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Hakuouki Zuisouroku: Okita Souji – Love Recollection 6

Most of the sixth scene from Okita's route in Zuisouroku.

Chizuru: “…the Kondou-san from long ago, what kind of person was he?”
Okita: “Nothing has changed from the way he is now. His emotions and tears were still tender-hearted.”
While smiling, Okita-san answered in a kind voice.
Okita: “Since before he succeeded the Shieikan dojo, Kondou-san would be the one others got angry at for the sake of everyone else.”
Okita: “Drinking sake from the afternoon, or noisy disturbances in the middle of the night, even though Kondou-san wasn’t the one at fault.”
Chizuru: “Somehow…I can imagine that.”
The people who took actions that would cause complaints.
And Kondou-san, who protected those people without hesitation.
Okita: “Kondou-san has a charm that fascinates everyone.”
Okita: “I think I respected the kind of person like him.”

I also respected him.
Okita-san is a fortunate person.

Chizuru: “I also respected Kondou-san very much.”
While remembering the very kind commander, I nodded.
Chizuru: “He worried about others a lot, but without a hint of self-interest…”
Chizuru: “Simply by being nearby, he was supportive.”
Okita: “Yeah. Though sometimes people would oppose him and there would be a difference in opinion.”
Okita: “This was when we were still getting started, so it was only natural.”
Chizuru: “Yes. When different opinions collide, I think it can’t be helped.”
So the atmosphere of the Shinsengumi was also strained at some point, but…
I think it wasn’t because everyone disliked Kondou-san.
Okita: “All of the humans in the Shinsengumi always walk the same path, so I thought it was unreasonable.”
Okita: “If we were able to be together forever like that, that would be a lot of fun, huh?”
Chizuru: “Yes…”
The echoes of innocence that can be heard are now desperately heartrending…
The only thing I could voice were simple words of agreement.
Okita: “Whatever everyone else might have done, I planned to follow him to the very end, but you know…”
Chizuru: “…Okita-san…”
Like he is grieving for his old friend, his eyes narrow and he gazes into the distance.
When I looked at that sorrowful profile, my heart also ached horribly.
Okita: “Don’t make that face. Since I’m all right.”
Even though I was expecting it to hurt, I hadn’t wanted to show him that weakness.
At Okita-san’s smile, I was a little bit lost.


Chizuru: “Being able to meet someone you could respect that much, Okita-san…”
While a little bit worried, I told him about my true feelings.
Chizuru: “I think you’re fortunate.”
Okita: “Why do you think that?”
With faint interest rising in his eyes, he asked me that question.
Chizuru: “In the beginning, when I met the Shinsengumi, I blamed him for my own unhappiness.”
It isn’t something I was hiding, so I could convey my true feelings to him.
Chizuru: “But now I know. I was blessed.”
Chizuru: “While I was with the Shinsengumi, I received a great many things.”
And more than all of that…
I was able to meet Okita-san, and I think it’s because of that I am definitely happy.
Okita: “That might be so, huh. I think I was definitely lucky to have been able to meet Kondou-san.”
He looked into the distance a little, and like he was yearning for the days they spent together, he slowly let out his words.
Okita: “[If I could be useful to Kondou-san, risking my life would have been fine]…”
Okita: “Because the man who made me think that gave a great meaning to my existence.”
Chizuru: “…Okita-san…”
Okita-san is not crying.
He’s swallowing his pain and accepting it.
Okita: “Meeting people by chance like that is really mysterious, isn’t it.”
Okita: “Chizuru-chan. It was also good luck that I was able to meet you.”
Chizuru: “T-that’s, Okita-san, what does that mean!?”
At me, who cried out in a loud, bewildered voice, he just smiled.
Okita: “I wonder what meaning it has. What do you think you gave to me?”
Chizuru: “W-what I…?”
Okita: “I won’t tell you the answer. You should try to find it on your own.”
When he looks at me with that impish gaze, I become agitated.
I wonder what Okita-san wants to convey to me…?


Okita: “Chizuru-chan.”
Okita-san called my name and cast his gaze down a little.
Okita: “He was someone I really cared for, so losing Kondou-san is really painful, but…”
Okita: “I have a reason to fight, so I can continue to stand.”
Okita: “So I’m all right. My heart won’t be weakened as much as you think.”
Chizuru: “…………”
If Okita-san says it, it must be so.
But I get the feeling he’s still hiding his true pain, and I hang my head a little.

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