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Motto Gakuensai no Oujisama: Oshitari scenes

Character name is Mizuno Yuuki. Most conversations have now been filled in.

Of note: if the character’s name is in parentheses, it means it’s said in the text on-screen but not voiced.

Affection table

Each bar consists of five hearts. Full affection is fifty hearts.

School festival Homework Weather Friends Dreams Tennis Books Music Games Fashion Food Love
Affection 0-5 0.5
Affection 5-15 1 0 0.5 0 0.5 0.5 0.5 0 -0.5 1 1 0.5
Affection 15-35 1.5 0.5 0.5 0 0.5 1 0.5 0.5 0 1.5 1 1
Affection 35-50 1.5 0.5 0.5 1.5 1.5 1 0.5 0.5 1 1 1 2

Special conversation topics
About the present
About Japanese drumming
About sagoshikizushi

Character-specific scene index

8/22, Monday, Noon (Speak)
8/23, Tuesday, Evening (Speak)
8/24, Wednesday, Noon (Speak)
8/25, Thursday, Evening (See)
8/26, Friday, Evening (Speak)
8/27, Saturday, Noon (See)
8/27, Saturday, Night (Automatic)
8/28, Sunday, Date
8/29, Monday, Morning (See)
8/30, Tuesday, Night (Automatic)
8/31, Wednesday, Date
9/2, Friday, Morning (Speak)
9/2, Friday, Noon (Automatic)
9/3, Saturday, Noon (Automatic)
9/3, Saturday, Noon (Speak)
9/3, Saturday, Evening (Automatic)
9/4, Sunday, Noon (Automatic)
9/4, Sunday, Noon (Speak)
9/4, Sunday, Evening (Automatic)
9/4, Sunday, Confession

Morning greeting
Phone number request
When invited to talk
Walking home
Minigame conversations

Conversation starters

Affection 0-5
You: Oshitari-senpai.
Oshitari: Oh, you're the committee representative...
You: I'm Mizuno.
Oshitari: Yeah, that's right.
You: Oshitari-senpai, um...
You: Oshitari-senpai.
Oshitari: You're the committee representative, aren't you?
You: Yes. I'm a second-year, Mizuno. I wanted to ask you something...

Affection 5-15
You: Ah, Oshitari-senpai.
Oshitari: Ah, Mizuno-san.
You: Are you busy right now?
Oshitari: Usually I am, but I have time now.

You: Oshitari-senpai.
Oshitari: Hey, (Mizuno-san). Do you need something from me?
You: Do you have a moment?
Oshitari: Yeah, it's fine.

Affection 15-35
You: Ah, Oshitari-senpai.
Oshitari: Hey, Miss Steering Committee Representative.
You: Senpai, you call me that sometimes, huh.
Oshitari: It's easier to call you that. Do you not like it?
You: No. But it's a little embarrassing. Oshitari: Well, I'd be happy if you got used to it. Well? Did you need something from me?


You: Oshitari-senpai.
Oshitari: Yo. You're cute again today.
You: Eh!? N-not at all.
Oshitari: If you take it so seriously, I'll be troubled. It's just a lighthearted greeting.
You: was a greeting?
Oshitari: So, what did you need?

Affection 35-50
You: Yuushi-senpai.
Oshitari: Milady! You came!
You: Eh? Did you need something from me?
Oshitari: Ah, no, no. I just thought I'd like to take a bit of a break.
You: Really? Then how about we talk for a bit?
Oshitari: Okay. I'd like that~


You: Here you are, Yuushi-senpai.
Oshitari: Hm? You were looking for me? Even if you weren't and just wandered around, we'd still meet somewhere.
You: That might be true, but... I wanted to talk to you.

Normal conversation topics

Affection 0-5

This conversation is also used if, at a later affection level, you choose a topic you've spoken to him about before.
Oshitari: Ah, sorry. Atobe's calling me. Maybe next time.
You: Ah, yes. I understand.
Oshitari: I'm really sorry. I'll listen when I have the time.
You: Yes. Then I'll see you later.
[+0.5 hearts] (if affection 0-5); [+0 hearts] (if affection greater than 5)

Affection 5-15

About the school festival
You: We've done the preparations for the takoyaki cart.
Oshitari: Mm, good work.
You: Now we need to prepare the containers and the like. Is this much enough?
Oshitari: I think that's fine.
You: Okay, got it. Then we're done with this.
Oshitari: I'll leave it to you~
[+1 heart]

About homework
You: Have you already finished your summer homework?
Oshitari: W-well, it's coming along.
You: Really?
You: (...that's a bit suspicious.)

About the weather
You: It's a good thing the weather is nice today.
Oshitari: That's true, but... you sound like a housewife when you say it that way.
You: Ehh!? Really?
Oshitari: Haha. I'm just kidding.
[+0.5 hearts]

About friends
You: Senpai, you came to Hyoutei in middle school, huh. Were you in Osaka before that?
Oshitari: Right. I graduated elementary in Osaka.
Oshiari: We moved around a lot during elementary school. I went to a lot of different schools.
You: Really? How many times have you moved?
Oshitari: About six times. A lot, isn't it?
You: It is. Um, it was tough, huh?
Oshitari: Well, I got used to it. And it's also fun to start living in a new place.
You: Really?
You: (I wonder if Senpai's so cool because he moved around so much.)

About dreams
You: Will you read this printout?
Oshitari: Yeah. ...what, students not affiliated with the school festival have been seen around. They've been coming here?
You: Yes, it seems like it. They're harassing people and we'd like to put a stop to it.
Oshitari: Hmm. Ah, do you mean guys are coming?
You: Yes. At the moment, there aren't any reports of girls.
Oshitari: Ah, well, I know what they're here for. They're probably trying to pick up girls.
You: Picking up girls? ...haa.
Oshitari: What is it, (Mizuno-san)? That's an odd expression.
You: They came all the way here for that. I don't get it.
Oshitari: Well, some guys are dreamers. They'll try to pick up girls and do other things and take a chance,
Oshitari: since they want a cute girl as their girlfriend.
You: Senpai, do you and everyone in the tennis club think that way?
Oshitari: We don't.
Oshitari: We only think about tennis, so we don't have the time, energy, or interest in picking up girls.
You: That's true.
Oshitari: Well, (Mizuno-san), be careful around students you don't know. Try not to get involved in anything weird.
You: Yes.
[+0.5 hearts]

About tennis
You: The national tournament is soon.
Oshitari: Yeah. It feels like we're alternates... but I want to work hard.
You: Yes! Please do your best. I'll definitely come cheer for you.
Oshitari: Try not to get bullied by Atobe's fangirls.
[+0.5 hearts]
You: Y-yes.

About books
You: What kind of books do you read, Oshitari-senpai?
Oshitari: Hm, not really any in particular.
You: Like whatever's at hand?
Oshitari: Yeah, that's right.
[+0.5 hearts]
You: I see...

About music
You: Do you listen to music often, Senpai?
Oshitari: I wouldn't say often, but I listen to what I listen to.
You: What do you listen to?
Oshitari: Anything. It's better than having a preference.
You: Heeh~
Oshitari: You try listening to a lot of things too. There are some interesting songs.
You: Yes.

About games
You: Oshitari-senpai, do you play games?
Oshitari: Mm, I don't.
You: Because you're busy, huh.
Oshitari: I'd like to relax a bit more, but, well, it's fun.
[-0.5 hearts]
You: Really?

About fashion
You: Oshitari-san, what kind of clothes do you like?
Oshitari: Hm, for girls, I think it's got to be miniskirts.
[+1 heart]
You: ...that's not what I meant...

About food
You: Senpai, do you eat okonomiyaki with rice?
Oshitari: I do, but what about it?
You: I thought so. Then yakisoba with rice?
Oshitari: That's right.
You: Then it's true that it's common in Kansai. Thank you very much for telling me.
Oshitari: What, you're a strange girl.
[+1 heart]

About love
You: You have a lot of secret fans at school, Senpai.
Oshitari: Why secret?
You: No, for some reason.
Oshitari: Well, I'm happy even if just some people like me.
You: That's true.
Oshitari: So, are you a secret fan?
You: I-I'm not really...
Oshitari: What, that's too bad. You have nice legs and I'd be happy if you became my fan.
[+0.5 hearts]
You: Fufu. Then I'll think about it.

Affection 15-35

About the school festival
You: When I looked at the list of booths, yours seems pretty normal, Senpai. Even though Atobe-senpai's is so flashy.
Oshitari: Yeah~ that's right. Atobe may like to stand out, but I'm a normal guy.
You: Haa...
Oshitari: Well, keep up with him as best you can.
[+1.5 hearts]
You: Yes.

About homework
You: Senpai, have you finished your summer homework?
Oshitari: I'm not making a lot of progress on the subjects I'm bad at. Ah, this might be bad.
You: Isn't it better to do the subjects you're bad at first?
Oshitari: I'm the type that puts off doing the ones I'm bad at.
You: Anyway, do your best, okay?
Oshitari: Yeah.
[+0.5 hearts]

About the weather
You: I don't really have any business. It's been hot lately, so I was wondering how you were doing.
Oshitari: Right. It's so hot I'm getting tired.
You: But it's a little easier at night.
Oshitari: It being better doesn't mean it's not hot.
[+0.5 hearts]
You: That's true.

