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Motto Gakuensai no Oujisama: Startup messages

The messages you hear when you start up the game and the "Konami" screen appears. I don't know if the original GakuPuri had it, so this might technically be a MoaPuri thing.

Start-up messages
[Which one you get depends on the time your DS is set to.]

Seishun Gakuen

Echizen Ryoma
“Nn, nnn… ah, good morning. It’ll be nice if today is a good day too, huh?”
“Hey, is it all right if we spend a little time together?”
“Good work today. It seems like you did your best today too, huh? You managed pretty well.”
“Isn’t it bad if you don’t go to sleep soon? You still have a lot to work on.”

Tezuka Kunimitsu
“Ahh, it’s you? Good morning, hurry and wash your face.”
“You came at a good time. I wanted to hear your voice.”
“Good work today. It’s good to do your best, but don’t worry me so much.”
“It’s about time to go to sleep. Good night.”

Fuji Shuusuke
“Ah, you woke up, good morning. You were making such a cute face as you slept.”
“I always want to be with and speak with you.”
“Good work today. Do you want me to help you relax?”
“It’s about time to say good night. Or should we sleep together for a little while?”

Oishi Shuichirou
“Good morning, hey, hurry and get up. Let’s go out together.”
“You were here. I wanted to see you, so I was looking around for you.”
“Hey, good work today. If you’re tired, should I give you a foot massage?”
“Hey now, you should sleep already. Good night, and I’ll see you tomorrow.”

Kikumaru Eiji
“Good morning~. Fuu, I’m still sleepy~ Just a little longer~”
“Being with you is a lot of fun. Let’s play together again.”
“Yahho~! Ah, you seem tired, nya. Come on, smile, smile!”
“Eh, it’s bad if we don’t sleep soon? But I want to be with you a little more.”

Kawamura Takashi
“Hey, good morning. It seems like today will also be a good day.”
“Um, I want to talk with you. Is it okay?”
“Good work today. Do your best again tomorrow.”
“It’s that time already. You should also go to sleep soon. Good night.”

Inui Sadaharu
“Good morning. That I would be able to meet you in the morning is just as expected.”
“Based on the data, the probability that you’re going to play this game is 100%.”
“Good work. Want a cup? With this drink, your exhaustion will instantly lessen.”
“If you sleep now, the probability that you’ll have good dreams is 89%. Then, good night.”

Momoshiro Takeshi
“Good morning! Well then, are you going to make breakfast immediately!”
“Being with you is fun. Treat me well from now on too.”
“Ou, good work! If you rest properly, you’ll get your energy back.”
“You shouldn’t stay up late, it just won’t do. Hurry and go to sleep, good night.”

Kaidou Kaoru
“Good morning. Well, I’m going on an early-morning run.”
“When I’m with you, I’m not bored. It would be nice if we can be together a little longer.”
“You seem tired today. Don’t push yourself too hard.”
“I’m going to sleep now. You should sleep soon too. Good night.”

Rikkai Dai Fuzoku

Sanada Gen’ichirou
“It’s already morning. Aren’t you going to get up quickly? Tarundoru!”
“When I’m near you, my heart is calmed. It’s mysterious.”
“Your efforts are appreciated. You did very well. Rest properly.”
“It’s already bedtime. Aren’t you going to hurry and sleep?”

Kirihara Akaya
“Fuaa~ N… Let me sleep ten more minutes, please… zzz…”
“I’m glad I was able to meet you. Thank you.”
“Good work. But aren’t you trying too hard? Look after yourself.”
“Ee!? It’s already this late? This is bad, I won’t get that much sleep again! Good night!”

Yanagi Renji
“Good morning. By my estimation, today will also be a good day.”
“Won’t you talk for a little while? I want to know more about you.”
“Good work. It seems like you’re always doing your best, but don’t push yourself.”
“According to the data, it seems you haven’t been getting enough sleep lately. I think it would be better if you slept earlier.”

Yagyuu Hiroshi
“Good morning. It’s a nice morning. Shall we take a stroll together?
“I’m grateful that I was able to meet you. What about you?”
“Good work. Please do your best without going overboard.”
“If you don’t go to bed soon, you won’t be able to get enough sleep. Well then, good night.”

Marui Bunta
“Gooood morning! I’m hungry. Let’s make breakfast!”
“Hey, do you have a little more time? I want to be with you.”
“Good work! It seems hard. If you eat something sweet, you’ll get your energy back!”
“I’m going to sleep now. Let’s talk a lot more again tomorrow.”

