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Motto Gakuensai no Oujisama: Yamabuki scenes

Translation of all the Yamabuki-specific scenes in Motto Gakuensai no Oujisama.

8/20, Saturday

8/22, Monday, Morning
8/22, Monday, Noon
8/23, Tuesday, Noon
8/24, Wednesday, Noon
8/25, Thursday, Noon
8/26, Friday, Noon
8/27, Saturday, Noon

8/29, Monday, Morning
9/1, Thursday, Morning
9/1, Thursday, Noon
9/1, Thursday, Evening
9/3, Saturday, Morning

8/20, Saturday

Minami: Okay, let's begin the meeting for the school festival. Before that, I'll introduce you.
Minami: This is the committee representative who will be supporting our tennis club.
You: I'm second-year Hoshino Yui. It's nice to meet you.
Sengoku: Oh! Lucky♪


Sengoku: It's nice to meet you too. Let's get along~
You: Eh, ah, yes...
Minami: ............
Minami: Well then...
Minami: Sengoku and the representative will explain the details of the school festival.
Sengoku: Got it.
Sengoku: I think you all already know this, but this school festival is being run by the tennis clubs of the schools participating in the national tournament.
Taichi: Sengoku-senpai!


Taichi: I heard that this school festival is being managed by Hyoutei's Atobe-san; is it true?
Sengoku: Yeah, it is. The Atobe and Sakaki groups are sponsoring it together.
Taichi: Dadadadaaan!! That's suspicious! Don't they have hidden motives or something?
Sengoku: Nn~ I don't think there is.
Sengoku: They're probably having us repay them with this school festival, aren't they? That's what I think. [technically uses the tennis debt but idek]
Akutsu: Paying the debt?


Akutsu: What's that supposed to mean?
Taichi: Akutsu-senpai, don't you know? This school festival includes a contest.
You: All the members of the tennis clubs that participate in the school festival are responsible for setting up the attraction booths.
Akutsu: ...that's stupid.
Sengoku: I don't really think so. You can think of the booths as a serious battle.
Akutsu: Battle...
Sengoku: We don't really feel like losing to Seigaku and Fudomine again, right?
Taichi: Dadadadaaan!! It's a rematch!
Sengoku: Exactly. Also, if the booths have good sales, we'll get a cut of it.
Taichi: Ah, that's great! We'll be able to get a lot of equipment!
You: The booths will be set up by the tennis clubs to draw in customers. There are also attractions that are optional to participate in.
Taichi: Attractions? What are those going to be?
You: Singing and dancing, that sort of thing.
You: These aren't connected to the schools, so it's fine to put together members from different schools.
Sengoku: The winning team of the attraction will get, wow! Wimbledon tickets and flight and lodging as prizes!
Taichi: T-that's amazing! Wimbledon... I want to go watch!
Akutsu: Hmph... I don't care how other people play. Tennis is something you do yourself.
Taichi: But but Akutsu-senpai! It's a battle, a battle!
Akutsu: What's a battle? This has nothing to do with tennis. I quit.
Akutsu: Anyway, I'm no longer part of the tennis club.
Sengoku: Oh? Banji was saying he hasn't gotten your resignation form yet.
Akutsu: What? ...that damn old man!
Taichi: Akutsu-senpai, please calm down!
Sengoku: Well, well. Anyway, Akutsu, for the time being you're also a member of Yamabuki's tennis club.
Sengoku: It won't be fun if we lose to the other tennis clubs, right?
Akutsu: I said it has nothing to do with me!
Sengoku: Even if you think that, the people around you won't think so.
Sengoku: And besides... are you going to run away instead of fighting?
Akutsu: What did you say, bastard!
Taichi: Akutsu-senpai!! Let's do our best together!
Akutsu: Don't order me around!
Sengoku: Even if it isn't tennis, a battle is a battle. We have to accept the challenge.
Akutsu: ...che. Just this once.
Sengoku: Yeah, yeah.
Sengoku: (As expected of Banji. It played out just like he said.)
Akutsu: ...did you say something?
Sengoku: No, nothing. Okay, this is the schedule for the school festival.

