Friday, May 31, 2013

Prince of Tennis Perfect Edition: Lucky ♥ Sengoku

Translation of the bonus manga included in season 2, volume 3 of the TeniPuri kanzenban.

Page one
Panel one:
The Princes of That Time
Yamabuki Side 1
Lucky Sengoku

Book: Fuji Yumiko’s Three Kinds of Fortune: Tarot Divination
Sengoku: Yeah, lucky~ “This month, your luck will rise significantly…”
Small text: Fufufu.

Panel two:
Minami: Oiii, Sengoku! I got all-you-can-eat okonomiyaki tickets, so let’s go today!
Sengoku: Ohh, lucky! I’ll go, I’ll go!

Panel three:
Higashikata: Oiii, Sengoku! I got all-you-can-eat monja tickets, so let’s go today!
Sengoku: Ohh, lucky… but I can’t.
?: It’s the same place Minami’s going!

Panel four:
Sengoku: Ahh, Banjii… huh? The Junior Tournament?**

Panel five:
Sengoku(?): Seigaku’s Tezuka-kun refused… and you want to gather next year’s competitors?
Sengoku(?): …wait, me?
Sengoku: Yeah, lucky~

Page two
Panel one:
Sanada: Hey you, looking only at the girls’ courts is tarundoru!

Panel two:
Yanagi: There are a lot of really cute girls, lucky~ …is what you were going to say?

Panel three:
Sengoku: ……

Panel four:
Atobe: Ahn… women? I’ll introduce you to two or three hundred.

Panel five:
Sengoku: Mega lucky~~~~~!

Page three
Panel one:
Sign: Fuji

Panel two:
Fuji: Yumiko-nee-san, did you publish your book?

Panel three:
Yumiko: That’s right, Shuusuke. Look.
Yumiko: Every week they send me letters. There’s also a girl who’s a passionate fan!

Panel four:
Fuji: Hehh…
Letters in Fuji’s hands: Sengoku Kiyosumi

Panel five:
Yuuta: “—More sublime and lovelier than the thousands of stars, Princess Yumiko-sama?” …hey, this is creepy.
Small text: Seriously, what is this?
Fuji: Don’t, Yuuta. How dare you read other people’s letters?
Yuuta: Shut up, Aniki!!

to be continued

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