Niou Masaharu
“Morning, your half-asleep face is cute too.”
“Sorry. I wanted to hear your voice and I ended up coming here.”
“Good work. I’ll give you a massage, so come here.”
“It’s about time to go to sleep. We’ll be sleeping together, so good night and rest well.”

Yukimura Seiichi
“Good morning. Fuu, I wonder if you’re still half-asleep.”
“I wonder if we can be together for a little longer. When I’m with you, my heart is at peace.”
“Good work. It’s wonderful to do your best, but don’t push yourself too hard.”
“It won’t do for you to stay awake any longer. Let’s do this again tomorrow. Good night.”

Rokkaku Chuu

Saeki Koujirou
“Good morning. It’s a nice morning, isn’t it? And I saw your cute sleeping face.”
“If it’s possible, I want you to look at and think of only me. I wonder if that’s too much.”
“Really, good work. But pushing yourself too hard is taboo.”
“It’s late already, so hurry and go to sleep. Because surely you’ll have good dreams.”

Amane Hikaru
“It’s morning, get up. After all, there’s clam miso soup in the morning. …pfft.”
[asa wa asari no misoshiro da na. the pun is on “asa,” morning, and “asari,” clam.]
“Your laughter refreshes me. Thank you.”
“Good work. Please listen to my puns and get your energy back.”
“It’s about time to sleep. If you can’t sleep, do you want to listen to some of my puns?”

Kurobane Harukaze
“Get up, it’s already morning. It seems like fun things will happen today too.”
“You’re really a fun person. You’re my best partner.”
“Ou, good work! Do your best energetically today too!”
“Fuaaa. It’s already that time? I’m going to sleep first, good night.”

Hyoutei Gakuen

Atobe Keigo
“It’s already morning. Get up. If you’re only half-awake… I’ll kiss you.”
“Being with you, just the two of us, isn’t bad at all.”
“Thanks for your effort. Fu… you’re doing well. I don’t dislike people like that.”
“Finish up and go to bed soon. …because I want to be near you until you sleep.”

Oshitari Yuushi
“Good morning. It’s already morning? Miss Oversleeper.”
“You’re really cute, young lady. Is it all right if we’re together for a little longer?”
“Good work, hurry back and rest properly.”
“A promise before we go to sleep. Tonight, dream of me.”

Mukahi Gakuto
“Good morning. It’s a nice morning. Hurry and get up.”
“Oh. You came at a good time. I wanted to see you.”
“Good work. It seems like you did your best.”
“Dammit, dammit. It’s already time to sleep. We didn’t get to play enough.”

Shishido Ryou
“Get up, it’s morning! I guess there’s no other choice, I’ll make you get up! Hey!”
“Stay by me forever, …isn’t that kind of selfish?”
“Aah, good work. You’re doing your best, huh? My opinion of you has improved.”
“What’s this, are you already tired? Do you want to pillow your head on my arms?”

Ootori Choutarou
“Hey, good morning. It’s the kind of morning that makes one feel good.”
“When I’m with you, how do I say it… it’s really fun.”
“Good work, you’re doing your best, aren’t you? But you shouldn’t push yourself.”
“If you don’t sleep soon, it’ll be hard for you in the morning. Hurry and rest, good night.”

Hiyoshi Wakashi
“Oi, get up. How long are you planning to sleep? …honestly, though, your sleeping face is cute.”
“You are mine alone. I won’t forgive you if you object.”
“You recklessly worked too hard. Do you really want to make me worry?”
“Isn’t it about time to sleep? …in that case, good night.”

Akutagawa Jirou
“Eh~ It’s already morning~? I’m still sleepy~…”
“Going on a date with you and stuff like that makes me really happy~!!”
“Good work~. If you’re tired, let’s have an afternoon nap together~”
“Good night~. …you should go to sleep soon too~”


Tachibana Kippei
“Good morning. Hurry and get ready. We’re gonna be late.”
“You were here, huh? No, it’s just that I kind of wanted to talk to you.”
“Good work today. Are you going to make dinner soon?”
“It’s already time, so go to sleep soon. Well, good night.”

Kamio Akira
“Good morning. Today too, I’m riding the rhythm from the morning!”
“Somehow, when I’m with you I can ride a good rhythm. Thank you.”
“Good work today. Do your best again tomorrow too.”
“It’s already time. You should sleep soon. I’ll also change my rhythm.”

Ibu Shinji
“Good morning. It’s already morning. Did you wash your face?”
“It’s nothing really. I just wanted to be together.”
“Good work today. But don’t try too hard. I’ll worry about you.””
“Good night. Are you already stopping and going to sleep?”