Sengoku: From August 22, that is to say, the day after tomorrow, to September 1 is the preparation period. On September 2 we're throwing a good work party.
Sengoku: The school festival is open on September 3 and 4.
Taichi: The 31st is free for the people who haven't done their homework, right?
Sengoku: Ahahaha, it seems like it.

Minami: The small details are on the printouts I'm handing out, so please read them when you can.
Minami: That's all, dismissed.

8/22, Monday, Morning

You: (Okay, we're starting today. I have to do my best.)

Sengoku: Uh, hey, before we start the meeting, I got a message.
Taichi: A message? What was it?
Sengoku: A special guest from Osaka's Shitenhouji will be participating.
Taichi: By Shitenhouji, you mean... the one in the best four in last year's national tournament?


Shiraishi: We had bad luck last year. This year we'll win.
Sengoku: Hey, it's been a while, Shiraishi-kun. I think you know a lot of people here, but I'll introduce you properly.
Sengoku: Shitenhouji's captain, Shiraishi Kuranosuke-kun.
Shiraishi: Nice to meet you.
Minami: It's been a while, Shiraishi.
Shiraishi: Ohh, it has! ...ummm. You're famous at doubles, uh...
Shiraishi: Oh, I remembered. Nishinakajima Minamikata-kun.
Minami: It's Minami!
Shiraishi: Oh, that's right. Sorry.
Shiraishi: Somehow the names they announce when playing doubles end up like that.
Minami: By "when playing doubles," you mean... Minami/Higashikata pair, that?
Taichi:'s true that it's a bit similar.
Minami: It is not!
Minami: More importantly, why are you suddenly a guest participant?
Sengoku: I was told suddenly too so I don't know the reason. Do you know, Representative?
You: It was the sponsoring Atobe group's idea.
Akutsu: Keh, it was at their whim?
Sengoku: Anyway, we'll be doing our best together from now on. Treat us well.
Shiraishi: To you too.

Sengoku: All right, let's begin the meeting on the booth we'll make for the school festival.
Sengoku: Is there any particular booth you want to do?
Taichi: Yes!
Taichi: When you say a booth, then it has to be a food stall!
Sengoku: Mm, that's right. It's pretty standard, but it's a good idea.
Minami: That's true.
You: A food stall...
Sengoku: What do you think, Shiraishi-kun?
Shiraishi: It's fine, isn't it? A food stall sounds interesting.
Taichi: Akutsu-senpai, is there a booth you want to do?
Akutsu: Not interested.
Sengoku: Then we'll decide ourselves. Dan-kun was saying a food stall would be good, right?
Taichi: Yes.
Sengoku: Anything in particular?
Taichi: If you say that...
Sengoku: Okay, okay. Well, let's do a monjayaki stall. It's decided.
Taichi: Ah, that's a good idea!
Shiraishi: Wait a second. What's monjayaki?
Sengoku: Eh? You don't know, Shiraishi-kun? Monjayaki.
Shiraishi: If it's okonomiyaki, I know it.
Sengoku: Well, it's something similar.
Shiraishi: Hmm... then that's good.
Sengoku: No one's opposed to it? Then it's decided.
You: Understood. A monjayaki stall, huh.
Sengoku: Mm, exactly. We'll be counting on you to report to the committee.
You: Yes.

You: ...that's all for Yamabuki's entry.
Atobe: Ah, got it. Good job.

You: (All right, the report is finished... maybe I'll go see how everyone is doing.)

You: (Okay, where should I go?)

8/22, Monday, Noon

Atobe: ...all right. That's all for today.
[phone rings]
Atobe: ...ah, it's me.
Atobe: ...I see. Got it.
Atobe: Kabaji, let's go.
Kabaji: Usu.
You: (Fuu... it turned out pretty well...)
You: (Ah, it's time to do the preliminary inspection of the monjayaki stall. I should hurry...)

