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Motto Gakuensai no Oujisama: Marui scenes

Translation of Marui's conversation topics and special scenes in Motto Gakuensai no Oujisama. Character name is Aoyagi Shion. I am unfortunately too lazy to look up references for all the foods Marui mentions, so if there's anything you don't recognize, Google is your friend.

Of note: if the character’s name is in parentheses, it means it’s said in the text on-screen but not voiced.

Affection table

Each bar consists of five hearts. Full affection is fifty hearts.

School festival












Affection 0-5


Affection 5-15

0.5 -1 0 0 0 1.5 -0.5 -0.5 -0.5 -0.5 0.5 -1

Affection 15-35

0.5 -0.5 0 0.5 0.5 1.5 0 0 0 0.5 1.5 1

Affection 35-50

1.5 0.5 0.5 0 1.5 1 0.5 -0.5 -0.5 1 1.5 2

Special conversation topics
About the dance
About the sweets place

Character-specific scene index

8/22, Monday, Noon (Speak)
8/22, Monday, Evening (See)
8/23, Tuesday, Morning (Speak)
8/24, Wednesday, Noon (Speak)
8/25, Thursday, Evening (Speak)
8/26, Friday, Evening (Speak)
8/27, Saturday, Morning (Speak)
8/27, Saturday, Night (Automatic)
8/28, Sunday, Date
8/29, Monday, Evening (Speak)
8/30, Tuesday, Night (Automatic)
8/31, Wednesday, Date
9/2, Friday, Morning (Speak)
9/2, Friday, Noon (Automatic)
9/3, Saturday, Noon (Automatic)
9/3, Saturday, Noon (Speak)
9/3, Saturday, Evening (Automatic)
9/4, Sunday, Noon (Automatic)
9/4, Sunday, Noon (Speak)
9/4, Sunday, Evening (Automatic)
9/4, Sunday, Confession

Morning greeting
Phone number request
When invited to talk
Walking home
Minigame conversations

Conversation starters

Affection 0-5

You: Marui-senpai.
Marui: Huh? Who're you?
You: The steering committee repesentative, Aoyagi.
Marui: Ah, right, there was someone like that.
You: Um...

Affection 5-15

You: Um, Marui-senpai.
Marui: Hm? Ah, committee rep.
You: Marui-senpai, do you have a moment?
Marui: Yeah, it's fine.

Affection 15-35

You: Ah, Marui-senpai.
Marui: Oh, (Aoyagi)~
You: Marui-senpai, for some reason you don't seem to have much energy.
Marui: I forgot my gum. I can't get into the right mood...
You: If I had any, I would give it to you, but...
Marui: Ah, I can't do it...
You: Fufu. Ah, that's right. There was something I wanted to ask you, Senpai...

Affection 35-50

You: Marui-senpai.
Marui: Oh, (Aoyagi)! Nice timing!
You: What is it?
Marui: Did you bring me something to eat?
You: (It was that kind of timing...)
You: Um, if you're okay with candy. ...okay, here!
Marui: Ah~ thanks~ ah, did you need something?

Normal conversation topics

Affection 0-5

This conversation is also used if, at a later affection level, you choose a topic you've spoken to him about before.
Marui: Hmm, sorry, but I've got something to do right now.
You: Ah, really. Next time, then.
Marui: Sorry. Next time I'll listen to you when I have time.
You: Yes. Please excuse me.
[+0.5 hearts] (if affection 0-5); [+0 hearts] (if affection greater than 5)

Affection 5-15

About the school festival
You: Why did you suggest the sweets place, Senpai?
Marui: Because I want to eat there. That's it.
You: Ha, haa...
[+0.5 hearts]

About homework
You: Have you finished your summer homework, Senpai?
Marui: We're in different years so it won't be the same.
You: That's true. I'm sorry.
[-1 heart]

About the weather
You: It's good that the weather is nice again today.
Marui: But it's still hot.
You: ...that's true.

About friends
You: You're in the same class as Niou-senpai, aren't you, Senpai?
Marui: Yeah. You also think that because we're in the same club and the same class, we must get along, right?
You: ? I was wondering if that's the case. Do you not?
Marui: It's not that we don't, it's that I can't understand that guy's actions at all.
Marui: Even so, I'm the first one the guys in my class ask.
You: Is Niou-senpai not often in the classroom?
Marui: That guy hates too much noise. A lot of the time he disappears without warning.
Marui: But that's sort of his hobby, so I can't really say much.
You: I see.
Marui: Don't ask me where he is. If you want to ask, I'll tell you after you hand over some candy.
You: That's... a little...

About dreams
Marui: Hey, (Aoyagi). Why is it that when you eat something inside dreams, it doesn't taste like anything?
You: Um, isn't it because you're not eating it in reality?
Marui: Then, if you're not eating it in reality, there's no way to make it taste?
You: I -- I don't think so.
Marui: That's boring.
You: You dreamed that you were being given food, right?
Marui: That's right! Aw, geez! I'm hungry...
You: ...haa.

About tennis
You: Senpai, you're a doubles player, right?
Marui: Right. What, you didn't know?
You: No. I haven't seen any of the tennis club's matches.
Marui: Hey, isn't that kind of weird? You haven't even seen my genius skills.
You: I haven't had the chance. But next time I'll go watch!
Marui: Yeah, I'll surprise you.
You: Fufu. I look forward to it.
[+1.5 hearts]

About books
You: What kind of books do you read, Senpai?
Marui: Ah, I only read things like manga.
You: I see.
[-0.5 hearts]

About music
You: Do you like music?
Marui: Not really. Anything's fine.
You: I see. I'm sorry.
[-0.5 hearts]

About games
You: Do you like games, Senpai?
Marui: I don't really care, you know?
You: Yes... I'm sorry.
[-0.5 hearts]

About fashion
You: What kind of clothes do you usually wear, Marui-senpai?
Marui: It's got nothing to do with you, right?
You: Yes... I'm sorry.
[-0.5 hearts]

About food
You: Marui-senpai, you're always chewing gum, aren't you?
Marui: You're pretty nervous. It's fine.
You: It's not bad, but...
Marui: Then don't say anything annoying.
You: Yes, I'm sorry...
[+0.5 hearts]

About love
You: Are you going out with anyone, Marui-senpai?
Marui: Don't ask those kinds of questions...
You: Ah, okay...
[-1 heart]

Affection 15-35

About the school festival
You: There are a lot of preparations for the booth that require heavy lifting.
Marui: Well, yeah. But this much isn't a problem... is what I'd like to say, but...
You: ? What is it?
Marui: Ah... it's no good. I don't have enough energy.
You: Energy?
Marui: Do you have anything to eat? Something to eat.
You: U-um... it's too bad...
[+0.5 hearts]
Marui: ...I'll go buy something. Later.

About homework
You: I only have a little bit of my summer homework left.
Marui: Ah, only a little?
You: Are you done with yours, Senpai?
Marui: It's done. ...Jackal's is.
You: You haven't finished, have you, Senpai.
Marui: Shut up.
You: Fufu.
[-0.5 hearts]

About the weather
You: The weather is nice again today.
Marui: The weather is nice, but it's too hot. Ah, I feel heavy.
You: Oh, Senpai, that's all you ever say.

About friends
Marui: Hey, do you know the rumors about Shitenhouji's first-year?
You: Yes, I heard from Seigaku's steering committee representative that he's quite a handful.
Marui: Ah, that sounds pretty tough.
You: Senpai, have you met him?
Marui: We're doing the same attraction. He's like a kid who can't sit still for even a second.
You: He's too energetic, isn't he?
Marui: Nah, he really gives off the vibe of a wild child. I don't know first-years from other schools at all, so I was surprised.
You: I think you shouldn't use him as your standard.
Marui: I know. Even so, it's better if the underclassmen aren't a handful.
You: How is Kirihara-kun?
Marui: That guy's too much of a handful. He should show more restraint and think through things more.
You: That's harsh.
Marui: Well, you're a handful at all. It's a bit disappointing.
You: Fufu. Thank you very much.
[+0.5 hearts]

About dreams
Marui: Ah, hey, will there be a cotton candy booth at the school festival?
You: Yes, if I remember right.
Marui: The machine they have to make cotton candy has got to be huge, right?
You: Yes, it's one that businesses use, but it's on the lending list.
Marui: I see. Hey, can we also borrow that machine?
You: So we can serve cotton candy at the booth?
Marui: Oh, no, no. I want to borrow it every day and try using it.
You: Ummm, that's not really possible.
Marui: Che, I guess not. You know, I want to try making cotton candy with that machine just once.
You: Make a really big one?
Marui: Yeah. I want to make one as big as a watermelon and eat as much as I want! It's been my dream since I was a kid.
You: Fufu... that dream is just like you, Senpai.
Marui: But I guess I'll give up this time. I'll go to the booth and eat the cotton candy they're selling.
You: Yes, please do.
[+0.5 hearts]

About tennis
You: You get along well with Kuwahara-senpai, don't you, Marui-senpai?
Marui: Well, yeah. We're doubles partners. He does a lot for me.
You: Like what?
Marui: He lends me textbooks, lends me his notes, answers roll call for me... what else was there?
You: Kuwahara-senpai... he has it tough...
[+1.5 hearts]

About books
You: Senpai, are you bad at reading books?
Marui: Nah, I think I'm about regular, but I'm not really interested. So you read them a lot?
You: Yes. Relatively.
Marui: Then next time, let me read a book you like.
You: Okay! I'll bring one next time.
Marui: Yeah, I'm counting on it.

