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Motto Gakuensai no Oujisama: Rikkai scenes

Translation of all the Rikkai-specific scenes in Motto Gakuensai no Oujisama. Note that the way you refer to each character may differ depending on your affection levels with them.

8/20, Saturday

8/22, Monday, Morning
8/22, Monday, Noon
8/22, Monday, Evening
8/23, Tuesday, Noon
8/24, Wednesday, Noon
8/25, Thursday, Noon
8/26, Friday, Noon
8/27, Saturday, Noon

8/29, Monday, Morning
8/29, Monday, Noon
8/30, Tuesday, Noon
9/1, Thursday, Morning
9/1, Thursday, Noon
9/1, Thursday, Evening
9/3, Saturday, Morning

8/20, Saturday

You: (Today is the first job of the committee representatives... I'm kind of nervous.)

You: (The school festival will be on September third and fourth... there are only ten days left...)

You: (The grounds are just ahead. ...I wonder if I can get there without getting lost?)

You: (These are the grounds, huh... that's an amazing building. Well, I'll go to the meeting.)

Rikkai Dai Fuzoku Chuu tennis club, third-year, vice captain
Sanada Gen'ichirou

Sanada: Mm, it looks like everyone is here. Before we start the meeting, I'd like to introduce someone.
Sanada: She is our committee representative for the joint school festival.
You: I'm second-year Aoyagi Shion. It's nice to meet you.
Sanada: She is in charge of our tennis club and will support us in a variety of ways.

Rikkai Dai Fuzoku Chuu tennis club, second-year
Kirihara Akaya

Kirihara: Sanada-fukubuchou, is it true that Hyoutei's Atobe has some connection with the school festival this time?
Sanada: It's true.

Rikkai Dai Fuzoku Chuu tennis club, third-year
Niou Masaharu

Niou: Seems like there's something going on beneath the surface.

Rikkai Dai Fuzoku Chuu tennis club, third-year
Yagyuu Hiroshi

Yagyuu: Isn't he just the sponsor?
Sanada: Rather than something beneath the surface, this is a direct challenge.

Rikkai Dai Fuzoku Chuu tennis club, third-year
Marui Bunta

Marui: A challenge? What do you mean?
Sanada: During this school festival, each participating school tennis club is required to make booths.
Kirihara: Required? What's that about!
Sanada: Listen until the very end. The booths take the form of a contest. It can be said to be a battle between tennis clubs.
Kirihara: I see. So that's how it is.
Sanada: Mm. For example, even though booths a different kind of match than in tennis, we have been challenged and so we will accept.
Sanada: That is the spirit of our Rikkai Dai Fuzoku.
You: There are also attractions that you may participate in.
Marui: Attractions? What are those?
You: Bands, plays, singing... it doesn't matter what. In this, it's fine to take part with people from other schools.
Yagyuu: Oh... with other schools?
Sanada: There is a prize for the winning attraction group. Wimbledon tickets and airfare and lodging paid.

Rikkai Dai Fuzoku Chuu tennis club, third-year
Jackal Kuwahara

Jackal: Whoo! That's amazing.
Marui: I don't wanna miss out on that either.
Sanada: Naturally. Since we are participating, we will aim for nothing less than perfect victory. There will be people other than tennis club members participating in this school festival.
Sanada: Carry the pride of Rikkai and do not do anything that will shame us.

Rikkai Dai Fuzoku third-year
Yanagi Renji

Yanagi: Then, look over here. This is the schedule for this school festival.

Yanagi: We have from August 22, that is, the day after tomorrow, until September 1, to prepare. The good work party is September 2.
Yanagi: The school festival is open on September 3 and 4.
Marui: Huh? What about the 31st?
Sanada: It's in conideration of those who have let their summer homework pile up. Naturally, there are no such thoughtless people in our Rikkai Dai.
Kirihara: Ahaha... o-of course not.
Sanada: The details of the schedule and other details are noted on a printout that will be distributed later.
Sanada: I'd like you each to read it. That is all.

