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Motto Gakuensai no Oujisama: Multi-route scenes

Scenes that are common to more than one school's route. This is a work in progress as I go through the scenes for the different attractions. Note that the scenes for each attraction will only appear if you have high enough affection with one of the participating characters.

8/19, Friday

8/23, Tuesday, Noon
8/23, Tuesday, Evening
8/24, Wednesday, Morning (Plaza)
8/24, Wednesday, Morning (Stage)
8/25, Thursday, Noon
8/26, Friday, Morning
8/26, Friday, Noon

9/2, Friday, Noon
9/3, Saturday, Morning

9/4, Sunday, Morning
9/4, Sunday, Night

8/19, Friday

8/19, (Fri) Weather: clear

Today is a half-day at school.
A tough situation has come up.
The seven tennis clubs that were chosen to be representatives at the Kantou tournament are going to hold a school festival together.
And somehow, I was chosen to be a member of the steering committee in charge of our tennis club.

It seems like the tennis club is sort of amazing...
I wonder if I'll really be able to do this?
But with this kind of big event, it seems like a lot of fun things will also happen.
Ah, my anticipation and uncertainty are getting all mixed up.
Anyway, tomorrow I'll be going to the festival grounds and meeting the tennis club.

I wonder what will happen from now on...

8/23, Tuesday, Noon

Vocal unit scene 1, stage
Saeki: First we have to choose the songs. What should we sing? I think a ballad would be good.
Sengoku: I like something bright. Like a cheerful song.
Shishido: I'm in favor of a flashy song with lots of shouting.
Shiraishi: I want to do a fast trance song.
Fuji: Hm~ ...anything is fine with me.
Saeki: ...our ideas are all over the place.
Fuji: How about we put them all together and do a medley?
Sengoku: If we do that, the songs aren't really compatible, so it'll be hard to organize them.
Saeki: We can start with bright pop music, change to something flashy halfway through, and then move on to trance.
Saeki: Then we end with a serious ballad. It's fine if we do it like that, right?
Shishido: Well... I'm not gonna complain.
Sengoku: Yeah, it's a good idea.
Shiraishi: It's good, right?
Fuji: Good job, Saeki, you put it all together.
You: (It looks like they're having fun...)

8/23, Tuesday, Evening

Street dance scene 1, plaza
Kurobane: Well, what kind of dance should we do?
Kikumaru: An acrobatic dance, obviously, right?
Mukahi: Hou, are you challenging me? Kikumaru.
Kikumaru: Of course. I don't plan to lose.
Marui: Oi oi, don't have your own conversation, you two.
Amane: The most basic would be a street dance, right?
Kurobane: It would be nice if we could include break dancing.
Kintarou: I don't care as long as I get to move around.
Mukahi: What about you, Jirou?
Akutagawa: ...
Mukahi: Oh, of course he's sleeping.
Kurobane: Is it all right not to wake him?
Mukahi: Leave him. I'll fill him in later.
Amane: that okay?
Kikumaru: It's fine. More importantly, let's hurry and decide.
Kintarou: I don't like standing still. Hurry up.
You: (Dancing... if it's Senpai and the others, it looks like it'll be an incredible dance.)
[Conversation topic: About the dance GET!!]

8/24, Wednesday, Morning (Plaza)

Japanese drumming scene 1, plaza
Tachibana: Is there anyone here with experience in Japanese drumming?
Kawamura: I've done it several times at festivals.
Oshitari: I haven't done it before.
Yanagi: Unfortunately, I have no experience.
Kaidou: Me too... I've only played around.
Niou: Same here.
Chitose: Same.
Kawamura: Huh? Akutsu, didn't you do it with me before, a long time ago?
Akutsu: Keh... that sort of stuff's just kids playing around.
Kawamura: Haha... still, experience is experience.
Tachibana: So there isn't anyone experienced...
Yanagi: Tachibana, you've got experience, haven't you?
Oshitari: You suggested it, so you must've done it before, right?
Chitose: Now that you mention it, you do like Japanese drumming, Kippei.
Tachibana: I haven't done the real thing before. But I'm familiar with the basics.
Kawamura: In that case, all we can do is have Tachibana-kun teach us.
Niou: That's right.
Tachibana: Right... I might be a little more comfortable if we had some kind of textbook.
Yanagi: A textbook... in that case, I'll prepare one.
Niou: As expected of our officer. You never slip up.
Tachibana: That would be a great help. As long as it has the basics of Japanese drumming, it shouldn't be too hard.
Tachibana: If we practice hard, we'll be able to put on a good show.
Akutsu: Practice? Ha...
Kawamura: There, there.
Tachibana: But the equipment will be here next time, so we'll start on real drumstick practice immediately.
You: (Japanese drumming, huh... everyone's doing their best.)
[Conversation topic: About Japanese drumming GET!!]

