Saturday, August 24, 2013

Hatoful Boyfriend manga: Volume 1 extras

Finally got hold of my print copy of the manga, so have a translation of some of the bonus added bits.  Note that I don't have a scanner, so there aren't any pictures, and I wouldn't include them anyway; I'd like to encourage anyone who can to buy the book.

I know the question corner has already been translated, so I won't be poking at that.  I will do the new chapter and look for changes from the web version when I have some time, though due to Japan Expo this weekend, that might not be until Monday.  In the meantime, have stuff from the cover and the illustrations between chapters.

Inside flap, author introduction:
I’ve started sleeping and rising early.

Hato Moa

My first full volume in Japan turned out to be a pigeon manga.  I’d be happy if you gaze even a bit more passionately at the doves in town because of this book.

Inside cover:
Anthropomorphizing is spoiling you!

San: Okosan won’t spoil you!
Ryouta: Eh!!
Sakuya: There is some truth to that…
Nageki: Either one is fine.
Anghel: Is my true form the key to undo curses…!?
Kazuaki: Zzz…
Shuu: …
Yuuya: Well.  It’s pretty useful to have human designs.
Tohri: Both are beautiful, so it is no problem!

Page 33:
Anghel: Nomnom
Anghel: Nom
Nageki: Did your mother forget to make your bento?
Nageki: Hmm.
Nageki: No food and drink is allowed in the library, though.

Page 67:
Ryouta: What amazing balancing ability.

Page 85:
Kazuki: I get a bit peckish during house visits~

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