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Motto Gakuensai no Oujisama: Seigaku scenes

Translation of all the Seigaku-specific scenes in Motto Gakuensai no Oujisama. Note that the way you refer to each character may differ depending on your affection levels with them.

Character name for the first playthrough was Aizawa Tsukino.

8/20, Saturday

8/22, Monday, Morning
8/22, Monday, Noon
8/22, Monday, Evening
8/23, Tuesday, Morning
8/23, Tuesday, Noon
8/24, Wednesday, Noon
8/25, Thursday, Noon
8/26, Friday, Noon
8/27, Saturday, Noon

8/29, Monday, Morning
8/30, Tuesday, Noon
9/1, Thursday, Morning
9/1, Thursday, Noon
9/1, Thursday, Evening
9/1, Thursday, Night
9/3, Saturday, Morning

8/20, Saturday

Tezuka: It seems everyone is here.

Seishun Gakuen tennis club third-year, captain
Tezuka Kunimitsu

Tezuka: You'll have heard the general idea, but
Tezuka: A joint school festival will be held featuring the tennis clubs participating in the National Tournament.
Kikumaru: Sounds interesting~

Seishun Gakuen tennis club third-year
Kikumaru Eiji

Kaidou: Che... how stupid.

Seishun Gakuen tennis club second-year
Kaidou Kaoru

Ryoma: ...Buchou.

Seishun Gakuen tennis club first-year
Echizen Ryoma

Ryoma: I've been wondering about this for a while, but...
Ryoma: There's one person here who's not in the tennis club.
Tezuka: Yeah, I should have introduced her earlier. She is our steering committee representative for the school festival...
You: I'm second-year Aizawa Tsukino. It's nice to meet you.
Tezuka: She is in charge of our tennis club, so she'll be helping us with many things related to the school festival preparations.
Tezuka: Oishi and the representative will explain the details of the school festival.
Oishi: Ehhh, ahem.

Seishun Gakuen tennis club third-year, vice-captain
Oishi Shuuichirou

Oishi: The goal of this school festival is to promote the region and is made possible through the contributions of the Atobe and Sakaki groups.
Fuji: !?

Seishun Gakuen tennis club third-year
Fuji Shuusuke

Fuji: Atobe and Sakaki... you mean from Hyoutei?
Oishi: Yes, that's right.
Ryoma: ...isn't that a bit suspicious?
Momoshiro: Yeah, yeah.

Seishun Gakuen second-year
Momoshiro Takeshi

Momoshiro: Doesn't it seem like that Atobe is plotting something?
Oishi: No, it seems like he has any ulterior motives. You don't need to worry about that.
Oishi: It's just...
Kawamura: Just?

Seishun Gakuen third-year
Kawamura Takashi

Oishi: The tennis club members participating in the school festival have a duty to set up booths.
Kaidou: Stupid... we're close to Nationals and we have to do this thing?
Oishi: Well, that's how it is.
You: There are also attractions that you may participate in.
Kikumaru: What do you mean by attractions?
You: It's fine if it's a performance like singing or a play.
Kikumaru: Heeh~ sounds interesting.
You: The booths and attractions are also being made into a formal contest.
Ryoma: By that, you mean... like a match?
Momoshiro: Hoho... if you hear the word match, I can't keep quiet. I won't keep quiet.
Fuji: Hmmm... I wonder if they mean to pay us back for the Kantou Tournament.
Kaidou: Interesting... if that's the way it is, then let's turn the tables on them.
Kawamura: Haha... let's do this calmly, calmly.
Oishi: Each school's tennis club can make up to three booths.
Oishi: The one that has the best results... in other words, the tennis club with the most proceeds also gets subsidized.
Kawamura: It's also a matter of the club's honor... it kind of feels like we have to do our best.
Inui: It would be a great help to be subsidized.

Seishun Gakuen tennis club third-year
Inui Sadaharu

Inui: If the club's budget increases, I'll be able to able to make a new training menu.
You: For the attraction, you're free to team up with members without regards to their school.
Momoshiro: Free?
Momoshiro: If it's fine to team up with other schools, you mean we'll be competing against Seigaku members?
Ryoma: Heeh... sounds interesting.
Oishi: Oi oi, you don't have to exaggerate it like that, Momoshiro.
Oishi: In the end, the goal is to deepen our friendships with other schools.
Momoshiro: Even if you say that, a match is a match. I don't plan to lose when I do it.
Oishi: It can't be helped... also, the winning team of the attraction contest receives a prize.
Oishi: They're Wimbledon tickets and airfare and lodging.
Kikimaru: Hyuu~ that's a luxury.
Momoshiro: I won't lose that, I won't.
Kaidou: Fshuuuu... a serious battle outside of ranking matches...
Kawamura: I'm saying don't get so heated about it.
Momoshiro: Here, Taka-san, a racket.
Kawamura: Eh?
Kawamura; Whooooooa!!
Kawamura: BURNING!
Kawamura: I won't lose! Come at me, baby!
You: Uh... um...
Oishi: Ah, did that surprise you? Taka-san's personality changes a bit when he's holding a racket.
You: A-a bit... is it...
Kikumaru: Questioooon~! What about people not in the tennis clubs?
Oishi: It's the same as a normal school festival for other students. They'll do booths and exhibitions.
Tezuka: In the end, the tennis clubs are taking the lead in this school festival. You absolutely must not harm the club's honor.
Kikumaru: By the way, Inui. What's that you been writing for a while?
Inui: This is the schedule for this school festival.