About music
You: This is about the booth, but should we play some music?
Marui: Hmm, right. It kind of feels like we don't need any. Anyway, other places will be noisy.
You: Then should we have something like the sound of water flowing?
Marui: Ah, that might be good. It won't become cooler just with the sound, but it's all about the atmosphere.
You: Geez, don't put it bluntly.
Marui: Sorry, sorry. But that's a good idea. We'll leave it to you.
You: Yes.

About games
You: Sanada-senpai is making something like a game center.
Marui: Oh, I heard, I heard. Well, Niou and Akaya and Jackal are there, so it'll be fine.
You: Are you worried about Sanada-senpai's part?
Marui: Well you know, Sanada and games don't go together at all.
You: That's true...
Marui: It would be good if he was a little more flexible. You think so too, right?
You: U-um...
Marui: Or else he's gonna grow old like that.
You: Um, Marui-senpai, Sanada-senpai is standing over there with a wrinkle in his brow...
Marui: Geh! ...I'm going to run.
You: Ah, please wait!

About fashion
You: Senpai, you're always wearing wristbands.
You: Are those the tennis club's weighted wristbands I've heard rumors about?
Marui: Yeah, that's right. I didn't even take them off during the Kantou Tournament.
You: They aren't so heavy they get in the way of your playing?
Marui: A little bit, but they're part of my training.
You: Strength training?
Marui: Yeah, that's it.
You: Haa... it's really amazing.
[+0.5 hearts]

About food
You: What's your favorite food, Marui-senpai?
Marui: Sweet things.
You: You don't just mean you like candy, right.
Marui: I'll eat anything as long as it's tasty. Well, I like sweet things in particular.
You: R-really.
[+1.5 hearts]

About love
You: I only remembered recently, but Senpai, you got lots of presents on your birthday, didn't you?
Marui: Yeah, I did, I did. It was mostly food, though.
You: On that day, there were a lot of people with beautifully wrapped boxes in the third-year classroom, so I was wondering what was happening.
Marui: You didn't give me anything, huh.
You: No. But I didn't know you back then, Senpai.
Marui: ...well, that's true. I'm still accepting, you know?
You: Birthday presents?
Marui: Right.
You: It really is too late for that, so I won't.
Marui: Che... then what about next year?
You: Next year... Senpai, won't you be in the high school division?
Marui: Ahh, right. ...that's annoying.
You: If it's you, Senpai, you'll still receive lots of presents when you're in high school.
Marui: ...that would be nice.
[+1 heart]

Affection 35-50

About the school festival
You: Um, there's something I'd like you to try. Is now a good time?
Marui: What, what, is it food?
You: Yes. I put it in dry ice, but... oh, good. It's cold.
Marui: I can eat it? Then I won't hold back.
You: How is it?
Marui: It's great, it's great, this fruit jelly.
You: I wondered how it would be for the booth, so I tried making some.
Marui: It's delicious, so it'll be fine to put on the menu. What're the ingredients?
You: Normally you use gelatin, but since the booth is a sweets place, I tried making it with agar.
Marui: Heeh. Agar, huh.
You: I'll put it in the recipe. If there's anything you don't understand later, please tell me.
Marui: Thanks~... So, there's no more of this jelly left?
You: No. Today I only made enough for you to eat, Senpai.
Marui: I want to eat it every day, so please make more~
You: Eh? Um... if I have enough...
Marui: All right! I'm looking forward to it!
[+1.5 hearts]

About homework
You: Senpai, have you finished your homework?
Marui: I don't feel like it. Do you know a way to make me want to do it?
You: Let's, after you're done, you'll buy something, or you'll eat something: have you tried with a target like that?
Marui: Okay! When I finish my homework, will you make me something?
You: Eh? Umm, it's fine with me, but there are still things I'm making that I want you to sample during the school festival...
Marui: Eh? Really?
You: then, I'll promise you, how about after you hand it in? Something like, it really is finished.
Marui: Ah, it's good to look forward to it. Okay, that's fine, so I'm counting on you. Mm~ Cake... a fruit cake!
You: Yes, understood. Make sure to do it yourself.
Marui: I know. This makes me want to do it!
You: Senpai, you really are a glutton.
[+0.5 hearts]

About the weather
You: It's hot again today.
Marui: Shaved ice... ice cream... jelly... kudzumochi...
You: Se-senpai?
Marui: I wanna eat something cold.
You: really are a glutton, Senpai...
[+0.5 hearts]

About friends
Marui: Hey, I kind of want to ask you something, but is a fifteen-year-old like a middle-aged man from the point of view of a five-year-old and an eight-year-old?
You: Isn't it more like an older brother?
Marui: Right, mm.
You: What is it?
Marui: My little brothers are five and eight years old. They were saying they want to come to the school festival.
You: Uwah, really? If they're your little brothers, Senpai, they must be really cute.
Marui: Of course. Well, if we have the chance, I'll let you meet them too.
Marui: And I thought I'd also let them meet everyone else, but...
You: Is there a problem?
Marui: They've met Jackal, Akaya, and Niou before, so it's fine.
Marui: Those three were really nice to them and my brothers are attached to them. It's fine for you too. My brothers like the same things I do.
You: (What his brothers like...? I wonder if he means they like delicious things.)
You: Umm, then what is it?
Marui: You get it, right! Sanada, and also Yanagi and Yagyuu!
Marui: Ah, and maybe Yukimura too. No, Yukimura's fine. He looks nice enough.
Marui: No, but still...
You: ...please think of a way for it to go smoothly...
[no hearts]

About dreams
You: Senpai, if you couldn't play tennis, what club would you join?
Marui: Hmm, something where you could move around a lot, I guess. Or something where you could cook and make sweets.
You: I understand the reason for the exercise club, but are the others like cooking because you want to eat it yourself?
Marui: Yeah. And also, I kind of like cooking and making sweets and things.
You: Senpai, when we were making the Japanese sweets, you were really serious about it.
Marui: Yeah. I heard you could make them at home, but Japanese sweets are hard. You're really skilled.
You: Not at all. I probably only practiced more than you, Senpai.
Marui: You don't need to be modest. Hey, it's like you want to be a patissier or something in the future.
You: A patissier? Hmm, what should I do?
Marui: You can do it. If you became a patissier for me, I'd be really happy.
You: You would, Senpai?
Marui: Because you know, I like the sweets you make, and I could eat them for breakfast too.
Marui: You're definitely good at normal cooking too, so I would be able to eat delicious things every day.
Marui: It would be heaven on Earth.
You: ( every day?)
Marui: Ah, but you know, it's fine even if you don't become a patissier. It's okay if you just make it normally too.
Marui: Thinking of other guys eating the stuff you make kind of annoys me.
You: (Somehow, I'm not sure I want to know...)
[+1.5 hearts]

About tennis
You: The strongest person in the tennis club has got to be Sanada-senpai, right?
Marui: Hmm, it has to be Yukimura, doesn't it?
You: The senpai who is hospitalized?
Marui: It's because he's amazing. He has a gentle face, but he's the scariest.
You: Really.
Marui: Well, he'll also be coming back soon, so why don't you watch us have a match?
You: That's right, I'll look forward to it!
Marui: Look forward to my genius too~
You: Fufu. Of course!
[+1 heart]

About books
You: Senpai, what book were you reading earlier?
Marui: Ah. It was a book about sweets. I thought I wanted to see how to make them.
You: Have you made sweets before?
Marui: Yeah, some easy ones. Since I have two little brothers, I've made meals before.
Marui: I've made things like snacks and pancakes in the past too.
You: You're a good brother.
Marui: Well, now I make a lot of things I want to eat.
You: Fufu. There are a lot of things you can make yourself that you like.
Marui: But you know, getting stuff other people made is more fun and delicious, after all.
You: That's true.
Marui: Ahhh. I wonder if a sweets booth was a mistake. Somehow it feels kind of futile.
You: Because you can't eat it yourself?
Marui: Yeah, that that. It feels like I can't do it.
You: Oh, Senpai...
[+0.5 hearts]

About music
You: Senpai, do you listen to classical music?
Marui: Not that often.
You: I listen to calm pieces when I can't sleep. What do you do at times like those, Senpai?
Marui: I don't have times when I can't sleep. If I think I want to sleep, then I fall asleep soon.
You: I'm jealous...
[-0.5 hearts]

