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Hatoful Boyfriend manga, chapter five

Chapter five.  New chapter raws are out every month here.

Page one:
Hatoful Boyfriend
Bird form
Pseudo-human appearance

Sakazaki Yuuya
Saint PigeoNation Academy
Year 3, Class 1/Fantail pigeon
The reckless and flashy health committee chairman

Page two:

Strip one:
Two people

Panel one:
As expected of the prestigious pigeon school!
I’m so excited to see so many oddball things gathered here!

Panel two:
They’re even selling these adult goods!
Nest dish, ¥500
A nest dish: Just like its name suggests, a place for birds to lay and incubate their eggs.

Panel three:
Salut ☆ Hiyoko.
(above Yuuya) Hiyoko!
You’re interested in things like that?
(small text) How adult.

Panel four:
How about we now make a nest of love between a human and a bird?
Senpai, how much of a playbirdie are you?
I’ll call you Flashyzaki-senpai!

Strip two:
Playbirdies prohibited

Panel one:
Council president correction kick!!

Panel two:
S-Sakuya, what are you doing!?
It’s enforcement!
You’re 60,000 years too early to lay hands on my subordinate!

Panel three:
Sakuya, it’s not like Hiyoko is only in student council.
To me, the health committee chairman, she’s my extremely cute underclassman.

Panel four:
That’s right, Sakuya.
Since I’m also in the health committee
Just how many other clubs are you in!?

Page three:

Strip three:

Panel one:
Ah, hello, Sakazaki-senpai.
Salut ☆ Ryouta.

Panel two:
Sakazaki-senpai, what’s this “salut” that you always say?
What is it?
It’s true, I’ve been wondering that too.

Panel three:
For all my beloved girls throughout the world,
It’s a magic spell so that stars of fortune may rain down upon you. ☆

Panel four:
Correction kick!!
It’s actually a French greeting.

Strip four:
More importantly, won’t they please fall?

Panel one:
Going so far as to shame my country; don’t get carried away!

Panel two:
But according to rumor
It seems that flighty guy is pretty popular.

Panel three:
They say that every year, on Legumentine’s*
Senpai receives so many beans that his locker is overflowing with them.
*A day on which you send beans to that special birdie

Panel four:
Isn’t this academy an all boys’ school?

Page four:

Strip five:
Anti-discrimination tackle

Panel one:
Even though you and Sakazaki-senpai are brothers
Putting aside how you look, your personalities aren’t at all alike.

Panel two:
He and I have different fathers.
(small text) The way we look is also completely different!
I am of a pureblooded lineage, and he is a mongrel.

Panel three:
Even so, it’s like you’re from different worlds.
I will not accept a mongrel as my older brother!

Panel four:
Coo coo coo! (I won’t forgive anyone who makes fun of mongrels!)

Strip six:
The infirmary Cold War

Panel one:
I’m done cleaning, Dr. Iwamine.
Then, I’ll excuse myself
Ah, please wait a moment.

Panel two:
I found something you left here a long time ago.

Iwamine Shuu

I’m returning it to you.
Something I left?
I’m sorry about that.

Panel three:
It’s a wiretap.

Panel four:
Hahaha, that can’t be. It wasn’t me.
It must’ve been the work of one of your diehard fans, right?

Page five:

Panel one:
Pseudo-human form manga, act.05
The Health Committee Chairman’s 24 Hours!!

Sakazaki-senpai’s true form is that of the Dove Party’s super agent!!
He is in the middle of an undercover infiltration of the school so he can keep an eye on the movements of Iwamine Shuu, a Hawk Party executive!

Panel two:
I'll return from my business trip tomorrow afternoon.
I leave everything in your hands.
Of course, please leave it to me!

Panel three:
Okay, let’s see if there are secret papers or if he’s left no evidence

Panel four:

Page six:

Panel one:
Apostle of the Violet Rose,
The Dark Sorcerer has gone.
Hurry, now while we have this chance, gift to me the divine healing

Panel two:
Aren’t you covered in blood?
Did you crash through window glass again?

Panel three:
Excuse meee!

Panel four:
Please give me the usual stomach medicine

Panel five:
Coo! (It got stuck while I was running on the ground!)
Coo coo! (It won’t come off!)

Page seven:

Panel one:
The days when the doctor isn’t here are really very busy
Medicine, medicine

Panel two:
Excuse me~
Since I get sleepy all of a sudden, I was wondering if you wouldn’t let me take a nap here~
Can’t you do it later!!

Panel three:
Just a moment!
I was scratched by the barbed wire around the back gate!
I cannot believe this!!
Right now I have my hands full with the students!

Panel four: no text

Panel five:
It really has been a busy day.
I wonder if I can leave the investigation till tomorrow.

Panel six:
Wasn’t there a trespasser in the confusion a while ago?

Page eight:
Bird History
Class: 03 Operation Carneades

Panel one:


Panel two:
Mister Nanaki!
Mister Nanaki, wake up! You mustn’t doze off during the lesson manga!

Bird history
peration Carne


Panel three:
Oh, no~ I always get sleepy during history class~
You always are.
You always are.
You are during math too.

Panel four:
Today’s bird history topic is “Operation Carneades.”

Panel five:
The living birds had become strong carriers of Sumatra Influenza, which had driven humans to the brink of extinction.
The basic idea of the plan was to eliminate those carriers.

Panel six:
Humanity artificially spread a lethal virus
that was only harmful to birds.

Panel seven:
Waah, this is bad.
It’s become scary, hasn’t it~
What happened to the birds as a result?
We’ll continue next time~

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