Hariyama-san, Center of the World

Index of translations of the Ryohgo Narita series/collection of short stories.  This page may one day expand to Narita series in general if I end up doing more, who knows.

Hariyama-san, Center of the World

Original title: 世界の中心、針山さん (Sekai no Chuushin, Hariyama-san)

Volume 1
Urban Legend (Genre "urban legend")
     -A side: "Axe Man Tragedy"
     -B side: "Axe Man Comedy"
Magic Girl Number 893 (Genre "young witch")
Dear Sir Hero of Light (Genre "legendary hero")
Hariyama-san, Center of the Miracles (Genre "medley") [1] [2] [3]

Volume 2
Color pages
Urban Legend 2 ~Taxi Elegy~
Interlude 1: Imposter
The Tragedy of Number 37564
Interlude 2
Interlude 3
The Scarlet Death of Cross Kashiwagi

I'll figure out how to translate/phrase the interlude titles when I get there >_>


  1. Pretty cool of you to take up this project; keep up the good work. Will there be a pdf when you're done with this volume?

    1. Hahaha I hadn't thought that far ahead. Yeah, I can make a PDF, but it still probably wouldn't be checked against the original Japanese, since it's pretty time-consuming and monotonous for me. It also probably wouldn't include pictures, as I don't have a scanner and wouldn't want to use them without express permission of whoever provides them, but yeah. I do have a compiled document for the translation, so it shouldn't be difficult. :)

  2. I bundled the images for all three volumes from sone public RAWs I found a while back.

    I packed them into a .rar and uploaded them here:


    I clumsily joined the color spreads together. It doesn't look great, but I couldn't manage any better.

    I hope you'll put the pics to good use.

    1. Thanks! I'll include them in the completed PDF. ...and maybe update the posts here if I'm feeling motivated. |D;

  3. thank you so much for this !!! it must have taken a considerable amount of your precious time , but I can't tell you how much this could just change the day of any Narita fan from bad to fantastic !!! I am eagerly waiting for a pdf version !!! i can't wait to lay on my sofa , with a cup of coffee and this book in my reader !! thank you very much !!!!

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  5. I had been searching this book of long time and finally i found it here, i have two questions, first, ¿do you have pdf version? reading the comments, you say you'll do the pdf version but i can't found it. And second, ¿are you going to continue with this proyect? Because the proyect have been stopped since 2013 i guess. I expect yes because i want to read more of this book and i found this proyect has at least three volumes, some pages and forums say it:



  6. First of all, Thank you for your translation.

    I just have a question?
    Do you have a compilation of Vol. 1 somewhere? Like a PDF, maybe?