If on second Rikkai playthrough or later:
Yanagi: Wait, Gen'ichirou. You're forgetting about Seiichi.
Sanada: Ah, that's right. You should all know, but Yukimura-buchou has been released from the hospital and is currently recuperating at home.
Sanada: He cannot participate in the school festival thisi time, but he may come to observe the preparations.
Marui: Yukimura can already move around that much!
Jackal: I see... that's good.
Yagyuu: So when is he coming?
Yanagi: It depends on his condition, so I cannot say exactly, but he will come when it suits him.
Niou: Haha. That's just like him.
Kirihara: But it'll be just like old times.

If you have cleared a Rikkai route previously:
U-um... Yukimura-buchou?
(I don't really get it, but whatever)

You: U-um... "Yukimura-buchou?"
Akaya: Oh, that's right. You don't know him.
Yanagi: That's true. Sorry, it turned into an inside conversation.
You: Ah, no.
Sanada: Yukimura is our tennis club's captain. Since last year, he's had an incurable disease and was hospitalized, but he recently had an operation, and it was a success. Now he's left the hospital and is recovering at home.
Yanagi: I think you will also meet him. At that time, you'll be introduced properly.
You: Ah, yes. I understand.
[Conversation topic: Yukimura's illness GET!!]
[Choosing this gives you access to Yukimura scenes and his route.]

You: (I don't really get it, but whatever.)
[Choosing this makes the game continue as normal, as if it was your first time playing Rikkai, with no Yukimura.]

You: (There were a lot of different kinds of people in the tennis club... from the day after tomorrow, I'll be preparing for the school festival with everyone...)
You: (It might be tough, but I'll do my best.)

8/22, Monday, Morning

You: (Okay, we're starting today. I have to do my best.)

Sanada: All right, we'll start the meeting to decide what booth Rikkai Dai Fuzoku will do. Does anyone have any preferences?
Marui: I want to do a shop where we have stuff like shiruko.
Sanada: Hoho, like a sweets booth.
Kirihara: That's just like you, Senpai.
Yagyuu: That sounds interesting.
Niou: I want to do a game corner.
Sanada: A... game?
Niou: Hey hey, don't glare at me like that. It's to play, to play.
Kirihara: What exactly do you mean? We're not gonna just bring in game machines, right?
Niou: My idea is to make a game that uses tennis skills. There are a lot of those.
Niou: Like a game where you have a board split into nine parts and you try to hit them with a ball and get bingo. Something like that.
Kirihara: Ah, like they have for baseball and soccer.
You: If we do that... if they get bingo, do they get some sort of prize?
Niou: That's right. Is that against the rules?
You: No, it's not. It's just that the system is set up so that the price of the prizes will be taken from our profits.
Niou: I see. It's more interesting that way.
Kirihara: We'll call it Smash DE Bingo... or something. It sounds fun. Let me do it too.
Jackal: That's a good one. I'll do it too.
Sanada: ...then I will participate as well.
Jackal: !?
Kirihara: Geh!? W-why is Fukubuchou with us...
Sanada: Isn't it obvious? If it's just you, I won't know what you're up to. I must keep an eye on you properly.
Jackal: Ah~ ...I guess I like the sweets booth...
Sanada: ...hou.
Jackal: I-it's nothing...
Yagyuu: Then I'll participate in the sweets booth.
Yanagi: I will as well.
Sanada: Hm... that's everyone. All right, we've decided that the booths our Rikkai Dai Fuzoku will be setting up are...
Sanada: Smash DE Bingo and a sweets booth.
You: Then I'll make a report to the steering committee.
Sanada: Mm, we'll leave it to you.
You: (Okay, I have to report to the committee.)

You: ...that is all.
Atobe: Yeah, good work.
You: (The report is over... I think I'll go see how everyone is doing.)

You: (Okay, where should I go?)

8/22, Monday, Noon

You: (Ah, it's time to do the preliminary inspection of the booths. I should hurry...)