About friends
You: Senpai, you get along well with Mukahi-senpai, huh.
Oshitari: Yeah, well. But sometimes he feels like a troublesome little brother.
You: He causes trouble?
Oshitari: He'll stay at my place whenever he runs away from home.
You: Runs away...
Oshitari: Yeah, it's not that big a deal. Things like his father eating his favorite food.
You: Really? I'm glad.
Oshitari: My older sister loves him, so it's too easy for him to come.
Oshitari: To the point where sometimes he reaches my house before I do.
You: Somehow, I can imagine it.
Oshitari: No matter how often Gakuto stays over, we're not really bothered by it, so it's a nice place for him.
Oshitari: I can't act like that. I'm a bit jealous sometimes.
You: Senpai, do you sometimes think you want to behave like Mukahi-senpai?
Oshitari: I'm not saying I want to go that far. But I know it's impossible for me.
Oshitari: Just like Gakuto has things I don't, I have things Gakuto doesn't.
Oshitari: I like having that kind of relationship with him.
You: Yes.

About dreams
Oshitari: By the way, (Mizuno-san), you look a bit tired today. Did something happen?
You: Yes. It's embarrassing, but I was napping on the train and missed my stop.
Oshitari: Really? You always come early, so for you to come late means you must've gone a lot farther.
You: Yes. Geez, I was really panicked.
Oshitari: We're busy every day, so you just get more and more tired. Be careful.
You: Yes. Thank you very much. Senpai, have you overslept and missed your stop before?
Oshitari: Yeah, I have. One time I slept until the last stop and the station attendant woke me up.
You: Senpai, you must've been really tired to go that far.
Oshitari: It was when Atobe was in a bad mood and normal practice became really harsh. Everyone other than Atobe was completely exhausted.
Oshitari: When I sat down on the train, I fell so deeply asleep I didn't even dream.
You: I kind of want to see you sleeping like that, Senpai.
Oshitari: I'd be a bit embarrassed if you did, Milady.
Oshitari: But as for me, (Mizuno-san), I want to see your sleeping face.
You: I-I'm embarrassed too. I'll try not to sit down in the mornings anymore.
Oshitari: Really? That's too bad.
[+0.5 hearts]

About tennis
You: The tennis club coach is Sakaki-sensei, isn't it. I've only had one class with Sakaki-sensei before.
Oshitari: O-oh... what class was it?
You: When we had a song test, the teacher in charge was absent, so he was a substitute. Everyone in class was nervous.
Oshitari: How did the test go? Did he say anything to you?
You: Um, it was... "Well done. You may go!"
Oshitari: I see. Good...
You: Eh? Eh?
Oshitari: That's pretty good, (Mizuno-san). But it's pretty rare. Don't tell Gakuto. Bye.
[+1 heart]
You: ???

About books
You: What kind of books do you normally read?
Oshitari: Books? Let's see... I try to read some of everything. It's good for conversation.
You: Really?
Oshitari: You should read a lot of books too.
[+0.5 hearts]
You: Yes.

About music
You: Senpai, what kind of music do you like?
Oshitari: Nothing in particular. Ah, I like movies, so I listen to music from movies a lot.
You: Movie soundtracks?
Oshitari: Right. Like romantic movies.
You: It's rare to find guys who like romance.
Oshitari: Haha. Everyone says that. Well, it's because almost all of them are from the woman's perspective.
You: Would it be interesting to see it from the man's perspective?
Oshitari: Yeah. It would be interesting in a lot of ways.
[+0.5 hearts]
You: Hmm, really?

About games
You: Do you play video games?
Oshitari: Not that much, but sometimes I play ones where you use your head.
You: Like puzzles?
Oshitari: They're not that hard, but... yeah, I do.
You: Really?
Oshitari: It's interesting to play them occasionally.

About fashion
You: Oshitari-senpai, isn't it dangerous to wear glasses during a match?
Oshitari: It isn't. And even though I wear them, it's my own preference.
You: Choice? What do you mean by preference? Please tell me.
Oshitari: Hmm... after mentioning it, I guess I have to tell you.
You: (Is there some amazing reason for it!?)
Oshitari: Glasses suit me, right?
You: Yes, a lot.
Oshitari: That's the reason.
[+1.5 hearts]
You: Huh?

About food
You: Senpai, do you have a takoyaki fryer at home?
Oshitari: Yeah, we do.
You: Do all homes in Kansai have them?
Oshitari: Not really. I think more homes don't have one.
You: Ehhh, really? That's a bit disappointing.
Oshitari: No, no. I'll be upset if you get that disappointed.
[+1 heart]

About love
You: Oshitari-senpai, what kind of girl do you like?
Oshitari: That's sudden. Is it bothering you?
You: Senpai, you're popular but you say you have no girlfriend, so I was wondering what your ideal girlfriend would be like.
Oshitari: So it's curiosity. Hm, let's see. I like girls with nice legs.
You: ...legs, is it?
Oshitari: Slender ones, wearing a miniskirt. Hyoutei's skirt is pretty good.
You: ............
Oshitari: I can see girls from other schools thanks to this joint school festival. I should be grateful to Atobe.
Oshitari: For you, a bit of a shorter skirt would be nice. Your legs are so nice, it feels like a waste.
You: ...Senpai.
Oshitari: What?
You: You sound like an old man.
Oshitari: W-what's that about!!
You: I'm okay with it, but other girls might hate you. Be careful.
Oshitari: Ha, haha... I will.
You: Then I'll be going.
Oshitari: Y-yeah.
[+1 heart]

Affection 35-50

About the school festival
You: Senpai, you're really good at making takoyaki!
Oshitari: Well, it's typical of someone from Kansai.
You: Haha. We don't have the utensils to make takoyaki at my house, but I make okonomiyaki a lot.
Oshitari: Heeh, okonomiyaki? That's nice.
You: Yes. My father likes it. It becomes even more delicious if you put yams in the okonomiyaki batter.
Oshitari: Oh, you know a lot. It's fluffier when it's done.
You: Yes! Then the taste changes depending on what ingredients you put in.
Oshitari: That's pretty authentic. I'm starting to want to eat some.
You: It would be nice if we did a stall that serves takoyaki and okonomiyaki.
Oshitari: That's a good idea too, but I wouldn't really want to be cooking all the time.
You: Too bad. I wanted to try eating your okonomiyaki, Yuushi-senpai.
Oshitari: I'll let you try some sometime.
You: Wah, really?
Oshitari: Will you make some for me too?
[+1.5 hearts]
You: Haha. We'll trade.

About homework
You: Are you making progress on your homework?
Oshitari: Yeah, I finished yesterday.
You: Wah, good job!
Oshitari: I haven't asked before, but did you do it, Milady?
You: Yes. I was worried about the free choice assignment, but I'm already done.
Oshitari: You're diligent. Have you been working on it since July?
You: Yeah, I have. I work at a slow pace, so I start early.
Oshitari: You're extremely diligent. That's rare nowadays.
You: ...somehow I'm not really sure if you're praising me or just surprised.
Oshitari: No, no, I'm praising you. I like diligent girls~
You: ...! Don't tease me!
Oshitari: Ahaha, I can't get anything past you, Milady... but it's not like I'm teasing you.
[+0.5 hearts]
You: ...geez, please excuse me.

About the weather
You: It's hot again today.
Oshitari: Yeah. But it seems like it would cool down if it would rain or something.
You: I didn't bring an umbrella, so I don't want it to rain.
Oshitari; Isn't it nice to come home drenched once in a while?
You: Yuushi-senpai, do you like getting drenched by the rain?
Oshitari: Yeah. I can easily become a cool guy dripping with water.
You: ...try not to catch a cold.
Oshitari: No, I'm kidding. Don't make such a disgusted face.
You: Somehow, when it's coming from you, it doesn't sound like a joke...
Oshitari: You really are serious, Milady.
[+0.5 hearts]
You: ...geez.

About friends
Oshitari: That's right, there's something I wanted to ask you, Milady. Can I?
You: Yes, what is it?
Oshitari: What do you think of this?
you: Uwah, a cassette tape. That's kind of rare. Is this yours, Senpai?
Oshitari: Yeah, it's my favorite. I always listen to music like this.
You: Really? It's a bit antiquated, but you prefer this, Senpai?
Oshitari: Right. As expected, Milady. You understand.
Oshitari: Even so, Atobe asks things like "Why aren't you using the newest model?"
You: Atobe-senpai doesn't mean to be rude.
Oshitari: Yeah, I know.
Oshitari: But Atobe thinks what he likes is best for everyone.
Oshitari: It's kind of hard to understand his preferences.
You: That might be true.
Oshitari: Well, I don't feel like telling Atobe everything I like.
Oshitari: When I listen to the music I like on tape, it sounds amazing, but that's hard for Atobe to understand.
You: And aren't you attached to this tape player, Senpai?
Oshitari: Why do you think that?
You: Because this is a bit old and looks like it's been used for a long time,
You: but it's not dirty or broken or anything, so I thought you must treat it carefully.
Oshitari: That's right. A long time ago, I saved up my money and finally bought it myself.
You: Such things are precious. When I was in elementary school, the first mirror and hairbrush I bought myself.
You: Even now, I use them carefully. It's a precious memory and I treasure them.
Oshitari: I see. You and I feel the same way about our things. Good. I'm relieved.
You: Relieved?
Oshitari: Thinking about the future, if we feel the same way about these things, it's good because we won't fight, right?
You: Um, future...?
Oshitari: Well, don't think about it too hard right now.
You: Haa...
[+1.5 hearts]

