it!
You: Um, what...?
Akaya: All the English...
You: Y-you can't even do one text? Kirihara-kun, you won't finish in time.
Kirihara: Like I said, help me out! Please?
Yukimura: ...Akaya. If it's one text and you're so desperate, if you do your best you can finish most of it in two days.
Akaya: Ehh! That's impossible!
Yukimura: No, you can do it. Don't you think so, Gen'ichirou?
Sanada: Yes, he can do it. But it will be necessary to have someone watch him.
Yukimura: That's true. Tomorrow will be Gen'ichirou, the day after Renji. I wonder if that's good.
Sanada: Hmph.
You: Um... Should I help too?
Yukimura: No, if you're there, Akaya will think it's all right to copy from you.
Akaya: Ooh...
Jackal: Do your best, Akaya.
Niou: It's what they call reaping what you sow... having to do your homework with Sanada and Yanagi keeping an eye on you is pretty painful.
You: But, do your best. Kirihara-kun.
Akaya: You're demons...

8/30, Tuesday, Night
You: Ah, my phone. it...
You: Yes, it's Mizuno.
Yukimura: Good evening. It's Yukimura.
You: Yukimura-senpai, good evening.
Yukimura: Is now a good time?
You: Yes. Concerning today's progress, right? Um...
Yukimura: Ah, that's not it. My reason for calling today doesn't have to do with the festival work.
You: Ah, is that so? Um, then what is it?
Yukimura: Do you have time tomorrow?
You: Yes, I do.
Yukimura: Well, won't you go on a date with me?
You: E-ehhh!?
Yukimura: Fufu... is it that surprising?
You: Eh, ah, t-that is... sorry, you surprised me.
Yukimura: I wonder if it was that unexpected. Me inviting you on a date.
You: Y-yes.
Yukimura: But I wonder if there is anyone who will be troubled if they see you walking with me.
You: N-no, there isn't anyone.
Yukimura: Then there's no problem, right?
You: U-um... why ask me?
Yukimura: Hmm... there are two reasons, I think.
Yukimura: The first one is that it will be the first time I go out to have fun since leaving the hospital. I want to take it at my own pace.
Yukimura: It's because I can't do that with my teammates from the club. Well, it would seem like I'm still in rehabilitation.
You: Ah, it's that sort of reason.
You: (I... I kind of had a strange hope. It's embarrassing.)
You: Ah, what's the second reason?
Yukimura: Hm, I want to keep that secret for now. I also don't have the confidence to say that part frankly.
You: ?
Yukimura: Don't worry about it. Then, is tomorrow afternoon fine?
You: Yes.
Yukimura: How about meeting at one o'clock in front of the station?
You: I understand.
Yukimura: I'm looking forward to it. Well then, good night.
You: Good night.
You: (...a date... that's not it, it's accompanying when he goes out, isn't it. Okay, I have to make sure I don't misunderstand.)

8/31, Wednesday, Date
You: (Ah... it's about the time we agreed on. I should hurry and leave so I won't be late.)

You: Hello, Yukimura-senpai.
Yukimura: Were you waiting long?
You: No, not at all.
Yukimura: ...heeh, how cute.
You: ? Umm, what is?
Yukimura: You are. Those clothes suit you.
You: Eh, ah... thank you...
Yukimura: Fufufu... well, I was thinking we could go to the botanical garden today. Is that all right?
You: Yes. Ah, Yukimura-senpai, how's your health?
Yukimura: It's fine. I also need to get used to being in a crowd of people.
Yukimura: The man who will take part in the national tournament soon won't be the same as the patient from before, so don't worry.
You: Y-yes!
Yukimura: Then, shall we go?
You: Yes.

You: It was beautiful, wasn't it?
Yukimura: It is. It's summer, so I was thinking there might not be very many flowers, but it doesn't seem like that was the case, huh?
You: Yes. The roses were in full bloom. It seems like the botanical garden here takes especially good care of the roses.
Yukimura: Really? To tell the truth, I thought it was only the roses.
You: Fufufu. The red roses are also pretty, but the white ones were especially so.
Yukimura: There were also black roses, but if I had to pick from those with dark colors, I would go with the purple ones.
You: That's true. ...but those over there also had a very elegant feel.
Yukimura: Roses are very showy and pretty, but if you look at them for too long, as expected, your eyes get tired.
You: Ah... um, why don't we take a break somewhere?
Yukimura: Ahh, all right.