Inui: From August 22, or the day after tomorrow, until September 1 is the preparation period. The second is the good work party.
Inui: The school festival is open on September 3 and 4.
Fuji: Putting aside Sunday... the 31st is free?
Inui: There will be people who still have summer homework remaining. That's in consideration of them.
Kikumaru: Nya, I see.

Tezuka: The schedule and other details are written on the printout we'll be distributing now.
Tezuka: I'd like you all to read it. Dismissed.

You: (There were a lot of different kinds of people in the tennis club...... from the day after tomorrow, I'll be preparing for the school festival with everyone......)
You: (It might be tough, but I'll do my best.)

8/22, Monday, Morning

You: (Okay, we're starting today. I have to do my best.)

Tezuka: Before we begin the meeting, there's a matter I need to tell you about.
Tezuka: A special guest from Osaka's Shitenhouji will be participating.
Kaidou: By Shitenhouji... you mean that Shitenhouji?

Shitenhouji Chuu tennis club first-year
Tooyama Kintarou

Kintarou: I'm Tooyama Kintarou, from Shitenhouji! Nice to meet you, nice to meet you!
Ryoma: Ah...
Kintarou: Oh! Koshimae! Let's have a match, a match!
Ryoma: ...someone annoying came.
Momoshiro: What do you mean by a special guest?
You: Ah, I'll explain from here. It was the idea of the school festival's sponsor, the Atobe group.
Fuji: ...that's really enlightening, and also unreasonable... it's a delicate explanation.
Tezuka: Then let's decide what booths our Seigaku tennis club will make.
Tezuka: Oishi, lead the meeting.
Oishi: Understood.
Oishi: First, please don't forget that these booths carry the honor of our Seigaku tennis club and they will be in a contest.
Momoshiro: We got it.
Inui: What kind of booth will take in a lot of profit... that is the problem.
Oishi: Does anyone have any ideas?
Kintarou: Yeah, yeaah! Takoyaki! Definitely takoyaki!
Inui: That's classic.
Oishi: Mm, that might be good. Of course, you know how to make it, right? Tooyama-kun.
Kintarou: Nope.
Oishi: Eh?
Kintarou: My specialty is eating it.
You: W-well. I think if we look into how to make it, we'll know, but...
Kintarou: Let's do takoyaki, takoyaki!
Oishi: ...could it be that you just want to eat it yourself?
Kintarou: Yeah! If it's takoyaki, I can eat enough for a hundred people!
Oishi: D-don't do that! We'll have to reject takoyaki.
Kikumaru: Yeah, it looks like he'll eat all the goods himself.
Kintarou: No, no! Let's do takoyaki, takoyaki!
You: W-well, calm down. I think someone will probably do takoyaki.
Kintarou: Really?
You: Y-yeah.
Kintarou: Ooh... fine.
Kikumaru: How about a sushi place? Taka-san can make it for us.
Momoshiro: Oh! That's good.
Kawamura: Hmm... I think it'll be hard.
Kawamura: We'd have to preserve the sushi topps, and anyway we can't just have me making the sushi.
Kawamura: Rolling sushi requires a lot of practice, too.
Kikumaru: Ah~ really.
Ryoma: This is pretty common, but how about a cafe?
Inui: The customer turnover rate, the price of goods... hm, it's not a bad choice.
Fuji: That sounds interesting. I can also make light meals.
Inui: I can make a variety of drinks...
Oishi: W-wait a second... Inui, you can't be serious?
Inui: Why not? I think it's a logical decision.
Oishi: ...
You: First, a cafe. We can prepare two more shops.
Momoshiro: (Oi, this is bad. Inui-senpai really wants to do it.)
Kaidou: (Fshuuu... that's true.)
Kaidou: (Then we need to put out another idea.)
Momoshiro: (How about goldfish scooping?)
Kaidou: (Hou... that's a good idea, coming from you.)
Momoshiro: (Are you trying to praise me? Well, whatever.)
Momoshiro: Heeey! Kaidou and I will do goldfish scooping!
Kawamura: Yeah, that's good. I'll also do that.
You: Goldfish-scooping, huh. Understood.
Kikumaru: Hey hey heeey! I want to do cotton candy!
Oishi: Yeah, that's also good. I'll do it with you.
Tezuka: I'll do that too.
You: Cotton candy? That makes three booths.
Fuji: Tezuka's going to do that? In that case, it's a bit hard to run a cafe with just two people.
Momoshiro: There's still one more person, right?
Ryoma: Eh? But I can't cook or anything.
Inui: It doesn't matter. There is waiting and a variety of other jobs.
Inui: A variety... you know.
Ryoma: Ooh...
Fuji: Then each booth has three people. Is this all right?
Oishi: Yeah, it's decided. Then Inui, Fuji, and Echizen are doing a cafe. Momoshiro, Kaidou, and Taka-san are doing goldfish-scooping. Eiji, Tezuka, and I are msking cotton candy.
You: Understood.
Ryoma: ...somehow I don't really want to do it.
Momoshiro: The one who said a cafe would be a good idea was you, Echizen.
Momoshiro: Prepare yourself.
Ryoma: Che.
Oishi: Then report all of this to the steering committee, please.
You: Got it.
Oishi: Then with this, the meeting is over. Dismissed.
Kintarou: Huh? What about me?
Oishi: Eh? Ah... I forgot.
Oishi: Speaking of which, Tooyama-kun. Weren't you gone for a while?
Kintarou: I went to pee. You weren't talking about anything interesting.
Oishi: It can't be helped... then, from the cafe, goldfish-scooping, and cotton candy, choose what you like.
Kintarou: There's no takoyaki?
Oishi: I said we're rejecting it.
Kintarou: Oh well... what are you doing, Koshimae?
Ryoma: It's Echizen.
You: Echizen-kun is doing the cafe.
Kintarou: Then I'll do the cafe too. There'll be a lot of things to eat.
Oishi: Then everything really is decided. Dismissed.
You: (Okay, I have to report to the committee.)