About games
You: Senpai, have you played tennis video games before?
Marui: I tried it once and got bored, so I quit soon.
You: Why?
Marui: I couldn't use my genius skills. It was boring.
You: (That would be impossible in a game...)
[-0.5 hearts]

About fashion
You: Senpai, your hair color is a beautiful shade of red.
Marui: The teachers don't approve. I'm pretty fond of it.
You: Yes! I like it too.
Marui:'re the kind of person who says embarrassing things in a loud voice.
You: Ah, I'm sorry...
Marui: You don't really need to apologize. ...I like your hair.
You: Y-yes!?
Marui: It kind of looks like it would be nice to touch. Can I try?
You: N-no! Please excuse me!
Marui: Che... she ran away.
[+1 heart]

About food
You: Bunta-senpai, cake buffets... you like them, don't you?
Marui: ...try saying that again.
You: Eh? Um, cake buffets...
Marui: Okay, let's go together.
You: It's at a hotel, but I received coupons, so if you'd like... wait, is that okay!?
Marui: Yeah! I thought you would want to. Glad I got it right!
You: Ah, but the coupons start at the end of September.
Marui: We can't go right away? ...well, even if the fun's being put off, I don't mind!
You: I'm glad. Who do you want to invite? I have four tickets.
Marui: ...we don't need anyone else.
You: Huh?
Marui: It's nothing... the date's still far off, so it's fine if we don't decide who's going now, isn't it?
You: That's true. We can decide a little later.
Marui: Okay!
[+1.5 hearts]

About love
You: Senpai, what type of person do you like?
Marui: People who give me things.
You: mean it hasn't changed since you were little?
Marui: Heh.
You: (It must have been difficult for Senpai's parents. It seems like he would go anywhere with someone if they gave him food.)
Marui: Oi, Shion.
You: (Senpai was definitely cute, so they probably always had to keep an eye on him.)
Marui: Shion, ooooi. Aren't you thinking something rude?
You: Eh? Ah, no, not at all.
Marui: Geez... the type I like, huh. Lately it's been the type that's good at cooking.
You: Really.
Marui: the way, you're good at cooking.
You: Me? I think I'm average. The people who are good at cooking are more skillfull.
Marui: ...ahh, is that so.
You: What is it?
Marui: Naah, it's nothing.
Marui: (Geez, you're too dense!)
[+2 hearts]

Special conversation topics

About the dance
You: You're participating in the dance unit for the attractions, right, Senpai?
Marui: Yeah, that's right.
You: I saw the meeting you were having before.
Marui: Ah, when Kikumaru and Mukahi were competing with each other. Seriously, those two are hopeless.
You: Is dancing one of your specialties, Senpai?
Marui: I have tons of specialties. It's not just dancing.
You: As expected, Senpai.
Marui: Yeah, well. No matter what it's at, I have genius skills, right?
You: Fufu, that's right. It'll be fun seeing you dance on stage.
Marui: Yeah! Look forward to it.
[+2.5 hearts]

About the sweets place
You: So about the sweets place we went to before.
Marui: Oh, it was pretty good.
You: It looks like the selection at a sweets place really is the same no matter where you go.
Marui: That's right. The only other things are the Japanese sweets.
You: But that's because Japanese sweets definitely require the hand of an artisan to make.
You: If we're going to be able to serve them at a festival booth, we can really only do kudzu manjuu.
Marui: It's fine, right? Rather than the selection, we'll focus on the taste.
You: That's true. If they're able to eat delicious things, the customers will also be happy.
Marui: Exactly. Of course it's better if food is delicious.
You: Fufu, if you say so, Senpai, then it's pretty persuasive.
[+3 hearts]

About littering
You: It looks like they've found the culprit behind the littering from before.
Marui: Ah, really! Then the suspicion on me should be completely cleared.
You: Yes.
Marui: But who was it? That guy who would do something so rude.
You: It was a student from another school who came to watch the festival preparations.
Marui: Another school? ...but what exactly did he come here to do?
Marui: Even if he's watching the school festival preparations, it's not very interesting.
You: It seems like he had his sights on the girls.
Marui: Oi oi, that's a dangerous guy. one weird's tried to talk to you, right?
You: Eh? I'm fine.
Marui: Oh, okay! If anything happens, call me immediately. I'll come running right away.
You: Yes, thank you very much.
[+? hearts]

Day-specific scenes

8/22, Monday, Noon (Speak)

You: Marui-senpai.
Marui: Hm? Ah, the steering committee representative?
You: Yes, I had a question; is it okay?
Marui: As long as it doesn't take too long.
You: Do you chew gum during matches too, Senpai?
Marui: Yeah, I do.
You: ...doesn't Sanada-senpai get mad?
Marui: Huh? Don't you know? The relaxing effects of gum.
You: Relaxing effects?
Marui: Yeah. When I chew gum, I can relax, so it's easy to bring out my true power.
You: Heeh... really.
Marui: By the way, it's also good at keeping you engaged, so during the moment of impact, it's easier to gather strength.
You: I didn't know. Gum is amazing, isn't it?
Marui: Yeah, major leaguers also chew gum often.
You: Ah, now that you mention it. You're really knowledgeable, Marui-senpai.
Marui: It's nothing... is what I want to say, but this is all second-hand from Yanagi.
You: Even if it's something someone else told you, you remember it well, so it's amazing.
Marui: R-really? Thank you.
[+2 hearts]

8/22, Monday, Evening (See)

You: (Ah, Marui-senpai. ...he looks a bit dizzy, I wonder if he's okay...)
You: (I wonder who the person with him is? I think he's from Seigaku.)
Marui: Yo~ Seigaku's ruffian~
Momoshiro: What is it, Rikkai's mediocre guy? You called me in such an unenergetic voice.
Marui: I'm a genius, you know. ...anyway, I'm hungry~ Have you got anything?
Momoshiro: You're leeching off me? I don't have anything. i'm hungry too, you know.
Marui: What, you're so useless. ...ah~ ...I want to eat a whole round of cake.
Momoshiro: In this season, bavarois and jelly are good.
Marui: Ah, that's right. Anmitsu and kuzumochi are good too.
Momoshiro: Right. At the cake buffet at the hotel I went to before, they had a lot of kinds and they were all delicious~
Marui: You like cake buffets too? That's kind of unexpected.
Momoshiro: You too, Marui-san, aren't you like me?
Marui: Yeah, well. Cake buffets, huh? If I went now, I'd be able to eat thirty of them.
Momoshiro: That's a lot.
Marui: First I'll shove them down, and then after I wanna eat the delicious ones slowly.
Momoshiro: Of course. There shouldn't be any bad cakes, but at a place with tasty ones, that's how it turns out.
Marui: Right? Hey, what's the most you've eaten at once?
Momoshiro: Hm~ about 48.
Marui: I've done 50.
Momoshiro: ...damn.
Marui: I might be able to eat more, but I don't want to turn into cake~
You: (...s-somehow, the atmosphere has turned weird...)

8/23, Tuesday, Morning (Speak)

You: Ah, Marui-senpai.
Marui: Oh, it's you. Do you need something?
You: No, I wouldn't go so far as to say I need to...
Marui: You sound like you wanna ask something? Go ahead and say it.
You: Senpai, you're always chewing gum, but what flavor do you like?
Marui: I'm chewing green apple flavor right now.
You: Do you like green apple?
Marui: I also like grape, strawberry, blueberry and cranberry... no matter what it is, I like it.
You: Haa... is there anything you particularly dislike?
Marui: If it's good, I don't really care. So, are you asking because you're gonna do something?

Ah, no. It's just for reference.
I was thinking I would supply you with some.

You: Ah, no. It's just for reference.
Marui: Are you gonna give me gum? This is the brand.
You: Ah, yes.
Marui: I'd like that, but don't worry if you can't.
[+0.5 hearts]

You: I was thinking I would supply you with some.
Marui: Are you gonna give me gum? This is the brand.
You: Ah, yes.
Marui: I'd like that, but don't worry if you can't.
[+2 hearts]

8/24, Wednesday, Noon (Speak)

You: Marui-senpai, what is it? For some reason you don't seem to be doing well.
Marui: Ah... it's you? Something like that...
You: You really aren't energetic. Did something happen?
Marui: Mm. You know, they sold out of gum.
You: Ah, the gum that you're always chewing?
Marui: Right. And I'm out of what I brought today. What should I do~ ... should I ditch...
Marui: If I don't have gum, then I don't feel like doing anything.
You: Senpai, here.

Marui: Hm? Ah... this is...
You: This is the brand of gum you mentioned, right?
Marui: Oh, you're giving it to me!?
You: Yes, go ahead.
Marui: Thank you! I'm saved! But really, you knew... ah!
Marui: Could it be that the one who bought up all the shop's gum was you?
You: That isn't it. I bought that gum near my house.
Marui: I-I see. Sorry for suspecting you.
You: It's fine. Well, please do your best.
Marui: Hmm... I was reading too much into things.
[+4 hearts]

8/25, Thursday, Evening (Speak)

You: Marui-senpai.
Marui: Oh, (Aoyagi). You came at a good time.
You: Eh? What is it?
Marui: I thought I would do some research for the sweets place. Let's go together.
You: Research?
Marui: Yeah! Investigating an actual place is most important for research. Let's go.
You: Ah, please wait.

