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Motto Gakuensai no Oujisama: Hyoutei scenes

Translation of all the Hyoutei-specific scenes in Motto Gakuensai no Oujisama. Note that the way you refer to each character may differ depending on your affection levels with them. Character name for this playthrough was Taniguchi Miyu.

I'll try to actually be productive with my life and have Jirou's route done by tomorrow ww. You might notice Oshitari's being updated here and there, as I translated a few of the parts I initially skipped for him.

8/20, Saturday

8/22, Monday, Morning
8/22, Monday, Noon
8/22, Monday, Evening
8/23, Tuesday, Noon
8/24, Wednesday, Noon
8/25, Thursday, Noon
8/26, Friday, Noon
8/27, Saturday, Noon

8/29, Monday, Noon
9/1, Thursday, Morning
9/1, Thursday, Evening
9/3, Saturday, Morning
9/4, Sunday, Noon

8/20, Saturday

Atobe: Hmph... it looks like all the regulars are here.

Hyoutei Gakuen tennis club third-year, captain
Atobe Keigo

Oshitari: Wait a second. I don't know anything about it, but there's someone here who's not in the club.

Hyoutei Gakuen tennis club third-year
Oshitari Yuushi
Atobe: Hmm? Ah, she's the steering committee representative.
Mukahi: When you say committee representative, you mean for this school festival?

Hyoutei Gakuen tennis club third-year
Mukahi Gakuto

Atobe: Of course. That's what this meeting is about.
Atobe: She'll be in charge of our tennis club and she'll help us out with various things. In any case, treat her well.
You: I'm Taniguchi Miyu, a second-year. I look forward to working with you.
Kabaji: Usu.

Hyoutei Gakuen tennis club second-year
Kabaji Munehiro

Atobe: You already know the general idea.
Atobe: I'll explain again just in case, but the school festival this time is possible through a joint investment by Coach Sakaki and me.
Atobe: It's a large-scale joint school festival. The participants will be the tennis clubs that will be taking part in the national tournament and their schools.
Oshitari: You're really bored.
Atobe: What are you saying?
Atobe: I'm saying I'm giving you the chance to take our revenge for what happened at the Kantou tournament.
Ootori: Chance to take our revenge?

Hyoutei Gakuen tennis club second-year
Ootori Choutarou

Atobe: The tennis clubs that will be participating in this school festival are required to make booths.
Atobe: Those booths take the form of a contest.
Hiyoshi: I see... so it's a serious competition.

Hyoutei Gakuen tennis club second-year
Hiyoshi Wakashi

Atobe: That's right. Each booth is set up by a tennis club. The one that makes the most profit is the winner.
Atobe: We won't lose to Seigaku or Rikkai!
Oshitari: But we won't get fired up if it's not a tennis match.
Atobe: Ahn, you don't get it. Listen, even if they're booths, a Hyoutei loss is unforgivable.
Atobe: Oi, are you listening, Jirou!?
Akutagawa: ............
Atobe: That guy's still sleeping. Wake him up, Kabaji.
Kabaji: Usu.
Akutagawa: Nn... uwahhh!! What, what!?

Hyoutei Gakuen tennis club third-year
Akutagawa Jirou

Atobe: Kabaji, explain everything to Jirou.
Kabaji: Usu.
You: And one more thing, there are also attractions that you are free to participate in.
Shishido: Attractions?

Hyoutei Gakuen second-year
Shishido Ryou

You: Programs like songs or plays. You can take part in them with other schools if you want.
Atobe: You can just relax with those. Though we've prepared a prize for the winning team.
Ootori: A prize? What is it?
Atobe: Nothing important. They're Wimbledon tickets and airfare and lodging.
Akutagawa: Wimbledon!? That's amazing!
Oshitari: ...Jirou's got selective hearing.
Hiyoshi: If we can take part with other schools... that means we can compete against our senpai... is this a chance for gekokujou?
Atobe: Well, do what you want. But other students will be participating, so just don't do anything unsightly.
Shishido: Hmph, like we'd do anything that lame.
Atobe: Then here is the school festival's schedule.

