Thursday, August 22, 2013

Doki Doki Survival: Sanada route

Some snippets of scenes, though I don't remember exactly when they take place, and his ending and epilogue for now. Also incomplete record of what he can say during skinship minigame. I apologize for nothing.

Character name Yamamoto Aya.

From his first date:
Sanada: Do you like reading novels?

Yes, I do.
I don't really read them.

You: Yes, I do.
Sanada: What kind of novels do you read?

Historical novels
Mystery novels
Romance novels

You: I like romance novels.
Sanada: That genre exists?
You: It does. They're targeted to a female audience.
Sanada: I see... it's too bad, but I don't know anything about them.

You: (Sanada-san… I wonder if he’ll come…)
Sanada: Aya.
You: Ah, Sanada-san.
Sanada: What did you want from me?
You: U-um, well…
Sanada: Hmph… the truth is, I wanted to speak to you as well.
You: Eh? R-really?
Sanada: Mm.
You: Then what did you need?
Sanada: There’s something I want you to hear.
You: Ah, yes. Go ahead.
Sanada: Are you dating anyone?
You: N-no… I’m not.
Sanada: I see…
You: ………
Sanada: You… that is…
You: ………
Sanada: I…
You: Y-yes?
Sanada: Sorry, wait a moment. I’ve never even been this nervous in my matches before.
You: Eh? You’re nervous, Sanada-san?
Sanada: Of course. There is no man that would not be nervous when about to confess his feelings… hm!?
You: Eh!? C-confess…
Sanada: Hmph… what I just said… i-ignore it. Let me do that again.
You: Fufufu.
Sanada: Ah… Aya.
You: Sanada-san… you don’t have to be nervous. My answer has already been decided.’s “yes.”
Sanada: Hm… however, that would set a bad example. I’ll say it properly for you. I like you. I want you to go out with me.
You: Yes… Sanada-san.
Sanada: Aya… you said I don’t have to be nervous, but it is something to be nervous about. Even now my heart rate won’t return to normal.
You: Mine too. But… it isn’t beating this fast from nervousness.
Sanada: Hm… then what is the cause?
You: It’s beating from love.
Sanada: R-really…
You: Sanada-san.
Sanada: Aya.
You: Can you hear my heartbeat?
Sanada: Yeah, my heartbeat still hasn’t slowed either.
You: Still… can we stay this way?
Sanada: I was just about to ask you the same thing.
You: Sanada-san…
Sanada: I like you, Aya. You are more precious to me than anyone.
You: Me too… I like you more than anyone, Sanada-san…

Sanada: Mm, what splendid sakura.
You: Yes, they’re really beautiful. They’re in full bloom but there aren’t many people here looking at them.
Sanada: Because this place is little known. And sakura are in bloom for only a short time.
You: Sakura flowers really do bloom in an instant and fall in an instant, don’t they?
Sanada: Mm, that purity is the reason they are beloved by samurai.
You: Even though they’re so pretty… I wonder if it’s because it makes you feel a little sad.
Sanada: Perhaps…
You: Gen’ichirou-san, you look a little tired.
Sanada: S-sorry. I was looking into something yesterday and didn’t get enough sleep…
You: You shouldn’t push yourself.
Sanada: No, this much is… fuwah… nothing.
You: You really are tired, aren’t you? Even though they say you sleep well in spring.
Sanada: Sorry… I was very much looking forward to seeing you… but at this rate I won’t be able to talk with you.
You: That’s fine. I’m just happy I can see you. Ah, if you want, you can use my lap as a pillow?
Sanada: Uh… t-that’s… but…
You: Don’t hold back anymore.
Sanada: I see… right. Then I’ll take you up on that.
You: Okay.
Sanada: Aah… thanks.
You: No, it’s nothing.
Sanada: I… impose on you quite a bit.
You: No, you don’t. And I’m happy right now.
Sanada: I as well… fuwaah…
You: You don’t have to stay awake if you’re tired. I’ll wake you up.
Sanada: Sorry… then let me sleep for just ten minutes.
You: Yes, Gen’ichirou-san.
Sanada: ...Aya.
You: Yes.
Sanada: I… like you.
You: ...yes.

Minigame conversations

First round:
(Hand:) "Sorry, I touched your hand."
"What are you doing!"
(Chest:) "That's tarundoru!"
"Why are you looking at my face?"
"What is it? Are you upset about my hand?"
"What are you doing..."
"Is there something on my face?"
"Isn't your face a little close?"
"You're slacking off!"

Second round:
"Sorry, but... is it all right if I hold your hand?"
(Lips:) "You mustn't do those things!"
(Hat:) "What is it, do you want me to take off my hat?"
"Isn't your face too close?"
(Ears:) "My ears are forbidden."
"What is it, you're looking at my face..."
(Nose:) "Please make that the last place you touch."


  1. Yaaay~ Thanks so much for these. They're way cuter and funnier than the Gakupuri ones.

    LOL! He confessed unintentionally and then immediately realized it hahahaa! Ahh what a dork xD
    I just love the blatant sexual tension in the skinship convos lol.

  2. Haha he didn't think that romance was a genre. I bet the only genres that exist in his head are sports and japanese culture.

    Ngaww~ He was embarrassed with laying on the heroine's lap :3
    You're so cute, Sanada >///<

  3. Just when I thought he couldn't get any cuter.

    "What is it, you're looking at my face..." - LOL! I can just imagine his face when he says this; the semi-frowning but with loving eyes + blush face.

    Sanada ftw.

  4. Thanks so much for these little snippets. This game seems so much more fun than Gakupuri
    I just love Sanada!