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Motto Gakuensai no Oujisama: Shiraishi scenes

Translation of Shiraishi's conversation topics and special scenes in Motto Gakuensai no Oujisama. Character name is Hoshino Yui.

Of note: if the character’s name is in parentheses, it means it’s said in the text on-screen but not voiced.

Affection table

Each bar consists of five hearts. Full affection is fifty hearts.

School festival Homework Weather Friends Dreams Tennis Books Music Games Fashion Food Love
Affection 0-5 0.5
Affection 5-15 1 0.5 (+0.5) 0.5 1 0 1 1 0.5 0.5 1 0.5 -0.5
Affection 15-35 1 0.5 0.5 1.5 1 1 1 1 0.5 1.5 0.5 0.5
Affection 35-50 0.5 0.5 0.5 0.5 1.5 1 0.5 0.5 1 1.5 1.5 2

Special conversation topics
About the poison hand
About being captain
About the unit
About the Bible

Character-specific scene index

8/22, Monday, Morning (Speak)
8/22, Monday, Noon (See)
8/23, Tuesday, Morning (Speak)
8/24, Wednesday, Evening (Speak)
8/25, Thursday, Morning (Speak)
8/26, Friday, Evening (Speak)
8/27, Saturday, Noon (See)
8/27, Saturday, Evening (Speak)
8/27, Saturday, Night (Automatic)
8/28, Sunday, Date
8/30, Tuesday, Morning (Speak)
8/30, Tuesday, Night (Automatic)
8/31, Wednesday, Date
9/2, Friday, Morning (Speak)
9/2, Friday, Noon (Automatic)
9/3, Saturday, Noon (Automatic)
9/3, Saturday, Noon (Speak)
9/3, Saturday, Evening (Automatic)
9/4, Sunday, Noon (Automatic)
9/4, Sunday, Noon (Speak)
9/4, Sunday, Evening (Automatic)
9/4, Sunday, Confession

Morning greeting
Phone number request
When invited to talk
Walking home
Minigame conversations

Conversation starters

Affection 0-5
You: Shiraishi-san, do you have a moment?
Shiraishi: Ah, the committee representative girl. Hoshino-san... right?
You: Yes. Um...

Affection 5-15
You: Shiraishi-san, how are you?
Shiraishi: Ah, Hoshino-san. It's going okay.
You: There's something I wanted to ask you...

You: Shiraishi-san, do you have time?
Shiraishi: Hoshino-san. It's fine. What is it?
You: Um...

Affection 15-35
You: Good work, Shiraishi-san.
Shiraishi: Ah, Hoshino-san? You too, good work.
You: There was something I wanted to ask you...

You: Shiraishi-san.
Shiraishi: Hm? Ah, Hoshino-san? Did something happen?
You: No, it's not a big deal, but can I have a moment?
Shiraishi: Ah, I don't really mind.
You: Um...

Affection 35-50
You: Shiraishi-san.
Shiraishi: Oh, (Hoshino-san). You came at a good time.
You: Eh? Did you need something?
Shiraishi: Ah, no, it's not a job. I wanted to talk to someone.
You: I see. Then...

You: Shiraishi-san, do you have a moment?
Shiraishi: Of course. I don't care how long.
You: Ah, no, it won't take that long.
Shiraishi: I said not to worry. Well, what is it?
You: Um...

You: Kuranosuke-san, um...
Shiraishi: Yui, I was waiting for you.
You: Eh? Waiting for me, uh...
Shiraishi: I thought it was about time for you to come. Well, there was something you wanted to talk to me about, right?
You: Ah, yes. Um...

Normal conversation topics

Affection 0-5

This conversation is also used if, at a later affection level, you choose a topic you've spoken to him about before.
Shiraishi: Sorry, but can it wait until later? I'm a bit busy right now.
You: Ah, yes. I'm sorry.
Shiraishi: If I have time, I'll listen properly.
You: Yes. Then please excuse me.
[+0.5 hearts] (if affection 0-5); [+0 hearts] (if affection greater than 5)


Shiraishi: Sorry, I'm busy right now.
You: Really? I'm sorry.
Shiraishi: Sorry for making you come here, but I'll see you next time.
You: Yes, I'll see you later.
[+0.5 hearts]

Affection 5-15

About the school festival
You: It'll be nice if the school festival is a success.
Shiraishi: That's right. But a little more importantly...
You: A little more, what?
Shiraishi: Don't you think not enough people are laughing?
You: Laughing... is it? At the festival?
Shiraishi: That's right. It's important to laugh.
You: Ha, haa...
Shiraishi: It would've been good if we did manzai.
You: Shiraishi-san, do you do manzai?
Shiraishi: It's too late for that now. Hey, won't you do manzai with me?
You: I-it's impossible for me.
Shiraishi: Really... I guess that's too bad.
[+1 heart]

About homework
You: Shiraishi-san, have you finished your homework?
Shiraishi: Pretty much. I finished it before I came here.
You: Heeh... that's amazing.
Shiraishi: I have to do this much because I'm the captain. I have to make sure everyone has the proper discipline.
You: Ah, you're the captain, Shiraishi-san?
[Conversation topic: About being captain GET!!]
Shiraishi: Yeah. So how about your homework?
You: U-um...

It's mostly done.
I still haven't...

You: Yes, it's mostly done.
Shiraishi: Seems like you take your studies seriously.
You: R-really?
Shiraishi: It's good to be serious.
[+0.5 hearts, +0.5 hearts]

You: I still haven't... and I also have the committee representative duties...
Shiraishi: Ah, really? That must be tough.
Shiraishi: But you still need to make sure to do it properly.
You: That's true... I'll do my best.
[+0.5 hearts]

About the weather
You: I hope the weather will be nice on the days of the festival.
Shiraishi: That's true. If it rains, people won't come.
You: But it seems like the weekly forecast says it will be clear.
Shiraishi: You can't really rely on that.
You: Right.
[+0.5 hearts]

About friends
You: Shiraishi-san, you get along well with Tooyama-kun, don't you?
Shiraishi: Kin-chan? Well, I wonder if it's that we get along well or we don't see eye-to-eye...
You: Isn't he like a little brother?
Shiraishi: That's right. That's how it feels. But I don't have any male siblings.
You: Then do you have an older sister?
Shiraishi: And a younger sister. They nag me all the time so I don't really want them.
You: That sounds tough.
Shiraishi: If I had a younger brother like Kin-chan, I would never get bored.
You: On the other hand, he would be quite a handful.
Shiraishi: I'm already used to it.
You: Haha.
[+1 heart]

About dreams
You: Shiraishi-san, do you have any dreams?
Shiraishi: You ask really unexpected things.
You: Ah, really? I'm sorry.
Shiraishi: You don't need to apologize... mm, but that sort of talk should be saved for... right?
You: Eh? What is it?
Shiraishi: Well, it's better for when we know each other and get along more, right?
You: U-umm...
Shiraishi: Well, we can say for now that it's a secret.
You: Ha, haa...

About tennis
You: When the school festival ends, it'll be the national tournament.
Shiraishi: ...but there's an inconsistency in the number of days left.
You: Eh?
Shiraishi: An adult's circumstances. You mustn't ask about the embarrassing things.
You: Y-yes.
Shiraishi: Somehow... at the national tournament, I have a feeling we'll stop at the best four again this year.
You: P-please do your best without saying such things.
Shiraishi: Well, I don't plan to lose.
[+1 heart]
[not really sure what's going on in the beginning of the conversation. It might have to do with GakuPuri timeline as it coincides with actual canon timeline – I know school technically starts back up again before the actual festival and I always thought Nationals concludes before school started, so he might be breaking the fourth wall again, as a character added later, and pointing out that internal inconsistency.]

About books
You: Shiraishi-san, what kinds of books do you normally read?
Shiraishi: Plant encyclopedias.
You: Eh?
Shiraishi: Did you not hear me? I read plant encyclopedias.
You: Heeh... you look at encyclopedias normally?
Shiraishi: That's right. Look, I'm carrying a pocket encyclopedia now too.
You: Uwah, it's true. Could it be that you're researching plants that you find along the road?
Shiraishi: You figured it out. That's exactly right.
You: Looking for plants you can eat, and such?
Shiraishi: I'm not Kin-chan. I don't do that.
Shiraishi: Well, you get to learn a lot of interesting things.
You: Ah, now that you mention it, you found a poisonous deutzia before.
Shiraishi: Yeah, I did.
[+1 heart]

About music
You: The cicadas crying are noisy, aren't they?
Shiraishi: That's true. Well, they're a symbol of summer. If I think of them as BGM, I don't get as annoyed.
You: BGM... is it?
Shiraishi: That's right. If you listen properly, you'll find a mysterious atmosphere within it.
You: Haa...
Shiraishi: But you know, the sound of the cicadas is a bit different in Osaka.
You: Eh? Is it?
Shiraishi: Our cicadas make "shuwa shuwa" sounds and are even more noisy.
You: Heeh...
[+0.5 hearts]

About games
You: Shiraishi-san, do you play any games?
Shiraishi: Games? I don't really play video games that much...
You: Really?
Shiraishi: I did when I was younger, though.
[+0.5 hearts]

About fashion
You: Shiraishi-san, it's been bothering me for a while, but that bandage...
Shiraishi: Hmmm... you're worried about this bandage?
You: You're... not hurt, are you?
Shiraishi: Something like that. I could tell you, but it's not because it's fashionable. Do you want to know no matter what?
You: U-umm...
Shiraishi: ...once you hear it, there's no going back.
You: I – I guess not.
Shiraishi: That's good. It's more interesting if mysteries stay mysterious.
[+1 heart]

About food
You: Shiraishi-san, you haven't eaten monjayaki before?
Shiraishi: That's right. But I feel like I've heard of it.
You: There's none in Osaka?
Shiraishi: I haven't seen it.
You: Really... but it's normally available here.
You: It was also featured on TV for a while too.
Shiraishi: I don't watch TV that much.
You: There are a lot of delicious restaurants that serve it here.
Shiraishi: Really. Then let's go try some sometime.
[+0.5 hearts]

About love
You: Is it all right if I ask what type you're into, Shiraishi-san?
Shiraishi: that really something you ask a person you don't know well?
You: Eh?
Shiraishi: Sorry, but I remembered there's something I have to do. Later.
[-0.5 hearts]

Affection 15-35

About the school festival
You: Shiraishi-san, it must be hard on you, suddenly having to participate.
Shiraishi: That's true... but it's fun, so it's okay.
You: Now that you mention it, you became friends with everyone quickly.
Shiraishi: Because we knew each other before. And that's also my specialty.
You: That's good.
Shiraishi: You're also pretty good at fitting in.
You: If that's the case, then I'm happy.
Shiraishi: It's because you try your best. It's refreshing.
You: Thank you very much.
[+1 heart]

About homework
You: What's Shitenhouji Chuu's homework like?
Shiraishi: I think it's pretty normal.
You: Ah, really? Well, I guess that's true.
Shiraishi: Yeah, things like coming up with manzai material, and remembering rakugo speeches, that sort of normal homework.
You: Eh? T-that's... normal?
Shiraishi: That's right. You don't do that?
You: I haven't heard of it before.
Shiraishi: Huh, your middle school’s pretty different.
You: (Eh? It's ours that's weird?)
[+0.5 hearts]

About the weather
You: It's hot today too.
Shiraishi: That's true. If August is this hot, December must be pretty nice.
Shiraishi: really don't have any talent as a tsukkomi.
You: Eh? Eh? I was supposed to retort just now?
Shiraishi: That's right. If you rejected it just now, like...
Shiraishi: Right, right, if it's 35 degrees now, it'll go over 40...
Shiraishi: ...wait, what's that supposed to mean!
Shiraishi: Something like that.
You: Ha, haa...
Shiraishi: Okay, let's try one more time.
Shiraishi: That's true. If August is this hot, December must be pretty nice.
You: U-um...
You: It's 35 degrees right now, then it'll be over 40...
You: ...wait, what's that supposed to mean!
Shiraishi: Too awkward. One kokeshi.
[pretty sure this refers to Osamu's habit of randomly handing out kokeshi dolls as gifts to his team.]
You: (Ooh... it's really embarrassing...)
[+0.5 hearts]