You: Sorry for making you wait.
Sengoku: Heeh...
Sengoku: Here? Mm, it's pretty wide.
Shiraishi: This is too, but it's not like these grounds are really small.
Shiraishi: Really, it's going overboard for just a school festival.
Sengoku: Haha, but it's just like Atobe-kun, right?
Taichi: What kinds of preparations do we make for a monjayaki stall?
Sengoku: The food cart and iron plates, and a gas stove to cook the different foods. We need the gas stove to be strong.
You: If it's that, all of it can be prepared by the steering committee.
Sengoku: Really? Wow, that's lucky. That means we have to do almost nothing.
Taichi: Ah, but we have to construct the cart and stuff.
Sengoku: We've done enough for today, haven't we? And it seems like the captain and the others didn't come to work today.
Taichi: ...I haven't seen Akutsu-senpai for a while either.
Shiraishi: Ah, I thought it was quiet for some reason.
You: Um... is it all right to leave it at that? I'm a little worried.
Sengoku: I think it's probably fine.
You: Probably... huh?
Taichi: Um, um, I'll do my very best, so please don't worry.
Shiraishi: Hmmm, Yamabuki's first-year is pretty docile. Kin-chan only knows how to be noisy.
Sengoku: Okay, that's all for the list of things we need, so we'll leave the report to the committee meeting to you.
You: Yes, understood.

8/23, Tuesday, Noon

You: (All right, the committee meeting is over.)
You: (Next is the meeting to decide on the attractions.)

Sengoku: Okay, let's start the meeting to figure out the programs and participants for the attractions.
Taichi: Um, may I?
Sengoku: What is it, Dan-kun?
Taichi: It's all right if we do the attractions with people from other tennis clubs, right?
Taichi: Then isn't it better if we have the meeting with the people from other schools?
You: It's all right. We'll be communicating with the other schools with that computer.
You: Then we'll know the programs and members immediately.
Taichi: Waah, that's convenient.
Sengoku: Huh, there's already an entry. Fudomine's Kamio-kun suggested a "rock band."
Minami: Houh, a rock band is pretty flashy. It suits me.
Sengoku: Hahaha... does it? Are you going to participate?
Minami: Nah, I won't. I can't play any instruments.
Sengoku: Then how about this? Rokkaku's Saeki proposed a "vocal unit."
Minami: I wonder... I'll pass this time.
Sengoku: Then I'll take part. People who want to participate, Sengoku...
Shiraishi: Is it all right if I do it too?
Sengoku: Of course you'd be welcome. Then Shiraishi-kun in the vocal unit.
Sengoku: Oh, there's another entry. St. Rudolph's Mizuki-kun proposed a "play."
Taichi: A play... that sounds fun.
Sengoku: Then Hyoutei's Mukahi-kun has suggested "street dance."
Shiraishi: Dance? Kin-chan would be happy to do that.
Taichi: Sengoku-senpai! I'm going to take part in the play!
Sengoku: Okay, got it. I'll enter you.
Sengoku: Ah, there's "Japanese drumming" now. Somehow, doesn't that suit Akutsu?
Taichi: Eh? But Akutsu-senpai isn't here.
Sengoku: Then I'll put his entry in for him. Participating, Akutsu...
Taichi: Ahh! You can't, not without asking him!
Sengoku: It's fine, it's fine. Seigaku's Kawamura-kun is also doing Japanese drumming, so it's fine.
Taichi: Ugh... I don't know.
Sengoku: Ah, Hyoutei's Atobe-kun suggested a "Hamlet" play.
Minami: Hamlet... that's pretty flashy.
Sengoku: Do you want to do it, Captain?
Minami:, I won't.
You: Minami-senpai, are you not going to participate in any attractions?
Minami: Ah, but if there was something even flashier I would do that.
You: Ha, haa...

8/24, Wednesday, Noon

You: Now we'll start the construction of the booth.
Minami: Are all of the materials here?
You: Yes, we have everything here.
Shiraishi: There's a lot of stuff...
Sengoku: I'm bad at heavy labor~
Minami: Well then, let's get started with the construction now.
Minami: Kita, Nitobe, and Kuromachi will work on assembling the materials, and everyone else will do the construction.