You: This is where Smash DE Bingo will be.
Niou: It's about this big, huh.
You: The steering committee will arrange for the necessary materials. What will you need?
Niou: First would be rackets and balls, and then a net.
Kirihara: What will we do for the targets?
You: Ah, about that, when I checked, there are places that rent them out.
Niou: Hou... that's pretty convenient.
Jackal: Then we'll need a stand for the reception, sign, banner, all sorts of decorations... things like that.
You: Also, it's about the number of targets, but if it's this wide, three people can stand next to each other and play at the same time.
You: So I was thinking I should arrange for three of them.
Sanada: Right. If we do it that way, the customers can play without waiting.
Niou: The turnover will increase and we'll rake in more profit.
Sanada: All right, including the targets, we'll prepare five stands.
You: Understood. There are tennis balls, rackets, and nets in the storeroom.
You: The targets will be ready for the morning of the 23rd.
Sanada: Mm, we're counting on you.

8/22, Monday, Evening

You: (I should go do the preliminary inspection of the sweets booth soon.)

You: This is the room allotted to the sweets booth.
Yagyuu: It isn't very wide at all.
Yanagi: I would like to put benches in the back; would that be all right?
You: Yes, it's fine.
Marui: Can we borrow the tables and cutlery?
You: I can prepare it. We can also get the sign curtain specially made.
Yanagi: That would be appreciated. Also, I'd like you to get the nodategasa and himousen...
Marui: Nodategasa? Himousen?
Yanagi: In tea ceremonies known as chadou... they're items used in outdoor tea parties.
Yanagi: Nodategasa is a Western umbrella with a long handle. Himousen is a scarlet carpet.
Yagyuu: You see them often, don't you, in historical plays and as a feature of Edo.
Marui: Ah... I don't know whether or not I've seen them.
You: It will really lend an atmosphere to the sweets booth. I think I'll be able to prepare them.
Yanagi: To be authentic, I'd like the tableware to be Bizen as well... but that may be a little too difficult.
You: Is there anything else you'll need?
Yagyuu: That's all for now. If we're unsatisfied with anything, we'll rely on you again.
You: Understood. Then I'll report to the steering committee. The tables will arrive on the 25th.

8/23, Tuesday, Noon

You: (The committee meeting conference is over. Next is the meeting to decide on the attractions.)

Sanada: Starting now, we'll begin the meeting concerning the attractions.
Jackal: Huh? Is it all right to do the attractions with people from other schools?
Jackal: But if we don't have the meeting with the other schools, it would be bad.
You: It's all right. We can contact the other schools with this computer.
You: Since this means we'll immediately know about the musical programs and members.
Akaya: Whoa, that's convenient.
Yanagi: Hm, there's an entry already. Fudomine's Kamio has proposed a "rock band."
Jackal: Rock band, huh... that sounds fun.
You: Are you going to participate?
Jackal: No, I'll pass.
Yanagi: Rokkaku's Saeki has proposed a "vocal unit." and following that, Rudolph's Mizuki is suggesting a "theatrical play."
Akaya: A play, huh... what are they doing?
Yanagi: The title hasn't been decided yet.
Akaya: Oh, that's exciting. Doesn't it seem interesting? I'll do that.
Yanagi: Understood. Akaya will participate in the play. Ahh, Hyoutei's Mukahi has suggested a "street dance."
Marui: Hehh, doesn't that sound interesting. I'll participate in it.
Yanagi: Got it. Bunta will take part in the dance. Another suggestion has come in. Fudomine's Tachibana has proposed "Japanese drumming."
Niou: Isn't that good, Japanese drumming. I'll take part in that.
Yanagi: Understood. Niou is in Japanese drumming. Hm... I'll do Japanese drumming as well.
You: Are those all the entries?
Yanagi: No, there are still more. Hyoutei's Atobe has suggested "Hamlet."
Yagyuu: Hamlet... that's a good one. I'll participate in that.
You: Sanada-senpai, aren't you going to take part in anything?
Sanada: Me? I will join... the play that Mizuki suggested.
Akaya: Geh!? T-together again...
Sanada: Hoh.. do you not want to?
Akaya: That's... n-no, it's fine with me.
Sanada: Yes.
Jackal: I'm not taking part in anything, huh.
You: It's fine, isn't it? You don't have to.
Jackal: That's true, I'll pass.