Yukimura: Somehow, it's been a while since I did something like this.
You: Yes?
Yukimura: Taking it slowly like this.
Yukimura: I don't mean that I wasn't when I was in the hospital and when I was recuperating, but the feeling is different.
You: The feeling?
Yukimura: Yeah. The time when my sickness wouldn't leave and now seem completely different.
Yukimura: Being healthy became such a precious thing.
You: Senpai...
Yukimura: When they said it was an incurable disease, I was really scared.
Yukimura: I thought I would lose the ability to move my body, it was like my not-so-distant future became dark in front of me; it was terrifying.
Yukimura: But you know, at the same time, I strongly thought I didn't want to lose.
Yukimura: I don't want everything to end here, I want to play tennis again.
You: ............
Yukimura: That's all I really want, that's what I was thinking all that time...
You: So because of that you were able to win against the disease?
Yukimura: No, it's not that.
Yukimura: In this world, there are people with worse diseases than me, and there are also a lot of people who wish more strongly that their lives won't come to an end. (current lives/way of living, I guess -- I don't think he's talking about actual death here)
Yukimura: But only a few are able to win. Even if they wish strongly, that wish may still not be granted.
You: ...yes.
Yukimura: That I was able to win... it might be different from saying I was lucky, but it may not be completely off.
Yukimura: Various circumstances came together, and because of that I was able to win, is what I think.
You: ............
Yukimura: You know, I want to play at Nationals somehow, and that's all I'm thinking of right now.
Yukimura: Ah, but there's one more thing I was thinking about.
You: What is it?
Yukimura: I wonder if it's... that I want to be true to my heart. Before I became sick, I was a bit patient, and I'm also thinking that I'd like to wait a little longer and see what happens.
Yukimura: I've learned now that people don't know what will happen to them in the future, so I've decided that I want to live each day without regret.
You: Is that so? What do you want to do right now, Senpai?
Yukimura: Do you want to know?
You: Yes.
Yukimura: Fufu, well, you'll find out eventually.
You: "Each day without regret," that thing?
Yukimura: Not here. Because the atmosphere is important.
You: The atmosphere?
Yukimura: ..fufu, you'll understand that eventually too.
You: Haa.
Yukimura: ............
You: ............
You: (...what should I do? The conversation stopped.)

If you touch his face:
Yukimura: ? Is there something on my face?
You: Ah, no... I was just thinking that the reason you look so kind is because you're really a strong person.
Yukimura: That's a bit off.
You: Eh?
Yukimura: The reason I look so kind is definitely because I'm with you.
You: U-um...
Yukimura: Thanks for today.

If you touch elsewhere: You: Senpai, I'm really glad that you were able to recover from your illness.
Yukimura: Yes, thank you.
You: I think I also want to live each day without regrets, like you, Senpai.
You: Fufu, then let's both live honestly in accordance with our feelings.

You: Thank you very much for today.
Yukimura: To you as well. It was fun.
You: Senpai, you're not tired from being in a crowd?
Yukimura: Ah, I'm fine.
You: Oh, good...
Yukimura: You're kind, aren't you?
You: Eh. U-um...
Yukimura: Fufufu. Well then, the school festival is also soon. There's not much time left, but I'm counting on you with the tennis club.
You: Y-yes!
Yukimura: That's a good answer. Then, see you.
You: Yes, goodbye.
You: ( wasn't a "date," but it was sort of like one, wasn't it...)

