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Hatoful Boyfriend manga: Volume 1, new chapter 9

The new chapter included in the print edition of the Hatoful Boyfriend manga, between the New Year's and Legumentine's chapters. No pictures, in part because I don't have a scanner and in part because you should support Moa if at all possible anyway. :3

Possibly one more translation from this book to go, of the "Type Identification Chart" at the beginning and any changes from the web version I can find, when I go through the book more thoroughly.  That should be done in a couple days.  The stuff on the cover and obi is basically summary/advertising stuff, so I probably won't go through it... no need.

Page 77:
The Oko Family Household ~Nonfiction 24%~

Page 78:
Strip one:
It’s going straight home

Panel one:
Narrator: The prestigious school for pigeons, Saint PigeoNation.
Narrator: Here, the most gifted birds spend their days in pursuit of knowledge!

Panel two:
Kazuaki: I’ll be visiting your homes starting today~
[Board: Home visits
-> Shortened class period]
[2-3 homeroom teacher
Nanaki Kazuaki]
Kazuaki: Wait for me with your guardians~

Panel three:
Kazuaki: Oko, your house is first, so go straight home today~
[Oko San]
Oko: Coo cooo! (Understood!)

Panel four:
Oko: Coo!
Kazuaki: Don’t leave through the window, it’s dangerous~

Strip two:
It’s an ancient breed

Panel one:
Ryouta: San has parents too…
[Kawara Ryouta]
Sakuya: Naturally.
(What do you think Oko is?)
[Shirogane Sakuya]

Panel two:
Ryouta: No, I just haven’t thought about it before.
Sakuya: Oko is uncultured and violent, and they’re his parents.
Sakuya: Most likely…

Panel three:
Coo coo coo
Coo coo

Panel four:
Ryouta: I-I wonder if Mister Nanaki will come back in one piece.
Sakuya: It may be difficult…

Page 79:
Strip three:
It’s a guide

Panel one:
Kazuaki: It’s about time for me to go~

Panel two:
Kazuaki: Ummm.
Kazuaki: The map Oko drew for me says…

Panel three:
no text

Panel four:
Kazuaki: Hmmm.
Kazuaki: It seems like I should take an address book and atlas~

Strip four:
It’s Oko’s house

Panel one:
Kazuaki: Excuse me.
[I legitimately can’t tell what this sign says -- dounfupa?]
Kazuaki: I’d like to ask for directions~

Panel two:
Kazuaki: Yeah.
Kazuaki: Yeah.
Kazuaki: I see.
Kazuaki: All right.
Kazuaki: Thank you very much~

Panel three:
Kazuaki: Take the path through the woods and continue straight
Kazuaki: And you’ll see the house right away…

Panel four:
Kazuaki: …
Kazuaki: Uwah.

Page 80-81:
Kazuaki: Oko
Kazuaki: lives in a really nice house~

Page 82:
Strip five:
It’s a welcome

Panel one:
Kazuaki: Excuse meeee.
Kazuaki: It’s Nanaki Kazuaki from St. PigeoNation Academy~

Panel two:
Kazuaki: Uwah.
Kazuaki: There are a lot of rooms.

Panel three:
Kazuaki: I wonder where Oko is~
???: Coo! (Here!)

Panel four:
Oko: Coo coo coo! (Okosan has been waiting!)

Strip six:
It’s a reception

Panel one:
Oko: Coo! (You’ve come a long way!)

Panel two:
Oko: Coo coo! (Well, have some beans!)
Kazuaki: Thanks, Oko~

Panel three:
Kazuaki: ...your house is so big, Oko,
(There are three cages in the reception hall)
Kazuaki: so why do you live in birdcages~?

Panel four:
Oko: Coo! (We can’t relax in wide open spaces!)
Kazuaki: Hm?
Kazuaki: Yeah. That’s true~

Page 83:
Strip seven:
It’s Oko Papa

Panel one:
Kazuaki: Then, could you introduce me to your parents~?
Oko: Cooo! (Leave it to Okosan!)

Panel two:
Oko: Coo coo! (Oko Papa is in this cage!)

Panel three:
(Waaaah, waaaah)
[Okosan’s father
Mr. Oko]

Panel four:
Kazuaki: It looks like your father’s scared~
Oko: Coo! (He’s nervous!)

Strip eight:
It’s Oko Mama

Panel one:
Oko: Coo coo! (This is Oko Mama!)
[Okosan’s mother
Mrs. Oko]

Panel two:
Kazuaki: Thank you for coming out to meet me~
Kazuaki: I’m Oko’s homeroom teacher–

Panel three:
Oko’s mother: Bu!*
[*Warning noise]

Panel four:
Oko: Coo coo! (Oko Mama won’t tolerate strangers!)
(Bu, bu)
Kazuaki: You take after your mother, Oko~

Page 84:
Strip nine:
It’s talking

Panel one:
(Wah, waaaah)

Panel two:
Bu, bu

Panel three:
Kazuaki: looks like your parents hate me~

Panel four:
Kazuaki: There’s no helping it, so just the two of us will talk, Oko~
Oko: Coo! (As you wish!)

Strip ten:
It’s being praised and criticized

Panel one:
Kazuaki: Oko, you really do your best under difficult circumstances.
Oko: Coo! (That’s right!)

Panel two:
Kazuaki: You eat a lot and run a lot. You’re really energetic.
Oko: Coo coo! (Praise Okosan more!)

Panel three:
Kazuaki: But maybe you should try a bit harder on your finals~

Panel four:
Oko: Coo coo coo! (You have displeased Okosan! Go home right now!)
Kazuaki: Yes, yes, see you tomorrow~

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