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Motto Gakuensai no Oujisama: Jirou scenes

Translation of Jirou's conversation topics and special scenes in Motto Gakuensai no Oujisama. Character name is Taniguchi Miyu. Of note: if the character’s name is in parentheses, it means it’s said in the text on-screen but not voiced.

oh right, and since I noticed some really sad HTML errors and typos while going through previous routes -- if there are mistakes anywhere, of any kind, please let me know so I can fix them! this always holds. HTML errors especially tend to propagate. ;;

Affection table

Each bar consists of five hearts. Full affection is fifty hearts.

School festival












Affection 0-5


Affection 5-15

0.5 0 0.5 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 1

Affection 15-35

1 0 0.5 0 0 1.5 0 0.5 0.5 0.5 1 1.5

Affection 35-50

1.5 0 1 1.5 1.5 1.5 0 1 0.5 1 1.5 2

Special conversation topics
About the dance
About sleep

Character-specific scene index

8/22, Monday, Morning (Speak)
8/23, Tuesday, Noon (Speak)
8/24, Wednesday, Noon (Speak)
8/25, Thursday, Morning (Automatic)
8/25, Thursday, Noon (See)
8/26, Friday, Noon (Speak)
8/27, Saturday, Night (Automatic)
8/28, Sunday, Date
8/29, Monday, Noon (Speak)
8/30, Tuesday, Night (Automatic)
8/31, Wednesday, Date
9/2, Friday, Morning (Speak)
9/2, Friday, Noon (Automatic)
9/3, Saturday, Noon (Automatic)
9/3, Saturday, Noon (Speak)
9/3, Saturday, Evening (Automatic)
9/4, Sunday, Noon (Automatic)
9/4, Sunday, Noon (Speak)
9/4, Sunday, Evening (Automatic)
9/4, Sunday, Confession

Morning greeting
Phone number request
When invited to talk
Walking home
Minigame conversations

Conversation starters

Affection 0-5
You: Akutagawa-senpai.
Akutagawa: Fuwaaaaaaah~
You: Um... Akutagawa-senpai?

Affection 5-15
You: Senpai.
Akutagawa: Fuwaaaah... huh? You're...
You: Taniguchi, the steering committee representative. You look sleepy, Akutagawa-senpai.
Akutagawa: Mm, sleepy... but Atobe will get mad at me...
You: Then how about we talk for a bit?
Akutagawa: Yeah. Okay~~

Affection 15-35
You: Senpai.
Akutagawa: Ah, (Taniguchi-san).
You: Akutagawa-senpai. It looks like you're awake today, for some reason...
Akutagawa: Ehh, it's not like I'm asleep all the time, you know?
You: Is that... so?
Akutagawa: That's horrible. Well, it's fine.

Affection 35-50
You: Ah, Akutagawa-senpai.
Akutagawa: Miyu-chan. You came after all.
You: Eh? Did you need something...
Akutagawa: Yeah. I thought we could nap together.
You: Wha, we can't!!
Akutagawa: Ehh, we can't?
You: Geez... ah, that's right...

Normal conversation topics

Affection 0-5

This conversation is also used if, at a later affection level, you choose a topic you've spoken to him about before.
Akutagawa: Mm~~ sleepy~ Do you need something~?
You: Ah, um, it's not really important...
Akutagawa: Really~ Then sorry, I'm gonna take a nap~
You: ...have a good sleep.
[+0.5 hearts] (if affection 0-5); [+0 hearts] (if affection greater than 5)

Affection 5-15

About the school festival
You: Akutagawa-senapi, will you read this?
Akutagawa: Mm, what~? Etiquette for serving customers?
You: Yes. Senpai, there's lost... h-huh?
Akutagawa: Zzzz...
[+0.5 hearts]
You: P-please don't fall asleep~

About homework
You: Akutagawa-senpai, have you finished your summer homework?
Akutagawa: Zzzzz...
You: Huh? ...he really did fall asleep.

About the weather
You: The weather's nice again today.
Akutagawa: Mm. Isn't it the perfect weather for a nap~?
You: You shouldn't do that.
Akutagawa: Ehhh, why?
[+0.5 hearts]
You: Don't do things you shouldn't do!

About friends
You: Akutagawa-senpai, please read this printout.
Akutagawa: Mm, I'll read it, but~ I wonder why I'm here~
You: Eh? Why?
Akutagawa: Yeah~ I thought I fell asleep somewhere else~ so I'm wondering why I'm here~
You: Um... someone carried you while you were sleeping? Like Kabaji-kun or someone from the tennis club.
Akutagawa: Ah, yeah, yeah, that's it~ I feel relieved and now I'm getting sleepy.
You: Ah, wait, Senpai...
Akutagawa: Zzzzzz~
You: Ah, he fell asleep...

About dreams
Akutagawa: (Taniguchi-san~,) cats are nice, huh~
You: Yes? Cats?
Akutagawa: Yeah, cats~ I wanna be a cat~
You: ...because you can spend the whole day rolling around and napping?
Akutagawa: Yeah, right~ How did you know~
You: I don't think there's anyone who wouldn't know.
Akutagawa: Haa~ they're really nice~ cats~
You: But Senpai, you can't play tennis if you're a cat.
Akutagawa: Ah, right~! Then it's fine even if I'm not a cat~
You: Senpai, you're easy to understand.

About tennis
You: Akutagawa-senpai, are you this sleepy during club practice?
Akutagawa: Not at all~ Practice matches are so fun I can't help myself~
You: Then what about basic exercises?
Akutagawa: I've gotten sleepy while running before~
[+1 heart]
You: I thought so...

About books
You: Akutagawa-senpai, what kind of books do you usually read?
Akutagawa: ZzzzzZZZzzzz...
You: I guess he's not listening...

About music
You: Akutagawa-senpai, what kind of music do you like?
Akutagawa: ZzzzzZZZzzzz...
You: He's sound asleep...

About games
You: Akutagawa-senpai, do you like games?
Akutagawa: ZzzzzZZZzzzz...
You: He's sound asleep...

About fashion
You: What kind of clothes do you like, Akutagawa-senpai?
Akutagawa: ZzzzzZZZzzzz...
You: He's sound asleep...

About food
You: Akutagawa-senpai, what kind of food do you like?
Akutagawa: ZzzzzZZZzzzz...
You: Geez...

About love
You: Akutagawa-senpai, what kind of girl do you like?
Akutagawa: I don't really know about types~ But I like you~
You: Eh!?
Akutagawa: Well... because you come... and wake me... up~
You: S-so that's what you meant...
Akutagawa: Come wake me... up again... ...Zzzzzz... Zzz...
[+1 heart]
You: Ah, he fell asleep.

Affection 15-35

About the school festival
You: Senpai, have you planned what you'll wear on the day of the festival?
Akutagawa: Yeah. Atobe said he'd lend it to me.
You: Really?
Akutagawa: Atobe said "What I wore in first-year should be fine"~
You: Since Atobe-senpai is tall.
Akutagawa: I short?
You: I don't think so. You're taller than me.
Akutagawa: Even if you're a girl, don't you worry about being short~?
You: But I don't really care about height...
Akutagawa: Guys do.
You: Y-yes...
Akutagawa: ...but if you don't care, I guess it's fine.
[+1 heart]
You: ???

About homework
You: Akutagawa-senpai, have you just been sleeping and not finishing your homework?
Akutagawa: Mm~ Atobe will teach me.
You: Atobe-senpai teaches you?
Akutagawa: Atobe teaches me even if he complains the whole time~ he's nice~
You: I see... that's a bit surprising...

About the weather
You: Anyway, today is hot.
Akutagawa: Mm~ You know, on days like this. It feels really nice~ to just take it easy and sleep in my room~
You: Senpai, it feels even better after you've worked hard, so do your best, okay?
Akutagawa: I want to sleep now, but I'll do my best~
[+0.5 hearts]

About friends
You: Akutagawa-senpai, you're in the same class as Shishido-senpai, huh?
Akutagawa: Yeah, that's right~ Ah, right. There's something I want you to tell Shishido~
You: What is it?
Akutagawa: When Shishido wakes me up, he hits me with his fist or kicks me~ It hurts so I wish he would stop.
Akutagawa: It would be fine if he called me gently like you do~
You: Um... I think that might be impossible, considering Shishido-senpai's personality.
Akutagawa: I guess~
You: And Senpai? Doesn't Shishido-senpai only do that to wake you up when you really need to get up?
Akutagawa: Maybe~
You: Try a bit harder to stay awake, okay?
Akutagawa: Got it~

About dreams
You: Senpai, you're always sleeping, but do you dream when you're asleep?
Akutagawa: I do~ I had a scaaary dream not that long ago~
You: What was it about?
Akutagawa: I was sleeping in my dream, but even when I woke up I was still dreaming~
Akutagawa: And then I woke up again I was dreaming~ and that continued over and over.
You: T-that is scary...
Akutagawa: Right~ I kept waking up and waking up but I was still inside the dream and I didn't wake up.
Akutagawa: It was tiring.
You: Senpai, don't you have dreams like that because you sleep too much?
Akutagawa: Ummmm, I don't think so~
You: (I think that's definitely why...)

