Saturday, May 18, 2013

Hakuouki Zuisouroku: Okita Souji – Letter

Okita's final CG is a voiced letter, which you receive for clearing his route. Translated here.

Dear Chizuru,

…Suddenly sending a letter like this, I wonder if I surprised you?

Lately, you’re all I think about, you know. I thought I’d take this chance so that I could properly express how precious you are to me.

The first time we met, you were eyewitness to something that shouldn’t have been seen and you were very frightened, weren’t you?

The way it turned out, we entered the situation to save you, but since I thought letting you live would only become a bother…

After bringing you back to headquarters too, I only said menacing things, so I wonder if I didn’t completely scare you.

…I’m really sorry. But by no means did you run away, and you continued to interact with me, so I also had the impression, “She’s an interesting girl.”

…When I was told by Matsumoto-sensei that I had contracted tuberculosis, you were also listening, weren’t you.

At that time, because there were many feelings whirling around inside of me, I said things like, “If you tell anyone else, I’ll kill you,” but…

You promised me “I won’t tell anyone,” and strangely, I felt a little less uneasy. So I conveyed my gratitude to you honestly.

Before, I had been telling the others it was a cold, but knowing that someday I would have to let everyone know the truth, that I had fallen sick with such a serious disease as tuberculosis…

I suspected you would eventually talk too, so I made sure you weren’t doing that, but you really didn’t say anything to anyone, did you?

You sympathize with people’s feelings properly, and you’re a gentle girl who understands their pain.

Even though you’re normally so obedient, you could be surprisingly stubborn too – the strength of those intentions also shocked me.

…Looking back now, I may have started being captivated by that invisible strength at that time.

When I became unable to leave headquarters too, you always looked after me, didn’t you?

My sickness and my everyday needs, you helped me with everything…honestly, thank you.

But, for you to be reluctant to leave my side and want to continue nursing me even when I’m sleeping – I don’t want you to do such rash things anymore.

If you have to do something like that, then sleeping together would be…that’s a joke, you know. But if even you do, that’s fine with me.

…hey, Chizuru.
No matter how much I try, I still can’t thank you enough for how much you supported me.

I was still calling you, “Chizuru-chan,” since that time and up until now, always…

We lost so many people, were separated from so many.…Lots of things were changing, but you alone were right by my side.

That alone is more than enough for me. I don’t need anything else.

I gave you many painful memories, but that the two of us can peacefully live together now makes me happier than anything.

I eat the meals you make for me, and when the chores are done, we lie together in the meadow.…

It’s a repetition of every day, but I believe we don’t need any more than that.

If I just have you in my arms, there is nothing else I wish for.

Right now, I am overflowing with this perfect happiness.

…I love you, Chizuru.
I love you from the bottom of my heart.

If I can be married to you for life, I will be the luckiest person in the world.

Someday, when you realize the existence of this letter–

You may shed tears, but I hope that, if only a little, it will bring you happiness.


  1. It's so sweet!~ <3
    I've been searching for the CG voice letters translation for so long only to find Souji's first. :D
    Can you translate the other CG voice letters? That would be really awesome, thanks by the way! ^^

    1. You're welcome~

      Long story short, my PS3 doesn't get along with my old save files. I have Junsouroku, and usually you have to beat main game before Zuisouroku unlocks, so I don't know if I'd have to do that again on top of beating another character route. Souji's was the only one I got through before. Currently I'm playing other games, and my PS3 isn't living with me, so though I'd be up to translating them, they wouldn't be done for a long time. Sorry!

  2. Ohh, I see. Well it's okay though I'm not that good with japanese but I do understand them. Souji's was the easiest for me to understand.
    I usually love to listen to Souji, Hijikata, Saito and Chikage's CG letter but I don't quite understand some of it then again I do try to.
    Anyway, thank you really for translating this~ :3

  3. How can I get this??
    I played in mobile phone and I've finished his route and I still don't get it, someone help;----;