8/24, Wednesday, Noon

You: (The committee meeting kept dragging on. Next is making the booth for the sweet shop. I should hurry...)

You: I prepared the table, tatami, screen, and everything else.
Yanagi: Thank you. I'll write out for you how everything should be arranged inside the room. With that, please begin putting everything in place.
Marui: Sure.

Yagyuu: So this goes around here?
Yanagi: Yes, and now we need to decorate the interior of the shop.
You: Like with hanging scrolls and vases?
Yanagi: Yes, if there are any small accessories in the Japanese style, would you be able to prepare them?
You: I think there were some in storage... I'll make sure, all right?
Yanagi: We're counting on you.
Marui: We're also done in the kitchen.
Yanagi: Well then, that's all for today's work. Everyone, good job.

8/25, Thursday, Noon

You: Now it's time to make the Smash DE Bingo booth.
Sanada: It seems that the necessary materials have been gathered. So then, now we begin making the Smash DE Bingo booth.
Sanada: I'll assign each of you to a certain job.
Akaya: Sure.

You: Sanada-senpai, it's all right if I install the hooks to hang the net on here, right?
Sanada: Yeah, that's fine.
Akaya: We'll be done over here in a little bit.
Sanada: Then help out Jackal.
Akaya: Got it.

Sanada: ...all right, something like that.
Niou: It's unexpectedly authentic.
You: After this, there's the banner and sign.
Sanada: I don't care if we do those last, as the finishing touches. Today's work is over. Everyone, let's go.

8/26, Friday, Noon

You: Finally the meeting is over... now we should start the meeting to work on the sweets booth menu.

Yanagi: Well then, we've come up with a menu for the sweets booth, but we must decide on the main items.
Yanagi: I'd like to hear your opinions on what else you think we should do besides this.
Marui: Soft bean paste, shiruko, mitsumame, anmitsu... mm~ I'm just looking at it and it sounds delicious.
Yagyuu: Mm, tokoroten is there as well.
Yanagi: Of course.
You: By the way, what will we do for the red bean paste? Will we make it from azuki beans?
Yanagi: I'd like to do so, but it's difficult to make red bean paste. It would be safest to get it from the merchant.
You: That's true... because we can't really make delicious red bean paste.
Yanagi: Please look for a supplier with good quality, Yamamoto.
You: All right.
Marui: By the way, this menu... are we going to make it?
Yanagi: Naturally.
Marui: Then I'll pass on the hard things! There are too many kinds of things we're making too.
Yanagi: In that case, we wouldn't be able to sell the things that are hard to make.
You: That's true... if we could just get high-quality bean paste, then the rest won't be that difficult.
Marui: Really? Then I guess it's fine if we try.
Yagyuu: There are no objections to the menu, are there?
You: So then, shall we prepare the matcha?
Yanagi: Hou... that might be a good idea.
Marui: Matcha? I haven't drunk it before.
You: It goes well with Japanese sweets. I would recommend having things like kuzumanjuu in this menu.
Yagyuu: However, ordinary people aren't really familiar with it, are they. Do you know how to perform the tea ceremony?
You: I don't really know the formal way, but if it's just the basic etiquette...
Yanagi: I also know the basic standards.
Yagyuu: In that case, let's try having it. It also seems like we'll be making changes to the menu.
You: Got it. Let's order a little more.
Yanagi: Well then, everything has been decided concerning the menu.

8/27, Saturday, Noon

You: (All right, let's go to the meeting on the bingo prizes.)

