Saturday, June 1, 2013

Prince of Tennis Perfect Edition: Go Forth, Fishing Buddies

Translation of the bonus manga included in season 3, volume 7 of the TeniPuri kanzenban.

Title is a reference to some Japanese series by the same name: 飛び出せ!釣り仲間

Page one
Panel one:
??: Big catch, big catch!

The Princes of That Time
Shitenhouji Side 4
Go Forth, Fishing Buddies

Panel two:
Tooyama: Osamu-chan, I wanna eat fish soon!

Panel three:
Osamu: I’ll give 1000 kokeshi to the guy who reels in the biggest fish.

Panel four:
Kenya: The one who fishes is the winner!

Panel five:
Chitose: Let’s do this!

Panel six:
Koharu: I’m going to kiss-fish, Yuu-kun!!
Yuuji: Don’t kiss the fish, Koharu!!

Page two
Panel one: no text

Panel two:
Zaizen: Are we on land yet...
Shiraishi: Nn... just a little longer...

Panel three:
Tooyama: I hooked a big one!!!

Panel four:
??: A-a shark, Kin-chan!!!?

Page three
Panel one:
Chitose: Five hours, seventeen minutes...... that’s how long we’re going to be pulled along by the shark!
??: Idiot! Is this the time to be using Saikikanpatsu?
??: Gin-san! Use the 108th Hadoukyuu!
Gin: Nuuu!
??: Ohh, he hit it!
??: K-Kenya... why are you running on the water!?

Panel two:
no text

Panel three:
??: We’re saved. Is everyone all right...?
??: Where are we?

Panel four:
boat: Osamu-maru
??: Will we make it in time for the national tournament tomorrow...

to be continued

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