About friends
You: Have you made friends with anyone since you came here?
Shiraishi: Let's see... I get along well with everyone from Yamabuki Chuu.
Shiraishi: Well, except Akutsu-kun is like that.
You: That's because Akutsu-senpai is a shy person.
Shiraishi: If you think that's shyness, you must have nerves of steel.
You: He's not a bad person.
Shiraishi: Well, I can tell that much. But there are a lot of times when he acts on his own and causes trouble.
You: That's when Minami-senpai and Sengoku-senpai go easy on him.
Shiraishi: That's true. Dan-kun is also surprisingly good at overseeing.
You: Shiraishi-san, you really do understand everyone in Yamabuki well.
Shiraishi: And then I've come to learn a lot of things about you.
You: Eh? About me?
Shiraishi: Yeah, you do your best at a lot of things. Like looking things up and preparing stuff beforehand. It's perfect.
You: T-thank you very much.
Shiraishi: It's pretty nice.
[+1.5 hearts]

About dreams
You: Shiraishi-san, your dream must be to win Nationals, right?
Shiraishi: It is. Last year we were in the best four, and we're aiming for that this year too.
You: Our tennis club is also taking part in the National Tournament, so it won't be that easy.
Shiraishi: Yamabuki...? It's true that you're strong, but Akutsu-kun isn't playing, right?
You: It's too bad, but it seems that way.
Shiraishi: Are you going to watch the National Tournament?
You: I am. I've met a lot of people from the tennis clubs at this school festival, so I probably will.
Shiraishi: Hey, so if I have a match against someone from Yamabuki, who will you cheer for?
You: That would be... both of you.
Shiraishi: Too bad, it's not just me.
You: ...that's kind of a mean question.
Shiraishi: Haha, sorry, sorry. Well, if you're cheering for me, I have to do my best.
You: Yes, I'll look forward to it.
[+1 heart]

About tennis
You: Shitenhouji's tennis club is strong, isn't it?
Shiraishi: Of course. It's because we hand-picked each member.
You: I know Shiraishi-san and Chitose-san and Tooyama-kun, but what kinds of people are the others?
Shiraishi: Let's see... there's a guy called Oshitari in Hyoutei, right?
You: Um...
Shiraishi: A guy who wears glasses and speaks Kansai-ben.
You: Ah, yes. I've spoken to him once before.
Shiraishi: His cousin is on the team. And do you know Fudomine's Ishida?
You: Um... A big guy who wears a bandanna on his head?
Shiraishi: Right, right. We have his older brother.
You: seems like you have a lot of relatives.
Shiraishi: That might be so, but it's easy to get to know a lot of them at this school festival.
You: I see.
[+1 heart]

About books
You: Shiraishi-san, do you read manga?
Shiraishi: Right... not as much as Kin-chan, but I read it sometimes.
You: Tooyama-kun likes manga?
Shiraishi: He reads a lot. It's affected him a lot.
You: Affected?
Shiraishi: Things like special moves in manga, he can mimic them immediately.
You: Fufu, he's like a child.
Shiraishi: You know, that's not something to laugh about.
You: Eh?
Shiraishi: Well, things like throwing energy, that's impossible, but...
Shiraishi: It might be because he has too much energy, but there are some things he's really done before.
You: F-for example?
Shiraishi: Before, he made a racket like a log and named it "Kajiki."
You: Ah, a.... log?
Shiraishi: When he waved that thing around, the net and the umpire were blown away.
You: T-that's really a bit...
Shiraishi: Well, I also make use of that side of him.
[+1 heart]

About music
You: Shiraishi-san, do you like music?
Shiraishi: Let's see, I listen to it a lot when I want to concentrate.
You: What genre? Like classical music?
Shiraishi: No, trance music.
You: By trance, you mean... music that goes like "bowaan, howaan, gunyuu"...
Shiraishi: You have an interesting way of looking at it. Even within trance music there are a lot of genres.
You: Really?
Shiraishi: Are you interested?
You: I've heard it before, but somehow... it made me sleepy.
Shiraishi: Well, it is called trance music because you enter into a trance-like state.
You: Ah, I see.
Shiraishi: It's good for when you want to concentrate. I recommend it.
[+1 heart]

About games
[For some reason, this is the same conversation as the previous affection level.]
You: Shiraishi-san, do you play any games?
Shiraishi: Games? I don't really play video games that much...
You: Really?
Shiraishi: I did when I was younger, though.
[+0.5 hearts]

About fashion
You: Shiraishi-san, you take good care of your appearance, don't you?
Shiraishi: Really? I think it's normal.
You: A lot of the boys in our class are slobs.
Shiraishi: It's because I have an older and a younger sister. They're really annoying about being fashionable.
You: Ah, you have older and younger sisters?
Shiraishi: More than being fashionable, I like the natural look.
You: I see.
[+1.5 hearts]

About food
You: I was given a handout by the steering committee. Um... was it... this?
Shiraishi: Hm? Do you have bad eyes?
You: Eh? They're not really that bad.
Shiraishi: Even so, you're grimacing and staring at the handout.
You: Ah... it's just that I've had a lot of work lately where I'm looking at a computer monitor, so my eyes are tired.
Shiraishi: Ah, I see. Here, I'll give you something nice.
Shiraishi: Here.
You: Eh? Ah, this is, a supplement... is it?
Shiraishi: Right. It's good for tired eyes.
You: Thank you very much.
[+0.5 hearts]

About love
You: Shiraishi-san, you seem pretty popular.
Shiraishi: Hmm... I guess it looks that way.
You: Eh? Are you not?
Shiraishi: It might be a lie to say I'm not, but... I don't really think about it that much.
You: Really?
Shiraishi: You know, I hate it when women try to pick up men.
You: Eh? Really?
Shiraishi: That's how it is. So even if you say it like that, it doesn't really make me happy.
You: Ah... I'm sorry.
Shiraishi: Ah, you don't have to apologize.
Shiraishi: (Well, but hearing it from you made me a bit happy.)
You: ? Um, did you say something?
Shiraishi: Ah, it's nothing.
[+0.5 hearts]

Affection 35-50

About the school festival
You: Even Shitenhouji has school festivals, don't you?
Shiraishi: Yeah, though it's a cultural festival. We call it the "Kinoshita Toukichirou Festival," though.
You: Eh? By Kinoshita Toukichirou, you mean... the Sengoku commander?
Shiraishi: That's right. In Osaka, we call him by the familiar name of Taikou-han.
You: Is there some relation? Like it's where Kinoshita Tokichirou was born, or something?
Shiraishi: What's that? Our school was established in Showa 4. It hasn't been around since the Azuchi-Momoyama period.
You: T-that's true.
Shiraishi: You're pretty good at being a "funny man.", you're a natural "funny man."
You: ...even if you say that, it doesn't make me very happy.
[+0.5 hearts]

About homework
You: For summer homework, usually you have to read a book and write your impressions about it.
Shiraishi: Yeah, we have that. That takes a lot of time.
You: It's true. A lot of the required books are also pretty thick.
Shiraishi: No, I don't really care about what we have to read.
You: Yeah, it's tough writing the impressions essays.
You: ...but only thinking things like that is pretty uncool.
Shiraishi: No, well, it doesn't take that much time.
You: Eh? Then what is it that takes so much time?
Shiraishi: The joke and the punchline.
You: Joke and... punchline?
Shiraishi: For the impressions essays at our school, you're supposed to include a joke in ten lines, and if there isn't a punchline at the end, you fail.
You: ...that doesn't sound like a reading impressions essay anymore...
[+0.5 hearts]

About the weather
You: The weather on the days of the school festival seems like it will be as good as this.
Shiraishi: Right. But lately, there have been things like sudden downpours.
You: Ah, those are troublesome.
Shiraishi: When they come in the middle of a tennis match, they're a huge pain.
You: Ah, but it's nice when it's been hot and it becomes a lot cooler.
Shiraishi: That's true.
[+0.5 hearts]

About friends
You: A friend of mine wanted me to ask you, but are you going out with anyone, Shiraishi-san?
Shiraishi: ...what's that about? Who do you mean by a friend?
You: A steering committee member from another school.
Shiraishi: Then tell them I have no comment.
You: Ah, so I guess it really is no good.
Shiraishi: Of course not. You should ask that sort of thing yourself.
You: Well, that's true. I told her that too.
Shiraishi: But you know, I would be fine with going out with you.
You: Eh? B-but I definitely can't...
Shiraishi: I'm joking.
You: A-again... geez.
Shiraishi: Hahaha.
[+0.5 hearts]

About dreams
You: Mm... haaah.
Shiraishi: What's that, you're yawning. You look tired.
You: Ah, I'm sorry! I'm not really getting enough sleep...
Shiraishi: Well, since it's you, you must've been staying up late looking into things for the school festival, right?
You: I do that, but... the truth is that I'm not really used to the pillow I bought recently.
Shiraishi: Ah, pillows are important. What kind of pillow did you buy?
You: A material foam one.
Shiraishi: Hmm... I think you shouldn't have any problems with that.
You: How do I say it, it feels like my head is too high...
Shiraishi: Ah, don't you have the pillow backwards?
You: Eh? Backwards...?
Shiraishi: That's right. Isn't the high part under your head?
You: Eh? That's backwards?
Shiraishi: I thought so, sometimes that happens. There are people who use it backwards like that. With those, the high part is supposed to be under your neck.
You: ...I didn't know.
Shiraishi: But it was written in the instruction manual.
You: I didn't read the instruction manual for the pillow...
Shiraishi: But it's fine now, right? Now you won't be short on sleep.
You: Thank you very much for telling me.
You: But anyway, Shiraishi-san, you know a lot about these things.
Shiraishi: Because I've tried them a lot. My bed is also made of material foam.
You: Uwah, that sounds relaxing. I want to try sleeping in it too.
Shiraishi:'re, pretty bold.
You: Eh?
Shiraishi: Saying you want to sleep together on my bed. It's embarrassing.
You: Ehh!? T-that's not what I meant! It's not that, um...
Shiraishi: I'm joking. You left an opening for me to tease you.
You: G-geez...
[+1.5 hearts]

About tennis
You: What's Shitenhouji's tennis club like?
Shiraishi: Let's see... they've got strong personalities, but we get along well.
You: You don't have any strange practice sessions or anything?
Shiraishi: I think it isn't really anything special. Once every two days, Osamu-chan gives a lecture.
You: ? Osamu-chan?
Shiraishi: Ah, our coach. If we don't call him Osamu-chan, he gets mad.
You: Heeh... I wonder if it's so it's easy to get close to him...
Shiraishi: At the heart of it all, he's a pretty good coach, though...
You: What does he do?
Shiraishi: If anything happens, he says he'll give you a kokeshi.
You: Ah, you say that sometimes too, Shiraishi-san.
Shiraishi: He's rubbing off on me.
You: Ah, so... but what's up with that, kokeshi?
Shiraishi: I don't really know either. If he's got some grand scheme or something...
You: Ha, haa... what a mysterious coach.
[+1 heart]

About books
You: Shiraishi-san, did you drop a book?
Shiraishi: A book? No, I don't remember dropping one... what kind of book?
You: This one...
Shiraishi: Hmm? A gardening book. I don't know... it doesn't have a name on it.
You: Really? Then if someone dropped it, I'll go...
????: Ah, that's my book. I was looking for it.
Shiraishi: Oh!? If it isn't Yukimura-kun!
Yukimura: Hey, Shiraishi. It's been a while.
Shiraishi: Yukimura-kun, I heard you were hospitalized, but you're all right now?
Yukimura: Yeah, the operation was a success, so I'll make it in time for Nationals.
Shiraishi: Really, that's good.
You: U-um...
Shiraishi: Ah, sorry, sorry. He's Yukimura, the captain of Rikkai's tennis team.
You: Oh, I see. I'm Hoshino Yui, Yamabuki Chuu's committee representative.
Yukimura: I'm Yukimura, it's nice to meet you. You were the one who picked up this book, right?
You: Ah, yes. Um, I just want to make sure, but...
Yukimura: Oh, that's right. In that book, there's a pressed flower between the pages as a bookmark.
You: Um...
You: Ah, yes, here it is. It really is yours, Yukimura-san. I'll return it to you.
Yukimura: Thanks.
Yukimura: Then, since I don't want to bother you two, I'll excuse myself here... fufu.
You: I'm glad I found the owner.
Shiraishi: That's good, but is that all you have to say?
You: Eh? What do you mean by that's all?
Shiraishi: Ah, it's fine if you didn't get it.
You: ?
Shiraishi: (What, he has an even more dreadful aura than last year... we'll have to be really careful...)
You: In any case, Rikkai's captain wasn't really that scary a person.
Shiraishi: Pfft! B-by scary person you mean... well, I understand that. You're talking about Sanada-kun, right?
You: Y-yeah. I made him angry before.
Shiraishi: Ahh, I get it. He went "Tarundoru!" right?
You: Y-yes.
Shiraishi: Somehow I remember it well. Sanada-kun is the vice-captain.
You: So that's how it is. I really thought...
Shiraishi: Well, he's dignified enough for it, and he does look scary.
You: I-I didn't go that far.
Shiraishi: You don't have to hide it. It was written on your face.
You: G-geez...
[+0.5 hearts]