You: Where are we going, Senpai?
Marui: I said it, didn't I? To investigate an actual place.
You: An actual place... do you mean we're going to a real sweets place?
Marui: There's nothing else, right?
You:'s not that I don't understand, but because it's you, Marui-senpai, I have other doubts.
Marui: What other doubts?
You: Isn't it just that you want to eat sweets?
Marui: Ohh, what amazing logic.
You:'s really true.
Marui: It's fine, right? We really will turn it into something we can use.
You: Fufu... that's true. Let's go.

You: just looks like a regular cafe.
Marui: But the menu is that of a sweets place.
You: Ehh, there's a bit of a gap.
Marui: So, what'll you have?
You: I guess since we're using it for the booth, it might be best to get mitsumame. I also want to see what they put in it.
Marui: All right, then I'll get a big serving of gozen shiruko and shiratama and abekawa mochi<.

Marui: Ohh, it's here, it's here.
You: There are oranges and peaches in the gelatin... ah, strawberries. Pretty standard, but it's good.
You: Senpai's is... wait, you're already eating it.
Marui: Hm? Dijjuu shey somefink?
You: Fufu, geez. You're like a kid.
Marui: N... what's that about?
You: Ahh, please eat, don't worry about me.
Marui: Hey, your mitsumame and my abekawa, let's trade half of them.
You: Eh? It's fine, but... why?
Marui: That way, we can eat different kinds and get more out of it.
You: Fufu, all right.
Marui: This salted kombu is really good. It brings out the sweetness, and it stimulates the tongue again when it's tired of the sweet taste.
You: We also need to prepare properly.

Marui: Ahh, I finished eating. I'm satisfied.
You: ...if after that, you eat enough shiruko, shaved ice, and warabi mochi [mochi made with bracken starch] for two people, of course your stomach will bulge.
Marui: ...ah, no, the truth is, I'm still not stuffed.
You: Ehh?
Marui: Don't they say sweets go in another stomach?
You: ...Marui-senpai, your other stomach is too big.
[Conversation topic: About the sweets place GET!!]
[+3.5 hearts]

8/26, Friday, Evening (Speak)

You: Marui-senpai.
Marui: Oh, (Aoyagi). You came at a good time.
You: What is it?
Marui: I'm gonna buy things for the sweets booth. Do you wanna come along?

Yes, of course!
I'm sorry, I'm busy right now...

You: Yes, of course.
Marui: Okay, let's go.

You: I'm sorry, I'm busy right now...
Marui: Ah, really. Then I'll ask Jackal or someone.
[-2.5 hearts]

You: So what kind of shopping are you doing today?
Marui: Brown sugar to make the kuromitsu.
You: Ah, in that case, I know a good place.
Marui: Ah, really? That's a great help.
You: When I looked into it before, there was a shop near here that handles Okinawa-imported brown cane sugar.
Marui: Is Okinawan okay?
You: Yes. It's made from sugarcane, so it's genuine brown cane sugar.
Marui: Heehh... is it tasty?
You: I tried a sample, but it had a strong flavor. I think it's best to make it into kuromitsu.
Marui: ...listening to you makes me want to eat it. Let's go there!
You: Yes.

Marui: I see... I tried eating one but the flavor really is strong.
You: Right? If we use this, we'll be able to make the best kuromitsu for the mitsumame.
Marui: Hey, is it okay if I eat another one?
You: Geez... this is the last one.
Marui: Thanks! Mm, m~m, delicious!
You: Fufu, oh, Senpai...
[+3 hearts]

8/27, Saturday, Morning (Speak)

You: Bunta-senpai.
Marui: Oh, Shion.
You: How are the sweets?
Marui: Perfect. No problem at all.
You: Fufu You look pretty enthusiastic.
Atobe: Oi, Marui.
Marui: Huh? What is it, Atobe?
You: Ah, Chairman...
Atobe: You're always chewing gum... but when you're done with it, do you throw it in the trash like you should?
Marui: What?
Atobe: I'm asking if you clean up your gum properly, ahn?
Marui: Who do I have to be warned about something like that by you?
Atobe: Lately there's been a lot of gum littered on the grounds. It's causing trouble here and there.
Marui: ...oi, do you suspect me?
Atobe: The ones who chew a lot of gum are you and Shishido from our school, but I already checked with Shishido. You were next.
Marui: It's not me.
Atobe: I'm not so naive as to take you at your word. First we'll check the scene. Come with me.
Marui: Hey...
You: Um, Chairman.
Atobe: Hm? What is it, Representative?
You: Bunta-senpai isn't the kind of person who would do those things.
Atobe: Hou, you're saying you know something about this guy?
You: We've been working on the preparations for the school festival together until now. I know what type of person he is.
Atobe: Hmph, you're full of confidence. But you know, as long as there's no solid evidence, he'll still be under suspicion.
You: Evidence... that's right, what kind of gum was at the scene?
Atobe: You want to check the evidence? Kabaji.
Kabaji: Usu.
Atobe: This is the gum that was at the scene.
You: Good... the wrapper fell too. This wrapper is... it's not the brand of gum that Senpai is always chewing.
Marui: Which one? Ah, it's true. I've never bought this kind.
Atobe: Hou... I see. It looks like you aren't completely unknowledgeable after all.
Atobe: All right. You aren't completely cleared, but I'll forigve you for now. Let's go, Kabaji.
Kabaji: Usu.
Marui: You... you knew right away that that's not the kind of gum I always chew, huh.
You: I've given you gum before, haven't I, Senpai? I'm careful to take a look at it when I buy it, so I knew immediately.
Marui: I see... you saved me. Thanks.
[+4 hearts]
You: No, that's...
Marui: But... who was it? The guy who was littering with their gum.
[Conversation topic: About littering GET!!]

8/27, Saturday, Night (Automatic)

You: Ah, my phone... I wonder who it is?
You: Yes, this is Aoyagi.
Marui: It's me, can you guess?
You: Eh? Bunta-senpai?
Marui: Exactly.
You: G-good evening.
Marui: Yeah, good evening.
You: Um, did something happen?
Marui: Nah, nothing like that. I just wanted to ask you something. Are you free tomorrow?

Yes. I'm free.
Ah... I have plans...

You: Yes. I'm free.
Marui: Good, I'm glad. The truth is I got two advance tickets to a movie. If you're free, do you wanna go see?
You: Ah, yes. It's fine.
Marui: Then how about we meet tomorrow at one in front of the station?
You: Yes, understood.
Marui: Then see you tomorrow. Good night.
You: Yes, good night.
You: (A movie with Bunta-senpai... it sort of feels like a date...)

You: Ah... I have plans...
Marui: Ah, really. Then it's fine. Bye.
You: Ah, yes. Good night.
You: (...I wonder if Bunta-senpai needed something?)
[-2.5 hearts]

8/28, Sunday, Date

You: (Ah... it's about the time we agreed on. I should hurry and leave so I won't be late.)

Marui: Yo, Shion. You're early. Did I make you wait?
You: No, not really.
Marui: Really, then it's fine.
You: So, what's the movie we're watching today?
Marui: A movie called "The Case of Anna Jensen".
You: Ah, there've been a lot of commercials for that lately. It's a love romance, isn't it?
Marui: If you look at the awards, that's right. It's really not something I can watch with Jackal, so I invited you.
You: Thank you very much.
Marui: It's fine, it's fine. Don't worry about it. It just turned out like this. C'mon, let's go.

You: (Ehh? The person I thought was the heroine was in an accident...)
You: That's... then what's going to happen after this?

You: It was a whirlwind of a story, huh?
Marui: Yeah. How do I say it... it was an on-again, off-again, really hectic story.
You: But I'm glad it ended happily.
Marui: Well, yeah. If the protagonist had died there, it would leave a bad aftertaste.
You: But I was really excited. I wondered what would happen.
Marui: Because things happened in the middle of other things. It felt like no matter what happened, it wouldn't be weird.
You: The actress playing the heroine also put on a good performance.
Marui: Yeah, it was an enthusiastic performance.
You: At the very end, the scene where she received a ring from her lover... that was heartrending.
Marui: Oh, that. I almost started crying too.
You: I ended up sobbing.
Marui: Hahaha... was your handkerchief enough?
You: Yes, that was fine. That ring... was really beautiful.
Marui: That silver ring, huh. Even the prop was really elaborate.
You: Yes.
Marui: Well, do you still have time?

Ah... that's, I should be...
Yes, I'm okay.

You: Ah... that's, I should be...
Marui: Oh. Then should we split up here?
You: Yes. Today was fun.
Marui: Yeah. See you later.
[+1.5 hearts]

You: Yes, I'm okay.
Marui: Okay, then do you wanna walk around?
You: Ah, that's fine.
Marui: Right? Let's go.

