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Hatoful Boyfriend manga, chapter three

Chapter three.  New chapter raws are out every month here.

Of note: each strip featuring Anghel has a title in kanji/kana (regular Japanese), with furigana over it (usually it tells you how something is supposed to be read). In this case, the furigana over the kanji isn’t a direct translation, but instead something in English. Therefore, the “title” is the English title, and the (stuff in parentheses) is the Japanese title.

Contains spoilers for Holiday Star.

Page one:
Higure Anghel
Saint PigeoNation Academy
Year 2, Class 2/Bleeding-heart dove
The Crimson Angel of Judecca who was sealed and imprisoned

Page two:
Strip one:
Disaster Blaze (An empty sky of disaster)

Panel one:
The sky is astir.
This is
the beginning of the end…

Panel two:
My name is Higure Anghel.
The sinful Crimson Angel of Judecca who betrayed God.

Panel three:
I, who managed to reincarnate in the present age, must accomplish a great mission.
That’s right
It is time for it to awaken.

Panel four:
It approaches.
Higure, there’s no school today because of the typhoon~

Strip two:
Glass shower (Blades of crystal)

Panel one:
Ah, the birdie from Manga Club forgot his manuscript again…
It’s not a problem.
If you call him, he’ll come right away.

Panel two:
If you call him?
It’s like catering!
Do you want to try?
His name is written on the manuscript.

Panel three:
“The Crimson Angel of Judecca, Higure Anghel”?
[the manga page says the same thing]

Panel four:
He came!

Page three:

Strip three:
Crimson blood (The crimson seal of blood)

Panel one:
You called for me, Edel Blau, Apostle of the Blue Sky!!
Have you also awoken at last?

Panel two:
This dove is hurt!!

Panel three:
Doesn’t that look stylish?
That sort of look.
S-stylish? Stylish bleeding!?

Panel four:
And I also don’t get what he’s saying at all!
The Day of Judgment draws near, Edel Blau!!

Strip four:
Tutorial (A beginner’s guide)

Panel one:
Bleeding-heart doves are
doves that, just like their name, have a characteristic red chest.

Panel two:
In English too,
Blood coming from the heart
the name comes from the appearance of bleeding from a fresh wound.

Panel three:
However, there is clearly no deeper meaning to be found in this realistic bleeding appearance.
It’s a token of my inerasable sin…!

Panel four:
By the way, their habitat is in the northern part of the Philippines.
They’re endemic to the island of Luzon!

Page four:

Strip five:
Melt (Ruined heart)

Panel one:
Anghel knows a lot of difficult words, doesn’t he?
And the average stroke count is pretty high.
I respect him.

Panel two:
Textoris Melodia Funeris!
You are another who was born under the star of fate.

Panel three:
You who is weak-hearted, beware the shadows of the past!
I’m going into rigor mortis…!

Panel four:
The mist is coming!
If you talk to Higure too much, he’ll infect you.

Strip six:
Ego breakdown (Breakdown of oneself)

Panel one:
All right.
When I finish grading Class 2’s, I can go home~

Panel two:


Panel three:
(sheet: Higure Anghel)
You shouldn’t do that~
Writing your penname on a test.

Panel four:
Properly write your real name, “Akagi Yoshio,” okay?
Don’t call me by the forbidden naaaaaame!

Page five:
Project Coocoo
~Putting together an unseen masterpiece~

Nishikikouji Tohri
His public face is that of the editor-in-chief of Golden Weekly, but his hidden face is that of the Crow Party’s “Black Advocate,” the talented golden pheasant who wears two hats.* His career history is that he was originally the Hawk Party’s “Earth Crawler”, in charge of the second division for laser armaments research. From Kyoto Prefecture.

Page six:

Panel one:
The ones in charge are returning to those in line.
This time, we’ll specially allow one more person!
Will it be the one who’s had a lot of turns, Shirogane Sakuya?
The mascot, Okosan?
Or will it be (though I don’t want to acknowledge him) that mysteriously popular, detestable Chukar?

Panel two:
Too bad!
It’s Nishikikouji Tohri!
Yes, applause!

Page seven:

Panel one:
Coo! (That’s not fair!)
Coo coo! (The minor character forcing his way in will stir the readers’ hatred!)
How rude!! Calling me a minor character!?

Panel two:
I made my reveal with such dramatic timing
There’s also a reason for that!

Panel three:
That’s because!
Thank you for your support

Hatoful Boyfriend Drama CD Second Feather
Release date: September 12, 2012
Price: 3,150 yen (tax included)
Sales agency: Frontier Works

It’s to commemorate the release of the drama CD Second Feather!

Panel four:
This congratulations is “blatad.”
It’s blatant advertising!

Page eight:

Panel one:
Coo coo coo! (Okosan is opposed to commercialism going too far!)
Okosan Dynamic!
Ow, ow!

Panel two:
It’s my chance to expand into the fine arts!
Don’t get in my way!

Panel three:
In any case!
I’ll introduce the documentary of my public face, the talented editor-in-chief!!

Panel four:
My hidden face, that of the genius inventor whose sights are set on overthrowing that Chukar, will be saved for our next meeting!
Look forward to it!

Panel five:
The infirmary

Starting next page, there will be a link to the drama CD Second Feather and more information.

Page nine:

Strip seven:
Project Coocoo 1

Panel one:
The present, when young birds have lost interest in classical literature
A story without fliiight~

Panel two:
The increase in forms of entertainment
The rise of social networking
Manga magazines have also been forced into a tight corner

Panel three:
The weekly manga shounen magazine Golden Weekly
Editor-in-chief Nishikikouji Tohri
How will it struggle to survive in this harsh industry?

Panel four:
Editor-in-chief, please check this coloring!
Don’t get in the way!
I’m in the middle of a photo session!

Strip eight:
Project Coocoo 2

Panel one:
The extremely busy Nishikikouji keeps late nights.
It’s already this late…

Panel two:
Golden-Winged Messenger, I have the promised storyboard.
Hey, sorry for making you come meet me so late.

Panel three:

That’s right.
You did pretty well.
It’s just hard to understand the ending…

Panel four:
You’re asleep!?
Yoshio’s normal bedtime is 10 o’clock.

Page ten:

Strip nine:
Project Coocoo 3

Panel one:
Nishikikouji, who is an inventor as well as an artist.

Panel two:
They say his true worth is displayed during planning meetings.
Editing meeting 8/2
Next is about the gift for all subscribers.

Panel three:
How about a life-sized body pillow of me!!

Panel four:
It’s a good idea, but.
The editor-in-chief will also be sleeping together with an unknown large number of guys.
Are you a playbirdie?
(Editor A)

Strip ten:
Project Coocoo 4

Panel one:
Weekly Golden is where I, as the editor-in-chief, work hard to train newcomers.
It’s necessary to survive in this industry.

Panel two:
But it’s all right if you don’t feel indebted to us.
Are you saying that the spirits with whom I made a blood contract are now in the next world…!?

Panel three:
That’s right.
Trying out a bunch of different publications will be a learning experience.
Golden-Winged Messenger…!!

Panel four:
My Crimson Breast is burning hotly!
The editor-in-chief is amazing, being able to talk with that kid normally like that.
(Editor B)

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