9/2, Friday, Noon
You: (Right about now, everyone should be at the good work party. Well then... my job as a committee member isn't over yet. Ah, I wonder if I should separate a little of yesterday's red bean and put it in this Tupperware.
You: You can easily leave from that side... next, cleaning up one more time...
You: Okay. After that, cleaning...
Yukimura: Huh? (Mizuno-san)?
You: Ah, Yukimura-senpai. What is it?
Yukimura: That's my line. You're not at the party?
You: I'm a committee representative, so there are things I still have to do.
Yukimura: By "things you have to do," you mean for the booths?
You: No, my representative job will soon be over, so I'm doing whatever comes to mind.
Yukimura: Is that what it is? Then, afterward, what do you plan to do?
You: I was thinking I'd clean up a little.
Yukimura: In that case, shall I help too?
You: Eh! B-but.
Yukimura: I also want to help with whatever I can think of. Isn't it fine?
You: Y-yes.
Yukimura: (Mizuno-san), this side is done.
You: Yes! My side is also already finished.
Yukimura: If we're done here, then it's the bingo booth next, isn't it?
You: Yes. Ah, but...
Yukimura: Fufu... your refusal means we're done?
You: Yes. Fufufu...
You: Huh, that came from the pool, didn't it?
Yukimura: It seems like it, doesn't it? It's great that everyone is doing their best.
You: ? Doing their best?
Yukimura: Ah, you didn't hear? It seems that it isn't a good-work party, but rather, it's become a swim meet.
You: Is that so?
Yukimura: It seems that they're playing water polo and kibasen. An e-mail came from Akaya and he told me.
[The mock cavalry battles with one person sitting on the shoulders of a few others, in which the goal is to steal a hat or headband from the other teams.]
You: Wah, they're going all-out, aren't they?
Yukimura: Instead of the victors getting a prize, there's a penalty game for those that do the worst.
You: T-that sounds kind of intense, doesn't it. I hope everyone is okay.
Yukimura: Of course they're all right. I sent them an e-mail to encourage them.
You: What kind of encouragement did you give?
Yukimura: Fufu... that's a secret. Well, let's finish up the cleaning.
You: ? Yes.

9/2, Friday, Evening
You: Ah, Sanada-senpai and the others have come back.
Yukimura: It seems like it.
You: Huh, for some reason they seem tired...
Yukimura: Welcome back, everyone.
Sanada: A-ah.
Akaya: I'm... I'm back.
You: How was the swim meet? Was it fun?
Marui: Ha, hahaha...
Jackal: I-I think we're all a little tired, yeah.
Yagyuu: That's true.
Niou: But even if we're tired, I think we got some good results.
Yanagi: Yes. Seiichi.
Seiichi: Ah.
Yanagi: We placed first in all the games.
You: Waa, that's amazing! Even though it's hard to move around in the water.
Sanada: ...yes, it turned out to be good training.
Yukimura: Fufu... you all tried your best, everyone.
Marui: T-that's... because we got that mail.
Yukimura: It motivated you, didn't it?
Yagyuu: That's...
You: ? Yukimura-senpai's encouragement mail?
Niou: Haha... w-well, yeah.
You: What kind of encouragement was it?
Jackal: W-well, don't worry about it, (Mizuno). Right, Akaya!
Akaya: ... ...yeaaaah.
You: ???
Akaya: Buchou's scary side... it brought back old memories...

9/3, Saturday, Morning
Yukimura: Hey, (Mizuno-san).
You: Ah, Yukimura-senpai.
Yukimura: How's your job as a steering committee representative coming along?
You: Ah, there's almost no work to do for today and tomorrow.
Yukimura: Really, then that's perfect.
You: What is?
Yukimura: Recently, because everything's been going so well, I was wondering if you wouldn't come along with me the whole day today?
You: Ah, yes. Of course.
Yukimura: Thank you. Do you want to go to walk around the booths together?
You: Yes.

Yukimura: Hehh, a beach hut, huh.
You: If I'm not mistaken, this is...
Saeki: Huh? You're... Yukimura, aren't you!
Yukimura: Hey, Saeki. It's been a while.
Saeki: I heard that you were sick and I was worried. You're okay now?
Yukimura: Yeah, in time for Nationals, somehow.
Saeki: Is that so... Rikkai will become even stronger again, huh.
Yukimura: Fufu... I heard from Renji that your place has also had some interesting members join.
Saeki: Yeah, that's true. It's surprising. A first-year is our captain.
Yukimura: Heeh... that's amazing. However, isn't that not something to boast about?
Saeki: Haha, that's true. But you know, it's something Ojii decided.
Yukimura: Ojii-san is also doing well, huh.
Saeki: Yeah, I think he'll probably still have a long life ahead of him after a hundred more years.
Yukimura: Fufu...

9/3, Saturday, Noon
Yukimura: It seems like they're doing an attraction contest. Do you want to go watch for a little while?
You: Yes.

Aoi: Now the volunteers from the tennis clubs will start the attraction contest!
Aoi: The master of ceremonies is me, Rokkaku Chuu's first-year captain Aoi Kentarou.
You: Ah, it's starting, it's starting.

Hiyoshi: ...they've come over Oi Hill? Force the bits into the horses' mouths and set fire to Hinawa.
Hiyoshi: ...we'll go to meet them at Bichuu. The enemy is at Honnouji!