About tennis
You: Senpai, I heard you usually show up late to practice.
Akutagawa: I don't show up late~ I'm just asleep and then I come later.
You: That's called showing up late...
Akutagawa: And then Kabaji comes looking for me and carries me.
You: Really...
Akutagawa: Sometimes I'm on time and Kabaji is surprised~
[+1.5 hearts]
You: (Kabaji-kun surprised... I feel like that's really rare...)

About books
You: Senpai, have you read any books lately?
Akutagawa: I read manga a lot. What about you~?
You: I read manga too. I've been getting into mystery light novels lately too.
Akutagawa: Heeh~ that's awesome.
You: ? What is?
Akutagawa: When I read those things, I fall asleep three pages in~
You: That's... amazing in a different way, Senpai.

About music
You: Senpai, what kind of music do you like?
Akutagawa: Let's see~ I like relaxing music, I guess~
You: Like ballads?
Akutagawa: Yeah. I always play it when I sleep~
[+0.5 hearts]
You: ...Senpai, you would be able to sleep even if you didn't do that...

About games
You: Senpai, do you play video games?
Akutagawa: Yeah. When I'm alone. I get sleepy~
You: Haha. I feel like your hobby is napping, Senpai.
Akutagawa: Mm, that's right~ it feels good~
You: When you say so, Senpai, it really does feel that way.
Akutagawa: Next time let's sleep together~
[+0.5 hearts]
You: T-that might be a bit troublesome...

About fashion
You: Senpai, it seems like it would take you a lot of time to go shopping for clothes.
Akutagawa: Why do you think that~?
You: Hmm, because you'll sleep anywhere.
Akutagawa: Yeah, yeah.
You: So it seems like you'll fall asleep while changing clothes in the dressing room.
Akutagawa: Huh~ did you see me somewhere~?
You: Eh... you've really slept there?
Akutagawa: I have. When that happens, the employees carry me outside the store~
You: I-I see.
Akutagawa: Then I can't buy clothes. It's too bad~
[+0.5 hearts]
You: A-ahaha...

About food
You: Akutagawa-senpai, what foods do you like?
Akutagawa: Sheep~
You:, ah, you mean Jingisukan?
Akutagawa: Yeah~ that thing.
You: I-I see.
Akutagawa: Ah, (Taniguchi-san,) you imagined me roasting a whole sheep and eating it, didn't you~
You: Uh... yeah.
Akutagawa: There's no way I could've done that. (Taniguchi-san,) you're silly~
[+1 heart]
You: There's nothing I can to say to that...

About love
You: Senpai, you're older than me, but sometimes I feel like you're younger.
Akutagawa: Ehh, really?
You: My friends in my class have also said you're cute, Senpai.
Akutagawa: Ahh, I've been told that.
You: So you really have...
Akutagawa: Ah, you look like you're in a bad mood.
You: I-I'm not.
Akutagawa: It's okay~ Being called cute doesn't make me that happy~
You: Really?
Akutagawa: Well, guys don't really like being called cute~
You: More than being cute... you'd like to be cool?
Akutagawa: That's right~ will you say it?
You: ...Senpai, when you look like you're enjoying playing tennis... you're cool.
Akutagawa: I'm happy~ thanks.
You: ......Senpai, you really don't seem older...
Akutagawa: Hehe~
[+1.5 hearts]

Affection 35-50

About the school festival
You: It feels like there'll be a lot of luxurious foods on the cafe menu.
Akutagawa: Ahh, that's true. Probably because Atobe's used to them.
You: I thought I'd be able to practice at home, but the ingredients were too hard to get and I couldn't.
Akutagawa: Practice? You can cook?
You: I think I'm about average.
Akutagawa: Heeh. ...hey, I want to eat a bento.
You: Eh?
Akutagawa: I want to eat a bento you made~
You: Yeah, that's fine.
Akutagawa: All right! You promised!
You: You'll eat it all even if it isn't very good, won't you?
Akutagawa: It's fine, it'll definitely be delicious!
You: T-then, I'll make one next time.
Akutagawa: Yeah!
[+1.5 hearts]

About homework
You: Senpai, have you finished your homework?
Akutagawa: Yeah. It was really tiring~
You: Because you let it pile up.
Akutagawa: Yeah. That's what Atobe said too~
You: Did Atobe-senpai teach you?
Akutagawa: Yeah. At his house. It was almost an all-nighter~
You: A-amazing. For you to pull an all-nighter, Senpai!
Akutagawa: Well, Atobe was glaring at me the whole time, you know? It was scary~
You: (Atobe-senpai... good job, really...)

About the weather
You: It's still pretty hot, huh. I'm kind of exhausted.
Akutagawa: Ehh, that's terrible!! If you collapse...
You: If I collapse?
Akutagawa: There won't be anyone to wake me up!
You: can have Kabaji-kun do it.
Akutagawa: Ehh, but it's always Kabaji! You're better.
[+0.5 hearts]
You: (Somehow I don't know if I should be happy or upset...)

About friends
Akutagawa: Ah, hey hey, there's something I wanna ask you.
You: What is it?
Akutagawa: You and I are friends, right?
You: Eh? Um... Senpai, you're my upperclassman, so it's a bit hard to call us friends...
Akutagawa: Ehhhh! We're not?
You: U-um...
You: (He's making such a sad face. How should I answer?)
Mukahi: Oh, what's going on? (Taniguchi,) are you bullying Jirou?
You: N-no! Akutagawa-senpai was asking me if he and I are friends.
Mukahi: Huh, you are, right? You guys are together a lot.
You: B-but he's my senpai.
Mukahi: Even if you're senpai and kouhai, there's still only one year between you.
Mukahi: You're thinking too hard about it, (Taniguchi). You should relax~ more.
You: Y-yes.
Akutagawa: Ah, wait. If you and I are friends, you and Gakuto can be too, right?
Mukahi: Mm, well, yeah?
Akutagawa: Really...
You: Senpai?
Akutagawa: Hm, then we shouldn't be friends. Let's be something else.
You: Um, what do you mean...
Mukahi: That's right. I don't get it. Jirou, do you not want to talk to her anymore?
Akutagawa: I don't want that. I wanna get along just like we are now.
Mukahi: But you don't want to be friends.
Akutagawa: Right.
Mukahi: Ahhh, I don't get it at all. I'm leaving.
You: Akutagawa-senpai, I don't really understand either.
Akutagawa: Huh, you don't? You're pretty thick~
You: W-why do you say that?
Akutagawa: Mm, whatever. Yeah, just stay the way you are now~
You: Y-yes.
[+1.5 hearts]

About dreams
You: Akutagawa-senpai, do you have dreams for the future?
Akutagawa: Mmm, I don't. I have a lot of fun now, so I think I want it to continue forever like this.
You: Really? Ah, but...
Akutagawa: Yeah, I'm a third-year. I know it's impossible for it to stay this way, even if I want it to.
You: Yes...
Akutagawa: But you know, even if I become a high-schooler, it's fine if it's fun. I want to have fun.
Akutagawa: That's what I've started thinking lately.
You: Lately?
Akutagawa: Yeah. Because when I become a high-schooler, I'll be away from you for a year.
Akutagawa: If I'm unhappy that whole time, you'll worry about me, right?
You: ? If you were unhappy, Senpai, it's true that I would be really worried...
Akutagawa: Right~ So I'll do my best so I don't make you worry!
Akutagawa: Ah, but you should forgive me if I get a little upset~
You: Umm...
Akutagawa: I can't think~ that I want you to hurry up and become a high-schooler soon?
You: No, um, it's not that you can't, that's not what...
You: (S-somehow, the topic is a lot different from when it started...)
Akutagawa: Good~
You: Y-yes...
[+1.5 hearts]

About tennis
You: It looks like the tennis club will be able to go to Nationals. Congratulations.
Akutagawa: Yeah Thanks~ I'm happy even if we're just hosting it.
You: Yes!
Akutagawa: And also... I'm glad for Hiyoshi and Choutarou and Kabaji~
You: Hiyoshi-kun and Ootari-kun?
Akutagawa: Yeah. Hiyoshi was crying when we lost to Seigaku. He said he was sorry...
You: Really... Hiyoshi-kun did...
Akutagawa: Choutarou and Kabaji were unhappy too~ they wouldn't cheer up.
You: ... Akutagawa: I wanted to do something for them. But now it's all worked out~
You: You're kind, Senpai.
Akutagawa: Nah~ it's only natural as their senpai~
You: It doesn't change the fact that you're kind.
Akutagawa: Haha... I'm getting kind of embarrassed~
[+1.5 hearts]
You: Fufufu...

About books
You: Senpai, this has been bothering me...
Akutagawa: What~?
You: Do you stay awake when reading the textbooks?
Akutagawa: No~ that's impossible~
You: Then how do you remember everything without reading the book?
Akutagawa: Ah~ that's okay~ someone reads it during class, right? I remember that~
You: Eh, you remember from hearing it?
Akutagawa: Yeah. If I hear it when I'm sleeping, it stays in my head~
You: Amazing... sleep memorization...?
Akutagawa: But you know~ I'm bad at math and stuff~
You: T-that's true. You have to understand it.
Akutagawa: That's why Atobe teaches me later~
Akutagawa: And Atobe's easier to understand than the teacher~
You: (Atobe-senpai... good work...)