Atobe: The preparation peeriod is from August 22 to September 1. The second is the good work party.
Atobe: The school festival is open on September 3 and 4.
Oshitari: The 31st is free for that, right? A break for the people who still have homework left?

Atobe: Exactly.
Atobe: The rest of the details are in the printout that will be distributed later, so make sure you read it carefully.
Atobe: That is all.

8/22, Monday, Morning

You: (Okay, we're starting today. I have to do my best.)

Atobe: All right, we're starting the Hyoutei tennis club's booth meeting.
Atobe: ...or so I would say, but what we'll do has already been decided.
You: Eh?
Mukahi: Decided... what do you mean, Atobe?
Atobe: Our Hyoutei cannot lose. In that case, there is one way to make sure we win.
Atobe: We just have to make the cafe I propose.
Ootori: A cafe...? Shishido: Oi, oi. Isn't a cafe too common?
Atobe: Hmph... oi, Kabaji!
Kabaji: Usu.

Mukahi: ...what's that?
Atobe: The design mock-up of the cafe I'm proposing.
You: T-this is...
Oshitari: It's way too gaudy.

Atobe: We won't have any cheap things below 1000 yen on the menu. Everything will focus on authenticity.
You: There won't be anything less than 1000 yen?
Oshitari: They call that a rip-off, you know.
Mukahi: And anyway, if it's all authentic, who's gonna make all of that?
Atobe: Hmph, I didn't overlook that. For three days, Kabaji will observe the techniques of three star chefs.
Shishido: Huh? It's true that Kabaji can copy his opponent's moves in tennis, but does that mean he can cook?
Atobe: Don't worry. Right, Kabaji?
Kabaji: Usu.
You: A-amazing...
Oshitari: Anything goes, huh. But...
Atobe: What? Do you have anything to say, Oshitari?
Oshitari: A school festival is more for lay people. I want to do a different booth.
Mukahi: I think so too. I agree with Yuushi.
Atobe: In that case, you guys make another booth.
Oshitari: That's true... we'll do that.
Mukahi: Then we'll do a takoyaki stand. Yuushi, you like takoyaki, right?
Oshitari: ...that's cliche, you know. Not all people from Kansai like takoyaki.
Mukahi: Do you hate it?
Oshitari: I didn't say that.
You: Then I'll add the takoyaki stand.
Hiyoshi: ...I'll do the takoyaki stand too.
Atobe: Hmph, do what you want. The rest of you have no complaints about my cafe, right?
Kabaji: Usu.
Shishido: I don't care.
Ootori: It's fine.
Atobe: Then it's decided. Kabaji, wake Jirou up and tell him.
Kabaji: Usu.
You: Then I'll tell the steering committee.
Atobe: Yeah, we'll leave it to you.
You: (Okay, I have to submit a report to the steering committee.)

You: (The report is over... maybe I should see how everyone is doing.)

You: (Okay, where should I go?)

8/22, Monday, Noon

You: (Ah, it's time to do the preliminary inspection of the cafe. I should hurry...)

You: This will be the space for the cafe.
Ootori: Wow, it's big.
You: That's because Atobe-senpai... decided it with his powers as the steering committee chairman.
Shishido: Oi oi, that's forcing it. Is that okay?
You: There's plenty of space, so it seems like it isn't a problem.
Ootori: But... I wonder if we can make that cafe with just us.
You: It looks like Atobe-senpai will be hiring contractors to lay the foundation and do the construction.
Shishido: Then what are we supposed to do?
Ootori: Kabaji and people picked from first- and second-year will be in charge of cooking. Then there's... waiters.
Shishido: Atobe's not here because he's got committee work... we can't decide on the details.
You: We only need to do the inspection right now, so we'll decide the details at the next meeting.
Ootori: Then we're done for now.
Shishido: Jirou's not here either. Well, he's probably sleeping somewhere.
You: We're scheduled to have the next meeting the morning of the day after tomorrow.

8/22, Monday, Evening

You: (I should do the preliminary inspection of the takoyaki booth soon.)

