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Hatoful Boyfriend manga, chapter seven

Chapter seven. New chapter raws are out every month here.

Page one:
Hatoful Boyfriend

Pseudo-human appearance
Bird form

Nanaki Kazuaki
Saint PigeoNation Academy
Math teacher/button quail
The napping teacher who always wants to sleep

Page two:

Strip one:
Class 2B

Panel one:
End-of-term finals are coming up soon.
Let’s review the triangle functions~

Panel two:
Mr. Nanaki’s lectures are easy to understand.
Coo! (And they’re kind lectures!)

Panel three:
And here, sin(180° - θ) = sin θ...

Panel four:
No matter how easy he is to understand, it’s always interrupted.

Strip two:
Condition Blue

Panel one:
The infirmary is pretty empty today.
Dr. Iwamine is away too, so it’s nice and peaceful.

Panel two:
H-help me...
What is it, Mr. Nanaki!?

Panel three:
I suddenly
became really sleepy~

Panel four:
The beds are empty right now, so it’s fine.
But this really isn’t a place for you to nap, sir.

Page three:

Strip three:
Childlike birds

Panel one:
Button quails are
About 10 cm.
Compact-sized birds of the Phasianidae family that can fit in the palm of a person’s hand.

Panel two:
When compared to normal quails, they are about half as large.

Panel three:
(small) They aren’t much different from ten-yen coins.
Of course, the chicks are so tiny it’s like a joke.

Panel four:
By the way, the black pattern on their cheeks is characteristic of males.
I have it too~

Strip four:
Various Phasianids

Panel one:
The Chukar partridge, Iwamine Shuu.
May I provide a scenario?

Panel two:
Look at my artistic self!
The golden pheasant, Nishikikouji Tohri.

Panel three:
The button quail, Nanaki Kazuaki.

Panel four:
They’re all part of the same Phasianidae family.
Another name for the Chukar partridge is the Chukar quail.
Coo coo coo! (There are a lot of different kinds in the Phasianidae family!)

Page four:

Strip five:
Fine performance

Panel one:
Did you know?
Even though Mr. Nanaki is like that, he’s famous in the world of Japanese mathematics.

Panel two:
Coo coo! (You can’t book a judge undercover!)
It’s “you can’t judge a book by its cover”!
(small) Pencils aren’t for eating!

[Okosan says “nou aru kata wa tsumeshougi”, literally “brainy shoulders play tsumeshogi,” where “tsumeshogi” is a shogi puzzle in which you try to figure out the moves which lead to checkmate. Hiyoko corrects him: “nou aru taka wa tsume wo kakusu”, or the idiomatic “talented falcons hide their talons.” Okosan uses the wrong “nou” -- for “brain” instead of “talent”; he switches the syllables of falcon, from “taka” into “kata,” making it into “shoulder”; and instead of “tsume” for claw/talon, he refers instead to tsumeshogi. I did my best to localize but unfortunately the bird reference got lost.]

Panel three:
But it’s true that Mr. Nanaki is a talented quail.
I wonder if he’s really just pretending to be so spacy...

Panel four:
I was overthinking it!

Strip six:

Panel one:
Excuse me~

Panel two:
Mr. Nanaki.
(small) Right now I’m
(small) in the middle of cleaning
Didn’t I tell you to please refrain from using the infirmary as a place to nap?

Panel three:
That’s serious!

Panel four:
Not really~
I nodded off on the stairs and rolled and rolled and...
Sir, your body shape makes it easy to roll, so shouldn’t you be more careful?

Page five:

Panel one:
Pseudo-human form manga act.07
The Sage of Snuggie

All right, everyone, take your seats~
Class is starting~

Panel two:
What is that!?
It’s the binomial theorem~
Not that!

Page six:

Panel one:
What is a teacher doing, bringing a blanket to class!!
You fully intend to sleep!!

Panel two:
No, it’s a misunderstanding, Shirogane.
This isn’t a blanket for sleeping, but a Snuggie...
(small) It has sleeves, too~
That’s just semantics!

Panel three:
Coo coo coo! (It’s not fair if it’s only Mr. Nanaki! Okosan will also use a blanket!)

Panel four:
No text

Panel five:
You’re setting a bad example, sir!

Page seven:

Panel one:
I’m a quail, so I’m weak to cold compared to you guys...
Don’t kid yourself!

Panel two:
If you allow yourself to be that lax, the quality of the lecture will suffer!
(small) Cold

Panel three:
Can’t you wear warm socks and a stomach band?
That’s not enough~

Panel four:

Panel five:
No text

Panel six:
Well, how about this...
Don’t go overboard!

Page eight:

Bird history
Class:04 Adaptation and Evolution

Panel one:
Last week we started on the bird extermination plan “Operation Carneades.”
Wow, this is bad.
(board) Bird history
Adaptation and Evol
New theory of evolution
(rest is covered/illegible)
...we studied that part~

Panel two:
If you ask what happened with the frightening lethal bird virus that humanity made and released...
The short-term results were that, in a flash, countless birds spread across the world were killed.

Panel three:
At this time, we can only confirm based on the documents left behind by humans,
But it seems like this plan caused many bird species to go extinct.

Panel four:
However, it was then that the birds reached a huge turning point.

Panel five:
The surviving birds adapted to the virus and evolved.
By the way, these days we know all about the virus and the theory of evolution thanks to biology, so we’re careful to wash properly~

Panel six:
What happened to the birds who had a resistance to the virus?
I’ll explain that in the next lecture~

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