Sanada: Now then, let's begin the meeting on the prizes given out at the attraction booth.
Niou: If we buy and gather expensive prizes, it'll affect our proceeds, huh?
You: That's right. The cost of the prizes will be taken from the profits, so we can't have anything too expensive.
Akaya: Ehh? So we can't have anything like the latest game system?
Niou: The prizes will be taken from our funds, so no.
Sanada: Hou... do you have an idea, Niou?
Niou: Well, leave it to me. I'll tell you sooner or later.
Sanada: Really, I don't know what you're planning to do, but we'll see.
You: I think a lot of customers on the day of the festival will be female students from neighboring schools who have gathered. So then, we need prizes that will appeal to girls and children.
Jackal: That's a good point.
You: By the way, we also need have permission to provide the prizes ourselves. In this case, the cost would be zero.
Jackal: Providing the prizes ourselves... is it all right if we ourselves hand them out?
Akaya: We can't give out old games?
You: I don't mind, but... I wonder if the customers will really want them.
Sanada: Then first, each person bring something they think we can use as a prize. We'll end here for today.

8/29, Monday, Morning

You: (Today first thing in the morning is the meeting about the bingo prizes. I wonder what everyone will bring?)

Sanada: Everyone, did you bring something that could be used as a prize?
Niou: I have this.
You: A dart set... is that okay? It seems pretty expensive.
Niou: It's something I received, so don't worry.
Sanada: Mm, it seems appropriate for a prize. Anything else?
You: Ah, is it all right if I have something?
Sanada: Hou, thank you. What did you bring?
You: Homemade cookies and plushies.
Sanada: Mm, that's good. Girls and children will probably take them.
Jackal: Ah... I only have this.
Sanada: A soccer ball... it's brand-new.
Jackal: Ah, I got it from someone I know, but I don't play soccer.
Kirihara: I've got this!
Sanada: A handheld game system... is this also new?
Kirihara: Yup. Someone gave it to me.
Sanada: Hmph... everyone has things they received from others.
Kirihara: By the way, what did you bring, Fukubuchou?
Sanada: This.
You: A bear carving...
Kirihara: Is it a present from Hokkaido?
Sanada: It was not a present. It's an article made by a well-known crafstman.
Kirihara: I wouldn't really want it.
Sanada: You're a guy who doesn't know the value of things.
You: F-for now, I'll add it to the list of prizes.

8/29, Monday, Noon

You: (The bean paste has come in from the merchants, so we'll start the sweets booth practice.)

You: We've received the samples of bean paste from the merchants, so we can use this and practice the cooking.
Marui: Okay. So, what are we making?
You: First, we'll start with something simple, mizu youkan.
Marui: Ohhh! Mizu youkan! Is it okay if I eat them when we're done?
You: Yes, of course.
Yagyuu: There are good things in gelatin, so it should turn out well.
You: Then, please read over the recipe well and proceed according to the instructions.

Yanagi: Mm, this is finished.
Marui: I'm also done!
You: Well then, let's refrigerate the ones that are done.
You: And while they're refrigerating, we'll start the preparations for the mitsumame.
Yagyuu: Understood. What should we make first?
You: The most important ingredient in mitsumame is definitely kuromitsu. We got good muscovado from Okinawa, so we'll use that.
You: It's easy to make. You just put water and black sugar in a pot and boil.
Marui: Is that really it?
You: Of course, be careful that it doesn't burn. When it's boiling and has melted, turn off the heat and let it cool.
You: If you do that, the scum and the cream that didn't melt will form a ball, and if you remove it, it's done.

Yanagi: As expected, with such a big ball of black sugar, it takes time for it to melt.
Marui: Hot... this one's pretty much all melted.
You: If it's melted, please turn off the heat. We can put it in the shiratama dango.
Yagyuu: We'll be pretty busy, aren't we?
You: We'll finish the pre-cooking arrangements before the shop opens, so I don't think we're really busy yet.