About music
You: Senpai, do you like music that helps you sleep well?
Akutagawa: That's right~ if I had to pick~
You: Then will you try listening to this?
Akutagawa: What is it~?
You: It's a collection of piano pieces I like.
You: I like quiet music, so I was wondering if it would suit you too.
Akutagawa: Yeah. I wanna listen. Let me borrow it~
You: Yes.
Akutagawa: Thanks~ I'll listen to it right now~
You: I hope you have good dreams.
Akutagawa: They'll be good dreams if you're in them.
You: Umm...
Akutagawa: Your face is red~
[+1 heart]
You: I-I don't know anymore.

About games
You: Senpai, do you play games with your friends?
Akutagawa: Yeah. I go to the arcade with Gakuto~
You: Fufufu. You two seem like you would get really loud.
Akutagawa: Mm~ I don't think so.
Akutagawa: One time we invited Oshitari and he said "I'll never go with you again"~
You: R-really...
Akutagawa: Even though we're pretty normal.
[+0.5 hearts]
You: (Oshitari-senpai... good work...)

About fashion
You: Senpai, you have bedhead in the back.
Akutagawa: I guess it happened when I was sleeping before. It's embarrassing~
You: But it isn't really that obvious. It's okay.
You: In any case, your hair looks soft, Senpai.
Akutagawa: Mm, I hear that a lot. It's nice to touch~
You: Fufu. It does seem like it.
Akutagawa: I think yours looks like it would be nice to touch too~
You: N-not at all.
Akutagawa: It does~ Hey, can I touch it?
You: Y-you can't.
Akutagawa: Don't say that~
You: Y-you can't, so don't!
Akutagawa: Ah, wait~
[+1 heart]

About food
You: Senpai, do you want some cookies?
Akutagawa: Gimme, gimme~
You: Yes, here.
Akutagawa: Mm~ tasty~ Where did you buy these?
You: I made them. I'm glad you like them.
Akutagawa: Heeh, really. You're amazing~
You: Akutagawa-senpai, do you like sweet things?
Akutagawa: I like anything as long as it's tasty~
[+1.5 hearts]
You: Fufu. That's just like you, Senpai.

About love
You: What kind of girl do you like, Senpai?
Akutagawa: Girls that are cheerful and fun are nice~
You: Really?
Akutagawa: And also, girls that will take naps with me, and girls that will let me use their lap as a pillow, and girls that will let me use them as a body pillow.
You: ...Senpai.
Akutagawa: What?
You: Taking naps together is fine, but... I'm not sure what to think about lap pillows and body pillows...
Akutagawa: Ehh! But those are the most important parts, you know?
You: T-then, not a body pillow.
Akutagawa: Then a lap pillow's okay?
You: It's still a hard to swallow...
Akutagawa: Then I'll try next time~
You: Eh, with m-me?
Akutagawa: There's no one else.
You: But we were talking about the kind of girl you like, Senpai...
Akutagawa: Yeah, that's why~
You: ...
Akutagawa: Your face is all red.
You: ...geez, I don't know anymore!
Akutagawa: Ah, maybe I overdid it~
[+2 hearts]

Special conversation topics

About the dance
You: Akutagawa-senpai, you had a meeting about the dance before, right?
Akutagawa: Umm... did I?
You: Senpai... you really were asleep, huh?
Akutagawa: Well, everyone just talked about what kind of dance they wanted to do and they didn't dance at all.
You: Do you like dancing, Senpai?
Akutagawa: That depends... I like moving around.
You: You're awake when you're playing tennis.
Akutagawa: I don't get sleepy when I'm doing something I like.
[+3 hearts]
You: don't like preparing for the school festival, huh...
Akutagawa: Ah... umm... it's a lot of effort, yeah.

About sleep
You: Akutagawa-senpai, do you stay up late?
Akutagawa: I don't~ I go to sleep at ten~
You: That's healthy enough... what time do you wake up?
Akutagawa: Mm~ about seven in the morning~ but I oversleep a lot.
You: (Nine hours of sleep... that's a bit high, but... if it's that much...)
Akutagawa: And then~ I sleep in class? And I sleep for thirty minutes during lunch... and when I get back home, I take a nap~
You: Ehh!? Then you spend more than half the day sleeping?
Akutagawa: I haven't calculated it, but... probably.
You: Don't you feel bad after sleeping too much? Like your body swells...
Akutagawa: Mm~ ...I'm really healthy.
You: R-really...
Akutagawa: And they say sleep brings a child up well~
You: ...Senpai, it's not bringing you up that much.
Akutagawa: It'll bring me up from now on~
You: Senpai, your viewpoint is kind of similar to "Good things come to those who wait"...
[+3.5 hearts]

Day-specific scenes

8/22, Monday, Morning (Speak)
You: Akutagawa-senpai.
Akutagawa: Zzzzz...
You: (He's sleeping happily... but I have to tell him about the preliminary inspection this afternoon...)

Don't wake him
Wake him

You: (He's sleeping happily... I'd feel bad if I woke him up...)

You: Akutagawa-senpai, wake up.
Akutagawa: Zzzzz...
You: Akutagawa-senpai.

Akutagawa: Mm... who're you?
You: Taniguchi, the steering committee representative.
Akutagawa: Committee representative...? For what?
You: The steering committee representative for the school festival.
Akutagawa: School festival...? What's that... um...
You: Senpai, you're still half-asleep, aren't you?
Akutagawa: Ah~ I remember. Kabaji explained it~
You: This afternoon we're inspecting the space for the cafe, so don't forget, okay?
Akutagawa: Mm~ it. I'll remember if I don't forget~
[+2.5 hearts]
You: (...he'll remember if he doesn't forget? T-that's true, but...)

8/23, Tuesday, Noon (Speak)
You: Akutagawa-senpai.
Akutagawa: Zzzzz...
You: (He's sleeping again... why is he always asleep?)
You: Akutagawa-senpai, wake up.

Akutagawa: Ah... what?
You: Just to check, you're taking part in the dance attraction, right, Senpai?
Akutagawa: Eh? I am?
You: Huh? You said so yourself.
Akutagawa: Now that you mention it... I feel like I did~
You: Did you forget?
Akutagawa: It looks like it. If you hadn't said anything, I would've forgotten completely~!
You: Ha, haa...
Akutagawa: Thanks.
[+3 hearts]
You: (Akutagawa-senpai... he only ever sleeps. I wonder if he thinks the school festival is boring? Maybe I'll try asking him sometime.)

8/24, Wednesday, Noon (Speak)
You: Geez... Akutagawa-senpai.
Akutagawa: Zzzzz...
You: Akutagawa-senpai, wake up!

Akutagawa: Ah... it's you. What is it?
You: We'll be working on the cafe's interior decoration on the 27th. Don't forget, okay?
Akutagawa: The 27th, huh... okay, got it. I'll try not to forget~ But anyway...
You: ? What is it?
Akutagawa: You have a nice voice~ It feels kind of nice waking up to your voice.

Ah... thank you very much...
There's something I want to ask you.

You: Ah... thank you very much...
Akutagawa: Mm. I'll be counting on you from now on~
You: Y-yes.
Akutagawa: Then good night. ...zz.
[+1 heart]
You: Ah... he went back to sleep... I wonder if I messed up...

You: ...Senpai, there's something I want to ask you.
Akutagawa: What~?
You: Do you not want to participate in the school festival? Are the preparations a pain?
Akutagawa: ...ummm...
You: Senpai, you only ever sleep... if it's because you don't want to participate...
Akutagawa: Ah, that's not it. I think I wanna do it. It's just not as fun as tennis.
You: So you don't really want to do the preparations?
Akutagawa: Mmm, maybe.
Akutagawa: Ah, but you know, I'm bad at doing things alone anyway. I get lonely fast.
You: You don't like being alone?
Akutagawa: Mm. That's why I like tennis. There's always your opponent.
Akutagawa: Right now everyone's really busy so they won't play against me.
You: Then I'll help out.
Akutagawa: Eh, you're the steering committee representative, right? Aren't you busy?
You: It's fine. I'll make time for it. Akutagawa-senpai, will you help with the preparations with me?
Akutagawa: ...yeah, okay. And sorry. I'll try working hard.
[+3 hearts]
You: Then I'll be counting on you starting tomorrow.
You: (Okay, it might be hard to manage my time, but... I'll do my best!)
[Conversation topic: About sleep GET!!]

8/25, Thursday, Morning (Automatic)
You: Akutagawa-senpai and I promised to work together today.

You: Akutagawa-senpai, your role for the school festival is as a waiter.
You: This is a manual for waiters Atobe-senpai prepared. Will you read it?
Akutagawa: Mm, got it.
You: is it?
Akutagawa: C-complicated...
You: It's hard to understand just from reading it. Then I'll explain it simply. First...

