Saturday, June 1, 2013

Prince of Tennis Perfect Edition: Shiraishi Kuranosuke

Translation of the bonus manga in season 2, volume 7 of the Prince of Tennis kanzenban edition.

Page one
Panel one:
Haratetsu: Shiraishi, you'll be the captain starting in April.

The Princes of That Time
Shitenhouji Side 2
Shiraishi Kuranosuke

Panel two:
Shiraishi: Eh, I'll be captain...!?
Shiraishi: But you just became captain last fall, Haratetsu-buchou, so why!?

Panel three:
Haratetsu: I got tired of it already. ☆

Panel four:
Shiraishi: Haaaaa~!?

Page two
Panel one:
Kenya: What's up with this club!?
Small text: Was there a track club?

Panel two:
Koharu: Well, we don't have any choice but to go along with it, do we?

Panel three:
Yuuji: We can't count on our third-year senpai this time.

Panel four:
Koharu: Gin-san will be coming back from his training soon too.
Koishikawa: We'll have to recruit new students into the club too.

Panel five:
Shiraishi: Okay, this year we'll beat Makinofuji and dominate West Japan again... no,
Shiraishi: All of Japan!

Page three
Panel one:
no text

Panel two:
Haratetsu: How's that, Osamu-chan?
Osamu: Yeah, good work. ♪

Panel three:
Osamu: With this, it seems like that child will start to say some interesting things...
Osamu: Ah, Hara-kun, I'll give you ten kokeshi dolls.

Panel four:
Haratetsu: Ahh, t-ten kokeshi dolls at once!? Yahoo!
Harutetsu: that how you're expecting me to react!?
Osamu: You don't need them? Then I won't give them to you.
Haratetsu:, that's not it.

to be continued

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