Sanada: A rebellion! Who is behind it!
Dan: It's the light blue crest of Kikyou... they're Hyuuganokami-dono's troops.
Sanada: Mitsuhide... I will not allow this. Ran, raise the spear!
Dan: Yes!

Yukimura: Gen'ichirou is amazing...
You: He's completely fitting into his role...

Mizuki: Takamatsu Castle is already at its limit. They are only waiting for the shogun's arrival.
Akaya: Kanbee-dono, send a message to Ankokuji Ekei-dono...
Akazawa: Lord! It seems that a messenger has brought a secret message from Kyou!
Akaya: Let me see. ...t-this is!?
Mizuki: Are you all right, Lord? !? It can't be... Hyuuganokami-dono has!?
Kirihara: The shogun has... it can't be... for such a thing to happen...
Mizuki: ...calm yourself, Lord. This must be kept secret.

Yukimura: There were a lot of various and fun programs, weren't there.
You: Yes, especially Sanada-senpai... that was amazing.
Yukimura: Yes, Gen'ichirou's Nobunaga was a splendid casting choice.
You: Yes.

9/3, Saturday, Evening
Yukimura: Where should we go next?
You: Senpai, how are you feeling?
Yukimura: Fufu... I'm fine already. You don't need to worry.
You: Really? I'm glad.
Yukimura: Ah, it looks interesting over there. Let's go and see.
You: Yes.

Yukimura: This is amazing...
You: This has got to be... Hyoutei's cafe...
Atobe: really came, Yukimura.
Yukimura: Hey, Atobe.
Atobe: Hmph... I see, don't you seem energetic. I'm relieved.
Yukimura: Thanks.
Atobe: We'll also be taking part in Nationals. Bringing down someone who's half-useless isn't interesting.
Yukimura: Fufu... just the kind of worry I'd expect from you.
Atobe: Worry? It's not that at all.
Atobe: This year, we'll perfectly bring the legend of the Rikkai kings to an end, and it wouldn't be satisfying if you, called the strongest, weren't there.
Yukimura: That's true, it'll be fun. It seems you've also become quite strong, right?
Atobe: Naturally. Just who do you think I am?
Yukimura: Last year, Gen'ichirou won against you, but this year I'd like to be your opponent.
Atobe: ...hmph. I'm looking forward to it.
Yukimura: Fufu...
You: (Amazing, Senpai... speaking with that committee chairman without budging an inch...)

Yukimura: I made you come around with me the whole day today. Sorry about that.
You: No, it's fine. I also had fun.
Yukimura: You saying that makes me happy.
You: Even so, Senpai... you're famous, aren't you?
You: Everyone knew about you.
Yukimura: That's true; even though I'm like this now, it's because I've been to Nationals twice before.
You: Ah... so that was it. I'm sorry, I said something impolite.
Yukimura: Aa, it's fine. Don't worry about it.
You: I-is that so...
Yukimura: It seems like today is already over. But there are still booths we haven't seen... won't you go around with me again tomorrow?
You: Yes, of course.
Yukimura: Fufu... thank you. Well then, tomorrow, I'll meet you at the plaza.
You: Yes, understood.

9/4, Sunday, Morning
Yukimura: Good morning, (Mizuno-san).
You: Ah, Yukimura-senpai. Good morning. How's your physical condition?
Yukimura: Yeah, I'm also in good health today. I've already completely recovered. Thank you.
You: Ah, no... not at all.
Yukimura: Fufu...well then, shall we go?
You: Yes.

Yukimura: This is... a haunted house, isn't it.
You: Y-yes, it is...
Kamio: Welcome! This is a sca~ry haunted house, you know. Are you coming in?
Yukimura: It seems interesting, but... it seems like you don't like such places, right?
You: T-the truth is...
Yukimura: Fufu... in that case, should we leave?
Kamio: You’re going?
Tachibana: Hm? You're... Yukimura?
Yukimura: ? You are?
Tachibana: Aa, you don't know? Well, with this head...
Yukimura: Head... aah, Tachibana, right! But, why are you, who’s from Shishigaku, here?
Tachibana: A lot of things happened and I transferred schools and came here.
Yukimura: Is that so... Renji didn't tell me.
Tachibana: Well, it seems like he didn't think he needed to tell you something like that.
Tachibana: The truth is, it's because we couldn't do a thing against Rikkai at the Kantou Tournament.
Yukimura: Fudomine... ah, I remember. Gen'ichirou was saying he had an interesting opponent. You've become stronger since then, right?
Tachibana: Fu, is that so? Well then, at Nationals, let us show you the strength that we've gained.
Yukimura: Fufu... that's true.
Yukimura: I've definitely been hearing that the Fudomine now has become a completely different team than last year's, but... you're the cause of it, aren't you?
Tachibana: Yeah, they're still a young team, but starting with Kamio, I'm gathering promising second-year students.
Kamio: Tachibana-san...
Yukimura: Fufu... it seems like Nationals will be fun.

