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Hatoful Boyfriend manga, chapter four

Chapter four.  New chapter raws are out every month here.

Page one:
Bird form
Pseudo-human appearance

Shirogane Sakuya
Saint Pigeonation Academy
Year 2, Class 3/Fantail pigeon
An aristocrat from France

Page two:
Strip one:
Accidental introduction

[note: this is actually a pun. The “jiko” used is for “accident,” but “jikoshoukai,” with different kanji, actually means “self-introduction.”]

Panel one:
This happened in the spring, when Sakuya transferred in.
(Board: Homeroo)
Introduce yourself to everybirdie~

Panel two:
This is a fantail pigeon that’s come all the way from France~
(Board: Home)
Please tell us your name~

Panel three:
I am a pureblooded aristocrat.
I have no name to give to fools!!

Panel four:
This is “Name To Give To Fools.”
Let’s get along~
(Board: Morning homeroom)
His given name is “No...!?”

Strip two:
Middle name

Panel one:
Hey, hey, Name To Give To Fools!
That’s not my name!
Do not insult me!

Panel two:
My name is Shirogane Le Bel Sakuya!
Whoa, no matter which you use, it’s a hard name!

Panel three:
Coooo! (Which parts are the last and the given name!?)
Shirogane-Le Bel-Sakuya
You don’t even know this? What a foolish commoner...

Panel four:
Coo coo coo! (Okosan thinks this part is the given name!)
Shirogane-Le Bel-Sakuya
It is not!

Page three:
Born and raised an emperor

Panel one:
Hey, Sakuya.
Which committee are you going to join?
What a foolish question.

Panel two:
I am already the person of the highest authority.
(The emperor of Pigeonation)
I am the student council president!

Panel three:
But the student council is decided by election......

Panel four:
Aristocrats have no need for elections!
He doesn’t know anything about democracy!

Strip four:
Site foreman

Panel one:
Today, it’s San’s and my turn on cleaning duty, and from now on it’s yours too, Sakuya.
I swear it on the name Le Bel!
Leave it to me.
It will be done perfectly.

Panel two:
First we’ll do something about the dust on the floor.
After that is the blackboard and the lockers.
Following that, the windows need...
Here, your broom.

Panel three:
[no text]

Panel four:
Why must I personally do the cleaning!!
That is the job of commoners!
Because it’s our turn on cleaning duty!

Page four:
Strip five:
Big brother is a commoner

Panel one:
Salut, Sakuya☆
Sakazaki Yuuya

Panel two:
Why you, do not address me so familiarly at school!
I’ll be infected by your commoner stink!
How cold.
You should be nicer to your big brother.

Panel three:
Sakuya and the health committee chairman Sakazaki are brothers?
It seems they have different fathers.

Panel four:’s hard to tell the difference!
Because there are three fantail characters......

Strip six:
Rules for telling the difference

Panel one:
And Sakazaki.

Panel two:
It’s extremely regrettable that you only have trouble telling the fantails apart!
But it’s true that it’s biased toward some species of birds...

Panel three:
And so, Sakazaki! I order you to wear glasses!
That’s an easy order.

Panel four:
Coo coo! (And you’ll have an ahoge from now on too!)
An ahoge!?

[ahoge: a hair curl/whorl that sticks up from the head, usually seen on “idiot” characters.]

Page five:

Panel one:
Pseudo-human appearance manga act.04
In case of emergency,
Class Attorney!

[THIS PUN. It’s “gakkyuu saiban,” a direct reference to “Gyakuten Saiban,” the Japanese name for the Ace Attorney series.]

Panel two:
Coo coo coo! (That’s dangerous! That’s a dangerous sound!)
(board: Class Attorney)
It’s been pretty quiet, hasn’t it, Sakuya?

Panel three:
Has a bird murder incident occurred inside the school?

Panel four:
Here, in this place, there is something that must be judged.
You know of what I am speaking, do you not?

Page six:

Panel one:
Honestly, the mongrels here......

Panel two:
Do you understand? Today’s agenda is
(Get the drama CD
Blatant advertising!!)
To decide whether or not we will get rid of the blatant advertising from last time!

Panel three:
Last time’s blatant advertising...?
Coo coo coo! (What a gaudy bird! He’s a bird who advocates commercialism!)

Panel four:
That’s right, we’ll do it!
We must decide how to deal with that golden pheasant!

Panel five:
Hey, what do you mean by getting rid of it?
We can’t go back to one month ago and erase it.

Panel five:
Hmph, you’re slow, Kawara.
Look at this.
It’s a secret mail from a member of the editorial committee!

Page seven:

Panel one:
We’re indebted to you. This is Takeshobo T-ta.
The other day, when I was walking along the road, my eyes landed on a bird’s pure white droppings that had fallen on the ground. When I thought of how the sh*t was white, and if it was miraculous or if it was mysterious, or if it was amazing-------this part cut-------I would like for the “Drama CD Second Wing’s Joint Planning” material to be omitted from the printed release; is this all right?
I feel that it is material that only pertains to current events.
I would be happy if you would consider it.

Panel two:
Woow, it’s true!
He really stepped on a nail!
Coo coo coo! (He suddenly forced his way in so it isn’t allowed! It’s a good idea!)

Panel three:
We’ll vote on whether that insolent golden pheasant has to receive the penalty of being erased.
(Board: Guilty <-> No)
Because there is no use arguing, I judge him guilty!

Panel four:
Coooo! (Okosan does as well!)
Eh, ummm, I... yeah......
Though it’s fine either way...
But it seems like the judgment trial decided on something that can’t be erased......

Page eight:
Bird History
Class:02 The Rapidly Decreasing Population

Panel one:
Okay, everybirdie, take your seats~
It’s time for bird history~

Panel two:
Last time* we got as far as humans being in a terrible position because of avian influenza~
(board: bird history (2)
The population’s decline)
After that, they were wondering what to do......

*Reference Chapter 2

Panel three:
This powerful rogue virus was given the name Sumatra Influenza.
The wise humans tried with all their might to think up a countermeasure.

Panel four:
Why was it that the population had declined to 30% of its original numbers in the course of two years?
At this rate, humans would be wiped off the face of the Earth.

Panel five:
The solution they came up with after much thinking was a method to cut off the source of the infection.
It was a plan to exterminate the birds, “Operation Carneades.”

Page six:
Somehow, it’s become pretty suspicious~
Next time, I’ll explain the details of the plan~

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