About dreams
You: It looks like Mukahi-senpai and Hiyoshi-kun have gotten a lot better at takoyaki making.
Oshitari: Right. But they still have a lot to learn about cooking it.
You: You're strict, Senpai.
You: But the takoyaki you made was really delicious, so I feel like I understand why you're strict.
You: You're really skilled, Senpai.
Oshitari: We have our own takoyaki pan at home, so I'm used to it.
You: Everyone in your family must like takoyaki, huh, Senpai?
Oshitari: Well, I guess they do. If I had to pick, I'm more interested in making it than eating it.
Oshitari: I don't remember, but apparently I wanted to be a takoyaki-maker when I was young.
You: Heeh... was it fun flipping over the takoyaki and making a nice ball?
Oshitari: Even now I think it's fun, so that might be it.
Oshitari: And seeing people enjoy eating the things I made is also fun.
You: Senpai, you kind of seem like a professional takoyaki seller.
Oshitari: Being shopkeeper at a place with first-rate takoyaki isn't a bad dream for the future.
Oshitari: Milady, what do you think of takoyaki stalls?
You: It might not be the proper thing to do with takoyaki, but you can make all sorts of things by changing the kinds and ingredients.
You: I like making sweets, so I want to try making sweet takoyaki.
Oshitari: That sounds like fun too. It sounds like it'll thrive. My shop with you, Milady.
You: Eh... a shop with you and me, Yuushi-senpai?
Oshitari: Huh, are you saying you didn't notice? No matter how you look at it, they're plans for our bright future?
You: U-um! That's not really what I meant when I said it!
Oshitari: Really? But I was happy to hear you sound so sure of yourself.
You: G-geez! Don't tease me!
Oshitari: Hahaha.
[+1.5 hearts]

About tennis
You: You and Mukahi-senpai play doubles, huh.
Oshitari: That's right. We're always a team.
You: What kind of partner is Mukahi-senpai?
Oshitari: Let's see... he doesn't think about consequences, he's too easy to get riled up, he's fast to run away...
You: R-really...
Oshitari: Even with all that, he's a good guy. He helps me out a lot.
You: Even though he doesn't think about consequences?
Oshitari: If I think about them, it turns out fine. That's how partners are.
You: Really? You're good partners. Both of you.
Oshitari: That's how it is.
[+1 heart]

About books
You: There's a mystery novel I read before that was really interesting. Senpai, would you like to read it?
Oshitari: Mm, it's too bad, but I'll decline.
You: Ah, you're not good with them? I'm sorry.
Oshitari: No, no, you don't have to apologize. I work out the reasoning in mysteries as I read, so I get tired.
You: I read the arguments, so I don't get tired.
Oshitari: That way might be better for enjoying the book, but... I think about it unconsciously.
[+0.5 hearts]
You: Mm, sounds tough...

About music
You: Senpai. Have you been tired lately?
Oshitari: Now that you mention it, maybe I am. What about it?
You: When you are, it's good to relax and listen to calm music.
Oshitari: Oh~ I'll try it next time.
[+0.5 hearts]
You: Yes.

About games
You: I'm not really good at controlling video games, and I can't play action games at all.
Oshitari: Well, it's fine even if you can't, so don't worry about it.
Oshitari: But now I want to see you playing games, Milady.
You: Why?
Oshitari: Well, somehow I was thinking you must be really cute~
You: Senpai, you have a terrible personality...
Oshitari: Hm, you're only noticing now? Hey, next time let's go to the arcade together.
[+1 heart]
You: ...I don't know about that.

About fashion
You: Yuushi-senpai, how bad is your eyesight?
Oshitari: No, it's fine.
You: Huh? But you wear glasses.
Oshitari: Ah. These are for show.
You: ? Why do you wear glasses for show?
Oshitari: Hm, I wonder?
[+1 heart]
You: Tell me, geez~

About food
You: A little while ago, I made fresh sushi at home, but I messed up a little.
Oshitari: Heeh. How did you mess up?
You: I carelessly soaked it in vinegar too long and it turned sour... the taste was too strong.
Oshitari: No, no. It's amazing enough that you could make it.
You: ? If it's just making it, you can do it if you look at a cookbook.
Oshitari: ...really? You're pretty used to cooking, Milady.
You: Umm... I suppose.
Oshitari: There are two types of girls, those who are and aren't used to cooking.
You: Really?
Oshitari: My older sister is amazing... it's like she goes crazy...
You: She's really good, huh. That's nice... I'm jealous.
Oshitari: ...I don't see how that's good... anyway, it seems like you're good at cooking, Milady.
You: I don't know about that, but I do like cooking.
Oshitari: Mm, that's good. You're getting high points.
You: ? What points?
Oshitari: Well, don't worry about it.
[+1.5 hearts]
You: ? Okay.

About love
You: All the tennis club regulars are pretty popular.
Oshitari: Because none of us have girlfriends.
You: Really? But it seems like Kabaji-kun would.
Oshitari: Why Kabaji?
You: Well, Kabaji-kun is the sort of person you just can't leave alone.
Oshitari: R-really?
You: Yes. Isn't that why Atobe-senpai keeps Kabaji-kun near him?
Oshitari: I wonder.
Oshitari: ...but you're pretty sharp when it comes to other people. Even though you're dense when it concerns yourself.
You: You're the only one who says I'm dense, Yuushi-senpai.
Oshitari: That's right. I'd be troubled if anyone else said that.
You: ? Why's that?
Oshitari: It's better for me if I have fewer rivals.
You: ???
Oshitari: Well, even if there were a lot of people, I don't feel like handing you over.
You: Senpai, I don't get what you mean...
Oshitari: Don't look at me with such a sulky face. Though it is cute.
You:'re teasing me again.
Oshitari: I'm serious. Don't let anyone else see it.
[+2 hearts]
You: I don't know what you're talking about!

Special conversation topics

About the present
You: Oshitari-senpai.
Oshitari: What is it[, Mizuno-san]?
You: The other day, I handed you a present, right?
Oshitari: Yeah, the wrist bands you got from a friend.
You: Huh, are you using them?
Oshitari: During practice sometimes.
You: I'm glad. My friend wanted to know, and it was getting annoying.
Oshitari: ....are you in charge of delivering your friend's messages? Why can't that friend come ask me directly?
You: She's embarrassed.
Oshitari: She says she's my fan, but she's embarrassed?
You: ...Senpai, you're trying to pick a fight, aren't you?
Oshitari: Ah... sorry.
You: Ah, no... I'm also sorry, I said too much...
Oshitari: However, the fact is that if I was given a present from you, Milady, I would be happy.
You: Eh? Me?
Oshitari: Yeah.
You: Umm... what would be good?
Oshitari: Sagoshikizushi.
You: Sagokitsuzushi...? What is that?
Oshitari: Wrong. It's "sagoshikizushi." Research it yourself and see. If you understand I'll give you a prize.
[+3 hearts]
You: All right.
[Conversation topic: About sagoshikizushi GET!!]

About Japanese drumming
You: Oshitari-senpai, you're participating in the Japanese drumming attraction, aren't you?
Oshitari: Yeah, that's right.
You: Earlier, I saw the meeting you were having.
Oshitari: What? It would've been fine if you called out to me.
You: Well, everyone seemed very serious.
Oshitari: You shouldn't have worried about it.
You: Why did you decide to take part in the Japanese drumming?
Oshitari: Because it seemed interesting.
You: It seemed... interesting, huh.
Oshitari: On top of that, it also seemed easy.
You: Really?
Oshitari: I thought I'd try it and see, but if you just get the hang of it, it isn't hard.
You: That's because you have good instincts, Senpai.
Oshitari: Heeh, you've said something that makes me happy. I have good instincts?
You: I think so. If it's Senpai, no matter what it is, aren't you able to do it well?
Oshitari: Maybe... but isn't that called a "Jack of All Trades and Master of None" in this world?
You: Isn't it better to be able to do something than not do it?
Oshitari: Well, that might be true.
You: I'm pretty clumsy, so I'm jealous of that aspect of you.
Oshitari: If you say something like that to me, I'll accept it humbly.
[+3 hearts]

About sagoshikizushi
You: Oshitari-senpai, I get it.
Oshitari: When you say you get it, what do you mean?
You: What sagoshikizushi really is.
Oshitari: Hmmm, then are you going to give me a present?
You: Yes, here you go.
Oshitari: ...wait, you really brought it?
You: Senpai, this is what you were talking about, isn't it?
Oshitari: No, well... that is what I said, but. ...really. Is that really sagoshikizushi...
You: "Sagoshi" refers to a small Spanish mackerel, right? It's the "kizushi" of that, so it's "sagoshikizushi."
Oshitari: You kindly put it in a two-layered box with dry ice, huh.
You: It's perishable and will spoil easily, so please eat it quickly.
Oshitari: I can't make careless jokes...
You: Huh?
Oshitari: Ah, no. Thanks. I'll happily eat it. It's something I love.
You: You're happier receiving this than anything else.
Oshitari: That's true, but it's out of season and you were able to find it.
You: I looked on the Internet. The truth is, there is a store close by, so I just had it delivered to the committee meeting.
Oshitari: Really? That's convenient. That's right, I said I'd give you a reward.
You: I'm fine without one.
Oshitari: I'll pat your head. It's no big deal.
[+3.5 hearts]
You: Thank you very much.
Oshitari: No... this girl is really dense.
You: Hm?
Oshitari: No, don't worry about it. It's difficult...

Day-specific scenes

8/22, Monday, Noon (Speak)
Oshitari: Ah, committee representative...
You: Yes, I'm Mizuno Yuuki. Did you remember my name?
Oshitari: Of course. Because it's a cute name.
You: Eh? But my father and mother are also Mizuno.
Oshitari: make a good "funny man."
[A "boke," in a comedy duo, is the one who misinterprets things hilariously or is generally dense. It's part of "manzai," the brand of comedy that's usually associated with Osaka, where Oshitari is from.]
You: Eh? "Funny man"?
Oshitari: Talking about your last name when I meant your given name.
You: Oh, my name?
Oshitari: I'll say it one more time. It's a cute name.

I’m not the one who picked it.

You: T-that's...
Oshitari: Haha, your shy face is also cute.
You: R-really...
Oshitari: Anyway, was there something you needed?
[+1.5 hearts]

You: Fufu, I’m not the one who picked it.
Oshitari: Of course. You have an interesting way of retorting.
You: Retorting?
Oshitari: Ah, don't worry about it. Anyway, was there something you needed?
[+3.5 hearts]

You: Ah, no. I saw you, so I thought I'd call out to you, that's all.
Oshitari: Really. Call me in such a light-hearted way from now on.
You: Yes. Well then, please excuse me.
Oshitari: ...she's an interesting girl...