9/4, Sunday, Noon
Yukimura: I kind of want to see how Gen'ichirou and the others are doing. Do you mind?
You: No, of course it's fine.

Sanada: Ah, Seiichi. You came?
Yukimura: Yeah, sorry I haven't been showing myself.
Sanada: No, I don't mind... ah, you looked after Yukimura for us, didn't you?
You: Ah, yes.
Yukimura: This girl is very kind. She's helping me with a number of things.
Sanada: Mm, you're also helping us out.
Yukimura: I'm going to go see Renji's group. (Mizuno-san,) can you wait here for a little while?
You: Yes. But will you be all right?
Yukimura: Fufu... I'll be fine. Then, later.
Sanada: ...Seiichi has become completely healthy.
You: Yes, it seems that way, doesn't it?
Sanada: Mizuno, I'd like to thank you.
You: Eh?
Sanada: That Seiichi has become completely healthy again is thanks to you. Because you reliably accompanied him.
You: That... All I did was... I was worried about Yukimura-senpai and...
Sanada: Fu... that's fine. Because your existence is giving Seiichi strength.
You: Eh? I am...
Sanada: Ah, about you, Seiichi...
Yukimura: Hey. Sorry for making you wait.
You: Ah, welcome back, Senpai.
Sanada: How were things on Renji's side?
Yukimura: Ah, he was saying the proceeds aren't increasing that much, so I gave them a bit of a warning.
Sanada: Hm... you gave... a warning?
Yukimura: Yes, like always.
Sanada: Is that so... Renji also has it hard.
You: ? Is something wrong?
Sanada: No, it's nothing. Don't worry about it.
You: Y-yes.
Yukimura: Well then, (Mizuno-san). How about we go around for a little while longer?
You: Yes.

Yukimura: This is... a cotton candy booth, right?
You: It looks delicious, doesn't it?
Yukimura: Fufu... then, I'll buy some for you.
You: Eh? Is it all right?
Yukimura: Ah, don't worry about it. I wonder if I can get two cotton candies?
Tezuka: ...Yukimura, it's you?
Yukimura: Hey, Tezuka. It was you?
Tezuka: I heard about your operation... you're all right now?
Yukimura: Yeah, I've recovered completely.
Tezuka: Is that so, that's good.
Yukimura: Speaking of which, you too, it seems you damaged your shoulder. Are you all right?
Tezuka: Yes, there's no need to worry.
Yukimura: ...then, you will let yourself use your full power. Like old times.
Tezuka: Naturally.
Yukimura: I'm looking forward to it... being able to watch you play at full power... is sort of like a myth from three years ago.
Tezuka: I'll say it now, I have also been growing tremendously since that time. I don't think it's the same as back then.
Yukimura: I know.
Tezuka: I definitely want to have a match against you at Nationals.
Yukimura: That's true. But, as for me, I'm bothered by the rumored rookie who beat Gen'ichirou.
Tezuka: Echizen, huh... that's true. That guy is one who can become Seigaku's pillar.
Yukimura: Heh... for you to think so much of him, I'm getting more and more interested.
Tezuka: At Nationals, you will likely be facing him whether you like it or not.
Yukimura: Seems like it, huh. I'm looking forward to it.
Tezuka: Yes, both of you should play without regret.
Yukimura: Yeah, of course.

You: Yukimura-senpai, who was that person just now?
Yukimura: Seigaku's captain, Tezuka.
You: Seigaku... at the Kantou Tournament, the ones who defeated our school, he...
Yukimura: That's right. Moreover, they did it without Tezuka.
You: A formidable enemy... aren't they?
Yukimura: Yes, most probably, they'll become our greatest rivals at Nationals.
You: Somehow, I feel like I understand.
Yukimura: Heeh... why?
You: Because that person called Tezuka... he had about the same intimidating aura as Sanada-senpai.
You: I think a team with that sort of person would be strong.
Yukimura: Fufu... that's true. Gen'ichirou is also like this, but Tezuka seems like he's an unknown age.
You: I-I didn't go that far.
Yukimura: But you thought it, right?
You: T-that is... that sort of...
Yukimura: Fufu...

