Friday, May 31, 2013

Prince of Tennis Perfect Edition: Ice Cream Rhapsody

Translation of the bonus manga from season two, volume one of the TeniPuri kanzenban.

Page one
Panel one:
Rikkai Dai Fuzoku Chuu (Kanagawa)--
various people?: Always win always win Rikkai Dai!

Panel two:
various: Let's go let's go Rikkai!
?:'s hot.
various: Decide it in one shot, yeah!

Panel three:
Niou: I kind of want to eat soft-serve now.
Yagyuu: That's right. I was also thinking that.

Panel four:
Urayama: Huh?

The Princes of That Time
Rikkai Side 3
Ice Cream Rhapsody

Page two
Panel one:
someone: It's a supply of ice cream from Yukimura-buchou!

Panel two:
Sanada: ...hou. Ice cream, huh. How refined.

Panel three:
Yanagi: "I want to eat Ujikintoki." -- is what you were going to say.*
Urayama: I -- I don't know what that is, de yansu!

*a Meiji brand of popsicle, based off a type of shaved ice flavored with matcha (green tea) and topped with red beans and condensed milk.

Panel four:
Marui: I want green apple Jari Jari-kun.*
Jackal: I call the chocolate-flavored Strike Bar!
small text: I definitely have to have one more.

*play off the Japanese ice cream brand "Gari Gari-kun."

Panel five:
Akaya: Aaaaaaah!

Page three
Panel one:
Akaya: M-my Ice Pellets are...

Panel two:
Akaya: They melted and all stuck together~!!

Panel three:
Akaya: It's horrible~~~ the flavors got all mixed! It's because you didn't carry them carefully!
Sanada: That's absurd! Caring whether ice cream is in one piece or two is narrow-minded!

Panel four:
Urayama (thoughts): The Rikkai upperclassmen are really all interesting people, de yansu.
Small text: Ah, Akaya-senpai's eyes are becoming bloodshot...

to be continued

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