You: ...that's all for our booth requests.

Hyoutei tennis club third-year, captain
Atobe Keigo

Atobe: Understood. Good work.

You: (The report is over... I think I'll go see how everyone is doing.)

You: (Okay, where should I go?)

8/22, Monday, Noon

You: (Ah, it's time to do the preliminary inspection of the goldfish-scooping booth. I should hurry...)

You: Huh? Is no one here yet?
Kaidou: Oi.
Kaidou: Is this the area we're assigned for the booth?
You: Y-yes. That's right.
Kawamura: Heeh... it's pretty wide.
You: That's true.
Momoshiro: Putting that aside... where can we buy goldfish?
Kaidou: that you mention it, that's right.
Kaidou: Also, the thing to scoop goldfish...
Kawamura: The poi.
Momoshiro: Ah, that's called a poi? I didn't know.
Kawamura: Goldfish and poi... later, can you ask the steering committee if they can prepare them for us?
You: Understood.
Kawamura: Then there's the stand. The tank to put the goldfish in, the roof, and also the pipe chair.
Momoshiro: For the roof, it's fine if we borrow a tent. We can also borrow the pipe chair.
Kawamura: Ah, that's right. And then there's the pump to give the goldfish oxygen.
Kawamura: We have a spare one at my place, so I'll bring it.
Momoshiro: As expected of a sushi shop.
You: Understood. For the tank... I think there's probably one in the steering committee's storehouse.
You: Then there's the blue sheeting to prevent bubbles.
Kawamura: That's all for the list of things to borrow. Then we'll leave it to you to report to the steering committee.
You: Yes.

You: (There's still time before we do the preliminary inspection of the booths this evening...)

8/22, Monday, Evening

You: (I should do the preliminary inspection of the cafe soon.)

Ryoma: Here, huh.
Fuji: Mm, it's a good place, isn't it?
Kintarou: It's really big!
You: I think it's a good size to make a cafe. We'll need to decorate it, though.
Inui: That's right. Then there's the necessary equipment...
Fuji: The committee can prepare the cookware and tables, right?
You: Yes. If you let me know the necessary numbers, it seems we'll prepare it.
Inui: In that case, that leaves the cutlery and ingredients.
You: Ah, the cutlery will also be arranged for.
Inui: That's of great help. Then the problem is the ingredients. What will we put on the menu...
Kintarou: Takoyaki, takoyaki!
Fuji: ...that's stretching it. There isn't any takoyaki at cafes, right?
Kintarou: There is in Osaka.
Ryoma: This isn't Osaka.
Fuji: It's a cafe, so you usually need drinks.
Fuji: It would also be good to have light food like sandwiches.
Ryoma: ...Inui-senpai, are you really going to make the drinks?
Inui: Of course. That is the special feature of this cafe.
Ryoma: ...we don't know what will happen.
You: ...what do you mean?
Ryoma: It's better if you don't know.
You: ?
Fuji: Then for today, let's clean up this room, and two days from now in the afternoon, let's gather here again.
Fuji: We'll decide the menu then.
Inui: That's right. There is a variety of things I must research and I need to gather the ingredients for the experiment.
You: ?
You: Experiment?
Fuji: Then, let the committee know what equipment we'll need them to supply.
You: Ah, yes. Understood.

You: (...Report complete.)
You: (It's still early to go back, so maybe I should go help out a little more?)

8/23, Tuesday, Morning

You: (We're doing the preliminary inspection of the cotton candy booth first thing today.)

