Saturday, June 1, 2013

Prince of Tennis Perfect Edition: The Morning of the National Tournament

Translation of the bonus manga included in season 3, volume 5 of the TeniPuri kanzenban edition.

Page one
Panel one:
The Princes of That Time
Hyoutei Side 2
The Morning of the National Tournament

Atobe: The time has come to make everyone at Nationals kneel before us, Hyoutei Gakuen!

Panel two:
Atobe: Don’t flatter them! Don’t tremble! Don’t get conceited!
Atobe: Got it, guys? Follow my lead!

Panel three and four:
no text

Page two:*
Panel one:
Atobe: I see. Today’s Sunday.

Panel two:
Oshitari: No, isn’t it Monday?

Panel three:
Mukahi: Wanna see Tuesday more?

Panel four:
Jirou: It’s really really Wednesday!

Panel five:
Ootori: It’s Thursday, Shishido-san!

Panel six:
Shishido: That’s so Friday!

Panel seven:
Hiyoshi: Gekokujou Saturday.

Page three
Panel one:
no text

Panel two:
Shiraishi: Atobe-kun put on an even better performance this year.
Kenya, small text: What an idiot...

Panel three:
Small text: To be continued

*These are all twists on things that they often say, but only some of them are puns. Atobe’s is straight from his PairPuri; Oshitari’s, Jirou’s, and Ootori’s, especially Jirou’s, are lines representative of them but not really catchphrases. Mukahi’s is the first bad pun: His motto is “motto tonde miso,” or “Wanna see me jump more?” and has been changed to “motto Tuesday miso.” Shishido’s normal “gekidasa daze,” or “that’s so lame,” is now “geki Friday ze.” Hiyoshi’s is self-explanatory.

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