Marui: Oh, that looks good.
You: Geez... you say that whenever we pass in front of a place selling food.
Marui: It's fine, right?
You: I don't mind, but...
Marui: But the samples in the window are really well done.
You: Ah, I saw those being made on television before. You can make those with wax.
Marui: Heeh, really?
You: And also, it seems like each and every one is made by hand.
Marui: That sounds tough. They also have to paint them.
You: Yes, it seems it's a lot of trouble to make the colors look like the real thing.
Marui: Sometimes there are places where the samples look more delicious.
You: Fufu. There are.
Marui: When that happens, I want to say I can't eat it andn to give me the sample instead.
You: Fufufu... ah.
Marui: Huh? What is it?
You: Ah, no... a store just caught my attention...
Marui: Which one?
You: That accessory shop.
Marui: Ah, wanna take a look?
You: Yes.

Marui: Hehh... they have a lot of accessories made of silver.
You: Ah... huh?
Marui: What is it?
You: That ring... the third one from the right.
Marui: Which... huh? I've seen this somewhere.
You: Look, it looks a lot like the ring the protagonist received in the last scene of the movie before.
Marui: Ahh, now that you mention it. I see, that's where I saw it before.
You: If you look closely, the details of the design are different, but... it resembles it a lot.
Marui: you like it?
You: Yes. It's really nice.
Marui: A silver ring... that's right, isn't there some kind of legend?
You: There is. If you receive a silver ring on your nineteenth birthday, you'll become happy.
Marui: Ah, yeah, that. That story.
You: My nineteenth birthday is still a long ways away, but... I think it's a nice story.
Marui: Really...
You: I want to buy it, but... it really is a bit expensive.
Marui: Ah, that's the price.
You: But just seeing it makes me feel happy somehow.
Marui: Haha, that part is cheap. Okay, look until you've had enough.
You: I'm sorry. Then just a bit longer.

Marui: We spent the entire day together.
You: It's fine. Because it was fun.
Marui: R-really. I'm glad. Oh, the train's here.
You: Ah, that's true. Well, it's time.
Marui: Yeah, see you tomorrow.
You: Yes, see you tomorrow.
[+4.5 hearts]

8/29, Monday, Evening (Speak)

You: Bunta-senpai.
Marui: Oh! You came at a good time. Gum, do you have any gum?
You: Yes, I do.
Marui: Give me some! I ran out.
You: Fufu. Here, go ahead.
Marui: Thanks! Whew~... that was close.
You: Eh? What do you mean, that was close?
Marui: When I run out of gum, I go into withdrawal.
You: Ehh? W-what happens?
Marui: Heh, obviously it's a lie.
You: Eh? Ah... geez, you were teasing me.
Marui: Hahaha, sorry. But I really did run out of gum. You bringing some was a great help.
You: Senpai, you really like gum, don't you.
Marui: Yeah, when I'm chewing gum, I can relax.
You: Relax... we talked about this before, didn't we?
Marui: Yeah, that's right.
You: Ah, but... saying you need to relax means...
You: Senpai, could it be that you get pretty nervous during matches?
Marui:'re pretty sharp, aren't you.
You: Eh? You really do?
Marui: I corner myself and use autosuggestion. It's part of my genius.
You: Ah...
Marui: When I do that, I can use more strength than usual, but in the end I get nervous and it doesn't go well.
Marui: So I chew gum. Well, that might also be autosuggestion.
You: R-really...
Marui: ...or something. I don't really know. I also just like gum.
You: Ah, but... you really are a genius, Senpai.
You: When you do that, you can face yourself calmly.
Marui:'re pretty amazing too.
You: Eh?
Marui: What we were just talking about, I haven't talked to Jackal about it. Somehow when it's you it just comes naturally.
You: Senpai...
Marui: Oops, there's something I have to do, I gotta go.
You: Ah, yes.
Marui: Thanks for the gum. Later.
[+at least 1.5 hearts]

8/30, Tuesday, Night (Automatic)

You: Ah, my phone... is it...
You: Yes, this is Aoyagi.
Marui: Yeah, it's me. Marui.
You: Ah, Bunta-senpai. Good evening.
Marui: Yeah, good evening. Hey, tomorrow, are you free?

Yes. I'm free.
Ah... I have plans...

You: Yes. I'm free.
Marui: Okay! Then do you want to go bowling?
You: Bowling? That's fine.
Marui: Then it's decided. Then tomorrow at ten in front of the station. Is that okay?
You: Yes, understood.
Marui: Then, good night.
You: Yes, good night.
You: (Bowling with Bunta-senpai... I look forward to it.)

You: Yes, I have plans.
You: Ah... I have plans...
Marui: Ah... really. Well, whatever.
You: I'm sorry.
Marui: Nah, it's fine. Later.
You: Ah, yes. Good night.
You: (I'm sorry, Bunta-senpai...)
[-5 hearts]

8/31, Wednesday, Date

You: (Ah... it's almost the time we agreed on. I should hurry so I won't be late.)

Marui: Yo, you're early again today.
You: Ah, Senpai. Good morning.
Marui: Don't come too early. I don't want to make you wait.
You: Ah, sorry.
Marui: Ah, don't apologize. It's fine if you come on time like normal.
You: Ah, yes.
Marui: Three games is good for bowling, isn't it?
You: Right.
Marui: Okay, let's go.

Marui: Hup.
You: Wah! A strike again! That's turkey.

Marui: Heh, well. It's nothing.
You: Senpai, you're good at bowling too.
Marui: Yeah! It's genius.
You: Yes, you're amazing!
Marui: Right, right. Do you want me to show you something even more amazing?
You: Eh?

Marui: Well, watch... there!
You: Ah! It's a split with pins 7 and 10...
Marui: Mm. ♪ Just as planned.
You: Eh? You were aiming for a split?

Marui: Right. Well, just watch. Let's go.

You: Ah... the seven pin went flying and hit the ten pin... amazing, you got a spare.
Marui: You saw it? My genius skill.
You: Amazing... you're just like a pro player.
Marui: Right?
You: Senpai, you're good at everything.
Marui: Yeah, well.
You: Is there anything you're bad at?
Marui: Bad at... ah, there is. Just one thing.
You: Eh? What is it?
Marui: It's a secret. ♪
You: Ehhh, please tell me.
Marui: Soon, soon. More importantly, are you hungry?
You: Ah, you're evading the question. Geez. But it's true that I'm hungry.
Marui: Then let's leave.
You: All right.

Marui: Okay, what should we eat. Is there anything you want?
You: Right... nothing in particular for me...
Marui: Then anything is fine?
You: Yes.
Marui: Then I know a good place! Let's go!
You: Ah, wait, Senpai! Don't drag me like that~!

You: This is... a cake shop?
Marui: It looks like a café at first glance, but they serve delicious cakes.
Marui: As a bonus, this time is the cake buffet! It's all-you-can-eat.
You: Geez... you're even having cake for lunch?
Marui: It's fine, right?
You: Yes, I don't care. I like cake.
Marui: Then I'll go get some!

You: They are a lot of kinds. Gâteau au chocolat, mille-feuille, cheesecake, Mont Blanc...
Marui: I'll get the ones from one side.
You: You're going to eat that much?
Marui: Of course!
You: Fufu, geez...

Marui: Okay, this is just about everything. Then let's eat.
You: Ah, please wait a moment.
Marui: Eh? What is it?
You: It looks like there's cake fortune-telling.
Marui: What's that?
You: Look at this pamphlet. You can tell someone's personality from what's in their favorite cake.
Marui: Heeeh...
You: Which do you choose, Marui-senpai?
Marui: Even if you say the one I like the most. I like them all.
You: What if you were forced to?
Marui: Right... right now I want to eat this peach tart the most.
You: I think I want the cheesecake... okay, the results are...
Marui: Ith there thomething writhen?
You: Ah, you're already eating, Senpai.
Marui: Mmph... because it looked tasty. So, how was it?
You: Um... you chose the peach tart, so you're an extrovert with a lot of self-confidence.
Marui: Oho.
You: However, sometimes you get stuck bluffing. In particular, you tend to show off in front of someone you think a lot of.
Marui: Hmm...
You: Is it right?
Marui: I wonder... well, there might be some parts that are right.
Marui: So, what about you? Let me see.
You: Ah, yes.
Marui: What, what, you chose the cheesecake, so you're a person like a white wedding dress...
You: Wedding dress?
Marui: You have the skill to change yourself to match the interests of the person you like... really?
You: Maybe... I don't really know.
Marui: Since it's a fortune. You either know or you don't.
You: Fufu, that's true.
Marui: Anyway, let's eat the cake. There's still a lot.
You: Yes.

Marui: Ah, we finished eating.
You: ...Senpai, how many did you eat?
Marui: Ah... I didn't count.
You: The salespeople were surprised.
Marui: It's fine. There wasn't any left.
You: Fufu. It would be rude to the salespeople if there was.
Marui: That's how it is.
You: Senpai, do you want to rest for a while?
Marui: Oh yeah, right. Do you want to take a break in that park?
You: Yes.