8/23, Tuesday, Evening (Speak)
You: Ah, Oshitari-senpai. I was looking for you.
Oshitari: Hm? Do you have some business with me?
You: Yes. This. It's a present.
Oshitari: For me?
You: Yes, it is.
Oshitari: Thanks. Is it okay if I open it now?
You: Please, go ahead.
Oshitari: What is... oh! Wristbands, huh? And they're a high-quality brand name, too.
You: Do you like them?
Oshitari: Yeah, I'll treasure them.
You: I'm glad. My friend will also be happy.
Oshitari: Huh? Your friend?
You: Yes.
Oshitari: ...wait a second. I thought you were giving these to me?
You: I handed them to you, but...
Oshitari: No, it's not that. So these aren't a present you're giving me?
You: The present was bought by my friend. She was counting on me to give them to you.
You: Didn't you open the card?
Oshitari: ...there was a card.
You: Right?
Oshitari: It's not "right"? You didn't say that from the beginning.
You: Huh? I didn't mention that? I apologize.
Oshitari: You really are a "funny man"...
You: I'm sorry.
Oshitari: ...well, it's fine. Give that girl my thanks, too.
You: Yes. ...Senpai, you're popular, aren't you?
Oshitari: Am I? It's something I'm not really aware of.
You: You also have a lot of your fans among my friends.
Oshitari: If you say that, it doesn't feel like a bad thing, but... what about you?
You: Me?

I'm your fan, Senpai.
I didn't say I'm a fan.

You: I'm your fan, Senpai.
[+2 hearts]

You: I didn't say I'm a fan of Senpai's like everyone else.
Oshitari: always, you're interesting.
Oshitari: Maybe you aren't, but I meant "won't you become my fan for me?", Milady.
You: Ah, yes. I'm also a fan of yours, Senpai.
[+3.5 hearts]

Oshitari: Really?
Oshitari: If such a cute, ladylike girl would become my fan, I would be happy.
You: Thank you very much. But it's my friend who is cute.
Oshitari: ...I can't believe a girl when she talks about her "cute friend"...
[Conversation topic: About the present GET!!]

8/24, Wednesday, Noon (Speak)
You: Ah, Oshitari-senpai. How are you doing?
Oshitari: I'm all right. There's no problem right now.
You: Is that so?
Oshitari: You're trying your best, huh. I'll give you a reward.
You: Huh? Really?
Oshitari: Yes. Ame-chan.
["ame" is the term for a small hard candy. imagine the individually wrapped kind.]
You: Waah, thank you very much... but, why are you adding "chan" for an "ame"?
Oshitari: You don't do it normally?
You: I don't.
Oshitari: Well, I do. It's polite to the ame-chan.
You: Polite... is it?
Oshitari: It is. You should be respectful to your food.
You: Really... but in that case, you shouldn't stop at only calling ame candies "chan."
Oshitari: Ah... that's a little bit different.
You: It's different?
Oshitari: It's a difficult nuance.
[+3 hearts]
You: Paying food the proper respect is hard, isn't it.

8/25, Thursday, Evening (See)
You: Ah, Oshitari-senpai...
You: (Huh? That girl he's with... I wonder who that is?)
You: (I can't hear their conversation, but... i-it can't be a love confession? W-what should I do. I shouldn't watch.)
You: (Eh… was Oshitari-senpai slapped?)
You: (Ah… the two of them left... that girl was really mad..)

Go after Oshitari-senpai
Leave things as they are

You: (There was a pretty loud sound when Senpai was slapped, wasn't there… I wonder if it's going to become swollen.)
You: (It would be best to cool it immediately. …okay!)

You: A handkerchief... I wonder if I should wet it...
You: Like this. Now, Senpai… I wonder where he went?

You: (Where is he...)

You: (He's not here...)

You: Oshitari-senpai! I found you!
Oshitari: Hm... oh, Milady? What is it, that you're in such a hurry?
You: Ummm, it's that. ...ah, it is turning red after all. Um, please use this.
Oshitari: This is your handkerchief? It's been wetted, but... what do you mean by "after all?"
You: I'm sorry, Oshitari-senpai! I saw you earlier when she was confessing to you...
Oshitari: Ah, so then you also saw me getting slapped. So, this handkerchief is for that?
You: I'm sorry.
Oshitari: No, you don't have to apologize. You were worried and came looking for me, didn't you?
You: But that was because it made a loud noise. I was thinking that girl must've put all her strength into hitting you...
Oshitari: Yeah. It hurt a lot. Ah, I'll be borrowing your handkerchief.
You: Yes. If you let it cool for a little while, I think the swelling will go down soon.
Oshitari: ............
You: ............
Oshitari: You know, that girl. She was someone I don't know at all.
You: Eh?
Oshitari: Though, she watched me play tennis and started liking me, who they call a genius, so she said she wanted to go out with me.
You: I-is that so?
Oshitari: But other than genius, they also call me a suspicious guy.
You: Suspicious?
Oshitari: Yeah. But you don't think so, and after all, that's other people's impression of me. I think it's fine to let them say what they want.
You: Yes.
Oshitari: That's how it is, and it somehow seems like that girl puts a lot of value on other people's estimations. You should decide on someone's merits yourself.
Oshitari: I said, "Other people can say I'm a genius or whatever they want, and I don't really care. What do you think of me?"
Oshitari: "People calling me a genius is from their perspective, but it's what you think that's important," is what I pointed out.
You: Really...
Oshitari: What about you, Milady? Do you worry about the impression other people have of you?

A little...
I don't really... mind.

You: I worry a little.
Oshitari: You do? Really... but I'm different.
[-1 heart]

You: I don't really... mind.
Oshitari: Me neither.
[+3 hearts]

Oshitari: So I said "I don't care much for a girl whose face I don't know, and who makes judgments based only on other people's estimations and then decides she wants to date me," but...
Oshitari: Somehow she was hurt by that...
You: So then you argued...
Oshitari: That's right. Well, because it seems like she had a lot of pride. She didn't think she would be rejected.
Oshitari: She was determined, after all, but she was beautiful.
You: ............
Oshitari: She was beautiful, but... if it's that kind of girl, I take it back. I'm tired.
You: Senpai...
Oshitari: Well, I don't think she'll come talk to me again. ...sorry about that, (Mizuno-san).
You: Eh?
Oshitari: All of a sudden you saw something that wasn't very fun.
Oshitari: And then you were worried, and you listened to me complain.
You: N-no. I saw you arguing... ah, does it still hurt?
Oshitari: No. Is it still turning red?
You: Umm... I'm glad. It's mostly back to normal.
Oshitari: Thanks to your handkerchief, Milady. Going back home like that would've been a bit pitiful.
You: Fufu... that's true.
Oshitari:'s strange.
You: Eh?
Oshitari: I hadn't told those things to anyone before. But for some reason you were able to listen...
You: Really?
Oshitari: Yeah. I wonder why... honestly.
You: ...Senpai?
Oshitari: ............Well then, it's about time for us to close up. [Mizuno-san.] Why don't we go to the station together?
You: Eh, y-yes.

You: (Somehow it looked like they were fighting... it would be best to stop here and pretend I didn’t see anything...)

8/26, Friday, Evening (Speak)
You: Oshitari-senpai.
Oshitari: What is it?
You: The takoyaki that you made for us was very delicious.
Oshitari: I guess.
You: I just remembered, but wasn't there something like "akashiyaki?"
Oshitari: Akashiyaki? That tastes good too, huh.
You: How is it different from takoyaki?
Oshitari: It's also known as "tamagoyaki," and you put in a lot more egg. Then you soak it in dashi and eat it.
You: You can't make it on a takoyaki plate?
Oshitari: It's not that you can't. But it's really better for the holes to be a bit bigger.
Oshitari: Do you perhaps plan on adding it to the menu?
You: I was thinking that I should discuss it with you and see, but...
Oshitari: It's an interesting idea. But I also haven't made akashiyaki before.
You: It was a bit far away, but it seems like there's a store that sells akashiyaki. Why don't we go take a look?
Oshitari: It's rare to find akashiyaki in Kantou. That's true... let's try eating it once and finding out?
You: Then, I'll get permission from the committee representatives to look into it.
Oshitari: Ah, you should hurry. I'll also make preparations.

You: That was delicious. On top of that, they also taught us how to make it; they were very kind, weren't they?
Oshitari: That's true. But it seems like it's hard to make.
You: There were also things I've never heard of in the ingredients. Where do you think we can buy "gin flour"?
You: They shared a little bit with us, but...
Oshitari: If we look into it, we can find out. After that, we have to try to make it once and see.
You: That's true. Let's go back, and then we can make some and see how it goes.

Mukahi: I haven't heard of it, this akashiyaki thing.
Hiyoshi: This is also the first time I've heard about it.
Oshitari: Here, it's done. This is akashiyaki.
Mukahi: What are these swollen yellow takoyaki? They aren't covered in sauce, either.
Oshitari: Stop complaining; just try for yourself and see.
You: Please dip it in this dashi and eat it.
Hiyoshi: In the dashi?
You: Leaving it in to soak is also fine. You can eat it however you want. You can also take more dashi.
Mukahi: Oh! This is good!
Hiyoshi: It's fluffy and delicious. It's an elegant taste.
Oshitari: It's very popular.
[+3.5 hearts]
You: It seems like it should be added to the menu, doesn't it?

