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Prince of Tennis: Ootori Choutarou and Shishido Ryou - Special na Yoru wa Seijaku no Naka ni

Romanization and translation of Ootori and Shishido's song from 2011 AniKuji S Christmas song covers.


Special na Yoru wa Seijaku no Naka ni

Shishido: yureru candlelight   koori no ue de dance
yume wo miru scene   Special Silent Night

Ootori: youki na rizumu de   koori no ue de sing
ashita wo egaku basho   saikyou na Holy Night

Both: yuruginai kono omoi
atsui yume ni futari de yukou

shizuka na jikan ni   koori no kedakasa
nukumori wo kimi ni   Merry Christmas

Ootori: kiyoraka na hikari   hana hiraku you ni
tsumikasanaru yume   Special Silent Night

Shishido: hibikiwataru bell   koori ni hazunde
tomo ni koeta hibi   saikyou no Holy Night

Both: mukaeutsu mirai e to
tsunagu kizuna kasanete yukou

tashika na jikan to   koori no kirameki
futari no omoi ni   Merry Christmas

Shishido: hitosuji no hikari
Both: futari tsutsumare dance
Ootori: yume wo tsukamu ima
Both: Special Silent Night
Ootori: kizanda rhythm wo
Both: kanji tsuzukeru song
Shishido: yume ni odoru basho
Both: saikyou na Holy Night

Ootori: yuruginai mirai e to
Shishido: atsui omoi egaite yukou

Both: shizuka na jikan ni   musuu no kirameki
futari no kizuna ni   Merry Christmas

Both: rhythm hibiku   ding dong
mirai e no aizu sa
futari de iru koto*   Special Silent Night
tashika na nukumori   koori no kirameki
futari no omoi wo

tsutsunde Christmas

*This is written “imi” (meaning) but said as “koto” (noun-ifying the "futari de iru") in the song.


A Special Night Is Within the Silence

shishido: the trembling candlelight   Dance! on the ice
a scene seen in dreams   Special silent night

ootori: to the cheerful rhythm    Sing! on the ice
the place where we write out tomorrow   the strongest Holy night

both: these unshakable feelings   the two of us will go in a heated dream

in a quiet time   is the nobility of ice
I’ll give warmth to you   Merry Christmas

ootori: the pure light   like a flower blooming
the accumulating dreams   Special silent night

shishido: the ring of the resounding bells   rebounds off the ice
the days we passed together   the strongest Holy night

both: go to meet the future   with the entwined bonds that we gather

the quiet time and   the shine of the ice
in our thoughts   Merry Christmas

*a beam of light   envelops the two of us Dance!
now, when I seize my dreams   Special silent night

continue to feel   the rhythm that ticks away time Song!
a place where I dance in dreams   the strongest Holy night

toward the unshakable future   write out our heated emotions*

both: in a quiet time   are countless lights
to the bond between the two of us   Merry Christmas

the rhythm echoes Ding Dong!   a signal to the future
that we are here   Special silent night

quiet warmth   the shine of the ice
wrapped in the emotions   of two people   Christmas

*The part encased by “this” is sung by the both of them in alternating + joint parts. due to the different Japanese/English sentence structure, I can’t assign the parts very accurately in translation.

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