8/24, Wednesday, Morning (Stage)

Nobunaga drama scene 1, stage
Sanada: Participating in the play is all well and good, but the program has not been decided.
Mizuki: If that's the case, please rest assured. With these members and the line-up, a perfect drama has come to mind.
Akazawa: A perfect drama? What in the world?
Mizuki: Nfu, it's Oda Nobunaga.
Hiyoshi: Something from the Sengoku era... isn't it?
Akaya: Heeh... isn't it good? I can kind of imagine it. The leading actor, as Nobunaga, is...Fukubuchou, huh?
Mizuki: Nfu, you're good at guessing.
Sanada: Hou...I'm Nobunaga? Interesting.
Mizuki: And then Akechi Mitsuhide is Hiyoshi-kun. I'll be relying on you.
Hiyoshi: Akechi seems like this will be worth doing.
Mizuki: For Kirihara-kun, he'll do Hideyoshi.
Akaya: Got it...isn't it perfect for me, who'll carry on the next Rikkai?
Dan: What will I do?
Mizuki: Dan-kun will do Mori Ranmaru.
Dan: Mori Ranmaru? I don't really know him.
Mizuki: I'll write the scenario later, so please take a look and make sure you understand it.
Dan: Ah, yes. I'm looking forward to it.
Akazawa: Mizuki. What are you and I doing?
Mizuki: I'll do Kuroda Kanbee, and Buchou will do Hachisuka Masakatsu.
Sanada: If it's with this cast...the setting will be the Incident at Honnouji?
Mizuki: That's right. We'll bring it from the middle of the talks to that point.
You: (It seems like they're working hard. I think I'll enjoy the attraction.)
[Conversation topic: About the Nobunaga Drama GET!!]

8/25, Thursday, Noon

Nobunaga drama scene 2, stage
Akazawa: What are we doing for the battle scene?
Mizuki: It will be fine no matter how many extras we have, so we'll manage somehow.
Hiyoshi: If it's this scenario... Mitsuhide's treason is on a whim.
Sanada: It isn't about a grudge?
Mizuki: It isn't a grudge. More than that, it's on a whim plus his unrefinedness, is what I think.
Akaya: Hmmm... there are a lot of explanations, huh. If you ask me, it's most interesting if you think that it's because of his unrefinedness.
Mizuki: Even if it is unrefinedness, it's because there are a lot of holes in his plan.
Hiyoshi: I see... his original plan is essential.
Mizuki: Nfu, you say good things, don't you, Hiyoshi-kun.
Sanada: The climax of the Incident at Honnouji is good, but I would like more drama.
Mizuki: For the time being, let's perfect Okehazama. Afterwards, I also want to include the Battle of Nagashino, but...
Akazawa: If we don't have horses, the Battle of Nagashino will look stupid.
Mizuki: Nn, that's true. So I'd like to include a spot where Hideyoshi and Mitsuhide appear a bit more.
Dan: Umm... is my part only at the end?
Mizuki: That's right. But it's an important rule, so you mustn't relax.
Dan: Yes, understood!
You: A period drama... somehow they seem really into it...

8/26, Friday, Morning

Japanese drumming scene 2, stage
Tachibana: You can't hold the drumsticks too tightly, got it? Hold them lightly, without too much strength. Like a racket.
Oshitari: Right, but if you don't hold it tightly, you won't make any sound.
Kawamura: It's the other way around. If you put too much power into it, it won't sound good and you'll get tired.
Yanagi: As they say, it's most important to do it naturally.
Kaidou:'s true. You shouldn't hold it too strongly.
Chitose: As expected, Kippei. You know just how to do it.
Akutsu: Keh, we'll know right away if we try. Give that here!
Kawamura: A-Akutsu!
Akutsu:: Look, this stuff's easy.
Tachibana: Hmph... that's a bad example.
Chitose: That was terrible.
Akutsu: What was that?
Tachibana: Akutsu, you're pretty strong. But I thought I told you that drumming isn't about power!
Akutsu: Interesting... are you all talk or are you gonna show us?
Tachibana: Fine. Watch this.
Oshitari: It's true... that was a good sound.
Niou: Hooh... he did it.
Chitose: Kippei's pretty good at this.
Tachibana: Do you understand? Hitting hard is not the same as being skilled.
Akutsu: Keh... how annoying.
Kawamura: Then let's practice properly.
Akutsu: Shut up! You ordering me around?
Niou: Whoops, the sore loser's throwing a tantrum.
Akutsu: ...what was that? What did you say just now?
Niou: Sore loser.
Akutsu: Bastard...
Oshitari: What are you two idiots doing? Akutsu, even you know without being told that that wasn't any good.
Akutsu: Che... just you wait...
You: (I... I wonder if they're okay.)