Yamabuki Chuu

Sengoku Kiyosumi
“Good morning. I wanted to look at your cute sleeping face a little more.”
“I’m really lucky to have met you.”
“Good work today. Show me your best smile tomorrow too.”
“It’s already time to sleep? Too bad. Well then, good night.”

Akutsu Jin
“How long are you planning to sleep! Get up already! Isn’t that boring!”
“I’m busy. Don’t come here…. Che, whatever. Do what you want.”
“Don’t make tired faces in front of me. Your usual expression is fine.”
“It’s already time. I’m going to sleep. You go to sleep soon too. Don’t take up my time.”

Dan Taiichi
“Good morning. Did you sleep well?”
“I’m hungry. Won’t you eat bento together with me?”
“Good work today. You’re doing your best, huh? I also have to turn something into strength.”
“Fuwaaa. Let’s talk… just a little….… zzz.”

Saint Rudolph Academy

Mizuki Hajime
“Good morning. Nfu, it’s a nice morning.”
“The time I spend with you is precious to me.”
“Good work today. How about some tea for a change of atmosphere?”
“It’s too bad, but it’s already time to go to bed. Good night.”

Fuji Yuuta
“Good morning. Hm? You look kind of sleepy. Get ahold of yourself!”
“It’s fun being with you! Thank you.”
“Good work! Be energetic and work hard tomorrow too!”
“Huh, it’s already time to sleep? How boring, I wanted to talk to you more.”

Akazawa Yoshirou
“Huh, it’s morning. Good morning, get up!”
“This year I want to go to the beach. With you.”
“Good work today. Rest for a while.”
“Huh, it’s already this late? You should go to sleep soon too, good night.”


Shiraishi Kuranosuke
“Good morning. Your sleeping face looked happy.”
“You really are cute. It’s okay to be embarrassed.”
“Good work today. It was really tough, huh? You should rest for a while.”
“Sleeping so late is bad for your skin, you know? So good night.”

Tooyama Kintarou
“Good morning. It’s a nice morning! Where should we hang out today?”
“I want to be with you more, so don’t leave!”
“You look tired. But you’re with me, so you should cheer up.”
“I shouldn’t stay awake longer? I want to play with you more~”

Chitose Senri
“Good morning. If you feel like it, it’s a nice morning, so let’s go for a walk.”
“Won’t you go for a walk with me? I want it to be just the two of us.”
“Good work today. Since you’re working hard, just make sure you don’t hurt yourself.”
“It’s already late, so hurry and go to sleep. Well then, good night.”

Birthday Greetings

Seishun Gakuen
Echizen Ryoma: “Do you remember what day it is today? …that’s right, happy birthday.”
Tezuka Kunimitsu: “Happy birthday. I’m glad I was able to see you smile.”
Fuji Shuusuke: “Here’s a present from the bottom of my heart. Happy birthday.”
Oishi Shuuichirou: “Today’s your birthday, right? Congratulations.”
Kikumaru Eiji: “Coooongratulations! Huh? It’s your birthday. You should remember it!”
Kawamura Takashi: “Here’s one line from me to you. Happy birthday.”
Inui Sadaharu: “According to my data on you, it’s today. Happy birthday.”
Momoshiro Takeshi: “Yo, today’s your birthday, right? So happy birthday.”
Kaidou Kaoru: “Today’s an important day for you. Happy birthday.”

Rikkai Dai Fuzoku
Sanada Gen’ichirou: “Happy birthday! Fu… did you think I would forget your birthday?”
Kirihara Akaya: “Hehhehe, I remember what today is. Happy birthday.”
Yanagi Renji: “I know everything about you. Today’s your birthday. Congratulations.”
Yagyuu Hiroshi: “Happy birthday. I congratulate you wholeheartedly.”
Marui Bunta: “Happy birthday! Let’s spend a fun day today!”
Niou Masaharu: “Happy birthday. It’ll be great if we can spend today, just the two of us.”
Yukimura Seiichi: “I know what day it is today. Happy birthday.”

Rokkaku Chuu
Saeki Koujirou: “Happy birthday. That’s right, today is our special day.”
Amane Hikaru: “I won’t make many puns today. Happy birthday.”
Kurobane Harukaze: “Happy birthday! Let’s spend some time together having fun!”

