Monday, May 18, 2020

Current/Potential Future Projects

currently: real life sucks; Hariyama-san on hold, since I haven't even managed to get through the color pages yet orz;

Hariyama-san, Center of the World

Volume 1
Hariyama-san, Center of the Miracles (Genre "medley") [1] [2] [3]

Tales of

Link: Idolmaster event (not started)
Asteria: One-year anniversary Milla level 8 subquest: Playing Family

Friday, July 10, 2015

Tales of Link: Aim High! The Summit of Songstresses!

aaaand I continue to win at the "remember to post things when you're done translating" game.  as it turns out, the TOLink wiki has scripts for a lot of past events, so I might end up doing more of these; the New Year's and Halloween events were particularly memorable, so I'll probably pick those up at some point.  they're... a lot longer than I expected, though.

pretty busy right now, but next up is Hariyama-san.  should hopefully have the color pages up next week. o/

Tales of Link
Idolm@ster collaboration event
Aim High! The Summit of Songstresses!

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Tales of Asteria: Playing Family

how to translate something and then forget to ever post it: a guide by me. This subquest features Milla and Sophie, with cameos by the rest of the heroes of light and, er, a certain father-figure character.

Next up is the translation of the Idolmaster event from Tales of Link, which is longer than this and will probably take more time. After that I'll start the edit of Persona x Detective and translation of the next volume of Hariyama-san.

Tales of Asteria
Anniversary 5star Milla (light), level 12 subquest
(One-Year Commemoration) Playing Family

Saturday, June 6, 2015

Hariyama-san, Center of the World, volume 1: Afterwords

And that's it for this volume!

Next up are couple side stories from the Tales of mobile games, then the second volume of Hariyama-san. Sometime in the near future, I 'll want to give both this novel and Persona x Detective a pretty thorough editing/accuracy check, but... it'll be pretty time-consuming and not at all enjoyable, so we'll see.

Hariyama-san, Center of the World 1

Hariyama-san, Center of the World, volume 1: Center of the Miracles [3/3]

I have no excuse except lazy.  afterwords will be posted tomorrow after I give them a quick readthrough.

I also added the footnotes to the last update of this story because I realized I forgot them, h-haha.

Hariyama-san, Center of the World 1
Hariyama-san, Center of the Miracles (Genre: "Medley")

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Hariyama-san, Center of the World, volume 1: Center of the Miracles [2/3]

I'm so sorry for the wait on this.  Here, have a 26,000-word segment to make up for it.  The last bit of this story is like four pages long; I'll probably post it a bit later or at the same time as the afterwords.

I changed around a bit of the terminology I've been using to read a bit more naturally, though I also fixed it in past chapters to be consistent.  Shouldn't be anything too noticeable.

Hariyama-san, Center of the World 1
Hariyama-san, Center of the Miracles (Genre: "Medley")

Friday, April 17, 2015

Owata-P: Ojii-chan Isn't Coming

I admit to falling into Touken Ranbu.

Have something short.  It's by owata-P, the Vocaloid producer behind the Benzene series, and it's catchy and extremely tragic.  By which I mean I start laughing whenever I hear it.  It won't make much sense to non-Tourabu players. "Ojii-chan" is the nickname for the elusive Mikazuki Munechika (who I don't have either).

おじいちゃんはこない (Ojii-chan Isn't Coming)
Garuna (Owata-P)