8/26, Friday, Noon

Vocal unit scene 2, stage
Shiraishi: Mmm, ecstasy!
Fuji: ...doesn't that seem pretty good?
Saeki: That's true. We've managed to get the strength right, and it seems like we can do it like this.
Shishido: Well, it isn't bad.
Sengoku: Hey, hey, you're still stiff~ Relax, relax.
Saeki: Well then, let's start again from the top.
Shishido: Sorry, let me have a bit of a break. Going continuously like this has got me tired, after all.
Shiraishi: What's that, aren't you undisciplined? I can keep going.
Shishido: Shiraishi, you're tougher than I thought.
Shiraishi: Of course.
Fuji: Well, the situation's different from tennis.
Sengoku: Anyway, we've got better rapport than I thought.
Shishido: Yeah, we're able to react to each other well.
Fuji: Haha...... even you have your good points.
Shishido: Even if you flatter me, nothing will come out of it.
Sengoku: Okay, break's over, let's get back to practice.
Shishido: Oi oi, that was short.
You: (It seems like Senpai and the others are doing well.)
[Conversation topic: About the unit GET!!]

9/2, Friday, Noon

Atobe: OK, everyone's gathered.
Sanada: You said to bring swimsuits, so I brought mine... but what are you planning?
Atobe: Oi oi, don't scowl like that. It's not really a big deal.
Atobe: Today is to recognize your work on the preparations for the school festival and the opening of the swim meet.
Oshitari: What's that, all of a sudden. I didn't hear anything about this.
Shinji: ...what's this about a swim meet? We'll get unnecessarily tired, won't we? Isn't it not about the work we did?
Atobe: Stop complaining and get ready. The events for this contest are water shibasen and hassoutobi, as well as water polo.
[Shibasen = cavalry battle, the one where someone is held on the shoulders of several other people and the goal is to retrieve some sort of flag from the opponents.] Yuuta: Hassoutobi?
Mizuki: It's a historical tradition where, at the Battle of Dan-no-ura, Minamoto No Yoshitsune jumped over eight boats at once.
Mizuki: It's a legend from Heike Monogatari.
Atobe: It's an event that requires crossing over styrofoam sheets in the pool, and you compete to see how far you can run.
Momo: Ah, like what they do a lot on variety shows on TV?
Fuji: Kibasen is fine, and so is hassoutobi, but both of them sound like they would be something out of an idol swimming contest.
Akazawa: You call them events, so are there any special prizes for the winners?
Atobe: No, there isn't.
Akazawa: What's that?
Atobe: It's the opposite of that, but if your results are poor, a penalty game awaits.
Ryoma: Penalty game...?
Momo: Oi, this development can't be...
Akazawa: What's this penalty game?
Inui: It's this.
Kurobane: Geh!? T-that's...
Saeki: Inui Special...
Kikumaru: Iwashi Mizu~!!
Atobe: that's how it is. Doesn't it make you want to do it?
Tachibana: What's that? Iwashi Mizu? Isn't it refreshing?
Inui: It's not "spring water." It's "sardine water." It's made from pressing whole sardines, and it's a healthy drink with an abundance of DHA.
Kamio: Geh! Sardines!?
Eiji: This is bad, this is really bad.
Aoi: Uuu... this is a pressure I've never felt before...
Kaidou: ...I don't want to lose.
Mukahi: Look how panicked those guys from Seigaku and Rokkaku are.
Oshitari: It seems like it really is something dangerous.
Ootori: This is... we can't lose.
Atobe: Hmph, did that make you a little more serious? It's just playing around if there isn't any motivation.
Momo: There's way too much motivation!
Eiji: Anyway, why does Atobe know about Iwashi Mizu?
Atobe: Hmph, don't underestimate my information network. That sort of thing is easy to investigate.
Tezuka: As expected, Atobe.
Momo: It's nothing to admire him for!