Akutagawa: I see~ so that's why you have to say it that way.
You: Yes. Still, Senpai, you're really quick to catch on. It surprised me.
Akutagawa: Because your explanations are really thorough~ I didn't get it just from reading the manual.
You: I'm happy to hear you say that. ...Senpai, you look like you're having fun.
Akutagawa: Yeah, it's fun~ Ah, right. I wanna try actually doing it. Can you pretend to be the customer?
You: Yes! Gladly.

Akutagawa: Then allow me to confirm your order.
Akutagawa: Bourgogne-style escargot, goat cheese salad, and a post-meal cafe au lait. Is that correct?
Akutagawa: was that?
You: Amazing, Senpai! That was perfect!
Akutagawa: Hahaha. Thanks~ it's thanks to you~
You: I didn't do much. It's because of your skill, Senpai.
Akutagawa: Ah, I'm kind of embarrassed~ ...but anyway, the preparations is fun, huh.
You: Eh?
Akutagawa: I thought doing the school festival would be boring, but going through how to do things is fun too~
You: ...yes. That's why I became the steering committee representative, you know?
Akutagawa: Right. ...sorry. I was just slacking off until now.
Akutagawa: Now I'll find something I think is fun and work on it. I want to make the school festival fun.
You: Akutagawa-senpai...
Akutagawa: Hey... I heard from Atobe. The committee representatives do a lot.
Akutagawa: It's gotta be hard for you to just help me.
You: Eh... ah, but that's not really...
Akutagawa: You don't have to push yourself. I don't want you to have a hard time because of me. Atobe will get mad at me too.
Akutagawa: Do your best at your work~
You: Yes. Thank you very much.
Akutagawa: Ah, but I might take naps sometimes and slack off~
You: Yes, I'll make you help out again, Akutagawa-senpai.
Akutagawa: Yeah, thanks~
[+4 hearts]
You: (I'm glad... Senpai thinks it's fun. Senpai having fun... he's pretty cool...)

8/25, Thursday, Noon (See)
You: (I wonder where Senpai went? He goes off somewhere the moment I take my eyes off him.)
You: Ah, there he is!
You: (Huh, but he's awake... and he's even talking energetically. I wonder who he's talking to...)
Akutagawa: Marui-kun! I saw your match against Seigaku! You're as cool as ever~
Marui: Yeah! My skills are as genius as ever, right?
Akutagawa: Yeah yeah, it was genius~ You pulled off those great plays perfectly~
Marui: Of course.
Akutagawa: Hey, hey, let's play a match again~
Marui: Haha, I'll just turn the tables on you again, you know?
Akutagawa: It won't be that easy~ I've been training hard too~
You: (Senpai looks like he's having a lot of fun. Even though he always looks so sleepy when he's with me.)
You: (I guess the school festival preparations really are boring for him...)
Akutagawa: Ah~ (Taniguchi-san~)
You: Ah, Senpai...
Akutagawa: If you were nearby, you should've called out to me~
Akutagawa: Ah, this is Rikkai's Marui-kun. He's my role model as a tennis player.
You: I'm Taniguchi, a second-year at Hyoutei. It's nice to meet you.
Marui: Yeah, shikuyoro.
Marui: That armband means you're a steering committee representative, right? Akutagawa, didn't she just find you ditching?
Akutagawa: Ah, that's right. I should go back now. See you, Marui-kun.
Marui: Yeah.
You: Um, is that okay? Didn't you want to talk to him more?
Akutagawa: I want to talk to Marui-kun, but you're better~
You: R-really?
Akutagawa: Yeah~
You: (I can't really ask why, but I'm happy...)

8/26, Friday, Noon (Speak)
You: Akutagawa-senpai, are you having lunch?
Akutagawa: Mm, yeah. They had something rare on the menu, so I ordered it.
You: That's... Jingisukan pot? It really is rare to see that.
Akutagawa: Yeah, and it's the real thing too.
You: Now that you mention it, you said you like sheep, Akutagawa-senpai.
Akutagawa: Yeah. I like lamb and mutton and everything.
You: It seems like there are people who don't like mutton because of the smell.
Akutagawa: That's not it. The flavor is good.
You: The people who like it seem to think so.
Akutagawa: Do you hate it?

No, I like it.
I'm actually not that fond of it...

You: No, I like it.
Akutagawa: Good. Then I'll let you have a bite. Say "ahh".
You: Eh!?
Akutagawa: Come on, ahhh.
You: Se-senpai! That's a little... ah, I'll use those chopsticks.
Akutagawa: Eh~?
You: I appreciate the thought, but... it's kind of embarrassing. Then I'll try some.
You: Mm... ah, it's good.
Akutagawa: Right?
You: I've also heard that sheep is good for your health.
Akutagawa: that's right. But I only eat it because it's tasty.
[+3.5 hearts]
You: (Senpai falls asleep right after he eats but doesn't get fat... I wonder if eating sheep is his secret...)

You: I'm actually not that fond of it...
Akutagawa: Eh~? Really? Too bad~
Akutagawa: I thought I'd share some of this delicious food with you~
[-0.5 hearts]

8/27, Saturday, Night (Automatic)
You: Ah, my phone... I wonder who it is?
You: Yes, this is Taniguchi.
Akutagawa: Good evening~ it's me, me.
You: Eh? Jirou-senpai... g-good evening.
Akutagawa: You're still awake, huh. Good~
You: (You too, Senpai... you're still awake.)
Akutagawa: Huh? What is it?
You: Ah, no. It's nothing.
Akutagawa: Really? So about tomorrow. Are you free?

Yes. I'm free.
Ah... I have plans...

You: Yes, I'm free.
Akutagawa: So tomorrow~ there's a movie I want to see. And I was thinking I want to go with you~
You: A movie? Yes, that's fine.
Akutagawa: Yaay! So then let's meet in front of the station at ten tomorrow.
You: Got it.
Akutagawa: Yeah yeah, I'm looking forward to it. Then, good night~
You: Yes, good night.
You: (A movie with Jirou-senpai... This is... a date, isn't it?)

You: Ah... I have plans...
Akutagawa: Ah~ ...really. Then it can't be helped. Good night~
You: Ah, yes... good night.
You: (Jirou-senpai... what did he need?)
[-2.5 hearts]

8/28, Sunday, Date
You: (Ah... it's about the time we agreed on. I should hurry so I won't be late.)

You: Jirou-senpai... he's late.
Akutagawa: Sorry~ You've been waiting, right?
You: Ah, Senpai.
Akutagawa: I even set an alarm~
You: It's all right. I wasn't waiting that long.
Akutagawa: Really? I'm really sorry.
You: I said it's fine. Anyway, won't the movie start without us if we don't hurry?
Akutagawa: Ah, that's right! Let's go!
You: Yes.

You: ( this movie's a flop, huh...)

You: ...Senpai, were you bored?
Akutagawa: Mm~ ...actually, a little.
You: The movie wasn't really that interesting.
Akutagawa: Mm, I accidentally fell asleep... even though I tried to stay awake~
You: It's understandable, with that movie. To tell the truth, I also fell asleep for a bit.
Akutagawa: Ah~ really. I see.
You: But of course I couldn't sleep as soundly as you, Senpai.
Akutagawa: But the preview looked interesting... a more interesting movie would've been better.
You: That would be hard. If you just watch the previews, every movie looks really interesting.
Akutagawa: That's true~ I want them to make the preview the movie.
You: I feel like then it won't be a movie anymore...
Akutagawa: Do you wanna go somewhere else now?
You: Where are we going?
Akutagawa: Somewhere nice. I'll take you there.
You: Ah, yes.

You: Senpai... did you sleep well?
Akutagawa: ...sorry.
You: It's true that a manga cafe is the perfect place for a nap, but...
You: I didn't think you'd fall asleep as soon as we got there.
Akutagawa: I'm sorry~
You: Heh... I'm not mad.
Akutagawa: Eh... really?
You: Yeah. Since it was a manga cafe, I wasn't bored, and most of all...
Akutagawa: Most of all?
You: Watching your face as you slept made me feel happy.
Akutagawa: Ah... ahahaha... you were watching me the whole time... so embarrassing~
You: Eh? I've seen your sleeping face many times already, Senpai. At this point...
Akutagawa: I-I guess... but it really is embarrassing.
You: What is it, Senpai?
Akutagawa: Mmm, I wonder... that sort of thing never bothered me before...
Akutagawa: It's got to be because you're special.
You: Eh?
Akutagawa: I'll be careful from now on~
You: Ah... y-yes.

Akutagawa: Fuwah...
You: Senpai, you look sleepy. Are you okay?
Akutagawa: I-I'm fine, I'm fine.
You: Ah, the train is here. You're getting on this one, right?
Akutagawa: Ah, yeah... Then, good night~
[+4.5 hearts]
You: Ah, yes. See you tomorrow.
You: Senpai... I'm worried you'll oversleep...