You: This is the space for the takoyaki stall.
Oshitari: Ah, It's a good size. And then there's... the stupidly big area next to it is... for that?
You: Yes. It's the area for Atobe-senpai's cafe.
Oshitari: That's going overboard.
Hiyoshi: It's fine, isn't it? It's not like the size of the booth is related to the profits.
Mukahi: That's right. Let's show up that Atobe.
Hiyoshi: Gekokujou... huh.
You: I've made a list of the ingredients needed for takoyaki. Will you look over it for me?
Oshitari: Let's see here... yeah, it's pretty good. Most everything's here. Ah, but...
You: What is it?
Oshitari: The takoyaki plates. Instead of an iron plate, can you get a copper one?
You: Ah, yes. Understood.
Mukahi: Why copper?
Oshitari: It's good at heating evenly. The most important part of takoyaki is how it's fried.
Mukahi: What's that about, Yuushi? The way you're talking, you're being really annoying about takoyaki.
Oshitari: Stupid. This kind of thing is common knowledge to people from Kansai.
Hiyoshi: ...really?
You: Then I'll submit the list of necessary items to the steering committee.

8/23, Tuesday, Noon

You: (The committee meeting is over. Next is the meeting to decide on the attractions.)

Atobe: All right, let's start the meeting about the attractions.
Ootori: Um, may I speak?
Atobe: Hm? What is it?
Ootori: It's all right if we participate in the attractions with members from other schools, right? Then shouldn't we be having the meeting with the other schools?
Atobe: Hmph, I didn't miss anything. Committee representative, explain.
You: Yes. We'll know how the other schools are doing with this computer.
You: They're connected on the network.
Atobe: ...that's how it is.
Ootori: Wow, that's convenient.
Mukahi: Attractions... I want to do something flashy.
Shishido: Oh, an entry came in. Fudomine's Kamio entered in a rock band.
Ootori: A rock band... that's cool. I think I'll participate.
Shishido: Because you can play an instrument, Choutarou. I'm bad at playing, so something else... oh.
Ootori: What is it?
Shishido: Rokakku's Saeki entered in a vocal unit. They don't need instruments... I'll do it.
Ootori: Ah, then please enter me into the rock band.
Shishido: Okay, got it. Then there's... Rudolph's Mizuki entered in a play. The program hasn't been decided yet.
Mukahi: I want to dance. Something flashy and exciting at the same time. How about a street dance?
Shishido: That's good, isn't it? Should I enter it?
Mukahi: Yeah! Make the entry!
Shishido: Roger. Whoa, there's another new entry. Fudomine's Tachibana suggested Japanese drumming.
Oshitari: Heeh, that sounds interesting. Japanese drumming. I'll do that.
Atobe: It seems we have a good variety. But it still isn't enough. I'll propose something.
Shishido: What?
Atobe: A play. The program will be Hamlet.
Shishido: Hamlet, huh... well, that's fine. Wakashi, what will you do?
Hiyoshi: I'll... participate in Rudolph's play.
Shishido: They haven't decided on the program. Is that okay?
Hiyoshi: Yeah. It's more interesting that way.
You: Is there anyone else who wants to participate?
Atobe: Oh, Kabaji will take part in Hamlet.
Kabaji: Usu.
Atobe: And Jirou! What will you do?
Akutagawa: Mm~
You: That's everyone. Then I'll submit the report.

8/24, Wednesday, Noon

You: (Whew... the steering committee meeting turned out long.)
You: (Next is the meeting for the cafe. I should hurry...)

Atobe: All right, for the cafe... we'll be in charge of interior design without relying on the help of contractors. That is all.
Shishido: W-wait a second! Don't just end it with that all of a sudden!
Atobe: Is there anything else?
Shishido: Like what kind of decorating we should do...
Atobe: Something that matches with the exterior of the building.
Ootori: If we'll be matching with the exterior... that would be a Victorian style?
Atobe: There are too many Victorian trends. It's not unified enough.
Ootori: How about going for a daring Rococo style?
Atobe: That's too gaudy.
Shishido: Ugh... I can't follow their conversation...
You: Me neither...
Ootori: Then what about we try a unified, classic Victorian style?
Atobe: Hmph... I see. Perhaps that. That's fine.
Shishido: Oi, Choutarou. So what's it gonna be?
Ootori: The interior design will be classical Victorian.
Shishido: ...I don't get it. I'll leave it to you, Choutarou.
Ootori: It's all right. It's just like a typical old English building.
Shishido: England... huh.
You: Ah... I can kind of see it.
Atobe: We'll spend until Friday choosing the necessary furniture. We'll begin decorating on Saturday.
You: (Uwah... he's talking like it can be easily arranged, but I get the feeling it'll be authentic and gorgeous...)