8/27, Saturday, Noon (See)
You: Ah, it's Yuushi-senpai and Mukahi-senpai. I wonder what they're doing. It looks like they're arguing, but...
Oshitari: I'm telling you, you can't eat that!
Mukahi: Why not!? I put everything I've got into making it!
Mukahi: Isn't it fine if I try some to see what it tastes like!?
Oshitari: You can call it takoyaki if you want, but can you really eat such a disgusting thing?
Mukahi: Hey, Yuushi~ I think you're letting yourself be tricked, so just eat it and see. Here, open your mouth, ahhh~
Oshitari: Stop that weird behavior! That's something I would only let a cute girl do for me!
Mukahi: Ohh~ if a girl was doing it, you'd eat it, huh?
You: ...I wonder if they're quarrelling. But for some reason I'm also getting a bad feeling about this...
Mukahi: Oh! Nice timing! Committee representative! Over here, over here!!
You: Ah, t-they saw me...
Oshitari: S-somehow you came at exactly the wrong time...
You: What is it, Mukahi-senpai?
Mukahi: Just a little favor. You'll feed Yuushi this takoyaki, won't you?
You: F-feed... wait a second.
Oshitari: That's right, Gakuto! This situation is great, but the thing I have to eat is the worst.
Mukahi: Ehh, but Yuushi, didn't you just say that if a girl would feed it to you, you would eat it?
Mukahi: Ahh, I get it, you don't want to do it if it's her?
Oshitari: H-hey, Gakuto. I'm really getting mad.
Mukahi: Then I wonder if I should get her to feed it to me. (Mizuno,) I'm counting on you. If you don't do this for me, I won't do any work today.
You: T-that's a threat... somehow, I still don't know what's going on, but it's okay. If I do it like this.
Oshitari: Hey! What're you doing?
You: I just thought it would be fine if I gave it like I was feeding a young child, honestly... okay, ahhhh.
Mukahi: Somehow I feel like I'm being cheated; well, whatever. Ahhh~ ...yeah, it's delicious. My natto-takoyaki!
You: So it really was that kind of suspicious thing after all... really, I caused trouble for Yuushi-senpai.
Mukahi: I'm saying it's absolutely delicious. Definitely like nothing I've ever eaten before. Ah, feed me the rest too.
Oshitari: ...wait.
Mukahi: What is it? You finally want to eat it?
Oshitari: No, if it really is that delicious, I thought the committee representative might also want to try it.
You: Eh, I-I would rather not...
Oshitari: No, no, don't say that. I'll feed it to you. Okay, ahhhh~
You: Eh, u-um. If you want someone to eat it, you can have it yourself.
Oshitari: Ahhh~
You: ...a-ahhh.
Oshitari: Okay! Good girl. So, how does it taste?
You: ...I'm... going to drink some water...
Oshitari: Gakuto, that's how it is. We're not putting it on the menu.
Mukahi: Damn.
Oshitari: And also...
Mukahi: Ah, sorry.
Oshitari: It's fine if you understand.

8/27, Saturday, Night (Automatic)
You: Ah, my phone is ringing. ...I wonder who it's from?
You: Yes, it's Mizuno.
Oshitari: Good evening. It's Oshitari.
You: Eh? Yuushi-senpai... g-good evening.
Oshitari: Sorry for being so sudden, but are you free tomorrow?

Yes. I'm free.
Ah... I have plans...

You: Yes. I'm free...?
Oshitari: Good. Why don't we go to the movies tomorrow?
You: Ah, yes. Gladly.
Oshitari: Well then, how about meeting at ten in front of the station?
You: Okay, got it.
Oshitari: Good answer. Well, good night.
You: Yes, good night.
You: (I was invited out by Yuushi-senpai... is it a date... no, that can't be it.)

8/28, Sunday, Date
Oshitari: Good morning. You're early, aren't you? Did you wait long?
You: No, I just got here.
Oshitari: That's good. I shouldn't make a girl wait, right?
You: If it's just for a little while, I don't really mind.
Oshitari: I don't really think so. From now on, I'll try to come a little earlier.
You: From now on? Umm... you'll ask me out again?
Oshitari: Is it a bother?
You: Ah, no... it's not that, but will it be all right with other people?
Oshtiari: When you say other people, who do you mean?
You: Like your girlfriend, Senpai, or...
Oshitari: A girlfriend? I don't have one.
You: Really?
Oshitari: I wouldn't lie about something like this.
You: ............
Oshitari: What's that look in your eyes? You don't believe me?
You: That's not it. I'm surprised. Because you’re popular, Senpai.
Oshitari: It seems like the problem lies in my feelings.
You: Ah, that's true. No matter how popular you are, if you don’t feel like it, you won't be able to get a girlfriend, Senpai.
Oshitari: On top of that, it isn't just about me, but also how the other person feels.
You: You don't have to worry about that. Because if someone confesses to you, then it's OK.
Oshitari: you really think so?
You: Yes.
Oshitari: Then...
You: Ah, Senpai. Is it time for the movie showing?
Oshitari: Eh? Ah... if we don't get going now, we won't be on time. Shall we go?
You: Yes.
Oshitari: You avoided that skillfully...
You: Eh?
Oshitari: It's nothing. Let's go.

You: (Heeh... this kind of plot twist took place. It's a story that leaves a good impression. On top of that...)
You: (Yuushi-senpai...for a while, he’s looked kind of...)

You: U-um... Yuushi-senpai, aren't you watching the movie?
Oshitari: ...that’s a good atmosphere.
You: Eh?
Oshitari: Ah, don't worry about it. I'm just talking to myself.
You: Ha-haa...

You: (Senpai... was it really all right to not watch the movie?)

You: That was a good movie, wasn't it? The last scene was heartbreaking.
Oshitari: I couldn't be more pleased.
You: Senpai, you really like those kinds of movies, huh?
Oshitari: The love romance genre, right? Because I'm able to enjoy it.
You: Isn't it rare to find guys who like romantic things?
Oshitari: Except those who hide it because they're uneasy.
You: Really?
Oshitari: Just because it's an atmosphere that's very hard for guys to enter alone.
You: Ah, so then you invited me.
Oshitari: ...your mind works in strange ways. That wasn't my intention this time, but.
You: Ummm... well then, why did you do it?
Oshitari: You don't know? It's because I wanted to see it together you, Milady.
You: I'm honored.
Oshitari: You got me back with just two words, huh. I think watching it with a cute girl is the best.
You: Thank you for the praise. But I'm not really that cute.
Oshitari:'re stubborn.
You: ? Um... what will we do after this?
Oshitari: That's true... how about the planetarium?
You: Ah, it's beautiful, isn't it?
Oshitari: Yeah, it's romantic.'s the most suitable place for setting the mood.
You: Eh?
Oshitari: It's nothing. Shall we go?

You: (Uwaaaah... amazing... the pictures have great impact...)
You: Eh... kyaaaaaaa!!
You: (Ah~ ...that was startling. That force was what you would expect from a roller coaster...)

You: That was amazing, wasn't it?
Oshitari: ...that's true.
You: I like Greek mythology, so I was really excited.
Oshitari: You were excited, huh.
You: There were many amazing CGs, so I was deeply moved.
Oshitari: were deeply moved, huh.
You: Senpai, somehow you don't really seem energetic...
Oshitari: I was hoping for a bit quieter... and romantic mood, but...
Oshitari: Somehow it was a showy amusement park-like setup.
You: But it was interesting.
Oshitari: ...I messed up.
You: Eh?
Oshitari: No, it's nothing.
You: Senpai, cheer up, please.
Oshitari: No, it's... that you're so energetic makes me happy, but rather, I feel like you're just rubbing salt in the wound...
You: Yes?
Oshitari: ...why don't we visit that park for a bit?
You: Yes, okay.

Oshitari: It's not yet hot, huh.
You: It seems like it.
Oshitari: the way.
You: What is it?
Oshitari: You're cute.
You: Thank you.
Oshitari: ...that's an honest response. I kind of wanted to see you a bit more awkward.
You: I do feel awkward.
You: But because I've heard your flattery many times already, I've unfortunately become immune to it.
Oshitari: What's that? ...oh no, did I make a mistake in the plans?
You: What?
Oshitari: seems like if I do this the normal way, things won't progress smoothly...
You: Um, Senpai?
Oshitari: Ah, don't worry about it. I'm just talking to myself.
You: Haa...
Oshitari: Hey, is it all right if I ask you on a date again?
You: Yes, of course.
Oshitari: Then I'll invite you again. This is all for today, so should we head back soon?
[+5 hearts]
You: Ah, yes.

8/29, Monday, Morning (See)
You: (Ah, Yuushi-senpai and Mukahi-senpai... they're talking about something... what is it?)
Oshitari: ...and that's how it is. A rather difficult opponent, isn't it?
Mukahi: It's rare. That you’d come talk about this with me, Yuushi.
Oshitari: Well, whatever. I'm also in the situation where I don't know what to do.
Mukahi: But you came to talk to me. If it's this sort of thing, Atobe would know, wouldn't he?
Oshitari: Are you an idiot? Think well about Atobe's personality. He would definitely retaliate by being uncooperative.
Mukahi: That's true. But it’s a pretty big deal if you don’t know how to handle it.
Oshitari: Reality is harsh, huh. All approaches to this are lacking somehow, so follow the path of least resistance.
You: (I wonder if they mean a tennis partner? Since they're talking about it being difficult, and approaches...)
Mukahi: Anyway, your plans are falling through, Yuushi.
Oshitari: I didn't say that.
Mukahi: If you say it bluntly, isn't that fine?
Oshitari: If I could do that, I wouldn't be having this problem.
Mukahi: Geez, Yuushi... sometimes I just don't get you. Why can't you do it?
Oshitari: Idiot. Like I told you, there was a plan. I couldn't use that kind of atmosphere.
Mukahi: It would've been fine if you did.
Oshitari: That's a little...
You: (Eavesdropping isn't good, huh. I'll go over there.)