8/29, Monday, Noon (Speak)
You: Ah, Jirou-senpai. What are you doing in a place like this?
Akutagawa: Oh, it's you. Ah, I thought I would clean this place up~
You: Eh, that's rare... why?
Akutagawa: You know, I thought this would be the perfect place for a nap~ But see, the boxes are all falling~
Akutagawa: That's why I thought I'd make it a place where I can sleep without worrying~
You: that's your reason? But it's true that the boxes should be organized.
Akutagawa: Right~
You: I have a bit of free time, so I'll lend a hand.
Akutagawa: Really!? I'm super happy~
You: You work hard too, Senpai. Ah, I'll clean up over here.
Akutagawa: Okay~

You: All right. It's pretty organized... Senpai, how is it over there?
You: Huh? Jirou-senpai?

Akutagawa: Zzzz...
You: ...of course. I should've known this would happen... haa.
Akutagawa: Mm... Zzzz...
You: (Ah, but this side's already cleaned up.)
You: (He fell asleep after organizing everything, so I'll forgive him this time.)
You: (I'll clean up my side too. ...I'll have to try not to make too much noise...)

You: (All right, done... I wonder if Senpai is still sleeping. I should wake him up soon.)
You: Senpai, wake up. Jirou-senpai.
Akutagawa: Zzzz...
You: H-he isn't waking up... I'm jealous of him, being able to sleep so deeply... wait, no!
You: Senpai! Geez, Senpai!
Akutagawa: Mmmm... a little longer...
You: Eh? Wah!!

You: (E-ehh!! W-what, why!!??)
Akutagawa: Mmrph...
You: (H-he's asleep!! Then he's half-asleep... no way...)
Akutagawa: ...ooh~ so~ft...
You: S-Senpai! Wake up, please wake up! Let go of me~
Akutagawa: Smells good~ ...Zzzz~
You: N-no way... no, don't sleep... my arm's stuck...
Akutagawa: ...a little longer~~...
You: O-ow... i-it hurts... Senpai... please... wake up...
Shishido: ...what are you guys doing?
You: S-Shishido-senpai!! H-help me~~
Shishido: If it wasn't you and Jirou, there would've been a weird misundertanding... ha, here.
You: Haa... haa... t-that hurt...
Shishido: Oi oi, are you really okay? Jirou's pretty strong.
You: Y-yes. Somehow... Thank you, very much... Shishido-senpai...
Shishido: Your breathing's pretty faint too... geez, oi, Jirou! How long are you gonna sleep?
Akutagawa: Owowowowow... what are you doing... and I was having such a good dream~
Shishido: You really were asleep. That's pretty lame.
Akutagawa: Geez~ what's that about~ ...huh? You. Your face is all red... what happened?
You: A-a lot of things... more importantly, Senpai, what was this good dream about?
Akutagawa: Um, well~ I didn't have a pillow and it was hard to sleep. And then partway through a body pillow appeared right in front of me~
Shishido: Huh... a body pillow, huh.
Akutagawa: I don't really know what it was shaped like, but it was warm and soft~ and it smelled good~
Shishido: he says, (Taniguchi).
You: ... Akutagawa: I didn't want to let go of it so I hugged it rea~lly tightly, but I still lost it~
Akutagawa: Then Shishido woke me up~
Shishido: Hey you, you would've slept till tomorrow morning if I didn't wake you up. Without letting go of that body pillow of yours.
Akutagawa: Yeah~ That would've been really nice~ ...huh, w-what is it? You're even redder than before?
You: I-I... excuse me!!
Akutagawa: Ah, Miyu-chan.
Shishido: Jirou, go after her and apologize.
Akutagawa: Eh? Eh? Did I do something??
Shishido: Ask her about it. Anyway, catch her and apologize no matter what!
Akutagawa: Ah, ah, got it~!
[+? hearts]
Shishido: ...haa... I'm tired...

8/30, Tuesday, Night (Automatic)
You: Ah, my phone... could it be...
You: Yes, this is Taniguchi.
Akutagawa: Good evening~ It's me, me.
You: Ah, I knew it. Good evening, Jirou-senpai.
Akutagawa: Eh? You knew what?
You: That's just the feeling I got.
Akutagawa: Really~ You have good intuition.
You: So did you need something?
Akutagawa: Ah, are you free tomorrow?

Yes. I'm free.
Ah... I have plans...

You: Yes. I'm free.
Akutagawa: So then... do you wanna go to the amusement park with me tomorrow?
You: The amusement park, that's a good idea. Let's go.
Akutagawa: Yeah, then is it okay if we meet at ten tomorrow in front of the station?
You: Yes, got it.
Akutagawa: Then I'll be waiting for you tomorrow~ Good night~
You: Yes, good night.
You: (The amusement park with Jirou-senpai... I wonder if Senpai will fall asleep halfway through?)

You: Ah... I have plans...
Akutagawa: Ah~ ...really. Then it can't be helped. Good night~
You: Ah, yes... good night.
You: (Jirou-senpai... I'm sorry.)
[-2.5 hearts]

8/31, Wednesday, Date
You: (Ah... it's about the time we agreed on. I should hurry so I won't be late.)

Akutagawa: Hey, Miyu-chan.
You: Ah, Senpai. You're early today.
Akutagawa: Yeah, I was really excited~ I woke up completely refreshed!
You: Senpai, do you like the amusement park?
Akutagawa: Yeah, I love it.
You: (If he's like this, he probably won't fall asleep halfway through...)
Akutagawa: ? What is it?
You: Ah, no. It's nothing.
Akutagawa: Okaaay, then let's go!

Akutagawa: Amazing! There are tons of rides that look like fun!
You: You really are enjoying yourself, Senpai.
Akutagawa: Of course! So what should we ride?
You: We can start with something you like, Senpai.
Akutagawa: Theeen... the wooden roller coaster!
You: That's a good idea. Let's go.
Akutagawa: Yeah!

You: T-that got full points for excitement.
Akutagawa: Yeah, it was amazing! The way it creaked on the curves was the best!
You: I know it's fine, but... that sound is bad for my heart.
Akutagawa; The way your heart races is fun too~
You: You weren't scared, Senpai?
Akutagawa: Nah, it was fun! Or do you hate wooden roller coasters?
You: No, I like them, but... I don't enjoy thrill rides as much as you do, Senpai.
Akutagawa: That's too bad. It was so much fun. Then let's go to the next one~
You: What's next?
Akutagawa: Let's do the stand-up roller coaster!
You: Ah, a roller coaster you ride standing up. Let's go.

Akutagawa: Mmm, it wasn't really exciting enough.
You: Really? I thought it was pretty fun.
Akutagawa: It wasn't not fun, but something's missing.
You: You like more thrilling rides better, Senpai.
Akutagawa: Ah, but it was fun when we spun horizontally~ I crouched down without thinking about it~
You: Because gravity is pulling at your feet... it was kind of shocking, feeling like my weight had increased.
Akutagawa: Ahahaha. Okay, what should we do next~
You: Senpai, it's about noon; do you want to eat something?
Akutagawa: Ah, that's right. There's a restaurant over there...
You: Senpai, I actually made a bento.
Akutagawa: Eh?
You: Of course, there's enough for you too. ...I did promise. How about it?
Akutagawa: Can I? Yesss~! So happy~! You: There are benches in that plaza. Why don't we eat there?
Akutagawa: Yeah! Looking forward to it~

You: Okay, here you go.
Akutagawa: Uwah~ It looks delicious! Ah, is this lamb?
You: Yes. I thought it would be good to make something you like. They're grilled lamb chops with herbs.
Akutagawa: Cool! Hey, hey, can I eat it?
You: Fufu, go ahead.
Akutagawa: Thanks for the food! Mm! Mm~!
You: How is it?
Akutagawa: 100 points, no, more than that!
You: T-thank you very much.
Akutagawa: You're good at cooking~
You: I'm glad you like it.
Akutagawa: Yeah yeah, I'm really happy I get to eat such a tasty bento~!
You: Hahaha.
Akutagawa: Okay, my stomach is full. Let's charge into the second half of battle!
You: Yes!

Akutagawa: That was great, great~
You: We really did ride a lot of things. The roller coasters, Ferris wheel, water rides, and teacups.
Akutagawa: Yeah yeah, I had a lot of fun.
You: Me too.
You: (Senpai didn't fall asleep once today... instead I'm kind of worried...)
Akutagawa: Let's go together again sometime, Miyu-chan.
You: Yes, if you want to, Senpai.
Akutagawa: I'm okay with whenever~. We can go every day.
You: Fufufu, even if you say that, every day is impossible.
Akutagawa: Ah, there's a park. Can we talk there for a bit?
You: Yes, that's fine.

Akutagawa: You know~ I like things like the amusement park and festivals.
You: So do you also like school festivals?
Akutagawa: Everything except the preparations.
You: Ehh?
Akutagawa: I'm kidding, I'm kidding! The preparations are fun too. When I'm working with you, it's even more fun~
You: Fufu... you're really a great help.
Akutagawa: When I think about you watching me, I can do my best.
You: ...y-yes.
Akutagawa: ...ahh, this is bad. I was looking forward to today so I didn't sleep well yesterday~
You: ...e-eh?
Akutagawa: ...
You: S-Senpai...?
Akutagawa: ...hey... I...
You: Eh?
Akutagawa: I... you...
You: (S-Senpai... what is it? He can't mean...)
Akutagawa: I... l... you...