You: It should be cool enough by now.
Yanagi: Mm, let's sample it.
Marui: I've been waiting for this!
You: All right, first is the mizu youkan.
Yagyuu: Hou... they look beautiful.
Marui: Thanks for the foood!
Yanagi: Mm... they were well made. They have an elegant sweetness.
You: They're delicious...
Marui: Isn't there any more?
You: You already ate it? How did it taste?
Marui: No complaints!
You: Good. The mitsumame is also done, so please go ahead and taste it.
Marui: Mm... doing a sweets booth was definitely the best choice. This is heaven!
Yagyuu: If we put red beans in the mitsumame, it becomes anmitsu, and if we put ice, it becomes cream anmitsu.
Yagyuu: The menu has become more varied.
Yagyuu: Ah, it might be a good idea to let each customer decide what they want to put on it at the end.
Marui: Even so... this kuromitsu is amazing. It has a really strong, nice smell.
You: Homemade kuromitsu is best.
Marui: Yeah, that's right.
Yagyuu: Fuu... it seems like Bunta-kun will do all of the tasting for us.
Marui: Yep, leave it to me.
Yanagi: All right, we're done with practice for today. The rest we'll leave for tomorrow.

8/30, Tuesday, Noon

You: Today, we'll start with cooking zenzai and shiruko.
Marui: What's the difference between zenzai and shiruko?
You: Ah, I don't really know myself. It seems that there are various different ways of calling it in Kantou and Kansai.
You: It's just, this time we'll call the gozen shiruko with koshian "shiruko," and the inaka shiruko with tsubuan "zenzai."
You: But we'll put both names in the menu so that no one gets confused.
Yanagi: That's right, that's a good idea.
You: Now, I've prepared the things you can put in shiruko and zenzai, mochi and shiratama dango. Please choose whatever you'd like.
Marui: In the end, it has to be mochi.
Yanagi: I'll use shiratama.
You: It's easy to make. You just have water and a little salt, and then put in the mochi or shiratama and boil.
Yagyuu: With this menu, as long as the anko is made well, no matter who makes it they won't mess up, huh?
You: All right, let's begin.

Marui: That was fast, it's already done.
Yagyuu: That was easy, wasn't it?
You: All right, let's sample them.
Yanagi: Mm, it has a good taste. Because the anko is good.
Marui: It's delicious!
Yagyuu: If it's this, there really won't be any problems.
You: Well then, next let's move on to the kuzumanjuu and kudzu-kiri.

Yagyuu: Hou... this is good kudzu.
You: It's top-class Yoshino kudzu.
Yanagi: Mm. If it's with this, we should be able to make wonderful kuzumanjyuu.
You: Well, let's start immediately from dissolving the kudzu. We'll make lots of kuzu-kiri.
Marui: Ohh, dissolve it, dissolve it. Should I put this through a strainer?
You: Yes, if you do that, it will become soft. Please add water and boil it.
You: The point is for it to reach this boiling state. You might mess up several times, but I think the trick is to take it off immediately.
Marui: Ah... isn't it kind of burnt?
You: Ahh... the heat was too high. It's a bit of a waste, but we can't use this. Please do it again.
Marui: Geez...
Yanagi: It seems that this turned out well.
You: Well then, we'll start the work of covering the anko with kutsu.

Marui: Hasn't it cooled yet?
You: That's right, it should be about done.
Marui: Great! All right, thanks!
Yanagi: Mm... this was done well. The appearance and coolness are good.
Marui: Mm! Delicious!
Yagyuu: Ah... this one didn't turn out so well. The color is a bit muddy. I might have left it on the heat for too long.
You: I think if you practice enough, you won't make mistakes anymore. Please do your best.

9/1, Thursday, Morning

You: (Right after the opening ceremonies are over, there's a meeting at the assembly hall... it's a bit rushed.)

You: (The opening ceremonies ended without incident? We're supposed to meet in front of the gates. I wonder if everyone is already there?)