Kikumaru: Our booth is here?
You: Yes.
Kikumaru: Uwah~ isn't it a little too wide just to make a cotton candy booth, nya?
You: But this is the smallest plot right now.
Oishi: Well, they say it's better too big than too small, and the width won't bother us.
Tezuka: So, what is it that the steering committee can prepare for us?
You: Ah, yes. It looks like we'll be able to lease the cotton candy machine.
Kikumaru: Other than a cotton candy machine, the things we need for a cotton candy booth are...
Oishi: First are the ingredients. Sugar... is that fine, I wonder.
You: No, you can't use normal sugar. It has to be brown sugar.
Oishi: By brown sugar, you mean... the brown one with large grains?
You: Yes.
Tezuka: We'll also need vinyl bags to wrap the cotton candy in once it's spun.
Kikumaru: Then there's the stick.
You: We need to prepare everything but the machine and sugar ourselves.
Oishi: We'll need to set up a tent in case it rains.
You: The steering committee can prepare the tent.
Tezuka: Hm, that's all for the necessities. Then, we'll leave the report to the commitee to you.
You: Understood.

8/23, Tuesday, Noon

You: (The committee meeting is over. Next is the meeting to decide on the attractions.)

Oishi: Okay, let's decide on the attraction programs and participants.
Kikumaru: Wait a second. It was fine if you did the attractions with people from other schools' tennis clubs, right?
Oishi: Yeah, that's right.
Kikumaru: Is it all right to not have the meeting with the other schools?
Inui: You don't need to worry. We can communicate about other tennis clubs' meetings with this computer.
Inui: Members can use it to convey what attractions programs they want to do at any time.
Fuji: Heeh... they've prepared a lot of equipment, huh.
Momoshiro: Attractions, huh... I want to do something really flashy in one go. Like, dooon.
Ryoma: What attraction programs are there right now?
Inui: Right now, there isn't much information...
Inui: Ah, there's one. It looks like a rock band. The one proposing it is Fudomine's Kamio.
Momoshiro: A rock band... that's good. Just like the rhythm guy.
Momoshiro: Inui-senpai, enter me in that one.
Inui: Understood. Momoshiro will be participating in the rock band... there.
Fuji: Rock, huh... I want to do something a little lighter. With a normal song.
Inui: In that case, a good program has been suggested.
Inui: Rokkaku's Saeki has proposed a "vocal unit".
Fuji: Heeh... Saeki was thinking the same thing, huh. Then I'll take part in that.
Inui: Understood.
Inui: Oh... there's a new program again.
Inui: It seems like Saint Rudolph's Mizuki's proposal is a "play". The program has not been decided.
Oishi: Mizuki, huh... if he's proposed it, it makes me uneasy for some reason.
Inui: There's another new entry. Hyoutei's Mukahi has proposed "street dance".
Kikumaru: Oooh~! That's a challenge to me! I accept!
Inui: Understood. Kikumaru is taking part in the dance...
Kikumaru: Just watch~ Mukahi!
Kintarou: Yeah, yeeaaah! I wanna do the dance too!
Kikumaru: Heeh, Tooyama, you've danced before?
Kintarou: Nope. But you know, I really like moving around.
Inui: Then Tooyama is also for the dance.
Kintarou: You dance too, Koshimae!
Ryoma: I'll get tired, so I don't want to.
Kintarou: Ehhh?
Inui: There's another addition. Fudomine's Tachibana has proposed "Japanese drumming".
Kawamura: Japanese drumming... that's good. Yeah, I'll do it.
Kaidou: That's fine for me too.
Inui: Kawamura and Kaidou, participating in Japanese drumming. Lastly, Hyoutei's Atobe has proposed something.
Tezuka: Atobe has?
Tezuka: What's his proposal?
Inui: It's a play. He's proposing Hamlet.
Tezuka: Hamlet...
Inui: I'll participate in that.
Oishi: That sounds interesting. I'll do it too.
Tezuka: Hm... Hamlet is very interesting. I'll participate too.
Ryoma: There's... not really anything that I like.
You: In that case, isn't it fine if you don't force yourself to participate? It's voluntary participation.
Ryoma: That's true.

8/24, Wednesday, Noon

Atobe: ...all right. That's all for today. ...let's go, Kabaji.
Kabaji: Usu.
You: (Whew... the steering committee meeting turned out long.)
You: (Next is to decide the menu for the cafe, huh. I should hurry...)

You: I'm sorry. I'm late.
Fuji: Haha... it's fine.
Fuji: Well then, let's decide on the cafe menu.
Inui: Mm.
Inui: I made a number of prototype drinks at home. I want to hear everyone's opinions.