About music
You: Do you think it's better to have some sort of BGM playing in the booth?
Shiraishi: Hmm... BGM for monjayaki...
You: Are there any pieces that seem fitting?
Shiraishi: If it were okonomiyaki... that's right, there are some things by Naniwa's Mozart.
You: ? Who is that?
Shiraishi: There isn't anyone in Kansai who doesn't know.
You: ...somehow I can imagine. It's a comedian, isn't it?
Shiraishi: You're not quite right and not quite wrong.
You: Somehow it feels like it would change the feeling of the shop, so let's stop.
Shiraishi: Well, then let's do that.
[+0.5 hearts]

About games
You: Shiraishi-san, could it be that shogi is one of your strong points?
Shiraishi: Heeh, why do you think that?
You: No, somehow I was just wondering.
Shiraishi: Too bad. My strong point is chess.
You: Ah, really. But chess does suit your image more, Shiraishi-san.
Shiraishi: They both have different images.
You: The rules of chess and shogi are similar.
Shiraishi: The small details are pretty different. Like how you can't use the pieces that are taken.
You: And then there were... the pawns. The way they capture is a bit different in shogi, right?
Shiraishi: You know a lot. Have you played chess before?
You: I've only dabbled in it.
Shiraishi: At Shitenhouji, it seems like everyone prefers shogi. There aren't really any opponents for me.
You: I'd be interested a little.
Shiraishi: Then if we have a chance, I'll teach you.
Shiraishi: But there's no handicap, unlike in shogi, so it's a bit hard to make it easier for you.
You: Yes, please.
[+1 heart]

About fashion
You: Shiraishi-san, you don't really get tanned, do you?
Shiraishi: That's true for you too. Even though you're running around outside, your skin is beautiful.
You: T-thank you very much. It's because I'm wearing sunblock.
Shiraishi: Do you use any cosmetics besides sunblock?
You: Eh? Um... just face lotion and lip cream.
Shiraishi: Hmm... that's pretty nice.
You: Um... what is?
Shiraishi: Ah, don't worry about it. I'll tell you sometime.
You: Ha, haa...
[+1.5 hearts]

About food
You: Shiraishi-san, are you picky about food?
Shiraishi: There isn't really anything I dislike. Being picky is bad for your health, too.
You: That's true. So then are there foods you like?
Shiraishi: Hmm, maybe cheese risotto.
You: Ah, that's tasty. It's pretty easy to make, too.
Shiraishi: Oh, so you can cook.
You: Well, I'm about average. I practice in home economics.
Shiraishi: Then next time, won't you cook some for me? Cheese risotto, that is.
You: Eh? Um... are you serious about that?
Shiraishi: As you guessed, I'm joking.
You: Haa... it's fine with me, but you can't say those kinds of things to other girls. They'll take it seriously.
Shiraishi: Well, if it's you, it's fine if you think I'm serious.
You: Eh? Just now...
Shiraishi: If you let it bother you, you lose.
[+1.5 hearts]

About love
You: Shiraishi-san...
Shiraishi: Ah, wait a second.
You: Eh?
Shiraishi: Let me ask questions sometimes too.
You: Ah, okay. That's fine.
Shiraishi: Okay, let's go.
You: Yes.
Shiraishi: (Hoshino-san,) is there anyone you like?
You: Eh!?
Shiraishi: Do you think you want to go out with a person older than you?
You: U-um...
Shiraishi: Do you hate Kansai-ben?
You: N-no, uh...
Shiraishi: Question time is over. Well, the results were pretty satisfying.
You: W-what are you saying, I feel like those were really leading questions...
Shiraishi: It's your imagination.
You: Ooh...
[+2 hearts]

Special conversation topics

About the poison hand
You: Um... a while ago, what were you talking about with Tooyama-kun?
Shiraishi: With Kin-chan? I talk with Kin-chan a lot. What was it about?
You: Um... like what the poison hand is.
Shiraishi: ...oh. You saw that?
You: Y-yes.
Shiraishi: Guess it can't be helped...... Since you know that much, I can't let it slide.
You: Eh?
Shiraishi: Sorry, but... I can't let you talk.
You: Eh? Ehhh?
Shiraishi: You've got bad luck, you know. Just knowing the secret of my poison hand...
You: I-is it true... the poison hand?
[end CG]
Shiraishi: ...I'm joking.
You: Eh?
Shiraishi: No matter how you look at it, that kind of thing can't be true, right?
You: Ah... it was a lie?
Shiraishi: Yeah, it was.
You: R-right.
Shiraishi: ...weren't you really scared just now?
You: T-that was... because you put on a really good act, Shiraishi-san.
Shiraishi: were pretty cute.
You: Eh?
Shiraishi: Ah, it's nothing. It's fine if you didn't hear.
You: Ha, haa...
[+2.5 hearts]

About being captain
You: Shiraishi-san, you're the captain of Shitenhouji's tennis club, aren't you?
Shiraishi: For the time being. I have been since I was a second-year.
You: Eh? Since... you were a second-year?
Shiraishi: That's right. The coach told me to.
You: That's amazing.
Shiraishi: Not really. Well, there are a lot of strongheaded guys in the club, so it's hard to keep them all in line.
You: Really... I've heard the rumors about Tooyama-kun, and it certainly seems hard.
Shiraishi: It's true about Kin-chan, but there's also Yuuji and Koharu.
You: Are there any others like Tooyama-kun?
Shiraishi: Those two are different from Kin-chan but have a lot of their own problems...
Shiraishi: They're uncontrollable.
You: They cause you trouble...
Shiraishi: It's also because the coach doesn't really care.
Shiraishi: Well, the vice-captain is reliable enough, so we manage.
You: But Shiraishi-san, you’re serious and good at looking after people, so I'm sure you're a good captain.
Shiraishi: Hahaha, thanks for the compliment, but it's a bit embarrassing.
[+1.5 hearts]

About the unit
You: Shiraishi-san, you’re taking part in the vocal unit, huh.
Shiraishi: That's right.
You: I watched you practicing before. Everyone is doing well.
Shiraishi: What, you saw? You should've talked to us.
You: Well, it would've been bad to get in the way of your practice.
Shiraishi: You shouldn't have worried about that.
You: Anyway, including you, Shiraishi-san, all the members seemed to be doing beautifully.
Shiraishi: Ah, you could say that.
You: ...Shiraishi-san, you're not denying that you were doing beautifully, are you.
Shiraishi: If I deny it, then that would mean we were doing badly, right?
You: That's true, but...
Shiraishi: Beauty and tennis strength aren't related.
You: Shiraishi-san, it's all about tennis in the end, isn't it?
Shiraishi: That's right, because I'm a member of the tennis club.
[+1.5 hearts]

About the Bible
You: Shiraishi-san, they call you the "Bible"?
Shiraishi: Ah, that's true, but... how did you know?
You: I heard you talking to Minami-senpai before.
Shiraishi: Ah, that time?
You: What do they mean by "Bible"?
Shiraishi: You know, in the Bible, they have the New Testament and the Old Testament...
You: I know that much.
Shiraishi: You responded badly. You should've let the material drag out a little longer.
You: I-I'm sorry.
Shiraishi: Ah, you don't have to apologize. I was joking.
You: When they say the Bible, do they mean something like a textbook?
Shiraishi: Heeh, you understand it well. That's exactly it.
You: So what it means is that Shiraishi-san's tennis is of a style that can be used as a model for other people's tennis?
Shiraishi: That's kind of it. But it's a little different.
You: Different?
Shiraishi: Do you know the main difference between the Bible and a textbook?
You: Eh? Um... that's it religious?
Shiraishi: It's not that. The biggest difference is that textbooks change over the ages, but the Bible is unchanging.
You: Ah... I see. That is to say that your tennis is perfect, Shiraishi-san.
Shiraishi: Well, it seems like everyone thinks so...
You: Ah, I feel like I understand now. You're not satisfied with your current tennis, are you, Shiraishi-san?
Shiraishi: That's right. If I think that it's perfect, then I can't continue to improve. I still have to be diligent.
You: I think that's really cool of you.
Shiraishi: I-if you say that to my face, it's pretty embarrassing.
You: Fufu, you're always teasing me, so this time I'm returning the favor.
[+2.5 hearts]

Day-specific scenes

8/22, Monday, Morning (Speak)
You: Hello, Shiraishi-san.
Shiraishi: Ah, the committee representative girl?
You: Yes, I'm Hoshino. There was something I wanted to ask you; do you have time?
Shiraishi: Something to ask me? What?
You: It's about the new school term, but on the first and second, are you going to return to Osaka, Shiraishi-san?
Shiraishi: Ah, if it's that, it's fine. We're on vacation until the fourth.
You: Ah, really?
Shiraishi: The selection for the second round of the S-1 Grand Prix is on the first and the second.
You: S-1 Grand Prix?
Shiraishi: Shitenhouji's one Grand Prix. It's the contest to determine Shitenhouji's best comedians.
You: Y-you have that sort of thing...
Shiraishi: I and Kin-chan and Chitose have already dropped out of the running.
Shiraishi: If I was serious, I would've had to participate as audience, but there was the school festival, so we were given a special exception.
You: An event run by the school... that's amazing.
Shiraishi: It's because the guys who make it through the second round are excused from doing their homework. They're all desperate.
You: That's... it's true that that would make them desperate.
Shiraishi: It's a disaster for the people who don't do their homework but drop out~
You: T-that's true...
[+2 hearts]

8/22, Monday, Noon (See)
You: (That's... Shiraishi-san and Tooyami-kun, right? I wonder what they're doing?)
Kintarou: No, no! I wanna have a match with Koshimae!
Shiraishi: When the national tournament starts, you'll be able to play him. Just bear with it until then.
Kintarou: That's true, but what am I gonna do if the match is decided before I get to play?
Shiraishi: ...don't say unhappy things like that. That won't happen.
Kintarou: Really?
Shiraishi: Probably.
Kintarou: "Probably" isn't good enough! It has to be "definitely"! I won't be able to play against Koshimae!
Shiraishi: Right now the school festival is more important. Just go along with it quietly.
Kintarou: I don't wanna!
Shiraishi: Stop it!
Kintarou: I don't wanna!
Shiraishi: can't be helped.
Kintarou: Aaaaah~! The bandages!? Hold on!
Shiraishi: ......
Kintarou: I don't like the poison hand!! I don't wanna die~!! Forgive me!!
Kintarou: I read about it in manga, the poison hand!
Kintarou: If you switch between burying it in burning sand and poison and continue this pain for two weeks, the poison will soak into your hand...
Kintarou: They say that you'll die if it touches you!
Shiraishi: Do you want to die, Kin-chan?
Kintarou: N-no... I don't wanna die...
Shiraishi: Then help out with the school festival quietly.
Kintarou: Ooh... got it.
You: (Poison hand... what's that?)
[Conversation topic: About the poison hand GET!!]

