Saturday, June 1, 2013

Prince of Tennis Perfect Edition: Passionate Love Radar!?

Translation of the bonus manga included in season 3, volume 3 of the TeniPuri kanzenban edition.

Page one
Panel one:
The Princes of That Time
Fudomine Side 2
Passionate Love Radar!?

Panel two:
An: ...thank you, Kamio-kun.

Panel three:
Movie version
rachi Inu
-The Moonwalking Traveler-
An: I really wanted to see this movie.

Panel four:
Kamio: Ahaha... really? What a coincidence, An-chan.
small text: Haha...
box: Checked, of course

Panel five:
Kamio: !

Page two
Panel one:
Sanada: It’s unbearably cute.

Panel two:
Yanagi: It’s been a while since we’ve gone to see a movie together, Gen’ichirou!
Yanagi: One year, ten months, and sixteen days. --is what I was going to say.

Panel three:
Sanada: Hahhahha! Interesting!!
Sanada: Your sense of humor is overflowing, Renji!!

Panel four:
Kamio: ...An-chan, let’s move over there.
An: Y-yeah...

Page three
Panel one:
Momo: Kamio-kuuun~ Are you on a date?
small text: It’s youth, how youthful

Panel two:
Kamio: Uwaah, Momoshiro! And Echizen!?
small text: No... This is...!!

Panel three:
Momo: Ah, speaking of which, I noticed Tacchi-san here earlier!
Kamio: Ehhhhh~?
Momo: T-the truth is, his aura reminded me of a wild beast...
Ryoma: Mada mada da ne.

to be continued

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