Saturday, June 1, 2013

Prince of Tennis Perfect Edition: The Female Spy of Ice

Translation of the bonus manga in season 3, volume 1 of the TeniPuri kanzenban editions.

Page one
Panel one:
Kotoha: Fuu.
Box: My name is Kitazono Kotoha, the tennis manager of Tsubaki Gakuen (Hokkaido).
But that is only an assumed persona. People call me this: The Female Spy of Ice.

Panel two:
Kotoha: But today was really easy.
The Princes of That Time
Yamabuki Side 2
The Female Spy of Ice

Panel three:
Box: Because Sengoku chattered on and on for me.
Sengoku: By the way~ since we don't have someone for Singles 1...
Sengoku: our weak spot. That's what Muromachi-kun says.
Sengoku: You're cute... how lucky. ♡ Today I'll answer anything you ask me.

Page two
Panel one:
Kotoha: With this, all of Kantou is done.

Panel two:
Kotoha: Ah.

Panel three:
Akutsu: What's someone from another school doing here? Get lost!

Page three
Panel one:
Kotoha: Hieee! I'm sorry~~~

Panel two:
no text

Panel three:
Bottom page: Hyoutei Gakuen (Tokyo)
Top page: Seishun Gakuen (Tokyo)'s weak points
(circled in red: Person to be careful of) Echizen Ryoma-kun
Height is 151 cm and
Lob toward the back


Panel four:
Box: And so no one knows how the whole district of Kanto was saved.
pages that Akutsu is ripping:

(circled in red: Person to be careful of) Echizen Ryoma
Height is 151 c
Lob toward

Tezuka Kunimitsu-sa
Really, really good-
Couldn't find any weak

Oishi Shuuichirou
Weird hairstyle

to be continued

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