Taichi: This is terrible! Akutsu-senpai is gone!
Minami: Again...
Taichi: I'll go look for him!
Sengoku: No, it's fine. We're just about done.
You: Even though Akutsu-senpai left halfway through, he did help out.
Minami: Yeah, that's how it is. Just looking at what we've got now, it looks like it's finished.
Sengoku: Then tomorrow we'll try making monjayaki.
Minami: That's right.
You: Then I'll tell the committee what ingredients we need.
Sengoku: Right, we're counting on you.

8/25, Thursday, Noon

You: (Report done~ Um, next is...)
You: (Practice making monjayaki! I should do my best!)

Sengoku: All right, everyone pay attention. I'll show you how to fry monjayaki now.
Akutsu: Wait a second.
Akutsu: Monja is something the customer makes themselves.
Akutsu: Why do we have to be taught something like that by you?
Sengoku: Well, there might be people who don't know how to fry it right? Like Shiraishi-kun.
Sengoku: We need to be able to teach those people, so we also need to know how to do it.
Akutsu: Che, even if you don't tell us, I already know how. Leave me out.
Taichi: Ah, Akutsu-senpai! Please wait!
Sengoku: Hmmm, if you say you know how, then of course you must be able to fry them well. Even better than me.
Sengoku: Or do you not have enough confidence?
Akutsu: ...what was that?
Sengoku; You shouldn't hide it. Monja is a bit of a pain.
Akutsu: Interesting... you're telling me there's something I can't do.
You: (Ah... somehow it's gotten dangerous...)
Shiraishi: It's all right. Sengoku-kun is better than anyone at manipulating Akutsu-kun like that.
Sengoku: Then shall we begin? The ingredients are already prepared, so the flavor changes with how it's fried.
Akutsu: Hmph... just watch.
Shiraishi: ...these are the ingredients? They don't look very good...
Sengoku: Arara... Akutsu, you just put it all in at once.
Akutsu: You're annoying! Shut up and watch.
Taichi: Ah... Sengoku-senpai only kept out the salt.
Akutsu: Che, you!
Taichi: Ah, Akutsu-senpai! It's overflowing!
Akutsu: Shut up! When this happens! You do!
Sengoku: Heeh... you're pretty good at making quick decisions.
Shiraishi: It looks like you're doing it your own way. You don't have a good grasp of the basics.
Akutsu: Che... it's not solidifying.
Sengoku: It takes a little while for monja to solidify. Do your best.
Akutsu: Shut up!
Taichi: Huh, what are you doing, Sengoku-senpai?
Sengoku: Huh? Do you not know, Dan-kun? If you do this with monja, you can make a hole in it like a donut.
Taichi: Heeeh... I kind of remember making some like that and eating it.
Sengoku: And then, in the middle of the donut, you put in the salt that was left from before.
Taichi: Ah, if you do that it doesn't overflow. That's amazing.
Sengoku: No, even if you admire it... isn't this how you normally make monja?
You: Ah, yes. I do that too.
Shiraishi: Hmm, so that's how it is.
Akutsu: Che, what's so interesting about being told by other people?
Akutsu: It's fine as long as you can eat it. Mine's done.
Taichi: Uwah, that was fast, Akutsu-senpai. Can I try it?
Akutsu: Do what you want.
Taichi:! It's delicious!
Shiraishi: Okay, me too... heeh, it's pretty good.
Akutsu: Did you hear that, Sengoku?
Sengoku: Don't rush, don't rush. This one will be done soon too. All right... mix it without stopping!
Minami: Heeh... you're pretty good with your hands.
Sengoku: Okay, it's done. Now all that's left is to split it with the "hagashi" and eat it.
Taichi: "Hagashi"? Ah, is that this small spatula?
Sengoku: Dan-kun, try eating some.
Taichi: Ah, okay. Um...
Sengoku: Ah, don't do it like that. Use the hagashi to lightly press the part you cut off on the teppan.
Taichi: Oh, okay. Like this?
Sengoku: Right. And then eat it.
Taichi: Ah, it stuck to the hagashi. It's easy to eat. Mm...
Sengoku: How is it?
Taichi: I... it's delicious!! A lot more than the other one... ah.
Akutsu: ...che.
Sengoku: You try too, Shiraishi-kun.
Shiraishi: Like this?
Shiraishi: ...heeeh, it's true. The taste is different. This one is better.
Sengoku: This is the real way to make monja. Remember it.