Akaya: Ahhh, summer vacation's over just like that.
Jackal: Akaya, did you see the commercial on TV yesterday?
Akaya: Commercial? What was it? Yesterday I was desperately doing my homework, so I didn't have time to watch TV.
Jackal: They played a commercial for the school festival.
You: Eh? For the school festival?
Akaya: W-what, really?
Yagyuu: Ah, I also saw that commercial.
Jackal: It's the first time I've ever seen a commercial for a school festival.
Yagyuu: It was on a Kantou local channel, but... I didn't think they would go so far as to make a TV commercial for it.
Yanagi: Most likely it was done by Atobe. A TV commercial has great influence. There will be a huge crowd when those days come.
Marui: What can that guy be thinking?
Sanada: I don't care, let him do what he wants. He's coming up with plans to make the school festival a success in his own way.
You: It'll be a big success for the schools...
Sanada: By the way, Yamamoto, weren't you saying you were contacted about something?
You: Ah, that's right. For tomorrow's good work party, you need to bring swimsuits.
Jackal: Swimsuits? Are we using the pool?
You: I think so.
Marui: Heeeh, that's smart.
Yagyuu: Won't you be taking part in the party?
You: Eh? Me? I thought I would refrain...
Yanagi: That's not necessary. It's fine if you participate too.
Marui: Right? You're a friend of ours too.
Sanada: Mm. It's as they say. There's no need for you to hold back.
You: Really... well then, I'll take you at your word.
Niou: You, Yamamoto. The steering committee chairman is calling for you.
You: Eh? What happened?
Niou: I don't know. He just told me tell you he's looking for you.
You: All right, I'll go find out.
Sanada: Then, we'll do a final check on the booths.

You: Were you looking for me, Chairman?
Atobe: Ah, a troublesome situation has come up.
You: Eh?
Atobe: The suppliers of the anko that you were going to use for your booth have been associated with a case of food poisoning.
You: Eh!? T-that's...
Atobe: They were suppliers you could rely on, but... it seems like there was some sort of mistake.
You: It can't be... the anko that we paid for today is...
Atobe: Yeah, the transaction has been suspended.
You: That's... if we don't have anko for the sweets booth...
Atobe: You can look around for other suppliers, but all the suppliers of good quality will refuse because they can't immediately supply the quantity you need.
You: ...if it's a lower-quality supplier, will we be able to arrange something?
Atobe: Yeah. However, don't hope for the same taste as you had before. It's because they'll be mass-produced.
You: any case, I'll go consult with everyone.
Atobe: Right, you do that.

9/1, Thursday, Noon

Sanada: Muu... that is a problem.
You: Yes.
Sanada: Shall we talk it over with everyone? Akaya, Jackal, Niou! Let's go to the sweets booth.
Akaya: Got it.

Yagyuu: Something terrible has happened, hasn't it?
Marui: Seriously, at the last moment.
Yanagi: Lower-quality anko... I don't really want to use that.
Marui: 'Cause the menu as it is right now was already delicious.
Sanada: However, we will have to sacrifice something. If there isn't any anko, we cannot open the sweets booth.
You: ...there's a way, but it's all-or-nothing.
Sanada: What is it? Tell us.
You: We'll make the anko.
Yanagi: That's... if we make a mistake, we'll end up losing everything.
Marui: Didn't you say making anko is hard?
You: I did, but... with everyone's skills, it might go well.
Yanagi: It's a dangerous bet. The probability of success is... 39 percent.
Jackal: Those aren't good chances.
Marui: But there's value in trying than to put out a bad menu, right?
Yagyuu: That's right... having come to know that elegant taste, I can't reconcile myself to settling for anything less.
Yanagi: ...that's true.
Sanada: Hmph, if you say so, then it's worth a try. We'll also lend you all our efforts.
You: I'll go ask the chairman to make the arrangements for azuki beans and sugar.