You: (!!)
Akutagawa: Zz... zz... zz...
You: ?
Akutagawa: ...mmph.
You: S-Senpai... he fell asleep...
You: That's right, he was awake all of today... he got tired...
Akutagawa: Zzzzz...
[+5 hearts]
You: Fufu... Senpai, good night. I'll make sure to wake you up, so sleep well.

9/2, Friday, Morning (Speak)
You: Jirou-senpai, are you awake?
Akutagawa: Mm~ ...for now.
You: The good work party this afternoon will be at the pool, so be careful.
Akutagawa: Ahh, really?
You: That's right. Please don't fall asleep in the middle of swimming in the pool.
Akutagawa: Ahh... it'll be fi... guuu.
You: ...I'm worried.

9/2, Friday, Noon (Automatic)
This continues from the "general" swim meet scene shared between all routes.
Aoi: The swim meet is finally on its last event, the underwater fighting art, water polo! The favorite is definitely Rokkaku!
Kabaji: The winner will be... Hyoutei.
Aoi: Whoa, it seems that the commentator Kabaji-san recommends Hyoutei. All right, let's begin the match!

Aoi: Heart, technique, body, in this game that requires all of them, which team is expected to achieve victory!
You: Jirou-senpaaai! Do your best!
Aoi: Whoa, we have some strong heartfelt cheering for Hyoutei's Akutagawa-san over here!
Kabaji: Usu.
Aoi: T-this is! Amazing, Akutagawa-san! He easily caught a powerful shot single-handedly!
Kabaji: It's... the amazing flexibility of his wrists.

Aoi: With that, the final event is over. Who is expected to take home the overall victory?
Aoi: And who takes home the disgraceful last place?
Kabaji: Anyway... take a guess.
Aoi: Well, the announcement of the results. The winner is... Hyoutei Gakuen, Akutagawa Jirou! Congratulations, Akutagawa-san!
Kabaji: Congratulations.

You: You did it! Amazing, Senpai!
Akutagawa: Yahoo! I'm super happy!
You: You really are amazing when you get serious, Senpai.
Akutagawa: And it's all because you cheered for me.
You: Senpai...
Mukahi: Guwaaaah!!!
You: Ah, just now...
Akutagawa: Ah~ ...Gakuto? It looks like he didn't have enough stamina for the second half.

9/3, Saturday, Noon (Automatic)
Aoi: Now the volunteers from the tennis clubs will start the attraction contest!
Aoi: The master of ceremonies is me, Rokkaku Chuu's first-year captain Aoi Kentarou.
You: Ah, it's starting, it's starting.

You: It's Jirou-senpai's turn soon. I wonder if he'll be awake...

You: Uwah... everyone's cheering really loudly. I have to be loud too so I don't lose to them.
You: Jirou-senpaaai!! Do your best!!

Akutagawa: I'm really happy! You came!
You: Yes, of course. Akutagawa: How was my dance?
You: It was really lively.
Akutagawa: Yeah, and it was a lot of fun~ Hey, hey, do you have time after this?

Yes, I do.
That's a bit...

You: Yes, I do.
Akutagawa: Then let's look around the school festival together~
You: Yes.

You: That's a bit...
Akutagawa: Eh~? Do you have something to do?
You: A little committee work...
Akutagawa: I see... nothing we can do. Then I'll see you later.
You: Yes.

9/3, Saturday, Noon (Speak)
If you speak to:

If you've been there before:
You: Ah, this is...

If you haven't been there before:
Akutagawa: A cafe, huh... it's pretty boring compared to our cafe~
You: Well... I think most places would look boring compared to that.
Yuuta: Welcome... ah, you...
Akutagawa: Eh? Ah! Saint Rudolph's... Rising Counter?
Yuuta: don't remember my name, do you? Akutagawa-san. It's Fuji.
Akutagawa: Fuji? Heeh, it's the same name as the guy who used those amazing counters.
Yuuta: Muu...
Akutagawa: Huh? Why are you mad?
Yuuta: I'm... not really mad. If you're not coming in, can you leave?
Akutagawa: That's fine, but... are you really not mad?
Yuuta: ...
Akutagawa: You really are mad. I don't really get it but bye-bye~
Yuuta: Che... even though he remembered Aniki's name.

If you've been there before:
You: Ah, this is...

If you haven't been there before: Akutagawa: A haunted house, huh~ It looks interesting!
You: Y-you think so?
Akutagawa: Huh? Do you hate them? Haunted houses?
You: I wouldn't say I hate them, exactly...
Ibu: ...welcome.
You: Kyaa!?
Akutagawa: Y-you scared me~ Why'd you yell all of a sudden?
You: But this person suddenly...
Kamio: Shinji! I told you not to scare customers before they came in!
Ibu: I didn't really mean to scare her... she was the one who went and got surprised. It's not my fault...
Kamio: Hey! We can't attract customers if you do that!
You: I-it's getting a bit crowded here...
Akutagawa: Looks like it. Let's go.
You: Yes.

If you've been there before:
You: Ah, this is...
Akutagawa: A beach house~! It's an unusual booth.
You: That's true.
Kurobane: Oh, Hyoutei's Akutagawa. Welcome.
Akutagawa: Ah... ummmm... right right, Rokkaku's Kurobane!
Kurobane: ...what was that pause just now? We were in the dance unit together, you know.
Akutagawa: That's right. It slipped my mind, that's all.
Kurobane: Well, because you were usually asleep. Are you going to eat something?
Akutagawa: Miyu-chan, will you eat anything?
You: Ah, then I'll have yakisoba.
Akutagawa: Roger~ Two yakisoba.
Kurobane: Here you are.

If you haven't been there before:
Akutagawa: A beach house~! It's an unusual booth.
You: That's true.
Kurobane: Oh, Hyoutei's Akutagawa. Welcome.
Akutagawa: Ah... ummmm... right right, Rokkaku's Kurobane!
Kurobane: ...what was that pause just now? We were in the dance unit together, you know.
Akutagawa: That's right. It slipped my mind, that's all.
Kurobane: Well, because you were usually asleep. Are you going to eat something?
Akutagawa: Miyu-chan, will you eat anything?
You: Ah, then I'll have strawberry shaved ice.
Akutagawa: Roger~ Two strawberry shaved ices.
Kurobane: Here you are.

If you've been there before:
You: Ah, this is...
Akutagawa: It's cotton candy, cotton candy! It looks delicious~! You want some too?
You: Ah, umm...
Akutagawa: What is it?
You: The cotton candy here flies.
Akutagawa: Flies?
Tezuka: Welcome. Ah, you're Hyoutei's... Akutagawa.
Akutagawa: Huh? Um... ah! Seigaku's captain!
Tezuka: It's Tezuka.
Akutagawa: Right right, it's Tezuka, Tezuka.
Tezuka: Will you buy cotton candy?
Akutagawa: I heard the cotton candy here flies... is that true?
Tezuka: Yeah, the bag is filled with helium.
Akutagawa: Oh wooow! What a cool idea!
Tezuka: Thank you.

If you haven't been there before:
Akutagawa: It's cotton candy, cotton candy!
You: That's right.
Akutagawa: It looks delicious~! You want some too?
You: Ah, yes.
Akutagawa: Then two cotton candies!
Tezuka: Welcome. Ah, you're Hyoutei's... Akutagawa.
Akutagawa: Huh? Um... ah! Seigaku's captain!
Tezuka: It's Tezuka.
Akutagawa: Right right, it's Tezuka, Tezuka.
Tezuka: That was two cotton candies. Here.
Akutagawa: Thanks.
Tezuka: Hold onto it tightly. That cotton candy might fly away.
Akutagawa: Eh? It's true, it's really light! That's really cool! What's with this?
Akutagawa: Oh wooow! What a cool idea!
Tezuka: Thank you.

9/3, Saturday, Evening (Automatic)
You: It's about time to announce the results.
Akutagawa: Yeah, I'm starting to get really excited~

Atobe: Then, now we'll announce the results of the attraction contest!
Atobe: The overall winners will be awarded tickets and an all-expenses paid trip to next year's Wimbledon!
Atobe: The winning team is...

Atobe: The street dance!

You: You did it! Congratulations on winning!
Akutagawa: We did it! I'm super happy!
You: I'm happy for you, Senpai.
Akutagawa: Yeah yeah, our hard work paid off~
You: It's because your dance was amazing, Senpai.
Akutagawa: Thanks~ By the way, do you have time after this?
You: Yes, I'm free for a while.
Akutagawa: Then let's look around the school festival together. It's definitely gonna be fun.
You: Yes.

You: Uwahh... the number of people has increased...
Akutagawa: Looks like it~ I might lose you if there's this many people.
You: That's true. We should be careful.
Akutagawa: I know a good way to make sure we don't get separated~
You: Eh? How?
Akutagawa: Then give me your hand.
You: Ah, yes... ah.
Akutagawa: If I hold on tightly like this, you definitely won't get lost.
You: T-that's true.
Akutagawa: Then let's go!

Akutagawa: A cafe~...
Fuji: Huh, you're...
Akutagawa: Ah! You're... the awesome guy from Seigaku! Fuji, right?
Fuji: Haha. That's right.
Akutagawa: Is this your booth?
Fuji: That's right. Are you coming in?
Akutagawa: We are, we are!