8/26, Friday, Noon

You: (We have a meeting to decide on the monjayaki menu... all right, I'll try suggesting that.)

Sengoku; Ehh, all right, we'll start the first meeting to decide on the monjayaki menu.
Taichi: Um... Akutsu-senpai isn't here.
Minami: Like always. Don't worry about it anymore.
Taichi: But...
Akutsu: You called?
Taichi: Ah, Akutsu-senpai! You came!
Akutsu: I just felt like it. Don't let it get to your head.
Shiraishi: Heeh... it seems like Akutsu-kun is getting into it too.
Akutsu: ...hmph.
Sengoku: Well, that's everyone. So for the monjayaki menu, does anyone have any good ideas?
Taichi: I like it with cheese.
Sengoku: Yeah, that's good. Anything else?
You: Um... it's a bit removed from the main point, but can I suggest something?
Sengoku: It's fine. What is it?
You: Instead of just focusing on monjayaki, wouldn't it be good to also put other things on the menu?
Minami: Other things? Like what?
You: Okonomiyaki.
Sengoku: Ah, that's right. That might be good. I also like okonomiyaki.
Shiraishi: It's a good idea, right? I'm also in favor of it.
You: It's just... they say properly making and frying okonomiyaki is pretty hard.
Sengoku: Now that you mention it, I haven't fried okonomiyaki myself either.
You: So we'd have to practice.
Akutsu: Practice? We don't have to do anything like that.
Taichi: Akutsu-senpai, can you fry okonomiyaki?
Akutsu: Of course. It's different from when I did the monja.
Sengoku: All right, so next time, Akutsu-senpai will show us how to make okonomiyaki.
Akutsu: What the hell?
Sengoku: It's because we don't have anyone else who can fry it.
Taichi: Please, Akutsu-senpai.
Akutsu: Che... why do I have to?
Shiraishi: Wait a second. Are you forgetting about me?
Sengoku: Ah, can it be that you can fry okonomiyaki, Shiraishi-kun?
Shiraishi: Nn, of course. I can fry it perfectly.
Akutsu: In that case, make him do it. Leave me out of it.
Shiraishi: That won't do, Akutsu-kun.
Akutsu: What's that?
Shiraishi: This is a match, an okonomiyaki showdown! We'll decide whose okonomiyaki is the real thing, mine or Akutsu-kun's.
Akutsu: A match... I see. That's fine, I accept your challenge.
Shiraishi: All right, it's decided.
Sengoku: Shiraishi-kun's also good at stringing people along~
Minami: I'm a little nervous, but... I guess it's fine.
Minami: (Hoshino-san.) Please add the necessary ingredients for okonomiyaki to the list.
You: Understood.

8/27, Saturday, Noon

Atobe: ...oi, is everything all right?
You: Ah, y-yes... well, kind of...
Atobe: Heh... really. Do your best.
Atobe: Kabaji, let's go.
Kabaji: Usu.
You: (Haa... that surprised me... okay, next is learning how to make okonomiyaki...)
You: (We're pretty busy...)