9/1, Thursday, Evening

Atobe: Make it yourselves? Are you serious?
You: Yes.
Atobe: I looked into it a bit myself, but... it's difficult. You know that, right?
You: Yes, I do.
Atobe: Hmph... so it was like that.
You: Eh?
Atobe: I thought you guys would say something like that. I reserved azuki and sugar.
You: Eh? R-really?
Atobe: Just tell me how it goes. And one more thing...
Atobe: I asked for a favor from and got an expert anko-maker to coach you.
You: G-going that far for us... is it really all right?
Atobe: Well, this time the trouble couldn't be avoided.
You: Thank you very much.
Atobe: If you're going to make that much anko, it'll take time, won't it? I'll give you permission to stay until ten o'clock.
You: Thank you very much.
Atobe: Enough with the thanks. More importantly, go back and tell everyone. Afterward, finish the preparations.
You: Understood.

Sanada: It's started to boil. I add water, right?
You: Yes, that's right.
Akaya: This one's fully cooked. It's all right to add the mashed beans now?
You: Yeah.
Yanagi: Even so... the azuki are the highest grade from Tanpa, and we also obtained good sugar.
You: Yes, if it's with this, it'll be all right as long as we don't mess up making it.
Jackal: Oi, Yamamoto. The expert has some advice for you.
You: Ah, I'll go now!

Yagyuu: This is... the last of it.
Niou: Yup, that's right.
You: The amount we planned on... it's all done.
Sanada: Mm, good work, everyone.
Marui: Let's give it a taste...
Marui: Mmm! This is amazing!
Yanagi: Yes, it finishes with an even better taste than the anko from before.
Yagyuu: If it's with this, it will be fine.
You: Everyone, really, great work today. And Sanada-senpai and the rest of you... thank you very much!
Sanada: Don't say such reserved things. We don't need thanks. It's because we're friends.
Akaya: What he said.
Jackal: Oh, isn't it about time?
Yanagi: Fifteen minutes before ten... we made it on time.
Yagyuu: I've put the last of the anko into storage as well.
Sanada: Then, let's all go back to the station together.
You: Yes.

9/3, Saturday, Morning

Main building, sweets place:
You: (Uwah... they're getting a lot of business. Everyone looks busy... I wonder what I should do.)

(Let's try calling out to them.)
(They seem busy, it would be bad to get in the way.)

You: (Who should I call out to...)

Yanagi Renji
Marui Bunta
Yagyuu Hiroshi

Yanagi-senpai, do you have a moment?
Yanagi-senpai, should I help out?

Bunta-senpai, do you have a moment?
Bunta-senpai, should I help out?

You: Yanagi-senpai, do you have a moment?
Yanagi: Ah, I apologize, but I'm busy right now.
You: Ah... yes, excuse me.

You: Yanagi-senpai, should I help out?
Yanagi: Thanks, we'll be counting on you.

You: Bunta-senpai, do you have a moment?
Marui: Sorry, it's my turn to mind the shop.
You: Ah... yes, excuse me.

You: Bunta-senpai, should I help out?
Marui: Ah, really? That would be a huge help.

You: (They seem busy, it would be bad to get in the way... I'll try going somewhere else.)

Booth space, Smash DE Bingo:
You: (Uwah... they're getting a lot of business. Everyone looks busy... I wonder what I should do.)

(Let's try calling out to them.)
(They seem busy, it would be bad to get in the way.)

You: (Who should I call out to...)

Sanada Gen'ichirou
Kirihara Akaya
Niou Masaharu

Sanada-senpai, do you have a moment?
Sanada-senpai, should I help out?

You: Sanada-senpai, do you have a moment?
Sanada: Sorry, but I have to tend to the booth.
You: Ah... yes, excuse me.

You: Sanada-senpai, should I help out?
Sanada: Yes, thank you.

You: (They seem busy, it would be bad to get in the way... I'll try going somewhere else.)


  1. Is there anyone who can help me with Akaya's route? I played his route for 4th times but always end up with bad ending. 😢

    1. You might've chose the topics and choices he doesn't like.if you arrive to the max level there is a good ending waiting for you.keep talking to him choose the topics and choices he likes,especially during the CGs.good luck