Aoi: All right, now this so-called good work party that's an insane life-or-death struggle begins to unfold!
Aoi: The chairman is me, Rokkaku Chuu's first-year captain Aoi Kentarou.
Aoi: The commentator is Hyoutei Gakuen's Kabaji-san. Please treat us well.
Kabaji: Usu.
Kurobane: That Kentarou... he managed to run away skillfully.
Shishido: Hey... why is Kabaji commentator?
Fuji: There isn't an audience, but Aoi-kun is in high spirits anyway.
Aoi: Whose hand will grasp the laurels of victory?
Aoi: And who will receive the dreaded penalty game! It's fascinating, isn't it, Kabaji-san?
Kabaji: Usu.
Shishido: ...they might be a good combo.

9/3, Saturday, Morning

You: (Okay, today's finally the school festival! It'll be nice if it goes well...)

Atobe: Ladies and gentleman! It's finally the start of the school festival!
Tachibana: The opening greeting is done by Atobe? It's just like him to show off.
Jirou: Amazing, amazing! There are a lot of shops! It looks so fun!
Mukahi: You're really energetic at times like this, Jirou.
Atobe: I'll leave out the ceremonies. Enjoy yourselves to your hearts' contents. That's an order. Got it?
Oshitari: ...he's acting self-important even now.

If you're playing a particular school's route, the scenes listed below for that school will not appear.

You: A haunted house... it's like a summer project.
Ibu: ...are you coming in? The admission fee is 100 yen.
You: Eh? No... going in a place like this alone is a little...
Ibu: ...what's that, you're just looking around. That sort of thing is troublesome.
Ibu:'re in the way, so I'd like you to hurry and go somewhere else.
You: Ooh... please excuse me!

You: Heeh, a sweets booth... it's nice.
Marui: Welcome! Well? We have lots of swe~et mitsumame, dango, and shiruko.
You: Uu... it really does look delicious, but... how many calories?
Marui: You don't have to worry! The menu includes the number of calories and a calorie-burning program.
You: Calorie-burning program?
Marui: Right. You can tell at a glance how much you need to exercise to burn off those calories!
Marui: For example, one bowl of shiruko has 220 calories...
Marui: That's 25 minutes of jogging! If you swim, that's 10 minutes!
You: Uu! T-that's a little... too tough...
Marui: Really? I think it's pretty easy to burn...
You: Ooh... I'll decline.

You: Heeh... it's a fashionable cafe.
Mizuki: Nfu, welcome. Please come inside.
You: Eh? No, um.
Mizuki: There's no need to be shy. Please.
You: U~m... I'll come again!
Mizuki: Nn... they ran away again. I'm worried that things won't go according to the scenario...

You: A cafe...? I think it was Seigaku's cafe.
Ryoma: Welcome.
You: Ah, um... somehow it seems like there are a lot of people leaving who don't look well... is it just my imagination?
You: I can also hear screams...
Ryoma: ...aren't you coming in?
Inui: Welcome. Please enjoy yourself~
You: Kyaaa! P-please excuse me!
Ryoma: Che.
You: (Ooh... for some reason, that cafe feels dangerous.)

You: Heh... you don't usually see monjayaki.
Dan: Ah, welcome! Please come inside!
You: Eh? Ah, um...
Dan: Um, won't you come inside?
You: That's, a little...
Dan: If you won't come in, Akutsu-senpai will get mad at me! I thought you'll help me so I want you to come in!
You: T-that's... I'm sorry!
Dan: Ah... she left.
Akutsu: Che, what are you doing! Are you not able to get customers honestly?
Dan: P-please excuse me! I'm sorry!
Akutsu:'s fine, come inside and help out.

You: Heh, a cotton candy shop...?
Eiji: Welco~me! We have sweet, delicious cotton candy~!
You: I'll take one, please.
Eiji: Thank you. All right, make sure you hold on it without letting go.
[present: cotton candy with a cat on the bag!]
You: Eh? Ah!
[present: ...cotton candy floating off the top of the screen]
Eiji: Arara, even though I told you you can't let go.
You: The cotton candy... flew away.
Eiji: The bag is filled with helium.
You: Heh... that's cool.

You: Goldfish-scooping! It looks fun!
Kaidou:'s 100 yen for one try. Will you do it?
You: Yes!
Kaidou: Here, the poi and cup.
You: All right... if I'm going to do it, I might as well go for the big one with the protruding eyes... ei!
Kaidou: Fuu... you didn't get it.
You: Ooh, too bad. All right, one more time!
Kaidou: It's no good. If you do it like that, no matter how many times you try, you won't scoop it up.
You: Ooh, then, let me see you do it.
Kaidou: ...all right. Watch closely. Fshuuuuu...
You: ......
Kaidou: Boomerang Snake!
You: Uwah...
Kaidou: How was that?
You: ...I can't do that. I give up.