8/25, Thursday, Noon

You: (Okay, I need to go check on the takoyaki stand...)

Mukahi: Heeh, the takoyaki stand is pretty much finished. Isn't there nothing else left to do?
You: For now, we need to check over everything.
Oshitari: That's not all. We have to oil the takoyaki plates.
Hiyoshi: Oil... is it?
Oshitari: Yeah. If you heat it and the oil isn't spread evenly, it'll stick to the plates when you fry it. You have to do it at least three times.
Mukahi: ...Yuushi, did you use to run a takoyaki stall? You know too much.
You: The propane gas has been prepared. Do you want to try lighting it?
Hiyoshi: Got it. Should I?
You: Go ahead.
Hiyoshi:'s lit. There's no problem.
Oshitari: Ah, with these plates, it looks like it'll be fine even if we don't spread the oil. They've been used a lot.
You: The check is over, huh. Then we'll practice actually making takoyaki tomorrow.
Oshitari: I'll make samples for you. Look forward to it.
You: Please do, Oshitari-senpai. The ingredients have also been prepared.

8/26, Friday, Noon

Oshitari: All right, I'll show you how to fry takoyaki. Watch closely.
Hiyoshi: Yes.
Oshitari: Stir the batter slowly until you start thinking it's thin. If you do, the inside will be fluffy.
You: ...Oshitari-senpai, you really do know a lot.
Oshitari: When the pan is hot enough, pour the oil over it evenly.
Mukahi: Isn't that too much oil?
Oshitari: It's enough to get into the bottom of the holes. Then, turn the heat down a bit, stir the batter well, and pour it in quickly.
Hiyoshi: I see.
Oshitari: It's fine if it overflows a bit, so don't rush it. Then add octopus, green onions, tempura batter, and pickled ginger in order.
Hiyoshi: It has to be in that order?
Oshitari: At the very least, put in the octopus first. If you add it later it won't sink into the middle.
Mukahi: Pretty detailed.
You: The batter is overflowing... is that all right?
Oshitari: Don't worry. We need the batter to overflow. All right, this is where the battle begins, so watch closely.
You: Yes.
Oshitari: Watch how it's frying as you lightly peel off the overflowing batter... when the right time comes, use this takoyaki pick...
Oshitari: And turn over the takoyaki!
You: Wah!? You flipped it over so neatly!
Oshitari: Well, novices should just turn it over halfway, just to be safe. There's a trick to flipping it at once.
You: Senpai... you really are like a pro at making it.
Oshitari: Then you go in order, take the surrounding batter from the ones that are fried, and push it back in.
Oshitari: To finish off, turn up the heat, and if you turn over the takoyaki enough times, the outside will turn crunchy.
Hiyoshi: Senpai, you're extremely skilled.
Oshitari: Then you're done. Don't leave the heat on too long. It'll lose the fluffiness inside.
Oshitari: Then you should add the sauce, green laver, and mayonnaise and bonito flakes to your liking.
Mukahi: Let's try it right now.
Oshitari: No.
Mukahi: W-why?
Oshitari: You'll get burned if you eat it right away. Leave it for a little while... it should be OK if you break it open.
Hiyoshi: Something... like this?
Oshitari: Yeah, that. Be careful, it's hot.
Marui: Mmph... mm!! Really great!!
You: It's true! The outside is crunchy and the inside is thick...
Hiyoshi: It's... perfect.
Oshitari: That's right. This is authentic takoyaki.
You: It must've taken a lot of practice for you to get this good at it.
Oshitari: Well, I tried my best.

8/27, Saturday, Noon

You: (The construction work has been really loud for a while... it's got to be the cafe construction...)