Marui: Whew... I really ate too much.
You: Are you all right?
Marui: Yeah, fine, fine. If I move around a bit, I'll get hungry again soon.
You: Fufu, that's amazing. I'm a bit jealous.
Marui: Jealous?
You: Yes. Even after eating that much, Senpai, you don't gain any weight at all.
Marui: Ha, that's because I do some hard training. Even now, look, I'm wearing power wristbands.
You: Ah, the Rikkai tennis clubs' famous ones with weights in them?
Marui: Ha, Sanada wouldn't shut up if I took them off. I'm always wearing them.
You: I see... if you just exercise like that, you don't gain weight.
Marui: Why don't you try exercising too? I thought this when we were bowling earlier, but you're in good shape for it.
You: Really? Then maybe I'll start jogging.
Marui: Yeah. In that case, is it all right if I run with you too?
You: Eh? Really?
Marui: W-well... only if our schedules match.
You: Fufu, will you really do it?
Marui: Ah... well, whatever. Anyway, it's good to exercise.
You: Yes.
Marui: It would be better if you played tennis... if you did, we could...
You: Eh?
Marui: Ah, no, it's nothing. We should get going. Next let's go to the arcade, the arcade.
You: Fufufu, okay.
[+? hearts]

9/2, Friday, Morning (Speak)

You: Bunta-senpai, are you already having lunch?
Marui: Ah, no, no. I already ate lunch.
You: Eh? It's still only 11 o'clock. So you're eating again even though you've already eaten lunch?
Marui: For the good work party this afternoon, since we're using the pool, we're gonna be swimming, right? So I thought I would replenish my energy right now.
You: Senpai... do you really use up that much energy?
Marui: Yeah, concentration is a necessity for my genius skills.
You: I see... it's true that it's easy to turn sugar into energy.
Marui: You know a lot.
You: Even so, Senpai, you eat a lot of sweet things.
Marui: Yeah, well. But I really just like sweet things.
You: Oh my... fufu.

9/2, Friday, Noon (Automatic)

This continues from the "general" swim meet scene shared between all routes.
Aoi: The swim meet is finally on its last event, the underwater fighting art, water polo! The favorite is Rokkaku!
Kabaji: The winner will be... Hyoutei.
Aoi: Whoa, it seems that the commentator Kabaji-san recommends Hyoutei. All right, let's begin the match!

Aoi: Heart, technique, body, in this game that requires all of them, which team is expected to achieve victory!
You: Bunta-senpaaaai! Please do your best!
Aoi: Whoa, over here we have spirited cheering for Rikkai's Marui-san!
Kabaji: Usu.

Aoi: Ahh! Marui-san's shot hit his ally Kuwahara-san!
Aoi: Ah, no... the ball is headed for the goal!
Kabaji: They're... genius skills.

Aoi: With that, the final event is over. Who is expected to take home the overall victory?
Aoi: And who takes home the disgraceful last place?
Kabaji: Anyway... take a guess.
Aoi: Well, the announcement of the results. The winner is... Rikkai Dai Fuzoku, Marui Bunta! Congratulations, Marui-san!
Kabaji: Congratulations.

You: That's amazing! You're the overall winner, the winner!
Marui: Yeah, well. It was easy, easy.
Jackal: Guwaa!!!
You: Ah, just now......
Marui: Ahhh... Jackal? Geez, he's an unlucky guy. I feel sorry for him.

9/3, Saturday, Noon (Automatic)

Aoi: Now the volunteers from the tennis clubs will start the attraction contest!
Aoi: The master of ceremonies is me, Rokkaku Chuu's first-year captain Aoi Kentarou.
You: Ah, it's starting, it's starting.

You: It's about time for Bunta-senpai's turn.

You: Uwah... what amazing cheers. I should yell so I don’t lose to them.
You: Bunta-senpaaaaai!! Do your best!!

Marui: Yo, did you see all my genius skills?
You: Yes. It was a splendid dance.
Marui: Yeah, well. I heard you cheering.
You: Ah... that's a bit embarrassing.
Marui: Haha. Don't be embarrassed, don't be. Because I was happy.
Marui: Okay, there's still time before they announce the results, so let's look around at the booths.

Ah, that's a bit...

You: Yes.
Marui: Okay, then let's go.
You: Yes.

You: Ah, that's a bit...
Marui: What... well, that's fine. Then, later.

9/3, Saturday, Noon (Speak)

If you speak to:
If you've been there before:

You: Ah, this is...
Marui: A cafe, huh. It looks pretty ordinary.

If you haven't been there before:
Marui: A cafe, huh. It looks pretty ordinary.
You: That's true.

Inui: Would you like to test that?
You: Kyaa!?
MaruI: Uwah!? Don't scare me like that! Seigaku's Inui, huh.
Inui: I apologize for surprising you. By the way, you were saying that our cafe was ordinary.
Marui: Isn't it?
Inui: Then will you try this?
Marui: W-what's that?
Inui: Special Inui Genius Training Drink. This would not be on the menu of an ordinary cafe, would it?
Marui: Genius Training? Even if I don't drink that I'm a genius. Besides, what's up with that color?
Inui: It's its natural color.
Marui: That's abnormal, right? That gross oily color.
Inui: That's because it contains an abundance of DHA.
Marui: DHA? Wait, I've heard that... ah, the penalty game from the swim meet!
Inui: That's right. This is an improved version of that Iwashi Mizu.
Marui: Improved version? Jackal collapsed from that. It's more amazing than that?
Inui: Mm. In comparison, its destructive power has increased sevenfold.
Marui: ...who would drink that. Let's go, Shion.
You: Ah, yes. Please excuse us.
Inui: Mm... the long-awaited test subject ran away.

If you've been there before:

You: Ah, this is...
Marui: A haunted house?

If you haven't been there before:
Marui: A haunted house?
You: It's standard for summer.

Ishida: Oh... Rikkai's Marui-san.
Marui: Oh, an umibouzu. As expected of a haunted house.
Ishida: W-who are you calling an umibouzu!?
Marui: Haha. Sorry. I was joking. You were Fudomine's... Ishida.
Ishida: Yeah, you remembered?
Marui: Yeah, well. But it seems like you didn't have enough power as my practice partner.
Ishida: I'll say this to you... if we meet at Nationals, please prepare yourself.
Marui: Yeah, I'll look forward to it for you.
Ishida: So... are you going to go into the haunted house?
Marui: Well. What'll we do? Shion.
You: U-um... I... I'll decline.
Marui: That's how it is. Sorry. Let's go, Shion.
You: Ah, yes.

If you've been there before:

You: Ah, this is...
Marui: Hmmm, a cafe, huh.

If you haven't been there before:
Marui: Hmmm, a cafe, huh.
You: Doesn't it feel kind of fashionable?
Marui: Really?

Mizuki: Nn, welcome, Marui-kun.
Marui: ...who're you?
Mizuki: Oh, you don't know me? I'm the playing manager of Saint Rudolph, Mizuki. It's nice to meet you.
Marui: Saint Rudolph... ah, that place that lost during Regionals.
Mizuki: say it so bluntly. Well, that's fine. So, will you come in?
Marui: Hmm... what should we do?
Mizuki: Ahh, just one thing. We sell black tea at our cafe. Please do not chew gum.
Mizuki: It will spoil the scent of the tea.
Marui: I see. Well, that's a pain, so let's not. Let's go, Shion.
You: Ah, yes.

If you've been there before:

You: Ah, this is...

Otherwise, that line is missing:
Marui: What is this? A cafe?
You: It was... Hyoutei's cafe.
Marui: So they built this building just for that. Must've been a lot of work.
Akutagawa: Nn... ah! If it isn't Marui-kun!
Marui: Oh, Akutagawa? Are you awake?
Akutagawa: Hahaha, yeah, well~ Oh, are you coming into the cafe?
Marui: Hmm... what should we do?
You: Um... the line isn't shrinking at all...
Marui: Line?
Akutagawa: Yeah. I think there's fifty people left.
Marui: What's that about? We'll give up. Let's go, Shion.
You: Ah, yes.

9/3, Saturday, Evening (Automatic)

You: It's about time to announce the results.
Marui: Yeah. Okay, okay. How will it turn out?

Atobe: Then, now we'll announce the results of the attraction contest!
Atobe: The overall winners will be awarded tickets and an all-expenses paid trip to next year's Wimbledon!
Atobe: The winning team is...

Atobe: The street dance!

You: You did it! Congratulations on winning!
Marui: Well, of course.
You: That's right, it's because your dance was wonderful, Senpai.
Marui: W-well, yeah... but if you say it so bluntly I get embarrassed.
You: Fufufu.
Marui: Y-you still have time, right? Let's go look around the school festival together.
You: Yes.