8/23, Tuesday, Morning (Speak)
You: Shiraishi-san, what are you doing?
Shiraishi: Hm? Ah, Hoshino-san? I found something interesting.
You: Something interesting?
Shiraishi: Look, it's this.
You: Ah, it really is. It's like a grape... it looks delicious.
Shiraishi: It's a poisonous deutzia.
You: Eh? Poisonous!?
Shiraishi: That's right. It's lethal poison, so you shouldn't eat it.
You: S-such a dangerous tree is growing here... I-I'm going to report it to the committee!
Shiraishi: Wait a second. It's fine if you report it, but the number of these poisonous deutzia is decreasing.
Shiraishi: It's native to Japan, so if possible, I want it to be replanted in the mountains.
You: Really?
Shiraishi: Yeah, but it seems like they grew everywhere before.
Shiraishi: Now you usually can't find them in the city.
You: Were they destroyed because they're poisonous?
Shiraishi: No, it seems like it's because of environmental degradation. Even though it's an endemic species...
Shiraishi: If we just leave it, it might die.
You: Really... but anyway, Shiraishi-san, you know a lot.
Shiraishi: I like poisonous plants.
You: Poisonous plants...?
Shiraishi: That's right.
You: How do I say this... that sounds a bit dangerous.
Shiraishi: Well, normally you would think that. But besides poison, they have other uses, like in medicine.
You: Yes, they say there's a thin line between poison and medicine, right?
Shiraishi: Because if you take the wrong amount of medicine, it becomes poison.
Shiraishi: Also, when there's a poisonous plant nearby like right now, you can protect yourself.
You: That's true. Someone might have eaten it if they hadn't known better.
Shiraishi: It would also come in handy if disaster were to strike and you were stranded on a deserted island.
You: ...I think that situation rarely happens.
[+2 hearts]

8/24, Wednesday, Evening (Speak)
You: Huh? Shiraishi-san, what are you doing?
Shiraishi: Ah, Hoshino-san. I thought I would reinforce one part of the booth a little.
You: Eh? If it's that, you should talk to Minami-senpai and the others about it.
Shiraishi: Ah, it's fine. I got permission.
You: Really? So then where is everyone?
Shiraishi: It's an easy job, so I figured I could do it myself.
You: Easy... but the saw and hammer are here, so it seems like you had to use all the carpentry tools.
Shiraishi: I was just reinforcing the boundaries with the screens. That doesn't take much time.
You: The screens?
Shiraishi: It's because there are a lot of parts under strain. I thought we should make them a bit stouter.
You: I'll help too.
Shiraishi: You also have your job as a steering committee member, don't you? It's better if you don't push yourself.
You: I have time right now. Besides, helping out with the school festival is the job of a steering committee member.
Shiraishi: Really... well, I'll take you at your word and accept.
You: Yes, please leave it to me!

Shiraishi: Hold it tightly.
You: Yes!
Shiraishi: ...Hoshino-san.
You: Eh? Ah, yes.
Shiraishi: You're pretty serious.
You: R-really?
Shiraishi: You are. Whenever I look at you, you're always running around.
You: It's because there are a lot of things I can help out with.
Shiraishi: And you also notice a lot of things.
You: Because I'm a steering committee member.
Shiraishi: I think that's your good point. My affection points are going up.
You: Eh!?
You: Ah!!
Shiraishi: Whoops! Are you okay?
You: I--I'm sorry. The wood broke.
Shiraishi: More importantly, are you hurt?
You: No, I'm fi... ow!
Shiraishi: What is it?
Shiraishi: Ah, you skinned your knee.
You: I'm sorry, I'm going to the medical office for a bit.
Shiraishi: I'll go with you.
You: It's fine. It's not serious.
Shiraishi: Don't push yourself. Do you want me to carry you?
You: N-no, I said it's fine.
Shiraishi: Here, I'll lend you my shoulder. If you don't take it I'll carry you.
You: Ehh? T-that's...
Shiraishi: Come on, don't hold back. But it might be a bit hard with the height difference.
You: A-all right. Then...
Shiraishi: Mm, that's fine. There's a good, obedient girl.

You: Sorry, I said I wanted to help, but in the end I got in the way...
Shiraishi: It's not like that. It happened because I said something weird.
You: N-no... m-more importantly, I'm sorry for interrupting your work.
Shiraishi: You apologize too much. I already said it's my fault, so you shouldn't worry about it.
You: Y-yes.
You: (Ooh... his face is close... I'm embarrassed...)
Shiraishi: Hm...?
You: W-what is it?
Shiraishi: Ah, it's nothing. Look, we've reached the medical office.
You: Ah, yes.

Shiraishi: I'm glad it wasn't serious.
You: Yeah.
Shiraishi: I'm responsible for you getting hurt. So I'll take you to the station today.
You: Eh? That's not true.
Shiraishi: I won't be satisfied if I don't. Come on, let me.
You: T-then, I'll take you at your word.

Shiraishi: Does it hurt?
You: No, I'm fine.
Shiraishi: Do you want to lean on my shoulder?
You: I-it's fine!
Shiraishi: Really... I'm a bit disappointed.
You: Eh?
Shiraishi: Ah, it's nothing.
Shiraishi: Ah, that's right. We'll continue the work tomorrow morning.
You: Ah, okay. I'll help too.
Shiraishi: You don't have to push yourself.
You: No, it's unfinished work.
Shiraishi: So, you'll come if you feel like it?
You: Yes.

You: Thanks for bringing me here.
Shiraishi: It's fine. Well, I'll see you tomorrow.
[+2.5 hearts]

8/25, Thursday, Morning (Speak)
You: Shiraishi-san, you're continuing from yesterday, aren't you?
Shiraishi: Oh, you came. How's your knee?
You: There's a large adhesive pad on it, but it doesn't hurt at all. I can help out.
Shiraishi: Really? Thanks. Hey, I'm counting on you.
You: Yes.

Shiraishi: Okay, right around here.
You: I see, the unsteadiness is gone now.
Shiraishi: Thanks for helping me.
You: It's my job.
Shiraishi: Hm?
You: What is it?
Shiraishi: I don't like the look of those clouds... it looks like it'll rain.
You: Ah, now that you mention it, it's gotten pretty dark...
You: Wah!? It's raining!
Shiraishi: That was sudden. And it's pretty heavy. Let's go inside the stall.

Shiraishi: Wow... it's still falling pretty heavily.
You: It's good that it started after we finished working.
Shiraishi: That's true. Hoshino-san, it's because you helped out.
You: I'm glad I could be of some use.
You: Ah, the sky over there looks a bit clearer...
You: Kyaa!?
Shiraishi: Whoa! Are you okay?
You: W-was that thunder, just now...
Shiraishi: Yeah, it was pretty close by...
You: That scared me...
Shiraishi: ...hey, what shampoo do you use?
You: Eh?
You: Ah!?
You: I-I-I-I'm sorry!!

Shiraishi: ...too bad.
You: Eh?
Shiraishi: Ah, no, it's nothing.
You: Ah, it looks like it stopped.

Shiraishi: It was really just a shower.
You: That's true.
Shiraishi: Come on, let's clean up and finish up.
You: Yes.
[+2.5 hearts]

8/26, Friday, Evening (Speak)
Shiraishi: Oh, (Hoshino-san). You came at a good time.
You: Eh? What is it?
Shiraishi: I'm going to buy things now; do you want to go together?

Yes, it's fine.
Sorry, I'm busy right now...

You: Yes, it's fine.
Shiraishi: All right, then shall we go?
You: So what are we going to buy?
Shiraishi: The okonomiyaki ingredients to prepare for tomorrow's okonomiyaki showdown.
You: Ah, do we not have enough with what's already ready?
Shiraishi: No, it's about enough, but I really want to use ingredients that I've picked myself.
You; You're very particular, aren't you?
Shiraishi: By the way, (Hoshino-san). Can you tell me about any shops around here that sell those things?
You: Ah, that's right. You aren't familiar with this area, Shiraishi-san.
You: All right. Well then, what do you want to look for first?
Shiraishi: Let's see... first is the cabbage.
You: In that case, there's a nearby grocer that gets its stock directly from a local farm.
Shiraishi: All right, we'll start from there.

You: This is everything, right?
Shiraishi: Yeah, this is enough. (Hoshino-san,) thank you for telling me about the good places.
You: No, it's because I'm a member of the steering committee.
Shiraishi: Ah, the stuff you're carrying is heavy, right? I'll take it for you.
You: Eh? But Shiraishi-san, you're already carrying enough...
Shiraishi: What are you saying? It's a man's job to carry things.
You: Ah, thank you very much.
Shiraishi: By the way.
You: Ah, yes. What is it?
Shiraishi: I thought this while we were making the monjayaki, but isn't the flame on the gas stove a bit weak?
You: Eh? Is it?
Shiraishi: We added okonomiyaki to the menu at today's meeting, right?
Shiraishi: For okonomiyaki, it's better to have the flame a bit higher.
You: I see... in that case, I'll prepare it as soon as we get back.
Shiraishi: You'll do that for me?
You: Yes. Ah, I just remembered since you mentioned the stove flame, but what will we do for the teppan?
Shiraishi: Teppan?
You: I looked it up so I know a little, but it seems like it's better to have a thick teppan for monja and okonomiyaki.
Shiraishi: Ah, now that you mention it, I think I've heard something like that.
You: They're expensive, but since we're leaving the preparation cost out of our budget, it's all right to use it for that, right?
Shiraishi: That's true; can you do that?
You: Understood. It's just, because I'll be ordering them now, I think they'll probably arrive around tomorrow evening, so...
You: They might not make it in time for tomorrow's okonomiyaki practice.
Shiraishi: I don't really mind. It's fine as long as they make it in time for the day of the school festival.
You: All right, when we get back, I'll make the arrangements for the gas and the teppan.
Shiraishi: Ah, we'll be counting on you. In any case... (Hoshino-san,), you're pretty perceptive.
You: It's normal. I'm just doing what I need to do as a steering committee member.
Shiraishi: You're modest. Well, we'll be counting on you from now on too.
You: Yes!
[+2.5 hearts]

You: Sorry, I'm busy right now...
Shiraishi: Ah, really. Sorry for getting in your way. Bye.
[-2.5 hearts]

8/27, Saturday, Noon (See)
You: (Huh? Minami-senpai and Shiraishi-san... I wonder what they're talking about.)
Minami: As expected, real okonomiyaki was delicious.
Shiraishi: Really? Akutsu-kun's way of making it wasn't bad, but the basics are important, after all.
Minami: That's true. The basics are important. It's the same in tennis too.
Shiraishi: You get it, Minami-kun. As expected of Yamabuki's captain.
Minami: ...hey, is it all right if I ask you something?
Shiraishi: Hm? What is it, so formal all of a sudden?
Minami: Shiraishi-kun and I, we're both the type that's faithful to the basics, right?
Shiraishi: Right.
Minami: Even so, why is there such a difference in our images?
Shiraishi: Our images?
Minami: Yeah. They call you the "Bible," right, Shiraishi?
[Conversation topic: About the "Bible" GET!!]
Shiraishi: I guess.
Minami: We're the "Jimmies," you know. "Jimmies"!
Shiraishi: That's fine, isn't it? If you let that bother you, you lose.
Minami: R-really?
Shiraishi: If you play perfect tennis that's faithful to the basics, it's true that it isn't really that interesting to look at.
Shiraishi: But I'm the captain, so I have to win. If I lose, that's the end.
Shiraishi: Shitenhouji's motto is "The one who won is the winner."
Minami: I understand that, and I try to do that, but...
Shiraishi: I like your tennis, you know.
Minami: I'm glad to hear you say that.
Shiraishi: That's right... how about if you use a special move?
Minami: A special move... I see. Do you have one, Shiraishi?
Shiraishi: One. But it's a secret until the National Tournament.
Minami: I see... a special move. I might try to think of something flashy.
You: (Minami-senpai and Shiraishi-san seem to be getting along well.)

8/27, Saturday, Evening (Speak)
You: Shiraishi-san, should we test out the new teppan immediately?
Shiraishi: Ah, (Hoshino-san). I was thinking about how we should test it.
Shiraishi: Just from looking, it seems like it's pretty used to oil, so that looks good.
You: Is it all right if I try making okonomiyaki too?
Shiraishi: I don't mind. Shall we cook it together?
You: Ah, no. It's my first time, so first I want to watch how you do it and use that as reference, Shiraishi-san.
Shiraishi: All right, then watch carefully.
You: Yes.

Shiraishi: And with that, it's done.
You: Wah, it looks delicious.
Shiraishi: But this teppan really is amazing.
You: Really?
Shiraishi: Yeah. The temperature didn't change at all. If it's with this, anyone can cook it nice and evenly.
You: Will it be all right for me?
Shiraishi: As long as you don't mess up the timing. You found something nice, (Hoshino-san).
You: Thank you very much.
Shiraishi: All right, next is your turn, (Hoshino-san).
You: Ah, yes. Um, first is...