You: The building was finished in no time...
Ootori: That's amazing.
Shishido: But you know, it doesn't really look that great compared to the design mock-up.
Atobe: We'll use water-resistant wallpaper for the outer walls. The contractors are to come on September 1 to put up the wallpaper.
Shishido: Wallpaper? You're cutting corners.
Atobe: It's not cutting corners. As the committee chair, I've included it as a material that can be used for the school festival booths.
Atobe: It won't compromise the building's structure. If we put up wallpaper, no one will be able to tell the difference and the building will be done perfectly.
You: The furnishings will all be carried inside, so let's hurry and begin the interior decoration.

Atobe: Hmph... we're just about done.
You: This is Victorian style? I see... it's calming and really does feel like a school festival booth...
Ootori: Because it's classical.
Shishido: Feels like it comes right out of the movies.
Atobe: The kitchen check has been completed, Kabaji?
Kabaji: Usu.
You: Then that's all for our work today. Good job, everyone.

8/29, Monday, Noon

Hiyoshi: this?
Oshitari: Right, right. You've gotten a lot better.
Hiyoshi: Thank you very much.
You: You're quick to catch on, Hiyoshi-kun.
Hiyoshi: Ha... yeah, well.
Mukahi: How am I doing, Yuushi?
Oshitari: Well, your grilling gets 50 points.
Mukahi: Your grading's too harsh.
Oshitari: I'd give you another ten points if you didn't jump around so much.
Mukahi: ...if you look closely, my body's falling out of shape.
Oshitari: At this rate, it seems like everyone will have gotten a passing mark by the day of the festival.
You: That's right. It's thanks to you, Oshitari-senpai.
Oshitari: No, you've been doing your best too.
You: I haven't really been much help.
Oshitari: That's not true. You made a lot of preparations, so everything went smoothly.
Mukahi: Yeah, good job!
You: T-thank you very much.

9/1, Thursday, Morning

You: (Right after the opening ceremonies are over, there's a meeting at the assembly hall... it's a bit rushed.)

You: (The opening ceremonies ended without incident. We're supposed to meet in front of the gates. I wonder if everyone is already there?)

Mukahi: Summer vacation's over... that was fast.
Oshitari: Gakuto, did you finish your homework?
Mukahi: Somehow.
Oshitari: Huh... I guess miracles do happen. I was praying nothing bad would happen.
Mukahi: You don't have to put it that way.
Shishido: The final checks are today, right?
You: Yes. If there aren't any particular problems, we can finish up.
Ootori: Ah, by the way, didn't they say there's a message from the steering committee?
You: Ah, that's right. Bring your own swimsuits to the good work party tomorrow.
Hiyoshi: Swimsuits? We'll be using the pool for the party?
You: I don't really know the details...
Shishido: The pool, huh. It's still pretty hot, so it's a good idea, right?
Oshitari: Will you be taking part in the party too, Milady?
You: Eh? No, I...
Ootori: Do you have work to do?
You: No, nothing really.
Shishido: Then you should come. You're one of us.
Mukahi: That's right. Don't be shy.
You: Can I?
Oshitari: Atobe won't object.
You: Then... I'll take you up on that.
Shishido: Then let's go check on the booths.
Shishido: ...the contractors were scheduled to come and put up the wallpaper today, right?
You: They were supposed to, but... it looks like they haven't yet.
Ootori: The things over there... that's the wallpaper, isn't it?
You: Umm... yeah, it looks like it.
Shishido: That's weird... (Taniguchi), go find Atobe and ask him about it.
You: Yes, got it.