You: Uwah... the number of people is increasing again.
Marui: There're a lot of people who are free.
You: But thanks to that, the school festival is a huge success.
Marui: Well, that's true.
You: Where do you want to start looking?
Marui: Anywhere is fine. We've got time.
You: That's true.

You: Ah, this is...
Marui: Goldfish-scooping, huh. That looks interesting.
Kaidou: ...welcome.
Marui: You're... Seigaku's snake kid.
Kaidou: Rikkai's ordinary guy?
Marui: What're you saying. You're talking to me with my the genius skills.
Kaidou: Are you going to do goldfish scooping?
Marui: Of course. I'll definitely show you my great self's genius skills. Watch, Shion.
You: Ah, yes.
Marui: Hup, first one.
You: Amazing, amazing!
Marui: And then...! The second!
You: As expected, Senpai.
Marui: Easy, easy. Then the third.
Kaidou: I'll say it now... you can only take home five.
Marui: What? Say that earlier. I didn't go after the important ones.
Marui: Which one do you want, the pop-eyed or the ranchu goldfish?
You: U-um... the pop-eyed, maybe.
Marui: OK! Going for the pop-eyed!
Kaidou: Fuu...
Marui: T-this one... it's pretty energetic.
Kaidou: That one's a poi crusher somehow managed to get away from all challengers up till now. [poi = the thing used to scoop the goldfish.]
Kaidou: Do you think you can catch it?
Marui: Interesting... then I'll do it!
You: Senpai, do your best!
Marui: Yeah! Leave it to me!
Kaidou: Fuu... it broke through.
You: Ah... it tore...
Marui: What, now you're in for it! Okay!
Kaidou: Huh...
You: Ah... you trapped it with the ring and caught it.
Marui: I'll call it... Genius Skill "Through the Fire Ring"... how's that for genius?

You: Senpai, you were amazing.
Marui: ...but the truth is, it was half by chance.
You: Eh? Really.
Marui: Well, I was able to get it awesomely, so it's OK.
You: Fufufu.
Marui: Ah... about that goldfish.
You: Ah, yes.
Marui: Can you carry it in your right hand instead of your left?
You: Eh? That's fine. Okay, it's in my right hand.
Marui: So now your left hand is empty, right?
You: Yes.
Marui: My right hand is empty too.
You: Eh? Ah...
Marui: If it's empty, it's fine to hold it, right?
You: Y-yes...
Marui: Don't let go, okay?
You: ...okay.

9/4, Sunday, Noon (Automatic)

You: How's it going?
Marui: Hm? It's all right.
You: All right...?
Yanagi: It's not bad, but... if we're aiming to win, it may be difficult.
Yagyuu: That's right. It would be nice if we had a good move...
You: A good move...
You: Ah, speaking of which, how is the matcha?
Yanagi: It's not really selling.
Yagyuu: It's because they're not really understanding it. Normal people think that it's rather hard to order.
You: In that case, how about using the bench at the back and having a tea ceremony?
Yagyuu: Hou... making it into a bit of a performance.
You: If they can drink tea we make along with eating the sweets, I think they'll understand the compatibility between matcha and sweets.
Yagyuu: I see... then they'll become a little less reluctant.
Marui: It's like performance sales, huh.
Yanagi: The customers' reactions will trigger to call over even more customers. It's a rather good idea.
Yagyuu: That's good. Let's try it.

You: The customers seem to be enjoying themselves and their numbers are increasing.
Marui: Yeah, when they have matcha with the sweets like that, it's delicious.
You: If it's like this, we might be able to win...
Yanagi: You two, it's all right if you take a break now.
Marui: Eh? Is it okay? Then let's go. Shion.
You: Yes.

9/4, Sunday, Noon (Speak)

If you go somewhere you've been with Marui before:
You: Ah, this is...
Marui: We came here before. Let's go somewhere else.

9/4, Sunday, Evening (Automatic)

You: Soon they'll announce the results of the attraction booth contest.
Marui: Ah, we won, right?
You: Do you really think so?
Marui: Yeah, believe in what I say.

Atobe: Now we'll announce the results of the attraction booth contest!
Atobe: In the attraction booth contest, the group who acquired the most proceeds overall was....

Atobe: Rikkai Dai Fuzoku's sweets place!

Marui: All right!
You: We did it! Our sweets place was the top in sales and survey rankings!
Yanagi: Ha... as predicted.
Yagyuu: We were rewarded for our trouble.
Kirihara: You did it, Senpai.
Jackal: Pretty big deal.
Niou: Well done.
Sanada: Good work. Thanks to you, our Rikkai became the top overall.
You: Everyone, really, thank you very much.
Marui: This is also thanks to you, Shion.
You: That's... I only helped out a little...
Marui: I'm saying it's not like that. We won because you did your best.
You: No, that's... thank you very much.
Marui: But... with this the school festival is over.
You: ...that's right. After this there's just the campfire and social dance...
Marui: These two weeks were fun.
You: Yes, for me too.

9/4, Sunday, Confession

Aoi: Well, this is the final part of the fun school festival.
Aoi: Last we'll close with the social dance for all the volunteers.
You: The social dance...? I remember the steps, but... what should I do?
Marui: Oh! This is where you were, Shion.
You: Ah, Bunta-senpai.
Marui: Are you going to do the social dance? Is it okay if I'm your partner?
You: Eh? Is it all right?
Marui: Yeah! My wish would come true... no way! W-whatever. Let's dance.
You: Yes, please.
Marui: Then, Princess. Lend me your hand.

Marui: You're pretty good.
You: It's because you're good at leading, Senpai.
Marui: Yeah, well. Of course.
You: Fufu. You really are genius at everything, Senpai.
Marui: You do pretty well too. We go together well.
You: R-really?
Marui: Yeah. You've also got pretty good taste.
You: Thank you very much.
Marui: You, um...
You: Yes?
Marui: You... how do I... ah, it's no good. I really am bad at this stuff.
You: Eh?
Marui: Ah, no, no. It's nothing. ...ah, geez.
You: Senpai, what is it?
Marui: Mm... hey, what do you think of me?
You: What... um, I think you're cool.
Marui: R-really? ...what else?
You: You're good at everything you do... you're such an amazing person you can even go to the National Tournament...
You: I... really...
Marui: Ahh!! W-wait a second!
You: Eh?

Marui: This isn't the time to be saying I'm bad at it. If I don't say it here, I'll regret it for the rest of my life.
You: Eh?
Marui: Okay, listen really~ well.
You: Yes.
Marui: Shion, please go out with me!!
You: Eh!?
Marui: You don't get it? I like you.
You: R-really?
Marui: I can't lie at a time like this.
You: I... I'm so... happy...
Marui: Then... it's OK, right?
You: Yes, of course... Because I... really like you, Bunta-senpai...
Marui: Thank you... I like you too.
You: Yes...

Marui: You know, we talked about what I'm bad at, right?
You: Yes.
Marui: I'm bad at things like confessions.
You: Ah...
Marui: But you know, I thought just now that I couldn't say something like that... I gave a pretty uncool confession.
You: No, that's not it. You were... wonderful, Senpai.
Marui: Ha, haha... even I turn into an ordinary guy in front of you.
Marui: ...but if it's just in front of you, that's fine.
You: Yes...


You: Here. Eat.
Marui: Oh, it looks delicious.
Marui: Yeah, it's great, great. ♪
You: ...hey, Senpai. I thought normally White Day is a day for the boys to give return gifts back to the girls.
Marui: Yeah, that's right.
You: I was just wondering, why did you request cake and why did I bake it?
Marui: Don't worry about the details. Here, you eat some too.
You: Geez... okay, it came out delicious, if I do say so myself.
Marui: Right? It's because it's more delicious if you make it than if i do. So it's fine.
You: I wonder if it's all right...
Marui: I said it's fine. ...ah, when we're done eating, let's go shopping.
You: ? Where?
Marui: The accessory shop. I'll buy the silver ring you wanted.
You: The silver ring... the one from the movie we watched together last summer?
Marui: Of course.
You: You, remembered...
Marui: Well, yeah. So that'll be my return gift to you. Got it?
You: ...I'm so happy, Bunta-senpai.
Marui: When we buy it, put it on right away. I want you to always be wearing it when we're on a date.
You: S-somehow I'm kind of embarrassed.
Marui: It's not something to get embarrassed about. You're my girlfriend, after all.
You: ...yes. Then I'll buy you a ring too, Senpai. So that you can always wear it for me.
Marui: W-what's that about.
You: It's because you're popular, Senpai. ...there are times when I worry just a little, you know?
Marui: Idioooot. You don't have to worry. That's right. I'll wear a ring or whatever you want. Since it's for you.
You: Senpai...
Marui: Hey, Shion. Hurry and eat so we can leave.
You: Okaaaay.

Miscellaneous scenes

Morning greeting

If you see him first:
You: (Ah, it's Marui-senpai... I wonder if I should call out to him...)

Marui-senpai, good morning!
Marui-senpai, good morning.

You: Marui-senpai, good morning!
Marui: Oh, it's you?
[+1 heart]

You: Marui-senpai, good morning.
Marui: Oh, it's you?
[+0.5 hearts]

You: ............

