Monday, May 27, 2013

Prince of Tennis: PairPuri Jitaku 19: That Pervert Disappears

Translation of the Fuji short bonus manga from PairPuri 10.

Page one
First panel: no text

Second panel:
Jitaku 19: That Pervert Disappears

Third panel:
Small text: Let’s have some fun exploring her ass~~~

Page two
First panel:
Pervert: O-owwww!  What is this!?

Second panel:
Thought: A c-cactus!?

Third panel:
Fuji: Sorry……
Fuji: Did you touch the cactus just now?

Page three
First panel:
Fuji: [b]It’s poisonous, so[/b] you should hurry to the hospital.

Second panel:
Pervert: Hihhiiii~~~!!
Bus sign: To Seishun Gakuen


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