8/30, Tuesday, Night (Automatic)
You: Ah, my phone. it...
You: Yes, it's Mizuno.
Oshitari: Good evening. It's Oshitari.
You: Good evening, Yuushi-senpai.
Oshitari: Are you free tomorrow, Milady?

Yes. I'm free...?
Ah... I have plans...

You: Yes. I'm free...?
Oshitari: Then, why don't we go to the amusement park tomorrow?
You: The amusement park... is it?
Oshitari: You don't want to?
You: No, that's not it... I was just wondering if it's all right for you to invite me.
Oshitari: What are you saying? If it's you, Milady, then I want to invite you.
You: You saying that makes me happy, but...
Oshitari: Is that a no?
You: It's not that.
Oshitari: Then, is it fine if we meet tomorrow at ten in front of the station?
You: Yes, I understand.
Oshitari: That's a good answer. Then, good night.
You: Yes, good night.
You: (Yuushi-senpai... I wonder how serious he is...)

8/31, Wednesday, Date
You: Ah, Yuushi-senpai. Good morning.
Oshitari: Good morning.
You: Sorry, did I make you wait?
Oshitari: No, you had perfect timing.
You: Really. I'm glad.
Oshitari: Then, shall we go?
You: Yes.

You: Where should we start?
Oshitari: Where do you think we should?
You: It's fine if I decide?
Oshitari: Of course.
You: In that case, the loop coaster.
Oshitari: Something flashy from the beginning, huh. Let's go.
You: Yes.

You: That was really intense, wasn't it?
Oshitari: Not really.
You: You’re still calm on that sort of thing, aren't you, Senpai?
Oshitari: Right. Even if they made it faster, I would still be fine.
You: For me, anything faster than that is tough.
Oshitari: You were screaming a lot.
You: If I scream, I'm enjoying it.
Oshitari: It seems like letting out the stress is good, huh. Well then, shall we go to the next one? Where's a good place?
You: Then, after that, the water ride.
Oshitari: Okay.

You: That was refreshing. It felt good.
Oshitari: It's fine in the summer, but during winter, it's a difficult ride.
You: That's true.
Oshitari: Then, next is...

You: We rode a lot of things, didn't we?
Oshitari: Were you satisfied?
You: Yes.
Oshitari: Aren't you hungry?
You: A little.
Oshitari: Then, there's a place I kind of want to go to. Will you come with me?
You: Of course.

You: The place you said you wanted to go to was a takoyaki shop, huh?
Oshitari: I heard that it was good, so I wanted to take a look, but... it was a mistake.
You: That's right. Your takoyaki is more delicious.
Oshitari: Like, why did they put cabbage in the takoyaki?
Oshitari: That isn't takoyaki, it's an okonomiyaki ball.
You: It doesn't seem like I need to consult them, huh.
Oshitari: Yeah. As an apology, I'll take you somewhere nice.
You: A nice place?
Oshitari: Ah, do you have time?
You: Yes.
Oshitari: Nn, it's a bit far, but shall we go?

You: Uwaaah... what a pretty sunset.
Oshitari: It's a good scene, isn't it?
You: Yes, it's beautiful.
Oshitari: ...all right, the mood is perfect.
You: Yes?
Oshitari: Ah, it's nothing. I'm talking to myself.
You: The setting sun... the color changes every second, and it's really magically beautiful.
Oshitari: If you'll let me say so... it's you who is magical, Milady.
You: Eh?
Oshitari: Milady, dyed in the colors of the setting sun, you’re... beautiful.
You: Beautiful...?
You: (Ah... I wonder if this is the first time he's told me I'm beautiful... why so suddenly...)
Oshitari: Is your cute face turning red because of the setting sun? Or is it because of me?
You: ............
You: (Somehow... that Senpai could seriously believe the things he is saying... it can't be true...)
Oshitari: Milady... this is sudden, but won't you become my partner?
You: Eh? By that, you mean...?
You: (He can't mean... but, asking such things of me is impossible, isn't it...? That's right, maybe...)

You: But I'm an amateur at tennis?
Oshitari: Haa?
You: I'm happy that you asked me to be your partner, but... you mean at tennis, right?
Oshitari: Eh, no, that's... I think...
You: You already have the best partner in Mukahi-senpai, doesn't you?
Oshitari: You're... still being a "funny man" even now...
You: Eh?
Oshitari: No... this is because I was too naive in my planning.
You: ? About what?
Oshitari: N-no. It's nothing.

You: Ah... too bad, the sun sank below the horizon.
Oshitari: Seems like can't be helped. Should I risk taking the next chance...
You: ?
Oshitari: It's become dark... it's about time to go back.
[+5 hearts]
You: Ah, yes.

9/2, Friday, Morning (Speak)
You: Yuushi-senpai.
Oshitari: Fuuu~...
You: Yuushi-senpai.
Oshitari: Nn? Oh, it's you, Milady?
You: Senpai, you don't seem very energetic.
Oshitari: That's true.
You: Why not?
Oshitari: This afternoon, we'll be using the pool for a good work party, right?
You: Yes.
Oshitari: We'll be having that, but the only ones who will be participating are those guys who don't have any talent. If I'm looking at hairy legs, what is there to be excited about?
You: Ha... haa...
Oshitari: My only hope lies with you. I'm anticipating it.
You: E-even if you're looking forward to that sort of thing, that's...
Oshitari: Well, I was just kidding.
You: Ah, seriously... you were teasing me again...

9/2, Friday, Noon (Automatic)
This continues from the "general" swim meet scene shared between all routes.
Aoi: The swim meet is finally on its last event, the underwater fighting art, water polo! The favorite is Rokkaku!
Kabaji: The winner will be... Hyoutei.
Aoi: Whoa, it seems that the commentator Kabaji-san recommends Hyoutei. All right, let's begin the match!

Aoi: Heart, technique, body, in this game that requires all of them, which team is expected to achieve victory!
You: Yuushi-senpaaai! Please do your best!
Aoi: Whoa, we have some strong heartfelt cheering for Hyoutei's Oshitari-san over here!
Kabaji: Usu.
Aoi: A magnificent pass! Oshitari-san is perfectly controlling the ball!
Kabaji: Oshitari-san... understands the game.

Aoi: With that, the final event is over. Who is expected to take home the overall victory?
Aoi: And who takes home the disgraceful last place?
Kabaji: Anyway... take a guess.
Aoi: Well, the announcement of the results. The winner is... Hyoutei Gakuen, Oshitari Yuushi! Congratulations, Oshitari-san! You: Hooray! That's amazing, Senpai!
Oshitari: Because you cheered for me. For that reason, I wasn't allowed to lose.
Jirou: Guhaaa!!!
You: Ah, just now...
Oshitari: It's Jirou. It seems like that woke him up.

9/3, Saturday, Noon (Automatic)
Aoi: Now the volunteers from the tennis clubs will start the attraction contest!
Aoi: The master of ceremonies is me, Rokkaku Chuu's first-year captain Aoi Kentarou.
You: Ah, it's starting, it's starting.

You: Yuushi-senpaaai!

Oshitari: You came.
You: Could you hear me cheering for you?
Oshitari: Yeah, I heard you. Thanks to you, my fighting spirit was aroused.
You: I'm... a little embarrassed.
Oshitari: Yes, like that, that shy face is cute.
You: Geez...
Oshitari: There's still some time before the results are announced, so do you want to go around the booths together?

Yes, that's true.
That's a little......

You: Yes, that's true.
Oshitari: Then, shall we go?
You: Yes.

9/3, Saturday, Noon (Speak)
If you go somewhere you've previously been:
You: Ah, this is...
(continue conversation as below)

If you speak to:

Oshitari: A haunted house, huh? It seems interesting.
You: T-they've created the atmosphere rather well, haven't they.
Oshitari: Are you bad with these things?
You: It's not one of my strong points.
Tachibana: Ah, Oshitari?
Oshitari: Tachibana... then, this is Fudomine's booth.
Tachibana: Yeah. Are you going in?
Oshitari: Milady said she's not very good with them, so we'll pass.
Tachibana: Is that so?

Oshitari: Goldfish scooping? Suitable for a school festival.
You: That's true.
Momoshiro: Huh, aren't you Oshitari-san?
Oshitari: Momoshiro? Then, this is Seigaku's booth.
Momo: It is. Are you going to do it? The goldfish scooping.
Oshitari: That's right... what will you do?
You: Ah, just watching is fine with me.
Oshitari: Do you want goldfish?
You: I don't have an aquarium, so...
Oshitari: Really? Then we'll pass.
Momoshiro: Really?
Oshitari: Then, shall we go?
You: Yes.

Oshitari: A cotton candy booth, huh? It has a good feel to it.
You: Really, if it's this booth, it does have a good atmosphere, doesn't it.
Oshitari: Will you eat some cotton candy?
You: Yes.
Oshitari: Two cotton candies, occhan.
Tezuka: Hyoutei's Oshitari? Two cotton candies.
Oshitari: ...what's this, now that I look at you, aren't you Seigaku's Tezuka?
Oshitari: I thought, "Where's this 'occhan' from?" This kind of thing doesn't suit you.
Tezuka: Two cotton candies are 300 yen.
Oshitari:'re in a bad mood, aren't you? Here, 300 yen.
Tezuka: Thanks. Don't let go of the cotton candy.
Oshitari: What?
Tezuka: The bag is filled with helium. If you're careless it will fly away.
Oshitari: That's weird... no, it's an interesting idea. You thought of something good.