Hyoutei Gakuen
Atobe Keigo:”Fu, here’s a present from me. Happy birthday.”
Oshitari Yuushi: “Happy birthday. If I see your smile, it makes me happy too.”
Mukahi Gakuto: “I know what day it is today. Happy birthday.”
Shishido Ryou: “Happy birthday. Your smile really is the best!”
Ootori Choutarou: “Here’s a token of my thanks. Happy birthday.”
Hiyoshi Wakashi: “It’s your birthday today, right? Happy birthday. What are you smiling about?”
Akutagawa Jirou: “Nee, it’s your birthday today, right!? Happy birthday!!”

Tachibana Kippei: “Happy birthday. These are my feelings for you; please accept them.”
Kamio Akira: “I remembered properly. Happy birthday.”
Ibu Shinji: “Congratulations. Birthday, right? It’s yours. …I didn’t forget.”

Yamabuki Chuu
Sengoku Kiyosumi: “Happy birthday. I’m lucky to be able to congratulate you on your birthday.”
Akutsu Jin: “Birthday’s today, right… Yours is… Congratulations… Geh, don’t be so happy about it.”
Dan Taichi: “These are my feelings for you. Happy birthday.”

Saint Rudolph Academy
Mizuki Hajime: “Happy birthday. I remember, you know. Nfu.”
Fuji Yuuta: “I remember what day it is today, you know. Happy birthday.”
Azazawa Yoshirou: “Happy birthday! That you’re happy is more important than anything.”

Shiraishi Kuranosuke: “Happy birthday. Let’s make today a perfect day!”
Tooyama Kintarou: “Today’s your birthday, right, nee-chan? Happy birthday!”
Chitose Senri: “I remember, you know. Happy birthday.”

Ringtone Messages
[If you have a name set up, they insert your first or last name at the beginning of the message.]

Seishun Gakuen
Echizen Ryoma: “Seems like you’ve got a call.”
Tezuka Kunimitsu: “Your phone is ringing. You should hurry and answer.”
Fuji Shuusuke: “Phone call. I don’t care if you pick up or leave it.”
Oishi Shuuichirou: “Your phone’s ringing. I wonder if it’s from Eiji.”
Kikumaru Eiji: “O~i! Phone call, nyan.”
Kawamura Takashi: “Buuuuurning! Phone call, greeaaaaaat!”
Inui Sadaharu: “It seems you have a phone call. I wonder if I can guess who it is.”
Momoshiro Takeshi: “O~I, phone call. But you know, I’m hungry.”
Kaidou Kaoru: “Y-your phone is ringing!!”

Rikkai Dai Fuzoku
Sanada Gen’ichirou: “It seems your phone is ringing.”
Kirihara Akaya: “P-phone call, it definitely can’t be Jackal-senpai, right?”
Yanagi Renji: “It seems you have a phone call. I wonder if I can guess who it is.”
Yagyuu Hiroshi: “It’s your phone. When your call is over, please talk to me next.”
Marui Bunta: “Hello! Helloooo~! Huh, they can’t hear me. The answer button is probably this one.”
Niou Masaharu: “Fu, it’s your phone. When you’re done, let’s enjoy a game of darts.”
Yukimura Seiichi: “Your phone is ringing.”

Rokkaku Chuu
Saeki Koujirou: “Ah, a phone call. I wonder if it’s from Ojii? Haha, there’s no way, right?”
Amane Hikaru: “A phone call…. An electric conversation on your phone… pfft.”
[He uses “denwa (kanji) ni denwa (hiragana)”; the kanji for denwa, or "phone", literally mean electricity + conversation, and that might be what he’s referring to.]
Kurobane Harukaze: “Phone call. When you’re done, please come with me on some errands.”

Hyoutei Gakuen
Atobe Keigo: “Ahn? Isn’t your phone ringing, even though I told you to turn off your phone when you’re with me.”
Oshitari Yuushi: “Your phone is ringing, aren’t you going to answer? I’m not going anywhere, so go ahead and pick up.”
Mukahi Gakuto: “Oi! Your phone’s ringing!”
Shishido Ryou: “Phone call! If you’re in the middle of something, want me to pick up for you?”
Ootori Choutarou: “It seems like your cell phone is ringing.”
Hiyoshi Wakashi: “Phone call. Phone.”
Akutagawa Jirou: “Nn? Nnnn? Phone call, fuwaaaaa…”

Tachibana Kippei: “Phone call. Who’s it from… ah, no, it doesn’t matter, anyway, phone call.”
Kamio Akira: “Whoops, phone call, phone call!”
Ibu Shinji: “Phone call. I wonder who it is at this time. Isn’t it usually better if they have more manners?”