Fuji: Then what will you order?
Akutagawa: What do you want?
You: Um... orange juice.
Fuji: Orange juice, huh. Akutagawa, what will you have?
Akutagawa: Orange juice for me too!
Fuji: Two orange juices. I'll bring them right out.
You: Jirou-senpai, do you know that person?
Akutagawa: I played him at the Kantou Tournament. He's really amazing! He kept using moves I'd never seen before.
You: At the Kantou tournament... ah, do you mean he's the one you lost against, Senpai?
Akutagawa: Right, right! He completely crushed me, that time.
You: You look so happy even though you lost.
Akutagawa: It was the first time I had such an exciting match since playing Atobe~
Fuji: Here you are. Two orange juices.
Akutagawa: Hey, hey! Let's talk more about what happened!
Fuji: Haha. That's fine, as long as it doesn't take too long.
Akutagawa: The under serve you hit that time, that was...

Fuji: That's right. Hakugei is influenced by the conditions, so I can't use it constantly.
Akutagawa: But you don't let it get away... it's really amazing!
Fuji: Ah, we've been talking for a while. Isn't your girlfriend getting bored?
You: Eh? Me?
Akutagawa: Ah! Sorry! I got caught up in the conversation... sorry!
You: No, it's fine. You were having so much fun talking about it...
Fuji: Heeh...
Akutagawa: Then, Fuji. We're leaving now. Let's play again sometime!
Fuji: Yeah, I hope we meet at Nationals. I have to watch out for your Magic Volley.
Akutagawa: Even though you won't let me use it! Well, bye!
Fuji: Yeah. Make sure you get along with your girlfriend there.
Akutagawa: Yeah!
You: Eh?

You: S-Senpai... that Fuji person just now... at the end, um...
Akutagawa: Eh?
You: Ah, no. It's nothing...
Akutagawa: Sorry about before. We talked for a long time and left you out of it.
You: It's fine. Since you looked like you were having fun, Senpai.
Akutagawa: Really? But you know~
You: Yes?
Akutagawa: Did you know I actually have more fun when I'm talking to you?
You: Eh...
Akutagawa: Then let's go to the next booth!
You: Ah... yes.

9/4, Sunday, Noon (Automatic)
Akutagawa: I give up~... We suddenly got really busy~
You: Jirou-senpai, are you all right?
Akutagawa: Mm~... I'm staring to get sleepy.
Atobe: Oi, you two. Take a break now while you have the chance.
Akutagawa: Eh? Can we? Yesss! I'm so happy!
You: Senpai... you suddenly cheered up.
Akutagawa: Hey, what're we gonna do? Hurry, let's go~!
You: Ah, wait, Senpai.

9/4, Sunday, Noon (Speak)
If you go somewhere you've been with Jirou before:
You: Ah, this is...
Akutagawa: This is somewhere we've been before~ Let's go somewhere else.

9/4, Sunday, Evening (Automatic)
You: Soon they'll announce the results of the attraction booth contest.
Akutagawa: Yeah, that's right. I'm starting to get excited~
You: First place... we can do it, right?
Akutagawa: I think we can, yeah.

Atobe: Now we'll announce the results of the attraction booth contest!
Atobe: In the attraction booth contest, the group who acquired the most proceeds overall was...

Atobe: Hyoutei Gakuen's cafe!

Shishido: W-we did it!
You: We did it! Our cafe made the most profit and was at the top of the survey!
Atobe: Well, naturally.
Kabaji: Usu.
Akutagawa: Amazing~!!
Ootori: We did it!
Oshitari: Hmm... you did it. Good job. Thanks to that, Hyoutei is the overall winner.
Mukahi: We didn't make it, but the takoyaki stall did our best too.
Oshitari: Idiot. If you hadn't gotten in the way, we would've won, Gakuto.
Mukahi: What're you talking about?
Hiyoshi: It's too bad... but Hyoutei won, so it's fine.
You: Everyone, really, congratulations.
Akutagawa: It's thanks to you! Thanks!
You: That's... I only helped out a little...
Akutagawa: That's not true! You had a lot of ideas, so we won!
You: That's...
Akutagawa: It's true, it's true! But... now the school festival is over.
You: ...that's right. There's just the campfire and social dance left...
Akutagawa: These two weeks were a lot of fun~
You: Yes, I think so too...

9/4, Sunday, Confession
Aoi: Well, this is the final part of the fun school festival.
Aoi: Last we'll close with the social dance for all the volunteers.
You: The social dance, huh... I think I remember the steps, but what should I do?
Akutagawa: Miyu-chan, I found you!
You: Ah, Jirou-senpai.
Akutagawa: Good. I thought you might've already been dancing with someone~
You: I wasn't sure I wanted to. Senpai, you're not dancing?
Akutagawa: I am. With you.
You: Eh? Me?
Akutagawa: Yeah. Well, let's dance?
You: ...yes!

Akutagawa: You're really good~
You: You're good at leading, Jirou-senpai. Senpai, social dancing is also your strong point?
Akutagawa: Well, you know, the things I like... I get really good at them. Like tennis~
You: You like dancing?
Akutagawa: I like dancing with you~
You: I-is that so...
Akutagawa: Your face is all red~
You: B-because you're teasing me, Senpai...
Akutagawa: I'm not teasing you~
You: Eh?
Akutagawa: Hey, Miyu-chan. You know, I'm really a lazy person who doesn't want to do anything except what I like.
Akutagawa: If someone is watching me, I can try hard.
You: Senpai...?
Akutagawa: Up till now, that was Atobe and Gakuto and everyone... but I can't cause trouble for everyone forever.
You: Yes...
Akutagawa: That's why, will you watch me from now on?
You: Me...? As a substitute for everyone from the tennis club?
Akutagawa: Mmm, not as a substitute. If you're watching me, I can try even harder.
You: Why...?
Akutagawa: I'm a man, you know. I want to look cool for the girl I like.
You: Eh...
Akutagawa: I like you, Miyu-chan.
You: Senpai... really...?
Akutagawa: Yeah, really. that bad?
You: No! It's not bad. I-I also... like you, Senpai.
Akutagawa: Really...?
You: Senpai, your smile, and your kindness, and the way you fall asleep all of a sudden...
You: I like everything...
Akutagawa: I'm so happy, super happy! Haha, yaaay!!
You: S-Senpai!
Akutagawa: I definitely won't let go of you! Definitely!
You: ...yes!

Akutagawa: Fuwaaaaah~... Huh, did I fall asleep?
You: Fufu, good morning. Jirou-senpai.
Akutagawa: Yeah, good morning. ...geez, you should've woken me up.
You: It's fine. I wanted to let you sleep for a bit.
Akutagawa: Why?
You: I heard from Atobe-senpai. Jirou-senpai, you're not really sleeping in class.
You: He said you're not late for club activities and you're even coming for morning practice, so he was surprised.
Akutagawa: That's because you call me every morning, and now I know class has interesting things too if I listen closely.
You: Fufufu. ...but tennis practice is tough, so you looked a bit tired.
Akutagawa: I am a bit tired. But I wanted to talk to you lots and lots.
Akutagawa: And if I fall asleep, don't you get bored?
You: That's not true. I was able to study your sleeping face carefully for the first time in a while. ♪
Akutagawa: Awww~ You're kind of bullying me today, Miyu-chan~
You: Fufu, I'm sorry. Well, let's eat lunch and see if that doesn't cheer you up?
Akutagawa: ...
You: Let's talk a lot while we eat?
Akutagawa: Haa... I'm really weak to you~~
You: Fufufu.

Miscellaneous scenes

Morning greeting
If you see him first:
You: (Ah, it's Akutagawa-senpai... I wonder if I should call out to him...)

Akutagawa-senpai, good morning!
Akutagawa-senpai, good morning.

You: Akutagawa-senpai, good morning!
Akutagawa: Hey, it's you.
[+1 heart]

You: Akutagawa-senpai, good morning.
Akutagawa: Hey, it's you.
[+0.5 hearts]

You: ............

If he sees you first:
Akutagawa: Fuwaah... good morning...
You: Ah, Jirou-senpai, good morning. [+1.5 hearts]

Phone number request
Akutagawa: Ah~ right right.
You: ? What is it?
Akutagawa: Give me your phone number~
You: Eh?
Akutagawa: And there are a lot of things I'll have to talk to you about from now on~
Yes, it's fine.
Umm, that's a little...

You: Yes, it's fine. Umm...

Akutagawa: Thanks. Now I can sleep well.
You: Eh?
Akutagawa: I can just ask you if I miss hearing anything~
You: ...please don't rely on that too much.
Akutagawa: Got it~

You: Umm, that's a little... my parents told me I shouldn't give it to that many people..
Akutagawa: Really... too bad.
You: I'm sorry.
Akutagawa: It's fine, it's fine. Don't worry about it.
[-1.5 hearts]

When invited to talk
This may show up if his affection is high around the middle of the game (near the first date). In this case, he might talk to you immediately when you enter the area he’s in.