Oshitari: A beach hut... they made an extraordinary decision. This isn't the sea.
Saeki: Welcome.
Oshitari: Saeki... this is Rokkaku's booth?
Saeki: Yeah. By the way, Oshitari, is the girl with you your girlfriend?
Oshitari: She's cute, huh? Are you jealous?
You: Eh? Girlfriend?
Saeki: That's right. I'm jealous.
You: U-um, that's...
Oshitari: Hahaha, I came here just to brag.
You: Se-senpai...
Oshitari: Hey, go along with the joke.
You: Eh? Joke?
Oshitari: Is it all right if I'm serious?
You: U-ummmm...
Saeki: It seems like the two of you have a good relationship.

9/3, Saturday, Evening (Automatic)

Atobe: Then, now we'll announce the results of the attraction contest!
Atobe: The overall winners will be awarded tickets and an all-expenses paid trip to next year's Wimbledon!
Atobe: The winning team is...

Atobe: Japanese drumming!
You: Yay! You won, congratulations!
Oshitari: Thank you. Seriously, I'm glad we won.
You: Senpai's group was in perfect sync and it was an amazing performance.
Oshitari: It's not a big deal. More importantly, do you have time after this?
You: Yes, I'm free for a little while.
Oshitari: Then, shall we look around the festival together?
You: Yes.

You: There are a lot of people, huh.
Oshitari: Make sure you hold my hand tightly so you don’t get lost.
You: Eh?
Oshitari: If you get lost, it'll be troublesome.
You: Ah... yes.
Oshitari: Yeah, that's fine. Shall we go?
You: Do you have somewhere specific in mind?
Oshitari: Yeah, there's somewhere I thought I'd like to see.
You: Where?
Oshitari: If you come with me, you'll know.

You: A monjayaki stall...
Oshitari: That's right. It's the Yamabuki guys' monjayaki booth.
You: Why did we come here?
Oshitari: They're using the same flour, so I'm worried, you know?
You: Flour?
Oshitari: They're both recipes made using wheat flour. Okonomiyaki and takoyaki, and also udon, are like that.
You: So we came here to take a look?
Oshitari: Yeah. And also...
You: ?
Oshitari: I can't recognize that as monja! Could you eat something that looks so bad?
You: S-senpai, what you said just now is a little...
Sengoku: Hey, hey, stop saying such ill-omened things in front of our shop, Oshitari-kun.
Oshitari: Sengoku? I only said what I honestly felt.
Sengoku: You're disrupting business. Before you complain, shouldn't you try it and find out?
Oshitari: I won't eat it.
Sengoku: Hey... then why did you come here?
Oshitari: There's also okonomiyaki, isn't there?
Sengoku: Yeah, there is.
Oshitari: Then I'll take some of that.
Sengoku: Thanks. Then, we have pork and egg, squid and egg, and mixed, so which will you get?
Oshitari: The pork and egg okonomiyaki set.
Sengoku: Okonomiyaki set? What's that?
Oshitari: You don't know? It's a set that has rice and miso soup in addition to okonomiyaki.
Sengoku: Haa? What about the side dish?
Oshitari: Okonomiyaki is the side dish.
Sengoku: Okonomiyaki is? That isn't a side dish.
Oshitari: What are you saying? Okonomiyaki is a splendid side dish.
Sengoku: A, ahaha... what amazing taste.
Oshitari: If you don't have the set, then there's no point going in. Let's go, Yuuki-chan.
You: Ah, yes.

Sengoku: Everyone ran away because of Oshitari-kun's influence, but... she was a cute girl. You did it, Oshitari-kun.

You: Senpai, you shouldn't really have made fun of that other booth...
Oshitari: That was on purpose just now.
You: Eh?
Oshitari: Because Sengoku was there. Ah, but he didn't do it; usually he makes too many passes, that guy.
You: ?
Oshitari: Ah, it's fine if you don't understand. I protected you, Milady.
You: Ha, haa. Thank you very much.

9/4, Sunday, Noon (Automatic)
Oshitari: Whew, we can finally take a breather.
You: The sales rose right away, huh.
Oshitari: Yeah, it was a good idea.
You: No, not really...
Mukahi: Yuushi, we've got things over here, so you two take a break.
Oshitari: Can we? Then we will. Let's go, Yuuki-chan.
You: Yes.

9/4, Sunday, Noon (Speak)
If you go somewhere you've been with Oshitari before:
You: Ah, this is...

9/4, Sunday, Evening (Automatic)
You: Soon they'll announce the results of the attraction booth contest.
Oshitari: We definitely had a good line going.
You: That would be nice, but...

Atobe: Now we'll announce the results of the attraction booth contest!
Atobe: In the attraction booth contest, the group who acquired the most proceeds overall was....

Atobe: Hyoutei Gakuen's takoyaki stand!

Mukahi: We did it!
You: We did it! The takoyaki stall made the most profit and was at the top of the survey!
Oshitari: It's true... we won.
Hiyoshi: It's gekokujou!
Atobe: Heh... to think you would overtake my cafe. Well, you did well. I'll praise you.
Akutagawa: Awesome, awesome!
Shishido: Good job.
Ootori: Thanks to the takoyaki stall, Hyoutei's the overall winner.
Atobe: There was a slight calculation error, but... it's just as I planned.
Kabaji: Usu.
You: Everyone, really, congratulations.
Oshitari: You really did a lot for us.
You: That... I only helped out a little bit...
Oshitari: No, because you came up with a variety of ideas, we were able to do some nice things. Thanks.
You: No, that's... thank you very much.
Oshitari: That may be so, but... with this, the school festival is also over.
You: ...that's true. After this, there's just the campfire and social dance...
Oshitari: Really, a lot of things happened, but it was fun.
You: Yes, I think so too.

9/4, Sunday, Confession

Oshitari: Aren't you going to dance, Milady?
You: Ah, Yuushi-senpai...
Oshitari: It's the long-awaited dance.
You: But... it's because I don't have the confidence.
Oshitari: Don't worry. I'll lead you perfectly.
You: Eh?
Oshitari: Dancing with me... you don't want to?
You: I-it's not that. But... is it all right?
Oshitari: What?
You: Senpai, isn't there anyone else you promised to dance with?
Oshitari: I don't have anyone like that. The only one I want to dance with is you.
Oshitari: So how about it, will you dance with me?
You: ...yes.

Oshitari: You were saying you don't have the confidence, but... you're rather good at this.
You: It's your lead that's skillful, Senpai.
Oshitari: From now on, won't you let me lead you always?
You: If we're always dancing like this, we'll get tired, you know.
Oshitari: Ah~ ...that's not right. You're difficult.
You: Yes?
Oshitari: ...shall we dance a little longer?
You: Yes.

You: Thank you very much for inviting me to dance. I was able to make some good memories at the very end.
Oshitari: Hey, you know... please listen diligently to what I’ll say now.
You: ? Yes, what is it?
Oshitari: Before, you saw me being confessed to be a girl I didn't know.
You: Yes.
Oshitari: At that time, somehow I found it easy to talk to you, Milady... do you remember what I said?
You: Yes, I remember. At that time, you was saying that it was mysterious, Senpai.
Oshitari: Yeah. really is mysterious. I was thinking about it. I wanted to know why.
You: Yes.
Oshitari: I thought and I thought, but the answer didn't come.
Oshitari: .....however, lately I've realized that the fact that the answer didn't come to me is the answer itself.
You: When you say that... what do you mean?

Oshitari: I... I like you... Milady.
Oshitari: Starting to like a person, somehow, thinking about that is strange, isn't it. I like you, so I like you.
You: Se-senpai...
Oshitari: If I thought about it, the girl from that time didn't like me, it was the me that is called a genius...
Oshitari: She only liked the me that is good at tennis. She hadn't seen anything of the real me.
You: The real Senpai...
Oshitari: You’re looking as a favor to me, aren’t you? No, you’re looking and it’s a favor to me; you've been able to do that, haven't you?
You: But... I think I want to know about the person I like. Don't you think you want to come to know those things?
Oshitari: That's right. I also think so. from here on, I think I want to come to know more about you, Milady.
You: Yuushi-senpai...
Oshitari: How about you, Milady? you think you would want to learn more about me?
You: I... I also want to know, I think. About Yuushi-senpai... I can't really explain the reason very well, but... but.
Oshitari: ...thank you. That answer is enough.
You: I-I also... thank you very much... for saying that you like me...
Oshitari: ...honestly... you really are cute...

You:'s pretty, isn't it?
Oshitari: Are you happy with it?
You: Yes! It's absolutely beautiful.
Oshitari: Good. I wanted to let you see it. Ah, do you have more time?
You: It's still not that late, so it's fine.
Oshitari: But, it seems like it would be good to start getting ready to return soon.
You: That's true. I'm reluctant, but...
Oshitari: However, it is Christmas, after all. There are lots of couples.
You: Ah, yes. Now that you mention it, there are.
Oshitari: But, if we put it that way, we're also just one among many.
You: ...y-yes.
Oshitari: It's nothing to be shy about now. Ah, aren't you cold?
You: I'm all right.
Oshitari: Even if you say that, your face is all red, isn't it?
You: Ah... thank you very much. B-but this is... Senpai...
Oshitari: I'm, what?
You: I-it's nothing...
Oshitari: You......really are cute, aren't you.
You: G-geez...
Oshitari: Hahaha... hey, Yuuki.
[odd thing here -- the text says “Yuuki”, but he says “Yuuki-chan” aloud.] You: Yes?
Oshitari: Next year too, let's... the two of us come here again.
You: ...yes! Definitely...
Oshitari: Ah, it's a promise.
You: ...Yuushi-senpai.
Oshitari: Nn?
You: I love you.
Oshitari: I... love you too.

Miscellaneous scenes

Morning greeting
If you see him first:
You: (Ah, it's Oshitari-senpai... I wonder if I should call out to him...)

Oshitari-senpai, good morning!
Oshitari-senpai, good morning.

You: Oshitari-senpai, good morning!
Oshitari: Good morning.
[+1 heart]

You: Oshitari-senpai, good morning.
Oshitari: Good morning.
[+0.5 hearts]

You: ............