Yamabuki Chuu:
Sengoku Kiyosumi: “Whoops, phone call! Though I asked you on a date first!”
Akutsu Jin: “Oi! Phone call! You didn’t give me your phone number…hurry and pick up!”
Dan Taichi: “Aaaaaah, your phone is ringing desu!”

Saint Rudolph Academy
Mizuki Hajime: “You have a phone call. Nfu, I know who it’s from.”
Fuji Yuuta: “Uwah, phone call… if it’s from Aniki, please tell him I’m not here.”
Akazawa Yoshirou: “Seems like you have a phone call. You should pick up quickly.”

Shiraishi Kuranosuke: “Seems like you have a phone call. Is it all right if I answer?”
Tooyama Kintarou: “Looks like you have a phone call~! If you don’t hurry and answer it’ll hang up~!!”
Chitose Senri: “Your phone is ringing.”

Special Bromide Set 17, good morning messages

Seishun Gakuen
Echizen Ryoma:
“Good morning, why are you making that face? Are you keeping a secret from me?”
“Hey, are you up yet? For some reason, I feel like something good will happen today.”
Tezuka Kunimitsu: “Good morning. Let’s make a promise. Make today a special day. For just the two of us.”
Fuji Shuusuke: “Fu, good morning. Today is an especially beautiful morning. It looks like the entire world is shining.”
Kikumaru Eiji: “Good morning~ For some reason I woke up early today. I won-der why~?”

Atobe Keigo:
“Hurry up and wash your face. We’ll make today a special day for you and me.”
“Hurry and get up, Princess. The king has come to meet you.”
Oshitari Yuushi: “Milady, it’s time to wake up. Why am I embarrassed too?”
Shishido Ryou: “It’s already morning. Don’t make a bother of yourself today. What, why are you making that face?”
Mukahi Gakuto: “Hurry and get up! The day’s going to end. I don’t want that to happen!”

Sanada Gen’ichirou:
“Good morning. Today will be a special day. Don’t disappoint me.”
“Mm, that’s right. It might be good if it’s that sort of day.”
Kirihara Akaya
“Good morning; hehe, for some reason being able to meet you today is embarrassing.”
“Good morning, you look really good today. I wonder why?”
Yagyuu Hiroshi and Niou Masaharu
Niou: “Isn’t it a nice morning? I remember the morning I first met you.”
Yagyuu: “That’s right. It feels like every morning since that day has been beautiful.”
Yukimura Seiichi: “A girl who’ll sleep in on such a beautiful day must not go unpunished, right?”

Yamabuki Chuu
Sengoku Kiyosumi: “Good morning! Today will be a special lucky day. Right?”

Shiraishi Kuranosuke: “Good morning. I’m really excited today for some reason. What about you?”
Tooyama Kintarou: “Good… morning. Hey, nee-chan, is there something on my face?”

Special Bromide Set 18, good night messages – none listed on site I used as source.

Others (MoaPuri-related)
[the lines are about the cover art, where they’re all in suits.]

Atobe: “Ahn, doesn’t it suit you guys pretty well?”
Tezuka: “It would be nice if we could do this with everyone once in a while.”
Ryoma: “Somehow, it’s hard to move.”
Sengoku: “Nn, are we all going to enter the entertainment office?”
Oshitari: “As expected of Atobe, the suits fit well. Somehow wearing it alone gives off a different feel.”
Fuji: “Fufu, this photo, hasn’t the price become good?”


  1. Tezuka: You came at a good time. I wanted to hear your voice.

    Atobe: It’s already morning. Get up. If you’re only half-awake… I’ll kiss you.
    This guy's always been a lady's man though. No surprise here. Haha

    Thanks a bunch for these. They're so much fun to read xD

  2. Geez. Why can't you say something sweet for once Sanada? D:
    Or at least stammer and a little tsundere-ish.

    Tachibana: “Good work today. Are you going to make dinner soon?”
    Me: lol wut?

  3. Shishido: Aah, good work. You’re doing your best, huh? My opinion of you has improved.

    WUT?! What as it before? You didn't think a was a lazy slob, did you?? Dx

    1. was*

      Lol lost my ability to type in English. It must because of my fangirly-ness >.<

  4. wait!! I haven't got any of these !! what's that ?is that in NDS version?

    1. Yeah. "Motto Gakuensai no Oujisama", or "MoaPuri", is the DS remake, while just "Gakuensai no Oujisama" is the original PS2 version. I usually just call both GakuPuri since it's easier.