Ryoma: Geh, seriously?
You: Um~
You: I've been worried about this for a while, but why is everyone surprised at Inui-senpai's drinks?
Ryoma: ...if you try drinking them, you'll find out.
You: Really? Then let me have a taste.
Kintarou: Wait a sec! Let me drink that! It looks really tasty.
You: Eh? Y-yeah, that's fine...
Kintarou: Thaaanks!
Kintarou: Nn, nn...
Ryoma: Ah... he doesn't know.
Kintarou: Kuwaaaaaah!!
You: Eh? Eh? What happened?
Ryoma: That's what the taste is like.
You: W-what kind of taste is that... I'll just try a little bit.
You: Nn... ack! Spicy!!
You: W-water!!
Fuji: Really? I like it well enough.
Ryoma: What... is the taste better than usual?
You: Fuu... b-by better, you mean... is the usual really that bad?
Inui: far as the taste goes, there is still room for improvement.
You: Uwaah... this is really looking bad...
Kintarou: Haa, haa... I thought I would die.
Ryoma: Ah, he's back.
Kintarou: What was that, just now... I almost passed out...
Kintarou: Ha!? Is that!!
Kintarou: A zombie drink!?
You: Eh? What's that?
Kintarou: I read about it in manga. You put in stuff like mandragoras and puffer fish poison and then people suffocate.
Kintarou: And then the one who controls their minds... you're a zombie master!!
Inui: Fufu... I wonder?
You: Ehh!? Please just deny it!
Ryoma: Well, it's fine, isn't it? He'll be a little quieter with this.
You: I-I wonder.
Fuji: Next is to decide on the light meal menu tomorrow afternoon in the cafeteria.
Ryoma:'s one thing after another.

8/25, Thursday, Noon

Fuji: Today we'll decide on the cafe's light meal menu.
Inui: Mm.
You: If the drinks are no good, then we have to at least score points with the light meals... this is dangerous.
Ryoma:'s hard, huh.
You: What do you mean?
Ryoma: You'll know soon enough.
You: Ooh... somehow bad memories are...
Fuji: Today I want you to try the samples of light meals that I made to my tastes.
You: This pattern... it can't be...
Fuji: I'm pretty confident in this one. An extra-spicy sandwich.
You: Extremely spicy...? Um, what about the others?
Fuji: Pizza using lots of jalapenos and with peperoncino made with plenty of chili pepper. And cake with habanero in it.
You: Ha... cake with habanero... ah... I'm feeling dizzy...
Fuji: It's delicious.
You: Umm... I'll have to...
Fuji: Then, Echizen, will you taste it and tell me your thoughts?
Ryoma: Ah.. I just remembered I have urgent business. I have to go now...
You: Ah, he ran away.
Kintarou: Then is it okay if I eat it?
Fuji: Yeah. Let me know what you think.
Kintarou: Then, thanks for the food!
You: Ah, wait! Just take a little to test...
Kintarou: Kuwaaaaaaah!!
You: Ah... again...
Fuji: That's strange. Even though it's so delicious.
You: Fuji-senpai... is eating it normally...
Inui: Hm... chili pepper is extremely effective for inducing the sweating response during the summertime.
You: We... we can't lose... I have to do something...
Kintarou: I-I get it...
You: Ah, this time you came back quickly.
Kintarou: You're a witch! Witches put a lot of medicine in food and turn it into poison!
Kintarou: And then they shoot electricity from their heads to where the person's gotten fat and round and...
Kintarou: Uuuu, it's just like I read in manga.
Fuji: A witch... I'm a man.
Kintarou: Then, a devil king.
Kintarou: A zombie master and a devil king... To-Tokyo is a scary place...

8/26, Friday, Noon

You: (The cotton candy ingredients have arrived, so now we'll be practicing making cotton candy.)

You: All the ingredients are here.
Oishi: Thanks.
You: ...even though I say that, it's just sugar.
Oishi: Then how about we start practicing making cotton candy?
Kikumaru: Yeah, yeaaah! Me first!
You: Then I'll explain how to make it. First flip the switch.
Kikumaru: This one? Click.
You: Next, pour the sugar in the middle hole. It takes one spoonful.
Kikumaru: This?
You: Then, take the stick and wait.
Kikumaru: Ooh, is it done yet, is it done...
You: Aren't white strings coming out about now?
Kikumaru: Wah, they are, they are!
You: Spin those around the stick and collect them.
Kikumaru: Okaaay, here I go~!

Kikumaru: It's dooone!
Oishi: ...the shape is twisted.
Kikumaru: It's my first time so it can't be helped.
Kikumaru: Mm, delicious~! The taste is okay~
Tezuka: Well, the base is sugar. The taste won't change no matter who makes it. The problem is really the shape.
Kikumaru: Boo~ If you're gonna say that, you try making it, Tezuka. It's pretty hard.
Tezuka: All right, I'll try.

Tezuka: Mm, it's like this.
Kikumaru: Ahahaha, lo~ok, the shape really is weird.
You: I think it's better if you rotate the stick when you spin and collect the white strings.
OIshi: I see. Then I'll try next.

Oishi: How is it?
Kikumaru: Amazing! Oishi, you're good!
Tezuka: Hoh, it's done well.
You: Oishi-senpai, good job.
Oishi: Somehow I got the knack of it. I'll teach everyone.