You: It's done!
Shiraishi: Yup, it looks good. You did well for your first time.
You: Thank you very much. It's thanks to your advice, Shiraishi-san.
Shiraishi: Okay, do you want to trade for the other's okonomiyaki and try them out?
You: Eh? Shiraishi-san, you’ll eat the one I cooked?
Shiraishi: That way, you'll get a more objective opinion, right?
You: T-that's true, but...
Kintarou: Ahhh! Shiraishi, there's something that looks tasty!
Shiraishi: W-what, Kin-chan? You really have a good eye when it comes to things you can eat.
Kintarou: Heey, is it okay if I eat that?
Shiraishi: No! This is something that she made...
Kintarou: I'll take it!
Shiraishi: Ah, hey!!
Kintarou: Ow! Ha... haft bast huud! (It's hot but it's good!)
Shiraishi: Kin-chan, wait!
Kintarou: Nuh-uh! Ja won fu eath ith ja finner! (The one who eats is the winner!)
You: Ah... he's already gone that far...
Shiraishi: No, even if I chase him now I won't catch him...
You: He's amazingly fast...
Shiraishi: Sorry, (Hoshino-san)! I'll make Kin-chan apologize to you properly lately.
You: W-well, it seemed like he said it was delicious, so it's fine.
Shiraishi: I can't believe Kin-chan snatched it from right under my nose. Haa...
Shiraishi: Haa... it's too bad. After you went to all that trouble to make it...
You: P-please don't be that upset. It's just okonomiyaki.
Shiraishi: Hey, will you make some again? For me.
You: Eh?
Shiraishi: It's important, you know. Because it's for me.
You: Uh, um... if you want to eat it, Shiraishi-san, I'll make it.
Shiraishi: Yes!
You: Fufu.
Shiraishi: Anyway, let's both eat the other okonomiyaki.
You: Ah, yes. That's right.
[+2.5 hearts]

8/27, Saturday, Night (Automatic)
You: Ah, my phone...
You: Eh? Shiraishi-san? I wonder what it is...
You: Yes, this is Hoshino.
Shiraishi: Ah, this is Shiraishi... is now a good time?
You: Yes, it's fine.
Shiraishi: Do you have plans for tomorrow?

No, not really.
I... I do.

You: No, not really.
Shiraishi: All right, then will you go out with me for a little while tomorrow?
You: Eh? By going out, you mean...
Shiraishi: If you want me to say it plainly, on a date.
You: A-a date!?
Shiraishi: So surprised... your voice is really loud.
You: Ah, s-sorry... um, a date...
Shiraishi: Do you not want to?
You: N-no, it's not that I don't want to, um, it's just that it's really sudden...
Shiraishi: Hey, it's okay. Let's meet up tomorrow at 11 o'clock in front of the station. Is that all right?
You: U-understood.
Shiraishi: All right, I'll see you tomorrow. I look forward to it. Good night.
You: Ah, yes. Good night.
You: ...that surprised me. A date... what should I do...

You: I... I do.
Shiraishi: Ah, really. That's unfortunate.
You: Um, what is?
Shiraishi: Ah, don't worry about it. I'll see you next week. Good night.
You: Ah, yes. Good night.
You: (Shiraishi-san... I wonder if there was something he needed...)
[-2.5 hearts]

8/28, Sunday, Date
You: (Ah... it's about the time we agreed on. I should hurry so I won't be late.)

You: (Twenty minutes before time... I wonder if I'm a bit early.)
Shiraishi: Hey, here, over here.
You: Eh? Shiraishi-san's voice?
Shiraishi: You're early, (Hoshino-san).
You: Ah, good morning, Shiraishi-san. You're early too.
You: Anyway, why were you hiding?
Shiraishi: Ah, do you want to hear why I was trying not to draw attention?
You: Y-yes.
Shiraishi: Somehow, uh... when I'm standing alone, a lot of girls try to talk to me.
You: Ah... it's because you stand out, Shiraishi-san.
Shiraishi: But I'm bad with those kinds of things. So I was hiding somewhere where no one would see me.

...Shiraishi-san, you're popular, aren't you.
Shiraishi-san, you’re pretty serious, huh.

You: ...Shiraishi-san, you're popular, aren't you.
Shiraishi: Ah, I'm saying it's because of that that I was hiding.
You: Saying that you were hiding, you have a pretty honest way of thinking.
Shiraishi: Being popular with people I don't know doesn't make me happy. More importantly, have you had lunch yet? Let's go eat.
You: Ah, yes.
[+1 heart]

You: Shiraishi-san, you’re pretty serious, huh.
Shiraishi: More than being serious, it's more that I'm bad at it, like I said before.
Shiraishi: Besides, today is for a date with you.
Shiraishi: If I start talking to another girl, there won't be a good atmosphere.
You: Ah... s-so you were serious about this being a date?
Shiraishi: Of course I was serious. Come on, let's go eat lunch.
You: Y-yes.
[+1.5 hearts]

Shiraishi: The vegetables here are organic, and the meat is also made with domestic products.
You: Heeh, it looks pretty healthy.
Shiraishi: It was written in the guidebook as a good place for low-calorie food.
You: Shiraishi-san, you looked this up beforehand?
Shiraishi: Because I don't really know much about this area. So then I had to prepare perfectly.
You: I see... ah, it's here.
Shiraishi: Yeah, it looks good. Thanks for the meal.
You: Thanks for the meal.
You: Yeah, it's delicious.
Shiraishi: Ah, yeah... but it's a little unsatisfying.
You: Ah... it's true that the flavor is a bit thin, but it's delicious enough.
Shiraishi: (Haah... did I mess up?)

You: It was a pretty good place.
Shiraishi: Well, it wasn't bad, but... honestly, it's a bit complicated...
You: It wasn't really.
Shiraishi: (It seems like she's a bit worried about me... but the real battle starts here.)
You: ? Shiraishi-san?
Shiraishi: Ah, it's nothing. Next is a movie, a movie. We've got reserved seats.
You: Ah, yes.
Shiraishi: (A meal and then a movie... it's basic, but it'll be great if I do it perfectly.)

You: (...yeah, somehow I don't really understand the story.)

Shiraishi: ...damn.
You: Shiraishi-san, please cheer up.
Shiraishi: I knew Korean films were a big hit or miss, but... that this would be such a huge miss...
You: T-that's not it at all. I think it was interesting... probably.
Shiraishi: I got sleepy in the middle of it. I managed to stay awake, but... I didn't understand the story at all.
You: W-well, these things happen.
Shiraishi: Sorry! I didn't do enough research first.
You: P-please don't worry about it. More importantly, let's order something to drink.
Shiraishi: That's right... what will you have?

Orange juice
Mixed fruit juice

You: Ah, I'll have aojiru.
Shiraishi: Eh... that's surprising. You're okay with aojiru?
You: Yes. If you drink it enough, you get used to it.
Shiraishi: I understand, (Hoshino-san). All right, I'll get aojiru too.
[+2 hearts]

You: Ah, I'll have orange juice.
Shiraishi: Then I'll have aojiru.
You: Eh? By aojiru, you mean... ah, it's true. It's on the menu...
Shiraishi: Aojiru is good for your health.
You: T-that's true.
[+1 heart]

You: Ah, I'll have mixed fruit juice.
Shiraishi: What's that!?
You: Wah!? Y-you surprised me...
Shiraishi: Ah, sorry, sorry. They had mixed fruit juice.
You: It's rare for a cafe.
Shiraishi: That's true. I was surprised when we came here. Because you can never find it anywhere.
You: Is it not rare in Osaka?
Shiraishi: You can often find it in cafes. They also sell it at train station shops.
You: At the station?
Shiraishi: That's right.
Shiraishi: When you go to Koshien, drinking mixed fruit juice at the station stands is standard.
You: Ha, haa...
Shiraishi: Ah, sorry. It's local talk. I'll have mixed fruit juice too.
[+1.5 hearts]

Shiraishi: Do you want to go shopping over at that mall?
You: That's a good idea. I've been looking for some cute accessories.
Shiraishi: Accessories? Those are nice. Come on, let's go.
You: Yes.

You: Shiraishi-san, you seemed to be enjoying yourself.
Shiraishi: ...sorry. I forgot myself a little.
You: More importantly, you bought a lot, huh. It was all health goods.
Shiraishi: Yeah... I didn't know they were having a fair.
Shiraishi: Somehow, I left you behind, (Hoshino-san), and only I got carried away...
You: It's fine. Your eyes were sparkling, and it was cute, Shiraishi-san.
Shiraishi: Cute, huh... it's the first time I've heard someone say that.
You: And you also came along when I went to find some accessories, so it's okay, right?
Shiraishi: Well, if you were having fun, (Hoshino-san), I guess it's all right...
You: Yes, it was fun.
Shiraishi:'re a good girl.
You: Eh?
Shiraishi: Ah, no, there's a nice place. Do you want to go take a look now?
You: When you say a nice place, what do you mean?
Shiraishi: It'll be more fun if we go and take a look.
You: Ah, yes.

You: Waah...
Shiraishi: How is it?
You: It's beautiful... from here, you can look out over the whole town.
Shiraishi: I found it by chance before.
You: Ah, this place is close to the school festival grounds, isn't it.
Shiraishi: Look, over there you can see the dome of the assembly hall.
You: Ah, it's true.
Shiraishi: (All right, with this I've made a bit of a comeback.)
You: Oh, that's right.
Shiraishi: Hm? What is it?
You: I have a present for you, Shiraishi-san. I didn't have the chance to give it to you earlier.
Shiraishi: Eh? For me?
You: Yes. Um...

Grass-green pressure massage bowl
Takoyaki phone strap
Tennis ball-shaped savings box

You: It's this...
Shiraishi: Oh, a massage bowl. They were selling something like this. Thanks.
You: N-no, it's nothing.
[+2 hearts]
You: It's this...
Shiraishi: Heeh, this is takoyaki. It's interesting. Thanks.
You: N-no, it's nothing.
[+1.5 hearts]
You: It's this...
Shiraishi: Heeh, it's rare to find a tennis ball-shaped savings box. Thank you.
You: N-no, it's nothing.
[+1 heart]
Shiraishi: The truth is, I have a present for you too.
You: Eh?
Shiraishi: Here, it's this.
You: Wah, such a pretty necklace... b-but I can't take such an expensive thing...
Shiraishi: Ah, don't worry about it. It probably costs about as much as what you just gave me.
You: Really?
Shiraishi: Somehow it's turned into a present exchange.
You: Fufu, that's true.
Shiraishi: (All right, that went well. Now we just need the sun to set and the mood will...)
You: Um, Shiraishi-san?
Shiraishi: Ah, that's right. If we stay here a little longer, the sunset will be beautiful...
Shiraishi: ...wait, what, it's getting cloudy.
You: Ah, it's true. It seems like it might start to shower...
Shiraishi: Even though the weather forecast said it was supposed to be clear the whole day...
You: S-somehow, isn't it also starting to thunder?
Shiraishi: That's true... let's go back before it starts to rain.
You: All right.

You: Today was fun. Thank you very much.
Shiraishi: Ah, well, but a lot of awkward things happened.
You: There wasn't anything like that. I had a lot of fun.
Shiraishi: Then is it all right if I invite you again?
You: Eh?
Shiraishi: If you feel like it, though.
You: G-geez...
Shiraishi: Ah, it's about time for the train to come. All right, be careful.
You: Yes, I'll see you tomorrow.
Shiraishi: Right, see you tomorrow.
[+5 hearts]

8/30, Tuesday, Morning (Speak)
You: Kuranosuke-san, what are you doing?
Shiraishi: Uwah!?
Shiraishi: Don't surprise me like that. Yui.
You: ? Are you hiding something?
Shiraishi: Ah, it's nothing. Don't worry about it.
You: if you say that, it makes me worry unnecessarily.
Shiraishi: You shouldn't worry about it.
You: Haa...
Shiraishi: Ah, that's right. Do you like flowers?
You: Eh? Yes, I like them.
Shiraishi: I see, I see. Then it's okay.
You: Um, what is...
Shiraishi: Oops, I forgot. I'm gonna call Chitose. I'll be right back.
You: ...I wonder what that was about?