Sengoku: This time, Akutsu-kun and Shiraishi-kun will show us how to make okonomiyaki.
Sengoku: Everyone make sure to watch carefully. All right, first we'll have Akutsu-kun do it.
Akutsu: ...I'll only do this once. Pay attention.
Sengoku: By the way, will you be making Kansai-style or Hiroshima-style okonomiyaki?
Akutsu: Neither one. I just do it my way.
Sengoku: I see. It'll be Akutsu-style okonomiyaki. This'll be a lot of fun.
Shiraishi: So it really is your own way... you'll show us your own skill, right.
Akutsu: First mix the batter enough.
Taichi: Is that enough?
Akutsu: Yeah, just don't mix it too much. You'll get air in the batter.
Sengoku: Heeh... that's pretty standard. I wonder if it's Kansai-style.
Shiraishi: It is so far.
Akutsu: Then spread the batter out on the teppan.
Akutsu: Put enough of the ingredients in.
Sengoku: Haha, "enough," huh.
Shiraishi: can't just do "enough."
Akutsu: You're annoying! Shut up and watch!
Shiraishi: Yes, yes.
Akutsu: Wait a while, then when then the batter is foaming... flip it over!
Taichi: A-amazing, Akutsu-senpai! You flipped it over awesomely!
Sengoku: I see... he is pretty skilled.
Shiraishi: Heeh, you did it. But there's a lot you didn't need to do.
Akutsu: Then don't push the okonomiyaki down. The air will escape.
Sengoku: Wow... amazing.
Akutsu: Hmph... then you decide if you want to put on the eggs or the sauce if you want.
Shiraishi: Even though you're doing it your own way, surprisingly, you managed to get the important parts. Okay, next it's my turn.
Akutsu: Are you going to show us?
Shiraishi: You could say that the problem with how you did it is that you're not very good at the basics, Akutsu-kun.
Akutsu: Stop talking all arrogantly and do it.
Shiraishi: Don't hurry me. First you need to measure out the amount of flour and add it in properly.
Akutsu: Che, what are you doing, packing it down. It's fine just to put in enough.
Shiraishi: You can make do with a natural feel for it, but that won't work for other people.
Shiraishi: Normal people make it by following the basics.
Minami: I see, there's some truth to that.
Shiraishi: If you measure the amounts properly, anyone can make it with the proper taste. The basics are important.
Taichi: That's true. If it's like this, it seems like even I can make it right.
Shiraishi: If you mix together the ingredients like Akutsu-kun did, there's no problem. You still don't want to get air inside.
Taichi: Huh? Why did you take out a thermometer and a stopwatch?
Shiraishi: It's to measure the temperature of the teppan and the time. You have to keep the temperature of the teppan constant. The time you fry it should also be the same.
Shiraishi: ...that's a good temperature. All right, add in the batter.
Shiraishi: Then, start timing it. At this temperature, it should be about right if you cook it for five minutes and thirty seconds.
Sengoku: Y-you're pretty detail-oriented.
Minami: I like this way of doing it.
Shiraishi: You also have to cut and prepare the ingredients so they're all the right size. They might be cooked unevenly by the flame.
Minami: That's true.
Shiraishi:'s about time. All right, I'm flipping it over.
Shiraishi: This is the only part where you need to have good technique. You can only improve with practice.
Taichi: It looks hard...
Shiraishi: It's better if you don't worry and just do it without thinking.
Shiraishi: Let's go!
Sengoku: Whoa! Amazing! You're even better than Akutsu!
Shiraishi: Akutsu-kun's way of doing it looks pretty good, but it has a lot of unnecessary movements.
Akutsu: You're really annoying, going through everything.
Shiraishi: Different people like different seasonings and toppings, so you can add them as you like.
Sengoku; Haha, that part's the same.
Taichi: Uwah... both of you, the appearance and the taste are delicious!
Minami: Yeah, it's hard to decide between them. But for amateurs like us, we'll use Shiraishi's method for reference.
Akutsu: ...hmph, say whatever you want.
Taichi: Ah, Akutsu-senpai! ...he left.
You: I've videotaped Shiraishi-san and Akutsu-senpai's ways of cooking.
You: With this, we can watch again anytime.
Sengoku: Oh, that's smart, (Hoshino-san).
Shiraishi: That's good. My method is the standard way of doing it.
Sengoku: Haha, well, we can also reference Akutsu's video together.
Sengoku: Well then, that's all for today. Dismissed.

