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Hatoful Boyfriend web novel preview

ughhh hato fandom why haven't you translated this yet :( I know I'm not the only person who pretends to know Japanese. whatever, I gave in.  I'd really prefer not to translate the web series; I'm pretty busy and have other commitments, and I'm pretty sure a ton of references and puns would just go over my head.  is anyone working on that?  any word?

anyway, here you go, a last offering before nano. the trailer can be found here.

It’s been two years since the life-or-death struggle to determine humanity’s fate.
This deeply moving story, a number one hit in America
Once again descends upon this land.

Hatoful Boyfriend

[The history up to now]

Hatoful Boyfriend, the doujin game where one strove for intimacy with “photos” of birds,
was published in April in the spring of 2011 as a pilot version.
The first game, “Hatoful Boyfriend Complete Edition,” was started in summer 2011 and completed in the fall.
Very little time passed before the second game, “Hatoful Boyfriend Holiday Star,” which was started in winter 2011 and completed in spring 2012.
Unexpectedly, that was followed by drama CD adaptations and a manga, and at last, after a long wait, “Hatoful Boyfriend” is returning to its origin as a visual novel!

Hatoful Boyfriend
Web Series

The friends we spend time with at school

Kawara Ryouta: This is bad.  No matter how much we clean, it doesn’t get any neater.
Tosaka Hiyoko: Cleaning the classroom is really hard during molting season.  With this many feathers, I might be able to make an amazing down futon.
Oko San: Coo coo! (Okosan’s winter plumage has also grown in!)
Tosaka Hiyoko: Fantail pigeons don’t really look that different in summer and winter…
Oko San: Cooo!! (Do not mock Okosan!!)
[Summer plumage] [Winter plumage]
Oko San: Coo coo!! (They differ to the extreme!!)
Tosaka Hiyoko: This spot-the-difference is too hard for humans!
Kawara Ryouta: Don’t worry, it’s hard for common pigeons too!

Each and every day is special

Tosaka Hiyoko: Then you always borrow books from the library?
Fujishiro Nageki: From the library or Hitori buys them for me.
Fujishiro Nageki: He says I shouldn’t go to the bookstore and business district too often because there are lots of birds there.  He’s overprotective.
Tosaka Hiyoko: It’s because Mr. Uzune is worried about you.  You’re really important to him, Nageki.
Fujishiro Nageki: Yeah. ...I know.
Tosaka Hiyoko: Okay, pick!  Any book you like, Nageki!
Fujishiro Nageki: Can I really?
Tosaka Hiyoko: Of course!  Because today’s your birthday.

Heart-warming small troubles

Nanaki Kazuaki: Uzuneeee!
Nanaki Kazuaki: Uzune, it’s terrible~!  What do I do~!?
Uzune Hitori: What is it?  You’re crying like a chick who lost its parents.
Nanaki Kazuaki: I lost the classroom keeeey~!
Uzune Hitori: Didn’t this happen last month?
Nanaki Kazuaki: But this time it’s not in my pencil box or my lunch box so I’m really at wit’s end~!
Shirogane Sakuya: Oi, Nanaki!  Have you not found it yet!?  How long do you plan to keep the students waiting in the hallway!?
Nanaki Kazuaki: Eeek~
Uzune Hitori: You can take the master key, Shirogane.  Just return it to the staff room right away.
Shirogane Sakuya: Yes, I’ll do so.  Oi, let’s go, Nanaki!
Nanaki Kazuaki: At least be a little nicer to your homeroom teacher~

Epics woven by the fallen angel

Higure Anghel: The mists have faded… Has the Dark Sorcerer Wallenstein left the Tree of Darkness…?
Higure Anghel: If so, the time is now.  My Crimson Breast compels me to cleave through the Barrier of Flickering Flame!
Sakazaki Yuuya: Whoa, what is it, Anghel?  Sorry, Dr. Iwamine left early.
Higure Anghel: Tch, the knight fallen into darkness, Knightmare Fantail… What carelessness, allowing this ambush…!!
Sakazaki Yuuya: You look healthy enough.  Did you just want to see my sexy and luxurious self?
Higure Anghel: O pitiable knight enthralled by darkness!  It is futile to try inducting me into your family!
Higure Anghel: However… I do not yet possess the strength to combat the Knight of Darkness… Then I shall retreat here!
Sakazaki Yuuya: Adieu ☆ Come visit if you want to consult about love.
Sakazaki Yuuya: ...Okay, the visitor’s left, so I’ll restart the investigation.

Occasional shadows of unrest

Albert: I would like to inquire into the recent rumors.  Those of an extremely talented management cockatiel proficient with firearms within the school.
Mister One: I have also heard rumors.  Of a talented butler of the Le Bel family proficient with concealed weaponry.
Albert: I beg your pardon?
Mister One: I do not intend to antagonize you.  No matter what kind of bird you were in the past.

There really are shadows of unrest

Koshiba Azami: You saying you’re kicking me out?
Kadomae Chunkichi: This park is our turf starting today!  Takoyaki sellers are out of style now!
Koshiba Azami: Hah, sorry.  If you’re picking a fight with me, I won’t go easy on you just ‘cause you’re finches too, got it!?
Kadomae Chunkichi: You all!  Get her!
Ruffinch gang: Cheep cheep!
Ruffinch gang: Cheep cheep cheep!
Ruffinch gang: Chirp chirp!

Additional cute new birds

Nishikikouji Tohri: Has the bonus been sent to the printers?  Right, the tern bath posters!
Nishikikouji Tohri: Hurry up!  Do you wish to anger the printing office again!?
Editor B: Editor-In-Chief, a tiny gravure idol is here.
Shirojiro Yuki: Hello, Mister.  It’s been a while.
Nishikikouji Tohri: Hey, you came!  Thanks, I know you’re busy.
Nishikikouji Tohri: Can we get you to give an interview and sign presents for the readers again?  Ah, I’ll bring tea and snacks right now.
Shirojiro Yuki: Thank you, Mister!  Yuki’s really happy.
Editor B: The editor-in-chief’s surprisingly nice to kids.
Editor A: If we called him Mister, he would definitely pull out an artistic weapon.

[Hatoful Boyfriend web series information
Compatible with both Win/Mac! *OK as long as it's compatible with Adobe AIR!
Web browser/download versions provided!
No cost!
Can change heroine’s name!]

This time it’s compatible with both Windows and Macintosh!  It can be played back on an Atobe AIR-compatible environment.
It can be read both directly in an Internet browser or downloaded and played.  It’ll be fine even if the hosting server spontaneously combusts!
Don’t worry, it’s free!
Look forward to the Hatoful Boyfriend web series!

Hato Moa

音楽の卵 (ongaku no tamago)
Kevin MacLeod

Kawara Ryuuji: Hmm… I can’t catch them.
Kawara Ryuuji: The crawfish have been eating well lately.  They must be gaining weight, definitely.
MiruKaku: Merry Christmas…! (Huh, this smell is…)
MiruKaku: Merry Christmas!  Merry Christmas! (Papa, a customer!  There’s a customer!  Hohoihoi!)
Iwamine Shuu: You’re still seeking employment in a place like this, Dr. Kawara?
Kawara Ryuuji: Ah, it’s Isa!  Do you want to go crawfishing with me?
Iwamine Shuu: I’ll decline.

The idiom that I translated as “number one hit in America” literally means “made all of America cry”.  Appropriate. :|b
Sakuya does call original!Kazuaki “Nanaki”, without any honorifics whatsoever.  He’s very disrespectful.
“Kadomae Chunkichi” is probably a name.  The idol’s name has been confirmed as “Shirojiro Yuki”.

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