Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Prince of Tennis: Anikuji S 2012 voice messages

Translations of the classical cover CD voice messages. Yukimura, Sanada, and Tezuka for now. May be updated if I do more.


Congratulations on winning the album. I thought you would surely be able to obtain it because it was you. Well done. This time, I sang a duet with Yukimura on a doubles CD. Because we are both singles players, I wondered how a doubles CD would turn out, but it was done exceedingly well, and Yukimura was happy too.

Hm. You are always cheerful and neat and act a model for everyone in the club. However, lately it’s become cold; isn’t your physical condition worsening? Tarundoru! …I want to say, but sometimes relaxation is also necessary. When it’s time to rest, rest properly. In exchange, in the morning we’ll do early-morning practice together!


Congratulations on winning. The piece I sang this time is Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony. The Ninth is often sung at the end of the year, isn’t it. Speaking of the end of the year, in what way do you spend New Year’s Eve? I think I will climb a mountain and pay my respects on the summit as the sun rises. As I do, my feelings will be renewed and I will offer my prayers for my plans for the year. Nonetheless, I will not only wish for improvement in tennis, but it’s also important to put my power into it every day.

It’s almost time. I’ll leave you with a final message. You do your best every day. In that way from now on, don’t let your guard down!


Congratulations on winning. It’s a classical theme this time, so Sanada and I sing “Hungarian Dance no. 5.” How was it? A duet is fine, but I might have liked a single CD better. Because... I would be able to give you a song from only me. Haha.

Eh? Do I like classical? Of course. I usually listen to it a lot while I’m gardening. And they say that if you let plants listen to music, they grow up cheerfully. What makes you cheerful?

Eh? Me? Ahaha. Well, I guess it can’t be helped. I’ll watch over you. So you don’t need to hesitate anymore. You should continue straight on your own path. Because I’m with you.

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