8/29, Monday, Morning

You: ? What is it, Dan-kun?
Taichi: Ah, Senpai, you came at a good time.
You: ?
Taichi: I'm going to scout out the other schools' booths now. I'd like you to come along.
You: Scout out?
Taichi: Yes. Investigating the enemy's strengths is one of the basics of battle.
You: That's true... understood. All right, let's go.

Akutsu: ...oi.
Taichi: Ah, Akutsu-senpai!
Akutsu: Hey, what're you doing wandering around?
Taichi: We're scouting out the other schools' booths. Are you also...
Akutsu: Didn't I tell you not to play around disgracefully?
Sengoku: Heeh... if you're saying that, you must be sure we'll win.
Taichi: Sengoku-senpai!
Akutsu: What was that...? Who do you think you're saying that to, you bastard?
Sengoku: We're going to win, aren't we?
Akutsu: Of course!
Sengoku: In that case, come to the booth now. We need you so we can win.
Akutsu: Wha... you set me up.
Sengoku: Well, I wonder.
Akutsu: Che... I get it. I'll go.

9/1, Thursday, Morning

You: (Right after the opening ceremonies are over, there's a meeting at the assembly hall... it's a bit rushed.)

You: (The opening ceremonies ended without incident... We're supposed to meet in front of the gates. I wonder if everyone is already there?)

Taichi: The opening ceremonies are over, so now all that's left is to wait for the school festival.
You: That's right. For preparations, all we have to do is the decorations. We'll be done soon if everyone helps.
Sengoku: Ah, speaking of which, weren't you saying you were being contacted about something?
You: Ah, yes.
You: Umm... I thought I'd go after everyone was here...
Sengoku: Putting aside Akutsu... it's weird that Minami-buchou isn't here.
Shiraishi: If you're wondering about Minami, a while ago he was panicked about something and went off.somewhere.
Sengoku: Minami did? I wonder what? What happened?
Taichi: Nishikiori-senpai and Muromachi-senpai aren't here either. I'll get in touch with them later.
Sengoku: Yeah, that's good.
You: Haa... (I wonder if everything's all right...)
You: Well, I'll go ahead and make my report. They were saying that you should bring swimsuits for tomorrow's good work party.
Taichi: Swimsuits? We're using the pool?
You: It's not really that strange. But I think that's probably it.
Sengoku: Heeh...
Sengoku: Of course, you're taking part too, right?
You: No, I...
Shiraishi: That won't do. There's no point if you don't participate.
Shiraishi: A pool full of guys... it makes me shiver.
Sengoku: Uwah, if I think about it, that's pretty rough.
Taichi: I want you to participate. It's because we all worked hard together.
Sengoku: Yeah, that's right. Buchou would definitely say the same thing.
You: Is it all right?
Sengoku: Of course.
Shiraishi: It's decided.
You: Well then... I'll take you up on that.
Minami: Ooooi!
Taichi: Ah, Buchou!
Minami: This is bad, Banji's been hospitalized.
Sengoku: Banji!? So then, what's his condition?
Minami: Right now, Nishikiori and Muromachi are heading to the hospital. We don't know.
You: Is he ill?
Minami: It seems like it... we still don't know the details.
You: What should we do...
Minami: You guys continue work on the school festival. I'm going to the hospital with Kita and the others.
Sengoku: it. When you know the details, let us know.
Minami: Yeah, count on it.
You: ...something terrible has happened.
Sengoku: Yeah. But it's bad over here too.
You: Eh?
Sengoku: With this many people... do you think we'll be able to finish decorating?
You: Ah...
Taichi: Anyway, first let's head to the booth.
Sengoku: Yeah, right.

Taichi: Waah... it's true that it'll be hard to decorate this much.
Sengoku: That's true. Even if just Akutsu came...
You: Akutsu-senpai! That's right! I'll go look for him!
Sengoku: Right, we're counting on you.
You: Yes!
Shiraishi: Okay, we'll start with what we can do.