8/30, Tuesday, Night (Automatic)
You: Ah, my phone... is it...
You: Ah, my phone... it's from Kuranosuke-san...
You: Yes, this is Hoshino.
Shiraishi: Good evening, this is Shiraishi.
You: Ah, yes. Good evening.
Shiraishi: Sorry for being so sudden, but are you free tomorrow?

Yes, it's fine!
I'm sorry, I have plans...

You: Yes, it's fine.
Shiraishi: Your homework is finished too?
You: Yes.
Shiraishi: Well, it's for tomorrow, but will you give me a chance to redeem myself?
You: Eh? By "redeem"...
Shiraishi: The date before wasn't very good, right?
Shiraishi: So this time, I want to have a more fun date.
You: I thought the date before was plenty of fun.
Shiraishi: No, no, I'm not all right with it.
You: Fufu... understood. I'll go out with you no matter how many times.
Shiraishi: Really! Then, will you meet me in front of the station at one tomorrow?
You: Yes, got it. At one o'clock.
Shiraishi: Don't come too early like before.
You: Yes, you too, Kuranosuke-san.
Shiraishi: Okay, then I'll reach the station at 1:00:00 PM.
You: No, you don't need to be that punctual...
Shiraishi: I'm saying I'll have that sort of spirit. See you tomorrow.
You: Ah, yes. Good night.
Shiraishi: Good night.
You: A date, huh... I wonder how serious Kuranosuke-san is.

You: I'm sorry, I have plans...
Shiraishi: i see... it can't be helped. Well, later then. Good night.
You: Ah, yes. Good night.
You: (Kuranosuke-san... I wonder if there was something he needed...)
[-5 hearts]

8/31, Wednesday, Date
You: (Ah... it's about the time we agreed on. I should hurry so I won't be late.)

You: Okay, right on time. Kuranosuke-san is...
Shiraishi: Hey, Yui. You're early.
You: Eh? Early... I should be right on time.
Shiraishi: According to my radio clock, you were five seconds early.
You: Like I said, you don't need to time it that exactly...
Shiraishi: I'm joking. Did you eat lunch before you got here?
You: Yes, since it's afternoon.
Shiraishi: Me too. All right, let's walk in the park for a bit.
You: Ah, yes.

You: It's a good thing the weather is nice today.
Shiraishi: Ah... I'm sorry about before.
Shiraishi: At the very end, it started looking like it would rain...
You: Eh? Oh, that's not what I meant.
You: The weather isn't your fault, Kuranosuke-san, so please don't worry about it.
Shiraishi: Today we're going somewhere where it will be fine even if the weather suddenly changes.
You: Where?
Shiraishi: The botanical garden. There are greenhouses and the like there.
You: Ah, that's good. You were saying that you like poisonous plants, Kuranosuke-san.
Shiraishi: Yeah. What do you think?
You: Eh? Poisonous plants, I don't really...
Shiraishi: Ah, no, not that part, but do you not like botanical gardens?
You: Ah, the garden? I like them, there are lots of flowers.
Shiraishi: Really, that's good. Well, let's go.
You: Ah, yes.

Shiraishi: Well, where do you want to go?
You: There's a recommended path in the guidebook, so let's follow that.
Shiraishi: Right, let's go.

You: Ah, the rose garden was amazing.
Shiraishi: There were so many it was overwhelming.
You: The purebred roses were so cute.
Shiraishi: That's true, they didn't have more than five petals.
You: The ones that had so many petals were really amazing.
Shiraishi: I was also really surprised that there were blue roses.
You: They've been able to make those lately, haven't they?
Shiraishi: By genetically modifying them. I didn't think there would be any in this botanical garden.
You: But they weren't pure blue, but a little bit purple, weren't they?'
Shiraishi: That's about as much as they can change it right now.
Shiraishi: If you think about it, a long time ago blue roses were an example of something impossible, so it's a pretty big thing.
You: That's true.

Shiraishi: All right, it's the Poisonous Plant Time you've been waiting for.
You: Fufu, you really do like poisonous plants.
Shiraishi: Well, it's in books too, right? They say there is poison in beautiful flowers.
You: They say that they have thorns, you know.
Shiraishi: Nice tsukkomi.
You: Fufu.
Shiraishi: Ah, there, look at that. That flower.
You: Waah, it's pretty. It's a poinsettia.
Shiraishi: That has poison too.
You: Eh!? Really?
Shiraishi: That's right. There's also poison in lilies of the valley, daffodils, hyacinths, morning glories, and tulips.
You: Tulips too?
Shiraishi: There are even more. Rhododendrons, Chinese bellflowers, cyclamen. Sweet pea is like that too.
You: Uwah... even sweet pea?
Shiraishi: Even among familiar flowers, there are lots of flowers that contain poison.
You: Really... I didn't realize.
Shiraishi: Well, there are a lot with low toxicity, but it's better if you don't eat them.
You: Though I think there aren't really many people who eat flowers.
Shiraishi: But it's more useful to know than not to know.
You: That's true.
Shiraishi: By the way, do you know the most poisonous plant?
You: Let's see... is it aconite?
Shiraishi: Because aconite is famous. Even so, there's an even stronger one.
Shiraishi: It's a plant called Gelsemium elegans.
You: T-that's really scary. Are there none in Japan?
Shiraishi: That's right. A long time ago there was.
You: Eh? Could it be... they originated in Japan?
Shiraishi: No, it isn't that they came from here.
You: That's right. Thank goodness.
Shiraishi: However. In a certain place, it's always been safeguarded.
You: A certain place...?
Shiraishi: Nara's Shousouin.
You: Eh? By "Shousouin," you mean the treasure storehouse built during the Nara Period?
Shiraishi: Right, in that Shousouin, it's safeguarded under the name "Yakatsu."
You: So then, they were introduced to Japan during the Nara Period?
Shiraishi: That's right. However, when it was obtained, there were fourteen kilograms, but one hundread years later there was only one kilogram left.
You: Eh? It didn't decrease on its own... there's no way, right.
Shiraishi: Right. Someone secretly took some and used it as poison... maybe.
You: Ohh... that's scary.
Shiraishi: By the way, when they checked recently, there were only 390 grams left.
You: It went down again...
Shiraishi: But even so, now after 1200 years, it seems like it's retained its toxicity.
You: S-somehow it's become scary.
Shiraishi: Ah, sorry, sorry. I didn't mean to scare you.
You: But even though it's scary, it really is an interesting story.
Shiraishi: Oh, so you get it. Since there are stories like these, poisonous plants really are interesting.

You: Thank you very much for inviting me today.
Shiraishi: Did you enjoy yourself a bit?
You: Yes, a lot. I especially enjoyed watching Kuranosuke-san as his eyes sparkled when looking at the poisonous plants.
Shiraishi: Ah, I was that into it?
You: Fufu, but I was with you, Kuranosuke-san, so it really was a lot of fun.
Shiraishi: I'm glad to hear you say that. Then I'll see you tomorrow.
You: Yes, see you tomorrow.
[+5 hearts]

9/2, Friday, Morning (Speak)
You: Kuranosuke-san.
Shiraishi: Ah, Yui. What is it?
You: Um... will you have those bandages even when you're wearing a swimsuit?
Shiraishi: No, of course I'll take these off in the pool.
You: Of course.
Shiraishi: Since I'll replace them with waterproof bandages.
You: Ehh?
Shiraishi: At this point, it's just willpower. No matter what happens, I won't go without the bandages.
You: Ha, haa..
You: (Somehow I wonder if he's really obsessed with those bandages...)

9/2, Friday, Noon (Automatic)
This continues from the "general" swim meet scene shared between all routes.
Aoi: The swim meet is finally on its last event, the underwater fighting art, hassoutobi! The favorite is Rokkaku!
Kabaji: The winner will be... Hyoutei.
Aoi: Whoa, it seems that the commentator Kabaji-san recommends Hyoutei. All right, let's begin the match!

Aoi: We're at the very end of this event in which match in which a sense of balance is necessary, and yet no player has emerged that has een able to cross to the very end.
Aoi: All right, who will take up a glorious victory!
You: Kuranosuke-san! Do your best!
Aoi: Whoa, over here we have spirited cheering for Shitenhouji Chuu's Shiraishi-san!
Kabaji: Usu.
Aoi: Fast, he's fast! Staying faithful to the basics of running, Shiraishi-san is crossing over one after another!
Kabaji: It's... perfect.

Aoi: With that, the final event is over. Who is expected to take home the overall victory?
Aoi: And who takes home the disgraceful last place?
Kabaji: Anyway... take a guess.
Aoi: Well, the announcement of the results. The winner is... Shitenhouji Chuu, Shiraishi Kuranosuke! Congratulations, Shiraishi-san!
Kabaji: Congratulations.

You: You did it! You're amazing, Shiraishi-san!
Shiraishi: Thanks for cheering for me. Thanks to you, I was able to do my best.
You: No, it was your true strength, Kuranosuke-san.
Minami: Guwaa!!!
You: Ah, just now...
Shiraishi: Minami-kun, right... ruining the moment.

9/3, Saturday, Noon (Automatic)
Aoi: Now the volunteers from the tennis clubs will start the attraction contest!
Aoi: The master of ceremonies is me, Rokkaku Chuu's first-year captain Aoi Kentarou.
You: Ah, it's starting, it's starting.

You: It's about time for Kuranosuke-san's turn.

You: Uwah... their voices are amazing. Kuranosuke-san is so cool...
You: (Ah... Kuranosuke-san is looking this way...)

Shiraishi: You came to watch.
You: Yes, of course.
Shiraishi: I could see you well from the stage. Yui, I sang today's song for you.
You: Eh? Umm... t-thank you very much.
Shiraishi: Haha, that's a good reaction. There's still some time, so do you want to go take a look around the booths?

Ah, right!
That's a little bit...

You: Ah, right.
Shiraishi: Okay, let's go.
You: Yes.

You: That's a little bit...
Shiraishi: Ah, steering committee business? Well, I didn't know.

9/3, Saturday, Noon (Speak)
If you speak to:

Shiraishi: Heeh, a haunted house. It has a good feeling to it.
You: Ooh...
Ishida: Huh? Are you Shiraishi-san?
Shiraishi: Oh, Gin's little brother?
Ishida: Yes, I'm Ishida Tetsu.
Shiraishi: Okay, then you're Tecchan.
Ishida: Eh? Um, somehow that name is a little...
Shiraishi: You don't like it? Then is otouto-san okay? [little brother]
Ishida: Ah, yes. That's fine.
Shiraishi: You're a second-year, aren't you, otouto-san?
Ishida: Yes, that's right.
Shiraishi: Your faces are similar, but you look really young compared to Gin.
Ishida: W-well, nii-san has been that way ever since he was young.
Shiraishi: Eh? Really? It's true that he's grown older since first year, but...
Ishida: When we were in elementary school, when I was walking with nii-san, we would be mistaken for father and son.
Shiraishi: ...that's amazing. Sanada-kun and Tezuka-kun pale in comparison.
Ishida: Umm, so this is a haunted house, but are you going in?
Shiraishi: Oh, that's right. Yui, you want to go in?
You: Eh? Ah, um, I...
Shiraishi: You don't want to?
You: More than not wanting to, it's scary, so I kind of...
Shiraishi: It's fine if it's scary. Come on, let's go.
You: Ooh... y-yes.
Ishida: Two customers entering!

Shiraishi: Oh, they went all-out.
You: T-that's right...
Shiraishi: You don't have to be so nervous.
You: B-but, it's a haunted house, right? See, from that cover over there, right about now something will go "waaaah!"

Kamio/Ibu: Waah!

You: Kyaaaaaaa~!?
Shiraishi: Whoa!? That surprised me...
Shiraishi: Wait, Yui! Where did you go?
You: Noooo!!
Shiraishi: W-wait! Running is dangerous!

Shiraishi: ...sorry. I didn't think you would be so scared.
You: O-ooh...
Shiraishi: Are you all right?
You: Y-yes.
Shiraishi: Sorry...
Ishida: Um... are you okay?
You: Ah, yes.
Ishida: Sorry. It looks like we surprised you too much.
You: N-no, please don't worry about it.
Shiraishi: Are you really all right?
You: Yes. As you can see!
Shiraishi: Really, I'm glad you aren't hurt or anything.