8/27, Saturday, Noon

You: (The cafe menu... I have to do something...)
You: (Yeah, I have to be daring...)

You: Ehh, for this meeting, I, Aizawa Tsukino, will be serving as the chairman!
Ryoma:'re really fired up.
Fuji: That's fine, but why all of a sudden?
You: I'd like to call up the matter of the cafe's drink menu!
Inui: Is there a problem with my drinks?
You: A huge one.
Inui: Why? All of my drinks have guaranteed results.
Kintarou: Is it zombies!? They make zombies?
Ryoma: That's enough.
You: The problem isn't with the results.
Inui: Then it's fine, isn't it?
You: But the problem is the taste.
Inui:'s true that I was going to conduct research on the taste later...
Inui: They say good medicine is bitter to the taste.
You: It's a problem of degree! And also, there won't be any customers who come to the cafe to buy medicine.
Inui: Oh...
Fuji: Today she's... being really straightforward.
You: If we sell Inui-senpai's drinks normally, it will only cause trouble for the customers.
You: However, there's a way we can put them to use.
Inui: ...what?
You: As a challenge menu.
Inui: Challenge?
You: Yes. A challenge where food and drinks are free if they finish Inui-senpai's special drink.
Inui: ...I see, so that way also existed.
Inui: There are a few small problems, but... at present, I cannot say your proposal is not valid.
Fuji: Heeh... you thought of something good.
Ryoma: Hmm... good job.
You: And you, Fuji-senpai!
Fuji: Me?
You: We'll also make the extra-spicy light meal menu into a challenge menu.
Fuji: I wonder... if it's just that much spice, it won't be much of a challenge.
You: You don't need to worry. We'll make it a set with Inui-senpai's drinks.
Ryoma: When they get thirsty because of Fuji-senpai's super-spicy cooking, they have Inui-senpai's special drink... it's like Hell.
You: And I also thought of a normal menu besides that.
You: I'll hand it out, and I'll leave it up to everyone as to whether we'll use it. Please think it over.

8/29, Monday, Morning

You: (We're having a meeting about the cafe first thing in the morning today... I said a bit too much before... I'm a little... depressed.)

Fuji: As a result of talking to everyone, we've decided to go with the menu you suggested.
You: I'm sorry. I've done something really offensive...
Inui: No, we know well that you were thinking of us when you said that.
Ryoma: It's true that it would've been dangerous at that rate.
Kintarou: The school festival would've been full of zombies.
Fuji: We'll make the challenge menu the special feature of the cafe, and it won't be a problem to have a normal menu too.
You: Really...
Fuji: Hm, what is it? You don't seem happy...
You: No... when I remember what happened, I really hate myself...
You: I said such rude things to everyone... I'm really...
Inui: You don't need to worry. I said it before, but we well understand your intentions.
Fuji: That's right, thinking back on it, we should've thought about your view a little more.
You: No... that's... I'm...
Ryoma: ...mada mada da ne.
You: Eh?
Ryoma: Since you were so strict about it before, you really have to make the cafe a success, right, Senpai?
You: T-that's right...
Ryoma: Then you don't have the leisure to be upset. We don't have much time.
You: Y-yeah.
Inui: We need your advice.
Fuji: Let's do our best together.
Ryoma: That's how it is.
Kintarou: I don't really get it, but cheer up.
You: Y-yes! Let's do our best!

8/30, Tuesday, Noon

You: (The meeting is finally finished...)
You: (Next is construction of the goldfish-scooping booth. I have to do my best...)

Momoshiro: I'm leaving the tent we borrowed over here.
Kawamura: Yeah, good work.
You: Are we making progress?
Kawamura: Yeah, it's going well. (Aizawa-san.)
Momoshiro: Oh, you came at a good time. I've got a favor to ask.
You: What is it?
Momoshiro: I was gonna go ask the steering committee if we could borrow a blue sheet, and I was wondering if you could come too.
You: That's fine... why?
Momoshiro: No, I'm bad with the heavy steering committee atmosphere.
You: Ah, I get it, I get it.
Momoshiro: So can you do it, since it's just a request to borrow something?
You: Understood. Leave it to me.
Kawamura; Then we'll set up the tent, so go ahead.
You: Yes.

Momoshiro: We brought it back.
Kawamura: Good job. We're done over here.
You: Just a litlte more and it'll be done.
Kaidou: Next is to make the decorations.
Kawamura: It might be a good idea to make banners to attract attention.
You: That's right. I'll try asking the steering committee.
Momoshiro: Yeah, we're counting on you.
Kaidou: ...I'm done putting the blue sheeting on the fish tank.
Kawamura: Okay, then all we have left are the finishing touches on the day before. Everyone, good work.

9/1, Thursday, Morning

You: (The opening ceremonies ended without incident. We're supposed to meet in front of the gates. I wonder if everyone is already there?)