You: Ah, Atobe-senpai...
Atobe: Hm? Ah, it's you. Wait a moment.
You: Ah, yes.
Atobe:'s me. Can we arrange for outside contractors after this? ...hmph... all right, I see.
Atobe: Che... no good here, either. What is this?
You: Um...
Atobe: (Taniguchi.)
You: Yes.
Atobe: Something troublesome has occurred.
You: What is it?
Atobe: The outside contractors who were supposed to put up the wallpaper have all come down with food poisoning. They can't come.
You: Eh?
Atobe: I've been trying replacement contractors one by one, but...
Atobe: For one reason or another, none of them can fit it into their schedules.
You: T-that's... a problem.
Atobe: In the worst case, I thought about having it done tomorrow, but... that will be difficult with the way it is today.
You: Then... the outside...
Atobe: No exterior decoration... and in that case, the building will of course be fundamentally lacking. Our ability to attract customers will also suffer.
You: Then... then can't we do the outside ourselves? Luckily the wallpaper has arrived.
Atobe: ...we'll have to work on the high places too. It will be dangerous. Do you understand?
You: Ah... that's right... I didn't think it through very well...
Atobe: Hmph... nonetheless, waiting will get us nowhere. We have no choice but to do it ourselves.
You: Eh? But it's dangerous...
Atobe: I want to make the school festival a success. We have to acknowledge it's dangerous and challenge it.
You: ...understood. I'll help as much as I can.
Atobe: Yeah, thanks. Let's go, Kabaji.
Kabaji: Usu.

9/1, Thursday, Evening

Oshitari: ...we can do it if we put our minds to it.
Ootori: That's right. But we still have the back half left.
Atobe: That's how it is. Let's finish the last half without getting distracted.
Oshitari: Gakuto! Don't be reckless!
Mukahi: I know already!
Akutagawa: Uwaaah~! What a good view!
Hiyoshi: Akutagawa-senpai! Don't lean so far forward!
Akutagawa: Eh~? But the view's so nice~
Atobe: It's fine. If Jirou's excited, he won't fall asleep. We don't have to worry.
Shishido: At this rate, we'll be done in about two more hours.
Atobe: Yeah. It'll be a problem if we don't delay the gate closing time. Oi, committee rep.
You: Yes.
Atobe: We're fine over here. Go to the committee meeting room and input the closing time.
You: Understood. It's all right if I access the security server?
Atobe: Right. The time should be seven PM. We're counting on you.
You: Yes.

You: Umm... to access the security server... ah, here.
You: Password entered... closing time seven PM... now it's OK. Okay, I'll go back and help.

You: Just a little more... right?
Hiyoshi: Yeah. Once Mukahi-senpai and Akutagawa-senpai's parts are done...
Oshitari: Gakuto! How is it over there?
Mukahi: I'll be done in a bit!
Atobe:'s impossible in this darkness. If you're not done in five minutes, we'll stop.
Shishido: After coming this far!?
Akutagawa: I'm done~!
Atobe: Hmph... well done, Jirou. Now all that's left is...
Mukahi: I'm done over here too!
Atobe: Just as expected. Good timing.
Oshitari: Gakuto! Be careful coming down!
Mukahi: Going there now! Hup!
You: Kyaa!?
Mukahi: I'm back.
Oshitari: Idiot! Don't jump down like that! It's dangerous!
Mukahi: It's fine, it's fine.
Akutagawa: I'm back~ Ah~... sleepy...
Atobe: Good job, everyone. Well done.
Akutagawa: Zzzz...
Atobe: Hmph... Jirou's fallen asleep. Kabaji, carry him.
Kabaji: Usu.
Atobe: This is everyone. Come, let's go back together.
You: Eh? Don't you have a car, Senpai?
Atobe: Idiot. Everyone should go together at a time like this. You too, (Taniguchi).
You: Ah... yes.

9/3, Saturday, Morning

Booth space, cafe:
You: (Uwah... they're getting a lot of business. Everyone looks busy... I wonder what I should do.)

(Let's try calling out to them.)
(They seem busy, it would be bad to get in the way.)

You: (Who should I call out to...)

Atobe Keigo
Ootori Choutarou
Shishido Ryou
Akutagawa Jirou

Shishido-senpai, do you have a moment?
Shishido-senpai, should I help out?

You: Shishido-senpai, do you have a moment?
Shishido: Sorry, I'm working.
You: Ah... yes, excuse me.

You: Shishido-senpai, should I help out?
Shishido: Thanks. That would be great.

Jirou-senpai, do you have a moment?
Jirou-senpai, should I help out?

You: Jirou-senpai, do you have a moment?
Akutagawa: Sorry, I'm working as a waiter~
You: Ah... yes, excuse me.