If you've been there before:
You: Ah, this is...
Shiraishi: Oh, a takoyaki stand's pretty cliched.
Oshitari: Sorry for being cliched.
Shiraishi: Oh, if it isn't Kenya's cousin. This is Hyoutei's booth?
Oshitari: Don't say things like that. Kenya is my cousin. You've got it backwards, backwards.
Shiraishi: I can't tell whether the two of you have a good relationship or not.
Oshitari: So, are you going to buy takoyaki?
Shiraishi: Oh, that's right. Give us two.
You: Ah, please wait a second.
Shiraishi: Hm? What is it?
You: Um... that takoyaki has natto inside, doesn't it?
Shiraishi: Natto?
Oshitari: Oh, I remember. You're the girl from that time? Sorry about that.
Oshitari: After that I restrained that idiot Gakuto.
Shiraishi: there natto in this?
Oshitari: Don't worry. These ones I made myself. There's nothing strange in them.
Shiraishi: That's a relief. I don't hate natto, but it doesn't go with takoyaki.
Oshitari: Two takoyaki. I hope you like it. That will be 400 yen.

If you haven't been there before:
Shiraishi: Oh, a takoyaki stand's pretty cliched.
Oshitari: Sorry for being cliched.
Shiraishi: Oh, if it isn't Kenya's cousin. This is Hyoutei's booth?
Oshitari: Don't say things like that. Kenya is my cousin. You've got it backwards, backwards.
Shiraishi: I can't tell whether the two of you have a good relationship or not.
Oshitari: So, are you going to buy takoyaki?
Shiraishi: Oh, that's right. Give us two.
Oshitari: I hope you like it. That will be 400 yen.

Shiraishi: Whoa, that's cheap. Here, 500 yen.
Oshitari: Thanks. Here's 100 yen change.
Shiraishi: Mm, that's a nostalgic exchange.
Oshitari: That's right. No one here knows how to go along with it.
Oshitari: By the way, the lady with him, you've been gaping for a while.
Shiraishi: Ah, Yui, sorry. You weren't able to follow that?
You: Ah, no. I was overwhelmed by your exchange.
Oshitari: Though it's normal in Osaka.
Shiraishi: But if you think about it, we sound like old men. Or like an old woman who sells cheap sweets.
Oshitari: Don't say we're like old men. I'll be hurt.
Shiraishi: Well said.
Oshitari: By the way, if I'm not mistaken, that girl is Yamabuki's committee representative, right?
You: Ah, yes. I'm Hoshino Yui.
Oshitari: Hmm... heeh...
You: W-what is it?
Oshitari: You have pretty nice legs.
You: Eh?
Shiraishi: Hey, hey! Don't lay on a hand on someone else's things!
Oshitari: I'm joking.
Shiraishi: When you say it, it doesn't sound like a joke. Let's go, Yui.
You: Ah, yes.
Oshitari: ...hmmm. Well done, Shiraishi.

If you've been there before: You: Ah, this is...
Shiraishi: Smash DE Bingo? That sounds kind of interesting.

If you haven't been there before:
You: Smash DE Bingo...?
Shiraishi: That sounds kind of interesting.

Sanada: Shitenhouji's Shiraishi?
Shiraishi: Oh, Rikkai's Emperor. Heh, this is Rikkai's booth?
Sanada: That's right. Are you going to play?
Shiraishi: Hmm, isn't this too easy for a tennis player?
Sanada: Well, for a tennis club that is participating in the National Tournament, that's true.
Shiraishi: If I do it, it won't be interesting, so do you want to try, Yui?
You: Eh? Me?
Shiraishi: I'll support you from behind. Your hands and your footwork.
Sanada: Tarundoru!
You: Hya!?
Shiraishi: ...don't surprise us, Sanada-kun!
Sanada: Even if it is a game, as long as I live, I will absolutely not forgive that kind of insolent action!
Shiraishi: I'm joking. You really are narrow-minded...
You: Ah, um, I'll have to decline.
Shiraishi: Okay, let's go somewhere else.

If you've been there before:
You: Ah, this is...

If you haven't been there before:
You: Heeh, a cotton candy stand...

Shiraishi: Yui, do you want cotton candy?
You: Ah, yes.
Shiraishi: All right, two cotton candies.
Tezuka: Welcome. That will be 300 yen.
Shiraishi: What's that, I was wondering who it was and it was Tezuka-kun. This is Seigaku's booth, huh.
Tezuka: Hm? Ah, Shiraishi.
Shiraishi: doesn't suit you. And besides, this is a business, so you should be more sociable.
Tezuka: Really.
Shiraishi: No, no. If you make that face the customers will run away. You have a weird aura.
Tezuka: ...this is how I always am.
Shiraishi: Mm~ well, whatever. Everyone has their own specialties.
Tezuka: Two cotton candies. Be careful when you take them.
Shiraishi: Hm? What do you mean by be careful?
Tezuka: The bag is full of helium. If you're not careful, it will fly away.
You: Heeh... it's an interesting idea.
Shiraishi: That's right, well done.

9/3, Saturday, Evening (Automatic)
You: It's about time to announce the results.
Shiraishi: That's right... the audience reacted well, but... I wonder how it will turn out...

Atobe: Then, now we'll announce the results of the attraction contest!
Atobe: The overall winners will be awarded tickets and an all-expenses paid trip to next year's Wimbledon!
Atobe: The winning team is...

Atobe: The vocal unit!

You: You did it! Congratulations on winning!
Shiraishi: I'm relieved. It's because everyone did their best.
You: That's right.
Shiraishi: And also, Yui... I was able to do my best because you were watching.
You: Eh? Because I was...
Shiraishi: Do you have time after this?
You: Eh? Yes, I'm free for a while...
Shiraishi: Then let's look around the school festival together. There's still some time before it's my turn to tend the stall.
You: Yes.

Shiraishi: All right, is there anywhere you want to go?
You: No, not in particular.
Shiraishi: Okay, then let's just walk around.
You: Yes.

Shiraishi: Hmm, a cafe. I'm a bit thirsty; should I go in?
You: Ah, yes.

Fuji: Welcome, Shiraishi.
Shiraishi: Oh, if it isn't Seigaku's Fuji-kun. So this is Seigaku's booth.
Fuji: That's right. Is this your girlfriend?
Shiraishi: Good guess.
You: Eh!?
Fuji: Fufu, I see.
You: Eh, um, wait...
Shiraishi: Hey, we'll have a swe~et drink appropriate for a couple.
Fuji: Okay, leave it to me.
You: Um, Kuranosuke-san... if you say that sort of thing and you're taken seriously...
Shiraishi: Huh? You don't like it?
You: N-no! It's not that I dislike it, um...
Shiraishi: I'm joking. I'm teasing the two of you.
You: G-geez...
Fuji: Sorry for making you wait. A drink just for couples.
You: Eh!? T-this is...
Shiraishi: W-wait a second! You really brought one... this has two straws in it...
Fuji: Haha, well then, I'll just be getting in your way, so take it easy, you two.
Shiraishi: O-oi!
You: Ah...
Shiraishi: Ha, hahaha...
You: W-what should we do with this?
Shiraishi: I give up... I underestimated Fuji-kun. He's darker than I imagined...
You: A-aren't the people around us talking?
Shiraishi: ...everyone is looking this way.
You: It's like we're being watched...
Shiraishi: No! Say what you want, this kind of public execution is too embarrassing!
You: S-should we leave?
Shiraishi: That's right... he did well. I'll get him back at tennis.

9/4, Sunday, Noon (Automatic)
Sengoku: Three customers, coming in!
Taichi: Add two more orders of okonomiyaki!
Shiraishi: Got it! Leave it to me!
Minami: There isn't any batter! Bring some from the fridge!
You: Business is booming, huh. Should I help out?
Minami: Yeah, thanks.
You: Understood!

You: Whew... it's finally calmed down.
Sengoku: That's right.
Shiraishi: We were doing pretty well. But...
Minami: Yeah, if we're aiming to win, it isn't quite enough.
Akutsu: Keh... is that all?
Taichi: Akutsu-senpai! Where are you going!
Akutsu: ...if it's like this, then the profit won't go up either. Just give up.
Taichi: T-that's not true! If we do our best, then surely...
Sengoku: No... it's as Akutsu says. We're doing our best, but... it's a bit tough like this.
You: No... there's a way.
Taichi: Eh?
You: If we aren't making enough profit, it's because we aren't getting enough of a customer turnover, right?
Minami: Yeah. But monjayaki takes time to make no matter what you do. It can't be helped.
You: In that case, we should make monjayaki that you can take out.
Taichi: Eh? That kind of monjayaki exists?
Sengoku: I see... monja senbei, right?
You: Yes. As expected of Sengoku-senpai, you knew about it?
Shiraishi: Monja senbei?
Sengoku: It's monja that's fried thin like senbei.
Minami: Now that you mention it, that does exist.
Sengoku: I see. If it's monja senbei, you can take it out, and you can also eat it while standing up, like with crepes.
Minami: I see... it's a good idea. Let's do that. Make sure to help out too, Akutsu.
Akutsu: Che... can't be helped. I'll do it.

Shiraishi: Whew... the number of customers is finally normal.
You: No matter where you look, it's busy.
Shiraishi: That's true. Monja senbei is pretty popular.
Minami: Shiraishi, [Hoshino-san].
You: Ah, yes.
Minami: You two, go out and have a break.
Shiraishi: It's okay?
Minami: Yeah, please come back in about an hour.
Shiraishi: Got it. Come on, let's look around the other stalls for a bit, Yui.
You: Ah, yes.

9/4, Sunday, Noon (Speak)
If you go somewhere you've been with Shiraishi before:
You: Ah, we've been here together before.
Shiraishi: That's right.

9/4, Sunday, Evening (Automatic)
You: Soon they'll announce the results of the attraction booth contest.
Shiraishi: We had a pretty long line. And a lot of customers came.
You: It'll be good if that's true, but...
Shiraishi: It'll be fine. I guarantee it.

Atobe: Now we'll announce the results of the attraction booth contest!
Atobe: In the attraction booth contest, the group who acquired the most proceeds overall was...

Atobe: Yamabuki Chuu's monjayaki stall!

Taichi: We... we did it! We won!
You: We did it! The monjayaki stall made the most profits and was at the top of the survey!
Akutsu: Hmph... well, it's the natural result.
Sengoku: Akutsu, be honest and look happy.
Akutsu: Shut up!
Shiraishi: Good job, everyone.
Minami: Everyone, good job.
Taichi: It's amazing!
Sengoku: It was pretty tough these past two weeks, but with this it's all paid off.
You: Everyone, really, congratulations.
Shiraishi: It's thanks to you, Yui.
You: That's... I only helped out a little...
Shiraishi: I'm saying it's not. You helped with a lot of things and gave us ideas.
You: No, that's... thank you very much.
Shiraishi: Ah... with this the school festival is over.
You: ...that's right. There's just the campfire and social dance after this...
Shiraishi: It was only for a short time, but it was fun.
You: Yes, I think so too.

9/4, Sunday, Confession
Aoi: Well, this is the final part of the fun school festival.
Aoi: Last we'll close with the social dance for all the volunteers.
You: The social dance... I got the booklet explaining the steps, but I don't have confidence...
Shiraishi: Huh? Yui, you're not dancing?
You: Ah, Kuranosuke-san. I'm not sure what to do...
Shiraishi: You shouldn't hesitate. I'll escort you.
You: Eh?
Shiraishi: Come on, we're starting.
You: Ah, wait...

Shiraishi: Okay, right, right, left, left.
You: Y-yes.
Shiraishi: Good, good. You're doing well.
You: It's because you're leading me, Kuranosuke-san.
Shiraishi: Well, it's for that reason that I desperately learned the steps...
You: Eh?
Shiraishi: Ah, don't worry about it. Keep going, keep going.
You: Ah, yes.
Shiraishi: Right, up, up, down, down. Left, right, left, right...
You: ...Kuranosuke-san, that's not right.
Shiraishi: Damn! I started laughing and went too fast without thinking...
You: Geez... fufu.
Shiraishi: Well, I got to see your cute smile, so it turned out all right.
You: P-please don't say such embarrassing things.
Shiraishi: You don't have to be embarrassed. Well, your embarrassed face is cute too.
You: Geez, Kuranosuke-san. Don't tease me so much.
Shiraishi: Hmm... though I didn't mean it to tease you...
You: Fufu...