9/4, Sunday, Evening
Yukimura: It's about time for them to announce the results of the booth contest, isn't it?
You: Ah, that's right.
Yukimura: Shall we go watch? It seems like everyone was doing their best.
You: Yes.

Atobe: Now we'll announce the results of the attraction booth contest!
Atobe: In the attraction booth contest, the group who acquired the most proceeds overall was....

Atobe: Rikkai Dai Fuzoku's sweets place!

You: Amazing! The sweets place had the top profits and survey ranking! With everyone working together, we took first place!
Yukimura: Yeah, Renji and the others... it seems like they gave it their all, huh?
Marui: Ge! Yukimura!
Yukimura: Ah, Marui. Well done. Isn't it amazing?
Marui: A-ah... well, that's... we got a warning from the captain...
Yagyuu: Ah, Yukimura-kun. Somehow... we did it.
Yukimura: Yeah, well done, Yagyuu.
Yagyuu: ...we got warned by Buchou... because then not doing it would have been unacceptable...
You: S-somehow everyone seems like they're tired...
Yukimura: Fufu... everyone threw everything they’ve got into it.
You: I-is that so...
Yukimura: With that, the school festival is over, isn't it?
You: That's true... Tonight is just the campfire and social dance...
Yukimura: We've caused you a lot of trouble, haven't we?
You: No, not at all.
Yukimura: I didn't officially take part, but... this school festival was very fun.
You: Yes, I also enjoyed it.

9/4, Sunday, Night
Yukimura: Hey, you were here, huh?
You: Ah, Yukimura-senpai. What were you doing?
Yukimura: I was looking for you. You’re not dancing?
You: No, I don’t have the confidence.
Yukimura: That’s perfect, then. I have a favor to ask of you.
You: A favor? What is it?
Yukimura: Here isn’t good, so let’s go somewhere else.
You: Yes.

Yukimura: It’s quiet if you come this far away.
You: It seems like everyone is close to the campfire.
Yukimura: Yeah.
You: So, Senpai, what’s the favor?
Yukimura: Yeah. But before that, just to make sure. I heard from Renji, but you’re not in any clubs, right?
You: Yes, that’s right.
Yukimura: Okay. One more thing first. It’s something I heard earlier, but do you plan to go on to Rikkai’s high school branch?
You: Yes.
Yukimura: Is that so? Then I’m glad.
You: Senpai?
Yukimura: There are three favors. I’ll say each one, okay?
You: Yes.
Yukimura: The first one: I want you to become the tennis club manager.
Yukimura: The second one: I want you to let me call you by first name from now on.
Yukimura: The third one: I like you, so I want you to go out with me.
You: Eh... ... ... ...eeeeeeh!?
Yukimura: Fufu. You really are surprised, aren’t you?
You: B-but, um, why...?br> Yukimura: A reason? For the third favor, I said because I like you. There’s no reason besides that.
Yukimura: The second favor is because, if you go out with me, I want to call you by name.
Yukimura: For the first favor, you have a good ability for management, and if you become manager, then I’ll also be relieved.
You: Ah, what do you mean by relieved?
Yukimura: Isn’t it because there are also lots of chances to be near each other? Besides, after I graduate, then I’ll be able to come see you as a club upperclassman.
Yukimura: If you’re in the tennis club, troublesome guys won't bug you, and even if they do come, it’s fine if Akaya acts as insect repellent for you.
You: U-um...
Yukimura: Will you answer the third favor for me?
You: So suddenly... um, I’m confused...
Yukimura: When we went on a date... I said it, didn’t I. Let’s become true to our hearts. Have no regrets, right?
Yukimura: It hasn’t been that long since I first met you, and the time we’ve been together is also short.
Yukimura: But you know, that doesn’t matter. I like you. So I want to be near you.
Yukimura: That’s all there is to it.
You: Se-senpai...
Yukimura: You yourself don’t know what you think of me, right?
Yukimura: That’s fine for now. From now on, please stay beside me and watch me.
Yukimura: And then, I want you to come to like me too.
You: like Senpai...
Yukimura: Yes.
You: I...
Yukimura: (Mizuno-san?)
You: I don’t know about what you were saying before, but... now, I can’t say anything so plainly, but... I think I want to stay near you, Senpai.
Yukimura: Thank you.

