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Hatoful Boyfriend manga, chapter two

Chapter two.  New chapter raws are out every month here.

Page one:

Title: Hatoful Boyfriend

Yellow boxes:
Bird form
Pseudo-human appearance

Text box:
Fujishiro Nageki
Saint Pigeonation Academy
Year 1?/mourning dove
A ghost who lives in the library

[according to Wikipedia.ja, the compound used, “shibakurei,” refers to someone who doesn’t realize they’ve died or cannot accept their own death. Mysteriously it also links to the English article on residual haunting: basically, it’s implying that he died violently but didn’t realize it. Also, this would not fit in a text box.]

Page two:

Strip one:
The library ghost

Panel one:
Coo coo! (Okosan knows this feeling well!)

Panel two:
Coo coo coo! (You only feel it when something)
Coo! (gets in the way of a good dream!)

Panel three:
Coo coo! (What did Nageki dream of yesterday?)

Panel four:
That Oko, what in the world is he talking to?
Is this the famous Japanese “ochimusha” ghost?

[an “ochimusha” is the ghost of a samurai who was on the losing side of a war, ran away, and survived. running away was apparently very dishonorable.]

Strip two:
The story of the mourning dove

Panel one:
Box: Mourning doves are
Ryouta: Around here.
Canada, America, Mexico
Box: pigeons that normally live primarily in North America.

Panel two:
The origin of their name is the sad sound of their voices, which sounds like mourning.
Anybirdie who is interested should look up a video!

Panel three:
Box: The name in English is also
[above the words “mourning dove,” it says “mooningu dabu,” basically pronunciation guide in Japanese.
below are a few compounds defining “mourning”: grief, sorrow, in mourning, mourning]
Ryouta: “Dove” refers to pigeons.
Box: like that.

Panel four:
Coo coo coo! (Is Nageki mourning the death of someone!?)
If I have to say which it is, he’s the one being mourned.

Page three:

Strip three:
Running together

Panel one:
Coo coo! (I won’t accept this! It’s time for morning practice!)

Panel two:
Coo coo coo!? (Will you come with me, Nageki?)
I’ll have to refuse.
I can’t go outside.

Panel three:
Coo coo coo! (If that’s the case, let’s run together in the library!)

Panel four:
You mustn’t run in the library.
And don’t stand on the books.

Strip four:
A heart being tested

Panel one:
Good morning, Nageki-kun!
I came to return the book I borrowed last week!

Panel two:
Good morning, Tosaka-san.
How was it? That story.
It was really interesting! As expected of Nageki-kun’s recommendation!

Panel three:
Good. I kind of thought you would like it, Tosa-
Wait, Tosaka!
You can also see something there!?

Panel four:
Okosan was saying that Nageki-kun is a ghost we can see because our hearts are pure.
What’s that!?
Good morning, Nageki~

Page four:

Strip five:
Finished reading everything

Panel one:
You’re always reading a book, Nageki.
Book title: Task
Because there’s nothing else to do.

Panel two:
I can’t leave the library.
It’s because I’m a ghost…
Or something.

Panel three:
This library doesn’t have a very large collection of books, so you must get tired of it.

Panel four:
Hey, next time should I buy some new books in town and bring them?
I’d like that.
Thank you.

Strip six:

Panel one:
It’s just as you said, Kawara.
What a pathetic collection!
Please be quiet in the library.

Panel two:
At this rate, the intellectual level of the academy can only fall!
Please be quiet in the library.

Panel three:
We’ll make radical changes! I’ll begin by submitting a written proposal to the academy headmaster!

Panel four:
With that, by the power of the student council, the library will be rebo-

Page five:

Strip seven:
Breaking the common sense of otome games

Panel one:
Hey, Nageki-kun.
Where’s the loan record?
In the bottom left of the counter.
It’s in order of check-out date.

Panel two:
Then the returned stamp should be…
Wait, Tosaka.
Since when have you been in the library committee!?

Panel three:
Eh? I have been for a while.
Box: Chairman
Aren’t you the vice-president of the student council?
Don’t fool around like that!

Panel four:
Hiyoko is the vice-president, a library committee member, a health committee member, and part-times in a lot of other club activities.
Are you serious!?

Strip eight:
The congratulations club

Panel one:
Okay, now if I just clean up the desk, I’m done with the morning duties!!
Good work.

Panel two:
What’s that, something somebirdie forgot?

Panel three:
[yeah this is so scribbled I can’t read it 8D;;]

Panel four:
I wonder what this unique thing is…
It belongs to someone from the manga club.
They come here often to draw.

Page six:

Pseudo-human form, act:02
2-3 Recommended Books

Panel one:
Nageki, are you here?
What is it?

Panel two:
Yesterday we bought you gifts from the bookstore in town.
Bag: Chick Bookshop
Ah, thanks, Kawara-kun.

Panel three:
Everybirdie chose them together.
We hope you like them…

Page seven:

Panel one:
I got you “This Miss,” the number-one book.
I didn’t know what would be good…
I like this one. I’m glad.

Panel two:
This one’s from Sakuya.
It’s basic doctrine!
…but I can’t read French.

Panel three:
This is from Hiyoko.
My Little Nicobar Can’t Be Coerced
A light novel?

Panel four:
This is from San.
Pudding God
~The Unfathomable Miracle~
A developing religion?

Panel five:
There’s one more book; it’s pretty thin, but I can see it.
? But there should have only been four.

Panel six:
This is…

The last page is Nanaki-sensei’s bird history class! Let’s study ☆

Page eight:
Box: Bird history
The Decline Of Humanity

Panel one:
Okay, everybirdie, are you all sitting down~~
Board: HR
The history of birds
avian inf
It’s time for homeroom bird history~~

Panel two:
A little while before we birds started flourishing like we are today
Open your books to page 21.
The number of humans, who once boasted the most strength on Earth, began to decline.

Panel three:
The main reason was the outbreak of a type of H5N1 in 2068.
In contrast to birds, it was contagious and fatal to them and many died.
Humankind, understanding the threat they were faced with, caused the largest pandemic in history.

Panel four:
Previously, in 1918, the prevalent Spanish influenza also infected six hundred million people.
Infected 600,000,000
Died 50,000,000
They say that this was also caused by a type of avian influenza.

Panel five:
Next time we’ll cover how humanity dealt with this urgent situation.
Don’t forget to prepare and review for the lesson~~

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