If he sees you first:
Marui: Yo, good morning.
You: Ah, Marui-senpai. Good morning.
[+1.5 hearts]

Phone number request

Marui: Ah, hey.
You: ? What is it?
Marui: You have a cell phone, right?
You: Yes. I do.
Marui: Give me your number. It looks like there are a few things I might need to talk to you about.

Yes, it's okay.
Sorry, that's...

You: Yes, it's okay. Um...

Marui: Okay, added. If anything happens, I'll contact you this way, so make sure you pick up.

You: Sorry, that's... My parents said that I shouldn't give my number to that many people......
Marui: What's that about? Isn't that too strict?
You: I'm sorry.
Marui: Che, oh well. Later.
You: Ah, yes.
[-1.5 hearts]

When invited to talk

This may show up if his affection is high around the middle of the game (near the first date). In this case, he might talk to you immediately when you enter the area he’s in.

Marui: Oi, Shion! What're you doing?
You: Oh, Bunta-senpai. Are you hungry?
Marui: H-hey...
You: Am I wrong? For you to call out to me outside of work, I thought it must be something like that...
Marui: Even I think I want to have normal conversations too...
You: Ah, sorry...
Marui: So, do you have time?


Conversations:1 2

You: Right now the committee representatives are meeting...
Marui: What? Guess it can't be helped.
You: I'm sorry...
Marui: Well, it's fine. I'll forgive you today. Later.

You: Yes. Do you need something?

Marui: Ah, I wouldn't really call it that. Ahh, more importantly, I'm hungry. Do you have anything?
You: You are hungry after all. Here! Today I brought cookies I baked!
Marui: Thanks. M, mm, delicious, delicious!
You: ...
Marui: What? You're staring at me while I'm eating.
You: I was just thinking that soon you won't be able to eat things like this from me anymore.
Marui: Why? Is it getting annoying for you to feed me?
You: No, that's not it! Senpai, you're eating it like it's really good, so I'm happy!
You: It's just, when the school festival is over, we're also in different school years, so I thought we wouldn't have the chance to talk to each other like this anymore.
Marui: Hmm.
You: Ah, is it okay if I sometimes bring snacks to your club?
Marui: ...with some conditions, it's fine.
You: Conditions?
Marui: Right, but they're pretty easy., I'll be upset if you don't think they're easy. Really upset.
You: What kind of conditions?
Marui: W-what kind... Damn, I'm not good at this...
You: Not good at what?
Marui: Ah, nothing. Uh, I'll tell you the conditions later. So don't worry about it.
You: ? Yes, understood.
Marui: I'm not good at it, but... I can't just leave it at that.

You: Yes, now is fine.

Marui: Okay, that's good.
You: Did you need something from me?
Marui: Not really. I just sort of wanted to call out to you.
You: Really? Then I'll be going.
Marui: Hey, wait. That was a joke.
You: A joke? Then what did you want to talk about?
Marui: Hey~ Aren't you strangely cold to me today?
You: R-really?
Marui: Are you hiding something?
You: N-no. Not really...
Marui: Like if you're hiding from me because you're eating something tasty...
You: If that happened, I would invite you, Senpai.
Marui: Really... then like if you're conscious of me?
You: ...n-no.
Marui: Oh, just now you paused and stuttered!
You: There wasn't a pause and I didn't stutter!
Marui: Hmmm, I see~ you're conscious of me. Hmmm~
You: ...there's a committee representative meeting, so I'm going!
Marui: Ah... she got mad and ran away. Maybe I teased her too much. I'll have to think about this... or something.

Walking home

If you invite him:
You: Ah, Marui-senpai. Are you going back now?
Marui: Yeah, that's right.
Do you want to go back to the station together?
Goodbye, Marui-senpai.

You: U-um... if it's all right, do you want to go back to the station together?
Marui: Oh, it's fine. Let's go.
Conversations:1 2 3

You: Goodbye, Marui-senpai.
Marui: Yeah, later.

If you are invited:
Marui: Oh, (Aoyagi). Are you going back now?
You: Yes, that's right.
Marui: Then let's go back to the station together.

Yes, gladly.
I'm sorry...

You: Yes, gladly.
Marui: Okay! Leave it to me. I'll take you safely to the station.
Conversations:1 2 3

You: I'm sorry...
Marui: Ah, I see. Then, later.
[-1 heart]

If you accept someone else’s invitation to walk home:
Marui: Oh, (Shion). Are you going home now... oh.
You: Ah, Bunta-senpai...
Marui: I-it's nothing. See you.
[-2.5 hearts]

Marui: Oh, what a pretty sunset. It kind of looks delicious like an apple.
You: Fufu, you always see everything as food, Senpai.
Marui: 'Cause I get hungry during practice.
You: I see.
Marui: ...
You: ...
You: (...what should I do? The conversation isn't continuing.)


(If you touch his face)
(If you touch his body)

You: Ah, there's something stuck in your eyelashes. Should I take it out for you?
Marui: Ah, yeah... sorry.
You: Okay, it's fine now.
Marui: Yeah, thanks.
[+0.5 hearts]

Marui: What is it? You're staring at me.
You: Ah... no. I was thinking... you look cool in uniform.
Marui: Of course. But you know, hearing you say that makes me happy.
[+0.5 hearts]

Marui: Ah, I'm hungry again today...
You: Fufu... Ah, then won't you eat this? There's a little left over from my snack.
Marui: Oh, cookies. Yeah, yeah, I'll eat them.
You: How are they?
Marui: Mm, delicious.
You: ...Marui-senpai, you're kind of cute.
Marui: Haa!?
You: You're like the hamster we have at home. It's so cute! When it gives its all to eating, it's...
Marui: ...
You: Ah... I'm sorry! Saying that you're like a hamster!
Marui: You're apologizing for the wrong thing...
You: Eh?
Marui: ...haa, it's fine. More importantly, did you make these cookies yourself, (Shion)?
You: Ah... y-yes.
Marui: I want to eat more of them.
You: All right. I'll make a lot next time.
Marui: Ah, and also. It's fine if you call me by my given name.
You: Eh, but.
Marui: It's fine. I give permission to people who give me food. I called you by name too, right?
You: Ah... yes.
Marui: Then that's how it is. Get it, Shion?
You: Yes, Bunta-senpai.
Marui: Mm. I'm looking forward to the cookies.

Marui: Ah, I almost forgot. Do you have a second? (Aoyagi.)
You: Eh? What is it?
Marui: There's somewhere I wanna visit.
You: I don't mind. Is it far?
Marui: Nah, I think it's pretty close by...
You: Huh? You don't know where it is?
Marui: I looked it up on the Internet, but it's my first time going there.
You: Um... is it some kind of store?
Marui: Yeah, it's a store famous for having delicious cakes.
You: Ah, could that be...
Marui: Oh, do you know it?
You: Yes, isn't that a shop called Palikare?
Marui: Oh! Yeah, that one!
You: I know it, so I'll take you there. It's really close.
Marui: Thank you. I'm counting on you.
[CG: Marui holding like three boxes of cakes.]
You: You bought a lot. Are you going to eat that much?
Marui: Well, I could eat it all myself, but it's a present.
You: A p-present?
Marui: Yup. For my little brothers.
You: Fufu, you're a kind brother.
Marui: Anyway, if they don't get any to eat, they won't shut up. It's hard to deal with them.
You: Fufu, even as you say that you're bringing them presents. You're really a big brother.

You: Ah, the station already...
Marui: What, we've already reached it? That was too fast.
You: Right... well, I'm leaving here.
Marui: Yeah, later.
[+1 heart]

Minigame conversations

If you play a minigame with someone else and then choose “see” with him:
You: (Huh? It seems like he was doing something but... I wonder if it's already over?)

You: Huh? Marui-senpai, what are you doing?
Marui: Ah, it's you. What is it?
You: What are you doing?
Marui: Racketing. You practice by hitting the ball with the racket's sweet spot.
You: Heeh...
Marui: Well? Do you want to try too?


You: Yes! I'll take that challenge!
Marui: Okay, let's go.

Marui: All right, that's all for today.
You: Thank you very much.
Marui: Yeah, see you.

You: Now is a little...
Marui: I see.


  1. Wow. Haha Marui is awfully cold to you at the beginning. I always thought he'd be a little bit like Eiji.
    Never judge be appearances, huh? :P

    1. Early on, I was playing his route and ran out of conversation topics that would actually give me points. Marui's very stingy with them, which is why you have to watch the cutscenes.

      I'm still not entirely convinced he isn't actually in love with her cakes. :D

    2. Haha I was actually resenting him a little at the beginning. Think he can get all friendly with me after acting like that, huh? D:<

      Lol I wouldn't be too surprised if he breaks up with her if she refuses to bake anymore

  2. Awww he becomes so sweet at the end.
    Marui was so cute when he was confessing and he bought her that silver ring she liked *swoon* >W<