You: Ah, Akutsu-senpai! In a place like this...
Akutsu: Ah? Oh, it's you. I'm not gonna do the decorating. You've got enough people.
You: About that, something terrible has happened.
Akutsu: Terrible?
You: Banda-sensei has been hospitalized...
Akutsu: ...tch, that damn old man's hospitalized? What about it?
You: So, some of the tennis club regulars have gone to the hospital, and we don't have enough people helping out.
Akutsu: Hmph... so you came to ask me to help?
You: Um...
Akutsu: What? Are you gonna order me around?
You: No. If it's Akutsu-senpai... I definitely think you'll come help.
Akutsu: ...what does that mean?
You: I won't force you. We'll... be waiting.
Akutsu: Che... that's a stubborn way of saying it. Fine. Just this time I'll help out.
You: Thank you very much, Akutsu-senpai!
Akutsu: ...hmph.

9/1, Thursday, Noon

Sengoku: Somehow we're finished over here.
You: Then please come here. There's still this much...
Shiraishi: Ooooi, can someone come help out here? It's impossible alone.
Taichi: really is impossible. We don't have enough time if it's just us.
You: Uu... what should we do...
Akutsu: Che... oi, [Hoshino].
You: Eh? Y-yes.
Akutsu: Can't you change the closing time of this place?
You: Ah... that's right. If I ask the committee chairman, then maybe...
Akutsu: Then get going! We won't make it in time!
You: Yes!

Atobe: I see. I understand the circumstances.
You: So then, do we have approval to extend the work hours?
Atobe: Right... it should be fine until 8 PM.
You: Eight o'clock... that'll be tough.
Atobe: That won't do. You absolutely have to finish before eight.
You: At least... can't you give us until nine?
Atobe: Hey you... I recognize that Yamabuki has good teamwork, but you're a lot of thoughtless guys.
You: Eh?
Atobe: The guys who went to the hospital aren't just going to wait there forever. Shouldn't they be returning around now?
You: Ah...
Atobe: If you've got enough people, the decorating won't take any time at all. Think ahead a little.
You: Y-yes.
Atobe: If you want the guys who haven't returned to come, you should call them. You have until eight; is that fine?
You: Yes, understood. Thank you very much.
Atobe: ...hmph.

9/1, Thursday, Evening

Minami: Hey, we're back.
You: Ah, Minami-senpai!
You: How did it go at the hospital!?
Sengoku: It seems like Banji had a mild heart attack.
Sengoku: The pain has lessened already, and it doesn't seem like there are any other problems, so he can be released tomorrow.
You: I see... that's good.
Taichi: So then, do we have more time?
You: Yes, it's been extended until eight PM.
Minami: Everyone's here, so with that much, we should be able to make it in time. Let's do our best.
You: Yes!
Shiraishi: All right, time for the last push.

Sengoku: We're done~
Minami: The time is... 7:40.
Taichi: We made it on time.
Shiraishi: Mm, ecstasy! We can do it if we try.
You: Everyone... good work today, really.
Sengoku: You too, good work. You were working hard, right?
Taichi: Akutsu-senpai, good work to you too.
Akutsu: ...hmph.
Minami: All right, let's all go back to the train station together.
Sengoku: That's right. As expected, I'm exhausted.
Shiraishi: Is it all right if I go with you?
Minami: Of course. You really did well. Thanks.
Taichi: Then, let's all go back.

9/3, Saturday, Morning

Booth space, monjayaki stall:
You: (Uwah... they're getting a lot of business. Everyone looks busy... I wonder what I should do.)

(Let's try calling out to them.)
(They seem busy, it would be bad to get in the way.)

You: (Who should I call out to...)

Sengoku Kiyosumi
Dan Taichi
Shiraishi Kuranosuke

Kuranosuke-san, do you have a moment?
Kuranosuke-san, should I help out?

You: Kuranosuke-san, do you have a moment?
Shiraishi: Sorry, I'm tending the store.
You: Ah... right, sorry.

You: Kuranosuke-san, should I help out?
Shiraishi: Thanks, that would be great.

You: (They seem busy, it would be bad to get in the way... I'll try going somewhere else.)

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