If he sees you first:
You: Ah, Oshitari-senpai. Good morning.
[+1.5 hearts]

Phone number request

Oshitari: Ah, that's right. Before I forget...
You: Yes? What is it?
Oshitari: You have a cell phone, don't you?
You: Yes, I do.
Oshitari: Won't you give me your number? There are some things I'd like to be able to contact you about.

Yes, it's fine.
Umm, that's a little...

You: Yes, it's fine. Ummm.....

Oshitari: There, it's been added. Thanks. I'll ask you for a date next time, so just wait.
You: Eh? Date? Not things you need to ask me about?
Oshitari: Not on such heavy topics. Well then, bye.

You: Ummm, that's a little... my parents told me that I shouldn't give it to that many people...
Oshitari: Really... strict parents, aren't they? But if that's the way it is, it can't be helped.
[-1.5 hearts]

When invited to talk
This may show up if his affection is high around the middle of the game (near the first date). In this case, he might talk to you immediately when you enter the area he’s in.

Oshitari: Yo, Yuuki-chan. You're cute today as well.
You: Yuushi-senpai, even if you flatter me like that nothing will come of it.
Oshitari: You're calm, huh... that's not really like a "funny man." I'm sad.
You: I can't be a "funny man" or "straight man."
Oshitari: No, if the young lady has to be one, then the role of dense "funny man" is...
You: Se-n-pa-i?
Oshitari: No, no, your sulky face is also cute. Ah, that's right. There was something I wanted to ask you.


You: Yes, what is it?
Oshitari: Does you have a boyfriend, Milady?
You: I don't. But I think I want one.
Oshitari: Hoooh... then, is there someone on your mind?
You: Um...that's a secret. Senpai, you shouldn't ask this kind of thing.
Oshitari: But if you say that I shouldn't, it makes me want to hear about it~
You: Senpai, you’re popular, so you definitely...
Oshitari: Me?
You: Yes. Don't you have a girlfriend?
Oshitari: There's a girl I like. Right now, I don't want to go out with anyone except that girl.
You: I-is that so...
Oshitari: But that girl is oblivious. She hasn't noticed.
You: ...if it's you, Senpai, then it will definitely be all right.
Oshitari: You think so, Milady? Then shall I try a bit longer and see?
You: Yes, please do your best! Um, then now I'll...
Oshitari: Yeah, later.

Oshitari: She really is an oblivious princess. Well, that's also cute.

You: Ah... I'm sorry. There's an urgent matter I have to deal with right now...
Oshitari: Really? Then next time.
You: Then please excuse me.

Walking home

If you invite him:
You: Ah, Oshitari-senpai. Are you going back now?
Oshitari: Ah, I am.

Why don't we go back together?
Goodbye, Oshitari-senpai.

You: Ah, um......if it's all right, why don't we go back to the station together?
Oshitari: Ah, it's fine. I was just thinking that I would invite you. Shall we go?
Conversations:1 2 3 [automatic]

You: Goodbye, Oshitari-senpai.
Oshitari: Ah, be careful going home.

If you are invited:
Oshitari: Ah, princess. Are you going back now?
You: Ah, Oshitari-senpai. That's right.
Oshitari: Do you want to go back to the station together?

If he is inviting you at second-highest affection:
Oshitari: Ah, Milady. Are you going back now?
You: Ah, Oshitari-senpai. That's right.
Oshitari: Do you want to go back to the station together?
You: (Mm... I might meet that person... what should I do...)

Yes, gladly.
I'm sorry...

You: Yes, gladly.
Oshitari: Then let's go.
Conversations:1 2 3 [automatic]

If you accept someone else’s invitation to walk home:
Oshitari: Ah, Milady. Are you... ah.
You: Ah, Oshitari-senpai...
Oshitari: Ah... I'm in the way.
[-2.5 hearts]

Oshitari: Milady, did you become skilled at frying takoyaki?
You: Yes. But I still don't match up to Senpai.
Oshitari: I see, do your best.
You: Yes.
Oshitari: ...........
You: ............
You: (...what should I do? The conversation stopped.)


If you touch his body:
Oshitari: What is it?
You: Just that... you look cool in the school uniform...
Oshitari: Really, thank you.
[+0.5 hearts]

If you touch his face:
You: Those glasses suit you, don't they?
Oshitari: Thank you. Glasses would definitely look good on you, too.
You: Really...
Oshitari: Yes, I think it would be cute.
[+0.5 hearts]

Oshitari: Hey, this might seem a bit sudden, but (Mizuno-san). What do you think of my name?
You: Your name, Oshitari-senpai? At first, I didn't know how the kanji were read, so I looked it up in the dictionary!
Oshitari: ? Heehh~ really?
You: Yes! "Oshitari" is a cool last name, isn't it?
Oshitari: No, you are a good "funny man"...
You: Eh?
Oshitari: I didn't mean my last name, I meant my given name.
You: Ah, I'm sorry. Umm, your given name? I think it's ordinary, but.
Oshitari: She really does seem dense. This princess.
You: Huh?
Oshitari: Well, I guess it's fine. Let's hurry back, Yuuki-chan.
You: ...yes, Oshitari-senpai.
Oshitari: Yuushi-senpai.
You: Yu-Yuushi-senpai.
Oshitari: Mm, well done ♪ Call me that way from now on.
You: I-I will.

This scene is new in MoaPuri and occurs automatically at high enough affection.
You: Well then, I'll definitely get that plushie today for sure.
??: Guh! No! What is this, this arm is too weak!!
You: Huh? That voice...i t can't be...
??: This stupid thing, no matter how many times I grab it, it ends... cut it out!
You: Ah, it is Oshitari-senpai!
Oshitari: Huh!?
You: Did I surprise you?
Oshitari: ...since when have you been here?
You: Since a little while ago. It's unusual for you to be at the arcade, isn’t it, Oshitari-senpai?
Oshitari: Well... I guess. I think coming sometimes for a change of pace is fine.
You: And on top of that you're doing a prize machine; it was really surprising.
Oshitari: also saw that?
You: Yes. Moreover, I saw something rare, since you don’t usually become that passionate, Senpai.
Oshitari: Gah... you saw since then...
You: What were you trying to get?
Oshitari: ...well, if you've been here that long there's no point in hiding it. The plushie over there on the left edge.
You: Uwaah... I was just witness to a priceless moment... wait, that plushie?
Oshitari: Yes.
You: Ah, you can't get that one! Because I've been going after that one for a long time!
Oshitari: I know.
You: Eh?
Oshitari: I thought I'd get that one. I could give it to you.
You: For me?
Oshitari: Because before, when I was passing by this arcade by chance, you were trying with all your might to get it.
You: Ah...
Oshitari: Recently, you’ve started helping me on a number of things, Milady, so I thought I'd show my thanks...
You: That's not really... I didn’t do all of that by myself...
Oshitari: No... you've come this far, pay attention to the rest.
You: Ha?
Oshitari: It's been a long time since I've been this passionate about something other than tennis... I got fired up.
You: That's, even if you don't become that way...
Oshitari: Well, just watch. Because I'll get it.
You: Ah... yes, then, please do.
Oshitari: Okay... like that, just like that.
You: Just a little more! Please do your best!
Oshitari: All right, it caught the string.
You: You did it!
Oshitari: ...I got it.
You: You're amazing, Yuushi-senpai!

Oshitari: I did it, huh... after a lot of trouble. Here, I'm giving this to you, Milady.
You: Is it really... okay?
Oshitari: I said it was, didn't I? Please accept it.
You: Waah... thank you very much! I'll treasure it!
Oshitari: That's right... it cost me about 5000 yen, so I want you to treasure it.
You: Yes? Did you say something just now?
Oshitari: Ah, don't worry about it. I'm talking to myself.
Oshitari: Well, I got to see your joyous face, so it was a cheap thing.

You: Ah, we're at the station already...
Oshitari: It's true. That was fast.
You: It was.. well then, I guess we separate here.
Oshitari: Ahh, be careful going home.
You: Yes, goodbye.
[+1 heart]

Minigame conversations
You: Huh? I wonder what Oshitari-senpai's doing?
Oshitari: Oh, it's you?

You: Huh? Where are you going?
Oshitari: To the plaza. For racketing.
You: Racketing?
Oshitari: It's practice where you hit the ball with the racket's sweet spot.
Serve practice:
You: What are you doing?
Oshitari: Practicing serves by hitting empty cans.
You: Heeh...
Oshitari: How about it? Will you try too?


You: Yes! I'll challenge it.
Oshitari: There's a good answer. Let's go.

Spoken in-game:

Oshitari: Should I make it easy for you?
Oshitari: Just a little more. Do your best.
Oshitari: Goal. Good job.
Oshitari: This is the last ball.

Serve practice:
Oshitari: Should I make it easy for you?
Oshitari: You did it.

If you get a doll:
Oshitari: You're good. It's impressive.

Oshitari: That's all for today.
You: Thank you very much.
Oshitari: Good job. Later.

You: Now is a little...
Oshitari: Really?


  1. Suspicious Anon is suspiciousAugust 19, 2013 at 6:13 AM

    Oshitari serious has, like, the sexiest voice. I always melt whenever I play his route.
    So deep and cool <3

    Lol at how he wears glasses just because he thinks he looks good in them x3

  2. Oh man I really wanna read Yuushi's convos lol
    Can you please add them in after you've finished with everything else? Or when you have time? >w<

    1. I... probably won't finish with everything else, ever. |D; There are a ton of characters in the game. I was going to do at least the first level during Jirou's route but I didn't get past the first affection stage -- I didn't want to risk my current character by chasing after Oshitari. I might try during Hiyoshi's route, though? It won't be everything -- after about midgame, you only have the option to talk to one person per timeslot.