Momoshiro: Ahhh, summer vacation's over.
Kikumaru: Did you finish your homework, Momo?
Momoshiro: I kind of maybe did.
Oishi: You need to plan ahead more.
Inui: That's right. That tendency shows in Momoshiro's tennis as well.
Inui: But it seems that quality also allows for an adaptable playstyle that can cover any situation.
Ryoma: Adaptable... you mean haphazard.
Momoshiro: Who asked you, Echizen!
You: Now now, calm down, you two.
Fuji: Speaking of which, Tooyama-kun, are you okay for school? Hasn't the new term started?
Kintarou: We're on break till the fourth.
Fuji: Oh, really.
Oishi: Ah, by the way, weren't they saying there was some report from the steering committee?
You: Ah, that's right. They said to please bring your own swimsuits to the good work party tomorrow.
Kikumaru: Swimsuits? Are we gonna use them in the pool or something?
You: I don't know the details...
Momoshiro: The pool,, huh? It's been hot lately. Isn't that a good idea?
Fuji: Tsukino-chan. Are you going to take part too?
You: Eh? Can I?
Momoshiro: Yeah, that's right. You don't need to hold back.
Oishi: Yes, go ahead.
You: Thank you very much. Then I'll take you up on that.
Tezuka: In any case, the school festival is almost here. Don't let your guard down.

Fuji: That's strange...
You: What is it, Fuji-senpai?
Fuji: Ah, you came at a good time.
Fuji: The ingredients for the cafe we asked for still haven't come. Can you check with the steering committee?
You: Understood. I'll go right away.

Atobe: Nn, what is it? Seigaku's steering committee representative.
You: Um, it seems like the ingredients for our cafe still haven't arrived.
Atobe: There's no way. All the ingredients were brought in this morning.
You: But they still aren't there. Could you please check with the suppliers?
Atobe: Tch, there's no helping it. Kabaji, bring the phone and receipts.
Kabaji: Usu.
Atobe: ...aah, it's me. I want to check on A-12 on the receipt.
Atobe: Nn? What was that? Hm... I see, that's unfortunate.
Atobe: But tell me those things earlier. So what about the replacements?
Atobe: Nn? ...wait a moment.
Atobe: In that case, they won't make it on time. Skip the excuses. Can you do it or not?
Atobe: ...I see. Got it.
You: Um...
Atobe: It's too bad. The truck that was carrying the cargo was in an accident.
You: Eh...?
Atobe: It seems like no one was hurt, but all the cargo was all ruined.
You: H-how could it...
Atobe: There were a lot of specialized ingredients, so if the replacements are ordered now, they won't make it on time.
You: W... what do we do...
Atobe: We should be able to find another supplier, but... be prepared for the worst situation.
You: The worst... situation?
Atobe: Not having any ingredients.
You: ............

9/1, Thursday, Noon

You: ...and that's how it is.
Inui: That's...
Fuji: A really bad situation...
Ryoma: We're in a pinch.
You: With what we have now, we definitely don't have enough of what we need for two days of the school festival.
Inui: We can only hope to obtain them from somewhere else...
Kintarou: Want me to run around and buy everything?
Fuji: There's a lot, so you can't do it alone.
You: Anyway, I'll tell Tezuka-senpai, Kawamura-senpai, and the others.
Fuji: Yeah, we'll leave it to you.

Tezuka: I see... that's no good.
You: Yeah. That's why we have to ask everyone for help.
Oishi: Yeah of course we'll help.
Kikumaru: We're done with the preparations over here.
Tezuka: Mm, we'll go there right away.

Kawamura: That's really tough. We'll go help right now.
Momoshiro: Right. We can't leave it like this, definitely not.
Kaidou: We'll go right away.

Tezuka: Then let's go over the problem points.
Inui: The ingredients that we can use in the cafe at present are on this list.
Kikumaru: These... there definitely aren't enough!
Oishi: Can't we borrow them from somewhere else?
Inui: We can if we leave out the specialized ingredients...
You: But we definitely need those ingredients. For Inui-senpai's drinks and Fuji-senpai's food...
You: Whichever it is, if we leave one enough, the cafe won't be complete.
Inui: However, even if you say that...
You: I'll go check with the steering committee one more time.

Atobe: Ah... you're here.
You: Yes. Um...
Atobe: I have good news and bad news. Which do you want first?
You: Eh... t-then, the bad news...
Atobe: Those specialized ingredients were totally destroyed. No matter what you do now, they won't make it on time.
You: R-really. Then, the good news?
Atobe: Arrangements have been made for the common bread, butter, milk, wheat flour, and normal vegetables and such.
You: R-really. Thank you very much.
Atobe: But then you won't have any of your special dishes.
You: Ah... we'll somehow...
Atobe: Hmph... you don't know when to give up. But I don't dislike that in people.
You: Eh?
Atobe: I'll give you until nine PM. During that time, see if you can get ingredients from somewhere.
You: B-but... the loan...
Atobe: Stupid. Who do you think I am? I can give out that much small change anytime.
You: T-then...
Atobe: Yeah, do a thorough search of all the wholesale stores in the region.
You: T-thank you very much!
Atobe: Whoa, it's too early to thank me. I just don't want to fight with guys who can't use their full strength.
You: Ah, yes.
Atobe: And also... I... owe Tezuka.
You: Eh?
Atobe: It's nothing! Get lost!
You: Yes!