You: Jirou-senpai, should I help out?
Akutagawa: Yeah, thanks~

You: (They seem busy, it would be bad to get in the way... I'll try going somewhere else.)

Booth space, takoyaki stand:
You: (Uwah... they're getting a lot of business. Everyone looks busy... I wonder what I should do.)

(Let's try calling out to them.)
(They seem busy, it would be bad to get in the way.)

You: (Who should I call out to...)

Oshitari Yuushi
Mukahi Gakuto
Hiyoshi Wakashi

Yuushi-senpai, do you have a moment?
Yuushi-senpai, should I help out?

You: Yuushi-senpai, do you have a moment?
Oshitari: Sorry. I can't leave the stall unattended.
You: Ah... yes, excuse me.

You: Yuushi-senpai, should I help out?
Oshitari: Yeah, we're counting on you.

Ah, Wakashi-kun, um...
Wakashi-kun, should I help out?

You: Ah, Wakashi-kun, um...
Hiyoshi: Sorry, I'm busy. Wait until later.
You: Ah... sorry.

You: Wakashi-kun, should I help out?
Hiyoshi: Yeah, thanks.

You: (They seem busy, it would be bad to get in the way... I'll try going somewhere else.)

9/4, Sunday, Noon

Atobe, Ootori, Shishido, Akutagawa routes:
Akutagawa: ...zzz.
You: Ah, Akutagawa-senpai. You can't sleep in a place like this.
Akutagawa: Fuwaah... but it's so slow.
You: Slow?
Akutagawa: Mm~ know, the customers, they're not really moving.
You: Ah... could it be.

You: Atobe-senpai, how are the cafe's profits?
Atobe: Hm? Ah, not bad.
You: It seems the customers aren't really leaving.
Atobe: It can't be helped. That's the sort of place this is.
You: That's true, but...
Ootori: It's true that our profits aren't increasing very quickly.
Atobe: In that case, is there some way of changing that? Ahn?
You: I'm not really confident, but... I have a suggestion.
Atobe: Oh... say it.
You: Let's add a low-cost large portion menu item.
Shishido: Our customer turnover will increase if we do that?
Atobe: No, wait... it may be a good idea.
Ootori: Why?
Atobe: If there are large portions, the customers will become full. And if it's low-cost, it will be easy to order.
Atobe: The customers who are full will leave their seats quickly. When they do, our turnover will increase... is that what you're thinking?
You: Yes.
Atobe: However, if we have a menu with large portions at a low cost, we'll be selling below cost.
You: Yes. That's why we need to decide on the price.
Atobe: Hmph... well, there's some value in trying. Let's tell Kabaji.
Atobe: We'll make a large portion menu item with the ingredients we have.
Ootori: Yes.
Atobe: Then we have to calculate the cost of those ingredients and set the price. Can you do it?
You: Let's try it.
Atobe: All right, I'll leave it to you.

Oshitari, Mukahi, Hiyoshi routes:
You: How are sales going?
Oshitari: So-so.
You: So-so... huh?
Hiyoshi: It isn't bad, but... we're definitely overshadowed by that cafe right in front of us...
Mukahi: Dammit, damn that Atobe. He's getting in our way even now.
Hiyoshi In any case, it's true that we're not selling as much as I thought we would.
Oshitari: Right. It might be hard to win if we don't try a bit harder.
Mukahi: Isn't there anything we can do?
You: ...ah!
Mukahi: Ah!? Did you think of something?
You: Isn't there a way? There are a lot of customers right in front of you.
Hiyoshi: In front of us? The line for the cafe... ah! I get it!
You: That's right. You can sell to the people waiting in line.
Oshitari: That's a good idea, but... will people about to go into the cafe eat takoyaki?
You: It should be all right if you sell small quantities. Right now, it's 200 yen for eight, but if you cut that in half...
Oshitari: Ah, I see. So it's really just a light snack. It should sell if we do that.
You: I think you'll be able to sell it if you go around acting as salespeople.
Mukahi: That sounds good. Let's do it.
Hiyoshi: Yes.
Oshitari: Right, let's go.

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