You: Smash DE Bingo? What's that?
Kirihara: Yo, do you want to try? One go is 100 yen.

Don't play

You: Yes, I'll challenge it.

If you get bingo:
Kirihara: Heeh... you did it. Here, the special prize.
You: Eh... what is this? Pictures... it's the committee chairman... Bromides? Secret photos?

If you get bingo but not strike:
Kirihara: You did pretty well.
You: I got bingo, but... not strike...

If you don't get anything:
Try again
Give up

[you play the game again!]

Kirihara: Mm, too bad.
You: Ooh, too bad.

You: Ah, I'll have to decline.
Kirihara: What, you're not gonna play? Boring.
You: (I'll just watch.)

You: Ah, a takoyaki stand! I'll have some.
Mukahi: Welcome! What'll you have?
You: Eh? Ah, there's a variety of things.
Mukahi: I recommend this one!
You: Eh, which?
Mukahi: Takoyaki with natto in it!
You: Um!?
Oshitari: Gakuto! You made something on your own again? I told you to stop that!
Mukahi: Uwah, Yuushi, you were there?
Oshitari: It doesn't matter. Didn't I tell you not to do these things on your own?
Mukahi: Isn't it all right?
You: Ah... it seems like you're arguing, so please excuse me.

You: Um... what is this place?
Ootori: Welcome.
You: Um... this is a cafe... right?
Ootori: Yes.
You: Ah, that's right, Hyoutei's...
Ootori: Will you come in?
You: Eh? Um...
Ootori: At the moment we have about fifty people waiting, however, so the wait time is a little long.
You: Eh? Ah, that line is for here... moreover, it's only girls...
Ootori: So how about it? Shall I give you a ticket?
You: N-no, it's fine. Goodbye.
Ootori: Thank you. We'll be waiting to serve you some other time. [...from the bottom of his heart or sth.]

You: I thought it was a big float, but it's a beach house?
Saeki: Welcome! What will you have?
You: Um... shaved ice.
Saeki: Will that be to go?
You: Yes.
Saeki: What syrup?
You: Um...? What is this "sujouyu"?
Saeki: Sujouyu is when you mix "su" and "shoyu" and...
[su = vinegar; shouyu = soy sauce. put the words together and it can be read “sujouyu.”]
You: Not that! This is also syrup?
Saeki: Yes. Would you like to try it?
You: Um..... in the end, I'll go with the normal strawberry.
Saeki: Thank you. One strawberry!
[present: kakigoori! uguuuu I want]
You: (...but it's kind of worrysome. Sujouyu...)

9/4, Sunday, Morning

You: (Today is the last day of the school festival... I'm looking forward to it, but... it might get a little lonely.)

You: All right, I'll look around the school festival a little.

If you go to a booth you went to yesterday, you get the following conversations.

You: Ah, this is...
Ibu: came again. If you're not coming in, go back.
You: Ah, I'm sorry. I'll leave in a little bit.
You: (I came here before... I don't need to come here today.)

You: Ah, this is...
Akutsu: Hurry up and decide whether or not you're gonna come in, you octopus!
You: Kyaa, I'm sorry!
Akutsu: O-oi! Che, she left.
Sengoku: Oi oi, that's no good, Akutsu. Don't scare away cute girls.
Akutsu: Shut up.

You: Ah, this is...
Ootori: Welcome.
You: Uwah, there's a line again. This place is... no good, huh. Goodbye.
Ootori: Thank you. We'll be waiting to serve you some other time.

Any other character:
You: Ah, this is...
Boy: [first line he normally says when you enter; see previous section]
You: Ah, I'm sorry. I'm just looking.
You: (I came here before... I don't need to come here today.)

9/4, Sunday, Night

Atobe: Well, this marks the end of the combined school festival!
Atobe: Okay, it sounds like everyone had fun. Well then...
Oishi: Wait a second. The closing remarks were supposed to be done by our Tezuka, right?
Sanada: Hmph, you're showing off.
Atobe: Che, you realized? Well, whatever. Hey, Tezuka. End it properly.
Tezuka: Mm.
Tezuka: All that's left of the combined school festival is the campfire.
Sengoku: He's as stiff as ever, Tezuka is.
Tezuka: However, the school festival has still not completely ended. It's the school festival until you return home.
Sengoku: Arara... haha.
Tezuka: So, don't let your guard down.
Eiji: You're saying that even at a time like this!

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