Tezuka: I see... Atobe said that.
Oishi: But it's a great help. We'll manage somehow.
Inui: I made a list of the principal wholesale stores in the neighborhood. We'll manage if we divide the labor among everyone.
Momoshiro: We've just gotta do it.
Kaidou: Aah.
Kintarou: Leave the buying stuff to me!
Kawamura: Haha... we have to do our best.
Fuji: Let's do what we can.
Ryoma: Right.
Kikumaru: Lift your spirits and go!
You: Everyone... that's right, let's do our best!

9/1, Thursday, Evening

You: Yes... yes. Understood. Please continue.
You: Inui-senpai, Oishi-senpai got 200 grams of prik kee noo!
Inui: Understood. 200 grams of prik kee noo...
Kikumaru: We're here too! Taka-san got one kilogram of Shizuoka-imported authentic wasabi!
Inui: Hoh, such high quality. One kilogram of authentic wasabi...
You: Eh? That's not right! Not suteteko, stevia! Right, stevia, yeah.
[suteteko = men's underwear; stevia = ...stevia]
You: Eh? We don't need fifty kilograms! Five kilograms is enough.
You: Yeah, yeah. Thank you.
You: Inui-senpai, Tooyama-kun has five kilograms of stevia.
Inui: Really? It's a bit much, but having too much isn't a problem.
You: Ah, it's there? Yes, yes! Thank you very much!
You: Inui-senpai! Tezuka-senpai got 500 grams of senburi.
[senburi = Japanese green lentian]
Kikumaru: We brought more and more again! Ochibi-chan has one kilogram of aloe!
Inui: 500 grams of senburi and one kilogram aloe...
Inui: Hm, at this rate, we'll complete almost the entire list.
You: What's left?
Inui: For the large quantities, we need pine nuts and wolfberry fruits from Jiou and... gyoujanniniku.
You: Gyoujanniniku?
Inui: It's a type of edible wild plant, but it's available from few suppliers.
You: ...I'll go to the committee chairman again.
Inui: For the gyoujanniniku?
You: Yes. If it's the chairman, I thought maybe he would know.
Inui: Understood. I'm counting on you.

Atobe: Nn? What is it? Is it going well?
You: Yes, right now. But...
Atobe: But, what? Say it straight out.
You: Can you get gyoujanniniku?
Atobe: Gyoujanniniku? It's not in season right now.
You: There's none?
Atobe: Wait a moment. Kabaji, phone.
Kabaji: Usu.
Atobe: It's me. Don't you guys sell gyoujanniniku? Hmph... ah, yes.
Atobe: I see, as expected... do you know of anywhere else?
Atobe: Ah... oh... ah, that supplier. Got it.
You: Um...
Atobe: Wait a moment. I'll make another call.
Atobe: It's me. Can you guys arrange for gyoujanniniku? Nn, ah... wait a moment.
Atobe: Oi, representative. How much do you need?
You: Yes. One kilogram.
Atobe: Hmph, one kilogram. Ah.. as I thought. Of course.
You: Eh? What is it?
Atobe: They've got some, but it's frozen.
You: That's fine.
Atobe: Got it, I'll order it. However, is it all right if it gets here the morning of the day after tomorrow?
You: Yes! Thank you very much!!

9/1, Thursday, Night

Kikumaru: Welcome back~
Oishi: I'm back.
You: Good work.
Tezuka: Everyone is here now.
Kawamura: I'm glad we managed to get all the ingredients.
Kikumaru: Ah~ I'm tired~
Ryoma: As I thought... it was really hard.
Kintarou: I can keep going.
Ryoma: have way too much useless energy.
Inui: However, thanks to that we'll manage.
Fuji: Everyone, thank you.
Kaidou: ...let's go back now. It's already nine.
Momoshiro: Let's go back to the station together.
Oishi: Right.
Kintarou: Me too, me too!
You: Yes!

You: (Today was tough... I'm tired, I should go to sleep soon...)

9/3, Saturday, Morning

Main building, cafe:
You: (Uwah... they're getting a lot of business. Everyone looks busy... I wonder what I should do.)

(Let's try calling out to them.)
(They seem busy, it would be bad to get in the way.)

You: (Who should I call out to...)

Echizen Ryoma
Fuji Shuusuke
Inui Sadaharu
Tooyama Kintarou

Fuji-senpai, do you have a moment?
Fuji-senpai, should I help out?

You: Fuji-senpai, do you have a moment?
Fuji: Sorry, but my hands are kind of full right now. Can it wait until next time?
You: Ah... yes, excuse me.

You: Fuji-senpai, should I help out?
Fuji: Yeah, thanks.

You: (They seem busy, it would be bad to get in the way... I'll try going somewhere else.)

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