Conversation one:
Akutagawa: Miyu-chan! Over here, over here!
You: Ah, Jirou-senpai. What is it?
Akutagawa: Keep me company for a bit~


You: Eh, ah, you don't have to drag me. Ah, that was close.
Akutagawa: Aren't you glad I caught you?~
You: S-Senpai!!
Akutagawa: Miyu-chan, your face is all red.
You: It's your fault, Senpai!!
Akutagawa: Okay then, here is good.
You: It looks like the perfect place for a nap. You can't mean...
Akutagawa: Yeah. Let's sleep together?
You: ...Jirou-senpai.
Akutagawa: I'm just kidding~
You: Geez...
Akutagawa: Hey, Miyu-chan. I'm going to the national tournament soon.
You: Ah, yes. You're special participants.
Akutagawa: Yeah. We're taking part, so we're gonna win. That's what everyone says.
You: That's right. Can I go cheer for you?
Akutagawa: You'll come? That makes me happy~ I was gonna ask you to.
You: I'd come even without you asking, you know?
Akutagawa: I'm so happy~ Then would you come if I call you when we don't have a match?
You: Eh? Um... Akutagawa: You won't? But I'd be really happy if I could see you when I want to~
You: I-I'll do what I can...
Akutagawa: Yay! It's a promise?
You: Y-yes.
Akutagawa: Miyu-chan. Your face is red again.
You:'s your fault, Senpai.

You: I'm sorry. I have a committee errand to run...
Akutagawa: Ehh, but that's...
You: I'm really sorry...
Akutagawa: No, it's fine~ Next time, then~
You: Yes. Then, excuse me.

Walking home

If you invite him:
You: Ah, Akutagawa-senpai. Are you going home now?
Akutagawa: Yeah, that's right.

Do you want to go to the station together?
Goodbye, Akutagawa-senpai.

If he accepts:
You: U-um... if it's all right, do you want to go back to the station together?
Akugatawa: Good idea. Let's do that.
Conversations:1 2 3

If turned down:
You: U-um... if it's all right, do you want to go back to the station together?
Akutagawa: Sorryyy. There's somewhere I want to go on the way back. See you.

You: Goodbye, Akutagawa-senpai.
Akutagawa: Mm, later.

If you are invited:
Akutagawa: Hey, (Taniguchi-san). Are you going home now?
You: Yes, I am.
Akutagawa: Good timing~ Actually, me too. Let's go back to the station together.

Yes, of course!
I'm sorry...

You: Yes, of course.
Akutagawa: Mm, then let's go~
Conversations:1 2 3

You: I'm sorry... there's somewhere I want to go on the way back...
Akutagawa: Really... then it can't be helped. See you later~
[-1 heart]

If you accept someone else’s invitation to walk home:
Akutagawa: Hey, Miyu-chan. Are you going back... ah~
You: Ah... Jirou-senpai...
Akutagawa: Ummm... i-it's nothing. Good night~
[-2.5 hearts]

You: Senpai, you don't want to sleep right now?
Akutagawa: Mm, because I took a nap earlier~
You: I see...
Akutagawa: ............
You: ............
You: (...what should I do. The conversation isn't continuing.)


(If you touch his face)
(If you touch his body)

You: Ah, there's trash stuck in your eyelashes. Do you want me to take it out for you?
Akutagawa: Eh? Really?
You: Yes, now it's fine.
Akutagawa: Thanks~ You're really nice.
[+0.5 hearts]

Akutagawa: What is it?
You: Ah... no. I was thinking... you look cool in the school uniform.
Akutagawa: Hahaha. I'm kind of embarrassed~ but I'm happy~
[+0.5 hearts]

You: Ah, that's right.
Akutagawa: Huh? What is it?
You: I got some summer-only candy from a friend.
Akutagawa: Eh? Candy? What, what?
You: Umm...
You: Ah, here it is. This one.
Akutagawa: Ahhh! Didn't this just come out?
You: Yeah, it did. It's Andesu melon flavor.
Akutagawa: It looks tasty!
You: Here, it's fine if you eat it.
Akutagawa: Really?
You: Yeah, of course. Let's eat them together.
Akutagawa: Then let's eat!
Akutagawa: Mm! Tasty! It tastes like andesu melon!
You: I know what melons taste like, but I don't really know about andesu.
Akutagawa: I do! How do you say it~ it's like the Incas!
You: Umm... I don't really know what you mean when you say it's like the Incas...
You: That's... unfortunately, the andesu in andesu melon isn't talking about the Andes region in South America.
Akutagawa: Ehhh! Really?
You: Yeah, if I remember correctly, it's a safe, secure melon, so it's "anshin desu"...
["anzen, anshin na melon": safe, secure melon. "anshin desu" is basically "rest assured".]
You: It didn't flow nicely, so it seems like it was shortened to "andesu".
Akutagawa: Really~ I didn't know~ You know a lot~
You: Ah, no, I just happened to see it on TV and I remembered it.
Akutagawa: I see~ but it's delicious, so whatever~
You: Haha, that's true.

Akutagawa: Things that are delicious really do taste even more delicious when you eat them with someone you like~
You: Eh, right...
You: Eh?
Akutagawa: Huh? What is it?
You: Eh, umm, Senpai, just now...
Akutagawa: Eh? Me? Did I say something?
You: N-no... nothing...
You: (I misheard... maybe.)
Akutagawa: Ah, that was delicious! Thanks, (Taniguchi-san).
You: Ah, no, you're welcome.

Akutagawa: Fuwaaaaah~
You: Oh, Akutagawa-senpai, don't fall asleep while walking.
Akutagawa: Ah... somehow.
You: If you fall asleep while walking, I'll go back without you, you know?
Akutagawa: Ehh, that's mean.
You: Fufu...
Akutagawa: Miyu-chan, you're that heartless? I'm sad~
You: Ah... my name...
Akutagawa: Huh? Ah, it's easier to call you that, so I'll just do it~
You: Y-yes.
Akutagawa: Call me by name too.
You: Eh, but...
Akutagawa: I'll go to sleep here if you don't.
You: I-I'll do it! J-Jirou-senpai...
Akutagawa: Hehe, so happy~
You: ...geez.

You: Ah, the station already...
Akutagawa: That was fast~ We reached it already.
You: That's true... well, I'll go here.
Akutagawa: Yeah, later. Good night~
You: Senpai... it's still too early to say good night...
[+1 heart]

Minigame conversations
If you play a minigame with someone else and then choose “see” with him:
You: (Huh? It seems like he was doing something but... I wonder if it's already over?)

Wall-hitting: You: Huh? Akutagawa-senpai, what are you doing?
Akutagawa: Hey, it's you.
You: Huh? Where are you going?
Akutagawa: The tennis courts~ To practice hitting against the wall~

If he's already at the tennis courts:
You: What are you doing?
Akutagawa: Hitting against the wall~ It's one of the basics in tennis.

You: Heeh...
Akutagawa: Ah~ do you want to try too?


You: Yes, please let me.
Akutagawa: Okay then, let's go~

Akutagawa: Watch the ball closely.
Akutagawa: Next one is the last.

If you get all three:
Akutagawa: Awesome~ You're really talented.

Akutagawa: That's all for today~
You: Yes, thank you very much.
Akutagawa: Yeah, bye~

You: Now is a bit...
Akutagawa: Oh~ really~


  1. Lol Jirou is so childish. I liked this route, it was cute.
    (Also learned that Atobe is an absolute sweet heart hahaa)

    1. He's a little TOO childish for my tastes but I did I like how he somewhat threatened the heroine to call him by his first name haha

      LOL! The whole time I was thinking "Wut? Atobe is a tsundere?"

  2. I laughed a lot harder than I was suppose to at
    "Huh? Um...Ah! Seigaku's captain!"
    "It's Tezuka."
    LOL I love how he can't remember anyone's names.

    His "Miyu-chan~" is so cute :3

    1. Tezuka was the last conversation I did, so I saw it coming, but his total deadpan when he answered was still amazing. |D

      The awkward thing about voiced names for Jirou is that they only have one voice clip for each name (probably), and they use his excited voice. When I wasn't playing his route especially, sometimes he'd say the girl's name excitedly but the rest of the name sleepily, so it sounded somewhat unnatural. x_x Though it's not as bad when he's actually awake, like in his own route.

  3. I like how the heroine is so mature in this route compared to the others (maybe cause Jirou is such a baby lol)
    He's even more cat-like than Kikumaru. Just sleeping and eating and the whole "~" thing. I can just imagine his face looking like =w= the whole time haha
    (Eiji seems too energetic to be a cat in my opinion :P)

    1. I actually think of Jirou as a sheep. Cute and fluffy (especially with that hair) and counting sheep. But then, well, his favorite food is any kind of sheep, which gets kind of awkward...

    2. When you said "sheep" it just sounds like he's the type of person who is so docile that he cannot make his own independent decisions so he just blindly follows someone else's leadership...oh wait.

      LOL jks nah Jirou's adorable ^_^

    3. Yeah, I know it has that meaning too, but he's really just fluffy. But it's hard to go against someone else's leadership if you're asleep and being carried around. :D

  4. Yay~ Jirou~
    Lol I can't believe he's actually a third year