Monday, May 27, 2013

Prince of Tennis: PairPuri Jitaku 18: …But the Shishido Household

Translation of Shishido's short bonus manga, from PairPuri 10.

Page one
First panel:
Jitaku 18: …But the Shishido Household

Shishido: Don’t hesitate and come on up, Choutarou!
Shishido: Let’s drink cider or something!
Ootori: Please excuse me, Shishido-san!

Second panel:
No text [except “chiiin,” the microwave chime]

Third panel:
Shishido: Let’s eat takoyaki too, Choutarou!!
Ootori: Thank you very much.

Fourth panel:
Ootori: Then I’ll have some.
Ootori, small text: With sauce.

Page two
First panel:
Shishido: Listen up, Choutarou!  When you talk about men…

Second panel:
Shishido: They shouldn’t run away!  It’s lame!

Third panel:
Shishido: Men always stand up for themselves!
Ootori: I’ll keep that in mind, Shishido-san!!

Fourth panel:
No text

Page three
First panel:
Shishido’s mother: What are you doing, Ryou!!
Shishido: S-shit, Mom!?

Second panel:
Shishido’s mother: You’re eating takoyaki before dinner!
Shishido’s mother: This boy never understands no matter how many times I tell him!
Shishido: I’m sorry, Mom~~~ I was hungry!!

Third panel:
Shishido: It was because [b]Ootori-kun said let’s eat[/b]…
Ootori: Eh~~!!
Shishido’s mother: Wait just a second!  Honestly, that child is fast when he’s running away!


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