You: Senpa~i!
Yukimura: Rise, congratulations on matriculating.
You: Thank you very much.
Yukimura: We’re finally going to the same school. Honestly, that one year was long.
You: Fufu. That’s all you’ve been saying recently.
Yukimura: I was just looking forward to it. Because I’ve been waiting for a long time.
You: Thank you very much.
Yukimura: Did you submit your new club member registration form?
You: No, I’m going to turn it in during the opening ceremony. Along with Kirihara-kun.
Yukimura: Really? Oh right, Akaya is here too.
You: Yes, that poor boy.
Yukimura: It’s fine. Because you’re my first priority.
You: ...honestly.
Yukimura: Fufu... well, let’s get going. Gen’ichirou and the others are also waiting.
You: Yes. ...ah, um, Senpai?
Yukimura: What is it?
You:, please look after me from now on as well.
You: Whether it’s as the manager, or as your girlfriend...
Yukimura: ...yes, the same for me. I love you, Rise.
You: I love you too...

Special conversation topics

About Yukimura's illness
You: Sanada-senpai, what exactly Yukimura-senpai's illness?
Sanada: I don't know the medical term for it.
You: Eh? Well then, how did they cure it?
Sanada: Previously there were those with the same diagnosis, and in those cases when surgery was performed they were cured. Seiichi also had that surgery and was cured.
You: That's... isn't that sort of thing difficult?
Sanada: It is. Seiichi surmounted that. He's a strong man.
You: he?
Sanada: Of course, in tennis as well, but his heart is strong. ...Mizuno, this is a sidetracking a bit, but if you suddenly became unable to move, what would you do?
You: Unable to move? I think I would definitely go crazy.
Sanada: That's true. Madness, why do I have to suffer through this; I would blame everything around myself, correct?
Sanada: If it had been me, I would probably have become that way.
You: Yukimura-senpai is different, isn't he?
Sanada: Ah. He suddenly collapsed in the middle of club activities; after he knew he was suffering from an incurable illness, when he was waiting for us to go to his hospital room, his smile had not changed from before.
You: His smile...
Sanada: Of course, it was not the smile of one who had given up. It was to calm us down, a smile that always gave comfort to people.
Sanada: I hadn't felt the extent of his strength until that time.
You: Is, that so...
Sanada: It also seemed that way when he had his surgery. He clearly told us that was no longer confused.
Sanada: He promised that he would definitely return, and he has kept that promise for us.
Sanada: He would never break a promise. I knew he was that kind of man, but the success of his surgery... I was truly happy.
You: You respects Yukimura-senpai, don't you, Senpai?
Sanada: Yeah. I respect him. I think I would also like to have that strength.
You: ...yes.

About Yukimura-buchou
You: Kirihara-kun, I was wondering, what kind of person is Yukimura-senpai?
Akaya: If I had to say one thing, it might be that he's a monster.
You: Eh!? Does he really seem that scary?
Akaya: I-diot. It's not that kind of meaning. It's that his strength in tennis is like a monster's.
You: Ah, i-is that so.
You: ...but Yukimura-senpai is a person who gives off the feeling of being thin, so honestly, that sort of strength is...
You: But Sanada-senpai also seems to find him strong.
Akaya: If we're talking about tennis, I don't really mean that he can play well with his physical build.
Akaya: Actually, if it's Fukubuchou, he lost to Seigaku's first-year brat.
You: That's true...
Akaya: But it's true that when Yukimura-buchou is standing normally, he doesn't look strong at all.
Akaya: When he enters the court, how do I say it, I guess you could say he suddenly becomes a lot larger.
You: So his presence grows?
Akaya: It's not that simple, you know. Saying that he's got this intensity to him would be fine.
You: I can't imagine it at all...
Akaya: Right? It's because you haven't seen it in real life.
You: Mm, that's true.
Akaya: And you know, if you think about it you'll see. Isn't he the captain who put together this set of weird guys that make up Rikkai Dai?
Akaya: He can't be normal, so doesn't that give you some idea?
You: T-that's true...
Akaya: Ah, but you know, I'm glad that Buchou's come back. I want to hurry up and have a match against him.
You: (Kirihara-kun seems like he's having fun... he's really happy, isn't he.)


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    1. Yukimura is my favorite character but he is a giant troll to people he likes. ;o; it's terrible. Too much teasing~

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