You: ...the dance is over too, huh.
Shiraishi: Right...
You: And the school festival...
Shiraishi: Right...
You: ...
Shiraishi: ...
You: U-um...
Shiraishi: Uh, hey.
You: Ah, please go ahead, Kuranosuke-san.
Shiraishi: A-ah...
Shiraishi: Um...
Shiraishi: How do I say this, uh...
Shiraishi: Ah, no! I can't say anything good! My mind's gone blank!
Shiraishi: Even though I thought up a perfect confession!
You: Eh? J-just now, you said "confession"...
Shiraishi: Eh? Ah!? Damn!?
You: Ah... um... were you serious?
Shiraishi: Haa~ how uncool...
You: T-that's not it at all! I-I... I...
Shiraishi: Wait a second. It's uncool, but... let me say it properly.
You: Ah... yes.
Shiraishi: You know, I... Yui, I really like you.
You: Ah...
Shiraishi: You know, in the beginning, I thought you were an interesting girl to tease.
Shiraishi: Even so, when I saw you seriously doing your best as committee representative, I slowly started being charmed by you.
You: Y-yes.
Shiraishi: And then… when I realized it, you’d really grown on me…
Shiraishi: I teased you about a lot of things, but those times I was starting to like you.
Shiraishi: Won’t you… go out with me?
You: Are you... all right with me?
Shiraishi: There's no one but you.
You: ! Kuranosuke-san!
[CG: clinging!]
Shiraishi: S... so, what's your answer?
You: Yes... yes! Gladly!!
Shiraishi: R-really... thank you...
You: That's... from me too.
Shiraishi: I have to go back to Osaka, but... I don't want to be separated from you... at this rate, I might bring you with me.
You: I also... want to go with you.
Shiraishi: I may have to go back tomorrow, but... when the National Tournament starts, I'll definitely contact you.
You: Yes, I'll be waiting.
Shiraishi: Is it all right if I call you?
You: Of course!
Shiraishi: Even if it's every day?
You: I'll also call you.
Shiraishi: It seems like we'll be spending a lot of time on the phone.
You: Fufu... that's true.
Shiraishi: ...please say it again.
Shiraishi: Yui, I like you... really.

Shiraishi: Aren't you cold, Yui?
You: No, I'm fine. It's pretty...
Shiraishi: Sorry, somehow I ended up forcing you to stay with us.
You: No, thanks to you I don't have to stay in a hotel, and I'm getting to know your older and younger sisters.
Shiraishi: ...those two are pretty pushy and annoying. Aren't they bothering you?
Shiraishi: Well, that's... it was troublesome when they asked if I wouldn't become a girl of the family, though...
Shiraishi: ...they did a pretty good job.
You: Eh?
Shiraishi: No, I was just thinking that sometimes they can be relied on.
You: Geez, they're your sisters, so please get along with them.
Shiraishi: No, it's not that we don't get along. It's just...
You: ? What is it?
Shiraishi: It's like we read each other's minds, so it goes too far and causes trouble.
You: U-umm...?
Shiraishi: When we get back, those two will probably talk with you for a long time until morning.
You: R-really?
Shiraishi: Well, don't get it wrong. Anyway, you're stuck with letting me know if they badmouth me or not.
You: A-ahaha... ha.
Shiraishi: So this is our only chance.
You: Eh? By chance... you mean...
Shiraishi: Here, close your eyes.
You: Ah...
Shiraishi: Merry Christmas. Yui.
You: M-merry Christmas.
Shiraishi: Let's come here again next year.
You: Yes.
Shiraishi: ...I like you, Yui.

Miscellaneous scenes

Morning greeting
If you see him first:
You: (Ah, it's Shiraishi-san... I wonder if I should call out to him...)

Shiraishi-san, good morning!
Shiraishi-san, good morning.

You: Shiraishi-san, good morning.
[+0.5 hearts]

You: ............

If he sees you first:
Shiraishi: Good morning, Yui.
You: Ah, Kuranosuke-san. Good morning.
[+1.5 hearts]

Phone number request

Shiraishi: Oh, that's right.
You: Eh? What is it?
Shiraishi: You have a cell phone, right?
You: Yes, I do.
Shiraishi: Will you give me your number? It seems like there are a lot of things I need to contact you about.

Yes, it's fine.
Sorry, that's a little...

You: Yes, it's fine. Um...

Shiraishi: Okay, added. Hey, if anything happens, I'll tell you.
You: Yes, I understand.

You: Sorry, that's a little... my parents told me that I shouldn't give it to people that easily...
Shiraishi: I see. Well, I guess it can't be helped.
You: I'm sorry.
Shiraishi: Don't worry about it. It's fine.
You: Ah, yes.
[-1.5 hearts]

When invited to talk
This may show up if his affection is high around the middle of the game (near the first date). In this case, he might talk to you immediately when you enter the area he’s in.

Shiraishi: Yui.
You: Eh? Ah, Kuranosuke-san.
Shiraishi: Do you have a moment?


You: Yes, what is it? Are we short on anything?
Shiraishi: Ah, no, it's not about the festival. I thought I'd like to talk with you a bit.
You: Ah, yes.
Shiraishi: It's fine to do your best, but you shouldn't do too much.
You: I'm fine. As expected, I can't compare to the people in the tennis club, but I'm confident in my strength.
Shiraishi: You can't use those guys as a standard. Kin-chan ran all the way from Shizuoka to Tokyo.
You: Eh!? That's... that really is amazing.
Shiraishi: Right. If you compare yourself to that, you'll be acting way more recklessly than you know.
You: T-that's true...
Shiraishi: You're a girl, so if you need strength for anything, just tell us. I'll help out anytime.
You: Eh, but...
Shiraishi: No "buts." You carried a big box by yourself before.
You: Ah, that was light and it wasn't very far.
Shiraishi: Well, even if I want to help, it's already over...
Shiraishi: Even so, you should rely on other people in times like those. Just watching made me think it was dangerous.
You: Am I unreliable?
Shiraishi: Let's see, it's like I can't take my eyes off you, or something...
You: Really... I'll be careful next time.
Shiraishi: And also, just watching you makes me tired.
You: Geez, what's that supposed to mean.
Shiraishi: Hahaha.

You: I'm sorry, I'm a bit busy.
Shiraishi: Ah, really. Sorry for stopping you. Later.

Walking home

If you invite him:
You: Ah, Shiraishi-san. Are you going back now?
Shiraishi: Yeah, I am.

Do you want to go back to the station together?

If he accepts:
You: U-um... if it's all right, do you want to go back to the station together?
Shiraishi: Right, let's do that.
Conversations:1 2

If turned down:
You: U-um... if it's all right, do you want to go back to the station together?
Shiraishi: Sorry. There's somewhere I have to go. Maybe next time.

You: Goodbye.
Shiraishi: Yeah, bye.

If you are invited:
Shiraishi: Oh, (Hoshino-san.)
You: Ah, Shiraishi-san.
Shiraishi: Are you going back now?
You: Yes, I am.
Shiraishi: Perfect timing. I am too.
Shiraishi: How about it, do you want to go back to the station together?

Yes, gladly.
I'm sorry...

You: Yes, gladly.
Shiraishi: That's a good answer. Come on, let's go back together.
You: Yes.
Conversations:1 2

You: I'm sorry...
Shiraishi: Really? Then I'll ask Kin-chan or someone. Later.
[-2 hearts]

If you accept someone else’s invitation to walk home:
[-2.5 hearts]

You: That's right, in Kansai-ben, "omae" is said as "jibun."
[both are ways of saying “you”; however, “jibun” as “you” is unique to the Kansai dialect. usually it just means “oneself” or “myself”.]
Shiraishi: Yeah, that's right. I usually use "jibun." There are times when I use "omae," though.
You: I was confused the first time I heard it.
Shiraishi: Well, that happens. (Hoshino-san,) do you not like being called "jibun"?
You: If you're worried, it's fine.
Shiraishi: Then is it all right if I call you "Yui" without honorifics?
You: Eh?
Shiraishi: I won't do it if you don't like it.
You: N-no. It's not that I don't like... it.
Shiraishi: Then it's decided. Yui.
You: Y-yes.
Shiraishi: Ah, no, no. Call me by my name too.
You: Eh... but...
Shiraishi: It's fine, it's fine. Come on, try it.
You: U-um... Kuranosuke-san.
Shiraishi: One more time, Yui.
You: Kuranosuke-san.
Shiraishi: Mmm, ecstasy! That's nice.
You: Y-yes.
Shiraishi: Ah, that's right. Just one thing.
You: Eh? What is it?
Shiraishi: The only thing you're forbidden from calling me is "Kurarin."
You: T-there's someone who does that?
Shiraishi: Only that idiot Koharu. Even though I told him to stop because it's not funny.
You: Fufu, got it.

Shiraishi: The school festival is fun, but somehow people aren't laughing enough.
You: But I feel like everyone in Yamabuki is smiling more. It's thanks to you, Kuranosuke-san.
Shiraishi: ...I wonder.
You: Yes.
Shiraishi: ..........
You: .........
You: (...what should I do. The conversation isn't continuing.)


(If you touch his face)
(If you touch his body)

You: Ah, there's something stuck in your eyelashes. Should I get it out?
Shiraishi: Hm? Yeah, please.
You: Okay, now it's fine.
Shiraishi: Thanks. You smell nice.
You: G-geez... please don't tease me.
Shiraishi: Hahaha. You really are cute.
[+0.5 hearts]

Shiraishi: Is there something weird stuck to me?
You: Ah... no. I was thinking... you look cool in your uniform.
Shiraishi: Hahaha, I'm kind of embarrassed. But being praised by you makes me happy.
[+0.5 hearts]

You: Ah, the station already...
Shiraishi: Ah, it's true. That was pretty fast.
You: That's true... all right, then goodbye.
Shiraishi: Yeah. Then, later.
[+1 heart]

Minigame conversations
If you play a minigame with someone else and then choose “see” with him:
You: (Huh? It seems like he was doing something but... I wonder if it's already over?)

Old Maid:
You: Huh? Shiraishi-san, what are you doing?
Shiraishi: Ah, (Hoshino-san).
You: Are you going somewhere?
Shiraishi: To the meeting room.
Shiraishi: I thought I would take a little break and play cards with Kin-chan and Chitose.
Shiraishi: That's right, do you want to play too?


You: Cards? Yes, I want to play too.
Shiraishi: Oh, that's good.
You: Ah, but I only know how to play Old Maid.
Shiraishi: Then let's play Old Maid.

Shiraishi: All right, let's have a match, Kin-chan!
Kintarou: Yay, a match, a match! Ah, but don't use poison on me.

End game, Shiraishi first and you second:
Shiraishi: Mmm, ecstasy!
Kintarou: Argh! Let's have another match!

Shiraishi: Well done!

End game, Shiraishi first and you third:
Shiraishi: Haha, I'm growing to like you more.

Shiraishi: We should get back to the preparations soon. That's all for today.
You: It was fun. Thank you very much.
Shiraishi: Then I'll see you later.

You: Now isn't really...
Shiraishi: I see.


  1. Shiraishi! Why you gotta be so amazing for?!

  2. Am I the only one who thinks that one of the only reasons people are in love with Shiraishi is because of the way he says "Ecstasy" in English? xD

  3. Who else can you go after in the Shintenhoji routes besides Shiraishi? I can't find any info on it :S

    1. In GakuPuri, it's Shirashi, Kin-chan, and Chitose. In DokiSaba, it's those three as well as Kenya, if I remember correcctly. /o/

    2. Awww no Speed Star in Gakupuri :(
      (Lol who would go for Kintaro, seriously and how funny would it be if Konjiki was a choice? xD)
      I actually really like Yuji buuut well we all know what's wrong there hahaa

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  5. I could add Saeki to the list, but it'll take a while, since I have other projects plus a backlog of requests. :3;; That and I haven't done a Rokkaku character before, so I'd have to translate all the scenes for his school too, instead of just the ones to do with him.