Sunday, May 19, 2013

Persona x Detective Naoto: color pages

Translation of the color spreads at the beginning of the novel.  Images courtesy of herrDoktorat.  Translations are from right to left.

Tetsuma Tsuge
An excellent researcher of robots serving as the Yagokoro Police Special Forensics Division director. The type of casual person who doesn’t worry about the details.

Touko Aoi
A detective employed by the Yagokoro Police. An intellectual, cool beauty like Naoto aspires to be.

Naoto Shirogane
The sharp-witted, wise fifth generation in a lineage of detectives. With her deductive ability, she has resolved many difficult cases in the past. Nicknamed the “Detective Prince”.

Sousei Kurogami
A male “mechanical weapon” developed in the past by the Kirijo Group. He has an impulsive and straightforward personality and is overly arrogant.

The “other self” that dwells in the hearts of every human, from which we normally avert our eyes. An existence that gets its name from the “shadow” formed from suppressed desires and wishes, the other side of the same coin as a Persona.

The “other self” sleeping in our hearts given form and called forth. Only those who have confronted their own Shadow and accepted it awaken to the power to handle them. The strength of the heart and the bonds that sustain it become the Persona’s source of power.

Amatsu Mikaboshi
The new Persona that Naoto has gained. It has a skill called “Ability Tune”, which allows it to tune other people’s Persona abilities and range.

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